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    Americans! Sign This ASAP. No Freebies For Crimmigrants! 

    My Breitbart-reading fans are asking me to post this American petition URGENTLY.

    I’m not sure why the rush, but since it is obviously a good cause, I oblige graciously.


    Patriot, if you think the Democrats won’t force you to pay for illegal immigrants’ health care, you’re wrong.

    California’s liberal governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a bill to do just that, which could cost California’s taxpayersBILLIONS! 

    Don’t let Congress spread California’s craziness across the country. Sign the petition and demand NO taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants NOW!

    Demand NO taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants

    Please confirm your information below:




    Please sign this petition by 11:59 PM tonight and demand NO taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants.

    But friend, it’s not just Gov. Newsom spreading this socialist nonsense. Prominent leftists like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders support it too!

    They’re perfectly willing to raise your taxes and make YOU foot the bill for illegal immigrants’ health care.

    Make no mistake about it the Democrats’ latest socialist scheme will cost America’s taxpayers a fortune and only make the immigration crisis even worse!

    That’s why I’m asking you to sign the petition and demand NO taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants.

    For Freedom,

    Adam Brandon
    President, FreedomWorks

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    Cover-Up! Bureaucrat Drones And Bliar’s Bludging! 

    Tony Blair was once, before he became Labour leader and then PM, an outspoken opponent of the Brussels Empire.


    He turned his coat fairly rapidly after he began mingling with the wrong sort of people, and by God he showed himself quite content to be seen in the company of the scum of the earth…


    ….as the above photo amply confirms, and now he is among the world’s super-rich, worth some SIXTY million ponds…



    …as well as being a zealous campaigner for the movement to over-turn the votes of the majority of the British electorate.



    Most of you know that already.

    NOW we learn he’s been getting tons of cash, which he obviously doesn’t need, from UK tax-payers, a million or more, since he moved out of Downing Street.


    Bad enough, and he’s not the only ex-PM with his snout in the trough.

    I won’t use the photo of Blair with John Major which enlivens the RT report, not because it’s not a fine photo but because I think this one…


    …is much more suitable.

    Yet we are used to parasitic politicians. With a few exceptions, the political class ranks very low in public esteem.

    But what really, really, really has disgusted me is the revelation that ‘civil servants have insisted the total amount each politician had claimed each year should be published, but the details of what each former PM claimed for, should not be made known.’

    Who do these stinking slugs think they work for?

    Who pays their ill-deserved salaries?

    The British people!

    And the people are entitled to know how their money is wasted!

    Moneybags Blair claimed £1m in British taxpayers’ money over last decade
    • Fiona 21:35 on November 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Bliar is worthless and the same goes for Major, and Cameron too.
      There are no living ex-prime ministers deserving of respect.
      I wish we had Maggie back, instead of the cheap imitation in Downing Street.


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    Lousy Lords, Snouts In Trough! Why Don't You Just… 

    Hasil gambar untuk Sod Off

    Gambar kisah untuk duke of wellington dari Express.co.uk

    The Duke of Wellington, educated at Eton and Oxford, is believed to have received over £80,000 in EU subsidies….

    REVEALED: Brexit wrecker’s EU handouts – Duke of Wellington …




    Brexit blocker Lord Heseltine pocketing £90000 a year in EU land …

    Of course we expected Heseltine to do all in his power to subvert the British people’s democratic decision.
    “We must not give in to mob rule”.
    Michael Heseltine, aka ‘Tarzan’, charismatic europhile darling of the Conservative left, and matricidal mace-wielder. One-time Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister. Explaining his opposition to holding a referendum on Euro entry in a BBC television documentary.

    EUSSR…Participatory Democracy? – A Travesty…Common Identity? – A Joke! 

    Heseltine may consider voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the next General Election to stop Brexit from happening –

    King Rat! 

    He has always been an arrogant elitist, contemptuous of commoners who defy the self-styled ‘great and good’ – a class that is good for nothing, but great at betrayal.
    But surely we were entitled to expect more from the current holder of the title conferred on the Iron Duke?
    Or maybe not.
    Noses and eyes may be passed down the genetic ladder, but pride, honour and patriotism?
    Gambar terkait
    Ain’t necessarily so!
    So let’s make sure these parasites are laid off.
    They have done NOWT to earn a voting place in parliament, and NOBODY voted for them.
    By all means let them hang on to the lordly titles they disgrace, but their seats in the UK legislature should be forfeit.
    Along with the bags of cash they squeeze from the UK tax-payers!

