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    Brits Dream Of Defunding The TFPC! Americans Can! 

    Last week I began referring to the BBC as the TPFC…


    ….the Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel!

    The constant leftwing drone from Broadcasting House has become a deafening din since the UK’s state ‘news’ provider appointed itself the public relations wing of the BLM.

    Even as I type this, there’s more of it – Black Lives Matter, A Sporting Perspective,’ and, as always, a series of leftist faces and voices spreading lies about ‘systemic racism,’ a non-existent phenomenon, one ranting chick admitting there’s a ‘world-wide uprising!’


    Not one single dissenter allowed on!


    The British Government has done NOTHING to make the BBC comply with its charter duty of impartiality.



    Many of you will be aware that there is now an official, openly-acknowledged partnership between BBC and PBS, its equally biased USA equivalent.

    But in America, public outrage against the PBS is being given a legislative voice!

    Read On!

    American Family Association

    Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) has introduced legislation that would stop federal tax dollars from going to Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). According to congressional appropriation records, the federally subsidized Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) receives over $400 million per year, and it sends about $60 million to PBS to promote an ideology of sexual deviancy and to attack religious liberty.

    Take action now. Urge your member of Congress to support Rep. Lamborn’s bill to defund public broadcasting.

    PBS has been airing a TV and an online series called Prideland to advance and normalize unbiblical sexuality. In the most recent PBS episode, Championing LGBTQ+ Healthcare in Mississippi, healthcare workers’ religious liberty and freedom of conscience are attacked. Healthcare personnel in many states have religious liberty rights and freedom of conscience rights to protect them from the sexual deviancy agenda. PBS is airing LGBTQ+ propaganda to undermine state laws designed to protect healthcare workers’ rights.

    In particular, PBS has made it clear that it’s fighting against state laws like Mississippi’s H.B. 1523, which states:

    The state government shall not take any discriminatory action against a person wholly or partially on the basis that the person declines to participate in the provision of treatments, counseling, or surgeries related to sex reassignment or gender identity transitioning or declines to participate in the provision of psychological, counseling, or fertility services based upon a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction. …

    This law prevents the government from forcing healthcare workers and counselors to provide services that would violate their “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.” If providing gender identity transition care violates a healthcare worker’s religious belief or conviction, then the state government cannot force the worker to provide that service.

    It is clear that PBS is using taxpayer funding to lobby the court of public opinion to subvert state laws that protect religious liberty and rights of conscience for healthcare personnel. This is not just a Mississippi issue as the PBS Prideland series makes it clear that its sexual deviancy agenda is nationwide.

    Send your member of Congress an email now. Urge your representative to sign on as a co-sponsor of Rep. Lamborn’s bill that will stop taxpayer funds from going to PBS by defunding Corporation for Public Broadcasting.




    Tim Wildmon, President
    American Family Association


    If our mission resonates with you, please consider supporting our work financially with a tax-deductible donation.

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    Petition – Stop America’s PBS Going Down BBC’s Maladjust Lane! 

    .An American petition.

    British readers will be all too aware of how the BBC, which soaks up their taxes via coercive legislation, is infested with both sexual maladjusts…

    Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers


    ..and their cheer-leaders.

    This film is a snapshot of the seemingly normalised and sometimes deliberate transphobia that a young man Matthew has to endure as he transitions in today’s society.

    It’s really quite nauseating to watch, a lot of the time.


    The BBC has taken to telling viewers that their ‘partner’ in the USA is PBS, which is also in the business of soaking up tax-payers’s cash.

    Now PBS is making it their business to promote perversion, just like the BBC!

    But AFA is fighting back!

    PBS is going all out in the month of June to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month by launching a six-episode series of short videos on a dedicated YouTube Channel created by its Digital Studios.

    Each Tuesday, beginning May 26, PBS will release Prideland vignette focusing on an LGBTQ+ person and how that person deals with the ever-changing attitudes of Southern communities toward homosexual lifestyles.

    On June 12, PBS will offer its member television stations the opportunity to air a one-hour companion special featuring series host and homosexual activist Dyllón Burnside.

    PBS’s decision to partner with Burnside to push the homosexual agenda is an unjust attack on Christianity and a mockery of the Bible and God’s design for human sexuality.



    Sadly, PBS is proudly promoting a lifestyle that is unhealthy to both the individual who participates in the unnatural sexual behavior and to society as a whole.

    For example, Episode 2 is titled “An Openly Gay Pastor’s Journey to Acceptance in the Bible Belt.”

    PBS describes the episode this way:

    “Burnside introduces viewers to Rob Lowry, an openly gay minister at a small, but mainstream church in Jackson, Mississippi. He was offered the job before the church knew he was gay, but they accepted him with open arms when he told them he would only take the position if he could lead while openly gay.”

    Other videos highlight transgenders, same-sex adoptions, and sexual “hookups.”

    In 2020, PBS received $445 million in taxpayer funding. This means you and I are directly paying for PBS to insult our faith and scoff at our God.

    I hope you will take a moment to let PBS know you oppose its support and promotion of this series.


    Sign our petition to PBS urging it to break all ties with Burnside and cancel all involvement in Prideland.

    Be sure to forward this to your family and friends, and invite them to sign the petition too.


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    Leave Those Kids Alone, PBS! 

    Tax dollars flow into PBS, despite President Trump’s efforts to stop the waste of public money. Congressional Republicans have so far failed in their duty to support him…


    Now perhaps they will smarten up and cleanse the PBS sty.

    Here’s the AFA , fighting back!

    Earlier this week a PBS tax-funded children’s cartoon series featured a homosexual “wedding” for its season premiere episode.

    On Monday, May 14, 2019, the beloved animated series revealed that one of its longtime main characters and Arthur’s teacher, Mr. Ratburn, was gay and getting married.

    In the season 22 premiere, “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” the students see Mr. Ratburn speaking to an uptight lady, voiced by guest star Jane Lynch. They fear she is the person Mr. Ratburn is going to marry, and they devise a plan to stop the wedding and prevent a life of misery for their teacher.

    But the kids chicken out when they get to the wedding and don’t stand up to object to the marriage. They learn the uptight woman is just Mr. Ratburn’s sister, who is officiating the nuptials. When Mr. Ratburn walks down the aisle, he is arm in arm with a man. Both grooms grin and all the guests smile in celebration of the same sex marriage. The third-grade students are happy for their newlywed teacher. Their praises further normalize and glorify the gay marriage.

    Later in the episode at the wedding reception, Arthur and his pals discuss the wedding and their disbelief that Mr. Ratburn is married. Francine tells the group, “Yep, it’s a brand new world,” perhaps a nod of approval to the changing cultural times. Then both grooms are shown dancing together at the reception.



    How much sicker can it get!?!



    Read on and support AFA’s petition!

    The program is broadcast on PBS Kids, and its educational purpose is purportedly to interest children in reading. However, this episode is a flagrant indoctrination and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle upon our impressionable young children and a gross misuse of our tax dollars. Discussion of such controversial topics and lifestyle choices should be left up to parents.

    Take action now!

    Sign our petition to PBS Kids today urging the network to pull this episode, “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” immediately, and no longer air it or future episodes featuring same sex couples.

    Tim Wildmon, President
    American Family Association

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