    A Lord attending everyday the House is in session could claim £39,000 tax free – the equivalent of a pro rata rate of over £150,000 a year.


    Hasil gambar untuk petition abolish the lords

    1 Vote


    • Mort 21:02 on May 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Very well-illustrated.
      I enjoy these colorful posts you produce when you’re in a hurry.
      They make the point well.


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    ‘Asylum’ Tsunami – Ephialtes Guterres Betrays Europa! 

    You can’t keep a bad pinko down, it seems.

    Little Macedonia, whose stout defence of their borders we praised only days ago, stood down its resistance to invasion after ”pressure’ from that leftist UNHCR loud-mouth Antonio Guterres, sometime President of the Socialist International and now cementing his place in modern history as a latter-day Ephialtes.


    •  Ephialtes the Traitor


    Most of you will have seen ‘300,’ and remember the foul traitor who stabbed the Thermopylae heroes in the back. His consorting with the enemies of Europe back-fired. Greece rose en masse against barbarian hordes.

    We must hope the same happens in the here and now, as the people whose countries are threatened with invasion wake up and rally to resist.

    This past weekend, we had to watch the border over-run. Now train-loads of unwanted aliens are pouring northwards, desperate to gate-crash Hungary before that brave nation gets its new frontier fence installed.





    All aboard the Gravy Train – wannabe bludgers scramble onto the Benefit Express out of Gevgejina


    • Thanks to Guterres, Macedonia is now admitting batches of several hundred illegals every two hours!
    • Yet even so, the rabble runs amok, contemptuous of  legality, defying the heavily out-numbered defenders, to the tune of a sell-out media chorus of subversive glee, EuroNews maybe the worst, this morning opening their report from Gevgejina with a load of cr#p about ‘dreams coming true’ for the crimmigrant horde..


    Hasil gambar untuk guterres


    He’s already known to our readers from his previous outbursts, but this time the UN’s ‘High Commissioner for Refugees’ – and what kind of vastly inflated salary does that command, I wonder – has told European countries that the best way to cut illegal immigration is not to defend themselves against such incursions but wave a legislative wand and make it legal.


    If law-makers alter the law, if crimmigrants are legalised, they’re no longer illegal!



    • illegals-45735984408


    • No matter they remain falsifiers of documents, liars, spongers, no matter they include fanatics, hoodlums…Guterres’ solution, instantly, by sleight of parliamentary hand, will slash illegal immigration, right?

    Listen to the tripe he talks, scolding European governments, not for their laggard removal of thousands of wannabes whose applications for ‘asylum’ have been nailed as bogus …https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/06/18/throw-the-bums-out-suddenly-brussels-agrees/ …but for not bowing to his diktat that it was necessary to increase the legal ways for migrants and refugees to enter the continent.


    The last time we noticed this archetypal example of The Enemy Within was when we reported that the UN had demanded the EUSSR use jackboot diktats on its member-states to FORCE them to share Sweden’s suicidal intake of ‘asylum’ parasites.

    UN To Brussels- ‘FORCE Brits To Share Sweden’s ‘Asylum’ Tsunami!’ 

    UN to Brussels?

    Please recall that the reason that various government leaders have given for not moving onto the ungoverned Libyan coast to quell the crimmigration invasion is that they are scared to lift a finger in that direction without UN approval Yet creepoid Ban Ki Moon’s view on fighting back against bad guys has been made plain more than once, more than twice, in fact..




    …but this Guterres garbage underlines how wise it would be for Western countries to stop funding the UNHCR, and the entire United Nations.

    It’s a loud-sounding nothing that drains the public purses of civilised states, only to afford the likes of Guterres a plush income AND a platform for pinko bleating.

    • And not just Guterres – who funds the forum for those malignant clowns known as the UN Human Rights Commission?

    HaHaHahaHa – ‘Human Rights’ Conference in Saudi? 



    You do! 

    If you pay taxes in the UK, Canada, USA or Australia…or in any of the European countries Guterres wants to saturate with parasites.



    • Barnet R 15:42 on August 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Ephialtes! I like it.
      But what about this? Portuguese Man o’War, a nasty jellyfish!


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    ‘Cowardice, Appeasement’- A Reality Czech, As UN Sticky-Beaks Rant! 

    The pro-crimmigrant ‘asylum’ agitprop groups were shrilling just last month against Hungary. Viktor Orban’s government had posted warnings on alien immigrants’ arrogant refusal to adapt, their ingrate insistence that the civilised peoples they impose themselves upon should instead adapt to their primitive ways.

    Pick-N-Choose Parasites V Hungary – Pro-Crimmigrant Vandalism! 

    Clear proof of that threat erupted in Germany, where girls unlucky enough to attend a high-school in close proximity to a brand-new batch of imported aliens got orders to dress like primitives themselves, for fear of molestation. 

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    Now Hungary is again be-shrilled by supranational sticky-beaks, for stepping up self-defence measures – the UNHCR is going NUTS.

    Not for the first time! UN To Brussels- ‘FORCE Brits To Share Sweden’s ‘Asylum’ Tsunami!’ 

    But God Bless Hungary!

    Parliament voted Friday to fast-track amendments proposed by the Interior Ministry which, for example, would allow authorities to detain asylum seekers for prolonged periods and speed up the assessment of asylum claims…

    • congratters

    Bravo, Budapest!

    Anyone who gate-crashes a sovereign state should expect detention, or worse! Nobody invited these undesirables. Illegal, no attempt on their part to seek visas, they have no right to complain if they’re locked up until thoroughly investigated.

    But they’re being denied…due process…

    So says UNHCR, just like some whining crim in one of those American TV police series! Big deal. If crimmigrants want due process, let ’em go home and see how they’re processed there!

    Hungarians are operating in the real world, and they love their country!

    Amnesty International and the Council of Europe also spoke out against Hungary’s policies..

    Which should confirm Orban’s on the right track.

    • ————————-
    • Viktor-Orban-006
    • ————————

    “We can either prepare for the tasks awaiting us or we can be afraid…The way I see it, these international organizations are more afraid of the future. Bad policies can increase and induce this mass migration manifold,” Orban said.

    And the Magyars are not alone in their grasp of the migrant menace.

    As if to underline our recent observation, that East/Central Europeans are a cut above the flabby fatuous appeasement of their Western neighbours  Why Is Eastern Europe So Much Smarter Than The West?  Czech President Milos Zeman has spoken out clearly and courageously. 

    “If European countries accept a wave of migrants, there will be terrorist groups among them, of which also a Libyan minister has warned. By accepting the migrants, we strongly facilitate Islamic State’s expansion to Europe…




    And as if to illustrate the words cowardice and stupidity, Cameron is turning loose a pack of ‘asylum’ savages, including an Egyptian member of the Muslim Brotherhood (the ones who say Jews are descended from apes and pigs!  Morsi brands Jews pigs and apes‘: 2010 interview comments …) from detention, bowing to an anti-democratic court ruling.

    Needless to say, not a word of even insincere ‘thanks,’ for all the free food, medical care, etc., these swine got while detained! 

    Instead, hundreds of ‘asylum’ ingrates are aiming to screw damages from the British tax-payer for not affording their noisome presence the welcome they reckon uninvited aliens deserve.

    Legal lice will be falling over themselves  to latch onto this latest leeching exercise. Since the crimmigrants don’t, apparently, have lotsa cash, guess who will pay for the court actions?  Damages for asylum cases that were fast-tracked

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    Renzi May Be Willing to ‘Hurt’ Europe – But Surely Italians Just Want Bludgers Booted Back! 

    Renzi is a leftist,and has no known record of patriotic action, He’s from the get-go been recognised as a Brussels Boy.


    • RENZI_12_resize
    • —————————
    • If he had an ounce of pro-Italian instinct in his political genetic make-up, he would have kicked the boat-bludgers off his beaches, instead of authorising their succour at enormous expense to Italian tax-payers.
    • He would too have formed a ‘war-time’ type coalition, bringing in sound and sensible statesmen like Maroni of the Liga Nord.
    • arafat
    • ====================

    He would also have demanded the removal of Yasser Arafat’s fan Mogherini from her exalted status in Brussels, a role she has grossly abused by swearing that not a single crimmigrant would face deportaiion unless he or she agreed to it.

    But Renzi’s is smart, his nationalist rhetoric honed to perfection, his latest exposition of a ‘secret plan’ to ‘hurt Europe’ a perfect axample.

    No sane Italian wants to hurt Europe. Most sane Italians,however, should want to hurt the EUSSR, after the Mogherini rant and also because of the Dublin Deal, whoch forces italy (and Greece) to handle all the grubby parasites landing on their shores. But Dublin should not be amended to ‘spread the torment.’ 

    The wise answer, of course, is not merely to scrap Dublin, but to scrap the ‘asylum’ nonsense altogether. 

    Send the garbage back.

    And recognise who’s to blame!


    Cameron and Erdogan (1) Islamist Erdogan


    It’s Turkey which is opening the flood-gates to hurt Greece, just as Libya is unleashing snouts galore to gouge the tax-troughs across the Med. 

    Libya we can forgive. They have no government. But Erdogan’s Turks deserves no forgiveness. Their bad neighbour character is a matter of record.

    Turkish Blackmail on Crimmigration, as Greeks Betrayed by EUSSR 



    Notorious. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/good-neighbour-turkey-only-after-eussr-visa-bribe/


    What Renzi needs to do – for short-term benefit to his own political survival or, more admirably, for the long-tern survival of Italy as a distinct nation, is to focus on the third part of his ‘Plan A,’ as outlined by his Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano. 

    “I will say with great clarity: Kids, either we do equal distribution of migrants in Europe, or we organise refugee camps in Libya, or we organise a serious policy of repatriation”, he said.


    out with them

    Option 3 is the only one that makes sense. 

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    Arrogant Aliens Demand French Surrender! 

    Just shutting down for the night here, but a quick glance at Euronews reveals that a mob of illegals have shown up on the Franco-Italian border DEMANDING that France let them in! Migrants sit in as French police block FranceItaly border\


    These crimmigrants are apparently in the town of Ventimiglia, where I took my offspring about twenty years ago. Back then, it was a pleasant enough place, with lots of little stalls selling fruit.

    Now it’s being blighted by bludgers! And these poor, penniless parasites have been travelling up from Southern Italy by train?

    Mohamed from Sudan told AFP he had arrived in Sicily with his brother and traveled by car and train as far as Menton in France..

    Who paid for their tickets?

    Many hoped to travel onwards to Germany, Britain or Sweden to request asylum, but French border police told AFP earlier they had been ordered not to let the migrants through.

    Vive La France!


    “We are not going back, we need to pass,” read a large banner held aloft by one group of migrants…


    • parasites

    Who the hell do they think they are? 


    They were effectively preventing decent people going to and fro on legitimate business.  

    And how much worse would things be if the crazy Schengen Agreement had not been temporarily suspended for the European summit talks?

    The Schengen open borders accord means migrants landing in Italy can usually easily travel through neighboring France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia as they seek to make it to Britain,Germany and Scandinavia.   https://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/World/2015/Jun-13/301951-migrants-in-hunger-strike-at-france-italy-border.ashx

    The arrogance of these parasites is stunning.

    They seem to think every civilised country should bow down, roll over and provide them with whatever they think fit to demand.

    Incredibly, some fools were handing out food and drink to the scum as they squatted at the frontier.

    It would be more fitting to send in gendarmerie with truncheons and tear-gas. because I see that although Italian cops dispersed some of the rabble, an uppity element remains defiant. 

    Maybe a warning salvo of live ammunition might help. And if they don’t heed the warning? 

    It’s time they were put in their place – which is NOT in Europe! 


    • jack 04:44 on June 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      We were born in South Africa, and lived through the apartheid era, becoming openly sympathetic to the plight of the blacks. In hindsight, I am now doubting our own judgement. They appear to be unable to govern themselves, and now want take over our organised and structured lives, and destroy our stability. What happened to “you made your own bed, now lie in it”?


  • ross1948 20:17 on May 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Paris Dumps Roma On Belgian Border Town – Why Not Use Devil’s Island? 



    Good luck to the poor citizens of Mouscron, a small town on the Belgian border with France, who find themselves face-to-face with possibly the most undesirable aliens in Europe – and they can’t even blame their own government.

    Their misfortune is to be located cheek-by-jowel with a similarly obscure municipality, Wattrelos, immediately across the frontier.

    And what’s wrong with Wattrelos?

    Nothing – until now!

    For reasons that remain baffling, France has decided to install ‘an open-space zone along the border for Roma and others to settle…’  .https://euobserver.com/tickers/128727

    Ignorance is not a defence in law, but even were it so, nobody in the French Government can claim to be ignorant of the pernicious effects Roma migration has on any community on which it descends.




    British people know the score, and so do Germans. Utopia? Even German Left Wakes Up to Roma Parasite Menace! 

    And even far away in Canada, the parasite problem is public knowledge.  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/nice-one-kenney-roma-parasites-nailed/

    And in France itself?

     You only have to look at what French Ministers have said about the social blight these Roma represent – only the Brussels elite want to impose them on Europe. Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’re Roma or French!” 

    It was France’s interior minister, Manuel Valls, who said that his country does not exist “to welcome these populations.” He said the Roma should return to their home countries to assimilate there instead.
     Manuel Valls Minister Valls
    Nor was that the first time Valls spke up for common sense on these crimmigrants.

    …he wants to send tens of thousands more home, since the Roma ‘do not want to integrate.’


    Quite right!

    Deportation is the proper course of action!




    So why the heck waste a perfectly good area, which could be used as indoor or outdoor sports pitches and play-areas, probably at much less cost, for local youngsters> Why turn it into a casbah for intruders who should never have been allowed into France at all?

    And why subject the hapless Belgians next door to the anti-social menace that Roma constitute?

    Mouscron wants to have a 2.4 metre wall erected. They’ll need more than that to safeguard their persons and property from marauders.



    I’m not sure if Devil’s Island is still available to France, but they must have some other desert isles out there that could be put to good use! 

    PS -seems the famous prison has been turned into a tourist attraction, which is more than the Mouscron folk can hope for – people will avoid their town like the plague!

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    Well Done, Indonesia – Crimmigrants Nabbed in Padang! 

    Amid all the efforts by lefty shrills in Oz to re-open rifts between Canberra and Jakarta over a couple of convicted drug-smugglers, sensible Aussies should take note of one item of clearly good news – although badly expressed in this weekend’s Jakarta Globe!

    Using the sloppy term ‘undocumented’ instead of the correct description ‘illegal,’ the JG nevertheless offers 30 reasons to be cheerful today!

    Cops in Padang, West Sumatra report that ‘we found 24 immigrants on Thursday, and we found another six near residents’ houses in Bayang.” http://thejakartaglobe.beritasatu.com/news/padang-police-nabbed-30-australia-bound-asylum-seekers/

    It seems the parasites were ‘on their way to Christmas Island.




     Most of the wannabe bludgers are from Bangladesh and Myanmar. So it’s obvious the swine by-passed various countries to reach a handy launch-pad to ooze into Oz.  

    Not a legal leg to stand on!

    The police also caught the captain and crew of the intended crimmigrant cargo vessel. 

    The Australian Government should send these police officers a reward for their good work.

    Word gets around. Less diligent constables might smarten up if captures were thus recognised by a grateful Australia. 

    • austrsendthemback2
    • Now what would make it even better news is if Indonesia were to load them, suitably chained and/or straight-jacketed, onto the next cargo plane going in the direction of those countries whence they emerged.
    • out with them
    • Indonesia, last I heard, is not signatory to the damn-fool UN Convention which hog-ties too many governments elsewhere.

    And after the damn-fool UN Sec-Gen’s arrogant rhetoric about the drug-smugglers yesterday  UN Chief Appeals to Indonesia to Stop Death Row Executions, one hopes President Jokowi will take every opportunity to diss the  supranational dork in New York.

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    BBC Re-Draws Map of Europe – Payback For EUSSR Funding? 

    Around lunchtime today, I watched a news story on BBC’s international tv service, about crimmigrants creeping into Hungary. The Hungarians are hog-tied, of course, by the EUSSR’s insane ruling that these people crossing the long border from Serbia ‘cannot be detained.’


    • EUSSR-Flag
    • ooooooooooooooooo
    • But the enmity of Brussels towards those who wish to defend their countries against the parasite tide is well-known.

    What struck me was how the BBC gal described the invasion. Crimmigrants were, she said, coming ‘INTO EUROPE FROM SERBIA!’

    Here’s a map!

    Europe Political Wall Map Mural Europe


    Every country from the Med to the Arctic, and from the Atlantic to the Urals, is correctly depicted as being within Europe – as every schoolchild knows!

    So how come that BBC gal doesn’t? How can she possibly come out with a brain-dead assertion like ‘INTO Europe from Serbia?’ 

    Serbia is IN Europe. Always has been.

    If the crimmigrants came into Europe from anywhere, it’s from some bludger-boat or across the Turkish frontier.

    Serbia has no coastline, nor a common border with any non-European country.

    So these crimmigrant hordes are not even coming into Europe when they arrive in Serbia. They have come into Europe long before they crossed into Hungary, and long before they crossed into Serbia.

    But Serbia, like Switzerland and Norway, is not part of the EUSSR. Are all such countries to be denied recognition by the BBC as European nations? 


    • BBC EU flag
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