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  • ross1948 23:55 on July 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Shock Demand- Primitives in Germany Must Obey Law! 

    German laws protecting youth must also be applied to refugees, the government has said.



    Imagine that!

    Or more to the point, imagine the implications, as if the conclusion that, in Germany, German laws apply not only to Germans but also to pig-ignorant primitives, is somehow not just news-worthy but has actually had to be DISCUSSED by the German Government.

    merkel bloodhands

    We know that Mama Stasi Merkel gives a viel grosser DAMN about alien parasites than about her own fellow-citizens, but this is beyond belief.

    Does any other government feel the need to draw up and release a statement that outsider intruders are subject to the same laws as the legitimate inhabitants?

    Almost inevitably, knowing what we know about the vile culture so many of the crimmigrants come from…

    Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

    …the focus of this ‘news’ is on those many ‘migrants’ who regard child-molestation as perfectly acceptable. 

    ….the recent wave of migration to Europe has seen that number of minors married to each other or to adults increase significantly.  http://www.dw.com/en/germany-mulls-tighter-child-marriage-laws/a-19325588


    Socialist Schwesig


    “These cases shows that our child and teenager protection laws must also be extended to refugees,” said Federal Family, Women and Youth Minister Manuela Schwesig.

    Ignoring the fact that most of them are not ‘refugees,’ simply wannabe welfare snouts, what’s this frothing frau on about?


    The law is the law is the law.

    It’s German law, not barbaric shariah law. Shariah law has no place in civilised countries so there’s no need to EXTEND German law, just IMPOSE it.

    Any dirty pig caught in a so-called ‘marriage’ to a child should be arrested, charged, sentenced and then deported.   

    Predators and Child Molestors

    After all, German law is quite clear.  

    In Germany, the age of majority is 18. The youngest age allowed for marriage is 16, and then only if the other partner is a legal adult, and parents or a family court have granted permission.

    So why do we read that Berlin was considering tightening legislation against child marriages on Monday in light of the refugee crisis.


    Why do we read “We need a clear law,” said Thomas Kutschaty, a Social Democrat (SPD) and justice minister for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia?  

    The law is already perfectly clear. 

    Why do we read that Volker Kauder, parliamentary head of Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), said the Bundestag needs to debate and develop stronger laws?

    The law, as described above, in the same DW article, needs no alteration, simply enforcement.

    Unless Herr Kauder means that a good sound flogging be added to the penalties for child molestation – a fine idea, but I’ll bet he doesn’t agree. 



    Many laws lack serious enforcement, and they need judges who don’t make a mockery of justice, like the swine who turned loose the rapacious savages guilty of sexual assault.Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …  and Germany: Eritrean Migrant Sex Attacker Given Just 30 Hours … …

    Yes, the horde comprises many pig-ignorant primitives, but ignorance or pretended ignorance of the law of their host country is no excuse.

    Kick the brutes out!

    • Otto N 11:26 on July 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It says it all, that Merkel’s ‘refugees’ ( economic migrants) are either so backward that they can’t get their heads around the idea of the rule of law, or are so nasty that they are aware of the idea but just disregard it completely.
      Since I read elsewhere that the police have been ordered’ hands off’when these aliens step out of line, it has become time for Germans to organize themselves into self-defense squads in every neighbors threatened by the wolf-packs.
      But THEN there will be no ‘hands off’ policy, I will bet on it.
      Merkel will use the full force of the law on her own citizens. She is a monster, who her Stasi trainers must be proud of.


  • ross1948 18:52 on October 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz News – Pedo’s Death Sparks Sicko Pinko Teary Tantrum! 

    Good evening!

    And belatedly a bit of good news!

     A sleazy pedo ‘refugee’ pervert known to be a threat to Australian chiildren…-

    Who Deserves Flogging More? The Pig, Or The Fool Who Let Him Walk? 

     –  has topped himself.


    Ali Jaffari – a vile pervert whose death upsets nobody- except the Refugee Action Coalition!


    AN AFGHAN asylum seeker and convicted child molester who set himself on fire in a West Australian immigration detention centre has reportedly died.  http://www.news.com.au/national/western-australia/asylum-seeker-dies-after-setting-himself-on-fire-in-west-australia/story-fnj4anv2-1227531151600

    In April this year he lost his appeal to stay in Australia but remained in immigration detention because he could not be deported to Afghanistan as he was a refugee.

    Could not be deported? That’s disgusting!

    Whose country is it?

    One expects cr$p like that in the UK, whose leaders kneel in obeisance to an alien court in Strasbourg. But in Australia? I’m amazed Tony Abbott didn’t try to get the rules reformed to kick out ‘asylum’ perverts.

    I don’t suppose Turnbull will try, given his left-lib tilt.  But the subtraction by suicide of one sleazy undesirable alien from the equation should not preclude a review of a bad law. 

    Yet instead of calls for legislative change to enable governments to ship out dangerous ‘refugees,’ we get a chorus of tiresome yap-yap-yapping from that notorious pinko agit-prop gang, the self-styled ‘Refugee Action Coalition.’


    • enemy-within
    • ==============
    • Instead of raising a glass to the good news of Jaffari’s death, the sickos are all in a tizzy, pink knickers in a terrible twist, bleating that it defies belief that he was able to get petrol.
    • =

    ianrintoul Red Rintoul


    “How was he allowed to obtain the materials that allowed him to do this?” spokesman Ian Rintoul asked.

    Who gives a damn, really?

    I’ve no idea how the pig got the means to self-destruct, but who’s complaining? Otherwise the dirty brute would still be poncing three squares and a roof over his head off Aussie tax-payers.

    But Red Rintoul still shrills on.

    “This seems to be an outright incident of negligence or worse.”

    Now that’s an odd, or wild, assertion. OR WORSE?

    Is he implying that it might have been made just a wee bit too easy for Jaffari to do the only good thing he probably ever did?



    If so, whoever was responsible should step forward to receive a medal!



  • ross1948 10:44 on July 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Corbyn Invited the Blood Beast to London? So Did Tony B.Liar! 

    Just getting ready to welcome today’s visitor, hence only a brief output ths fine Jakarta morning.
    So Jeremy Corbyn invited Blood Beast Adams to London in 1984?
    A disgusting thing to do, putting him on a moral par with Tony BLiar, who did the same some years later!
    Neither Corbyn nor BLiar, to be fair, were then aware of The Blood Beast’s rancid personal secret, that Sinn Fein/IRA poster-boy’s guilt in covering for a pedophile.
    Now they both do, and are still in a position to make their voices heard demanding prosecution, although so far as I know, neither Labour luminary has said a word on the subject.
    Nor have they commented – again as far as I know – on the report in the Express this week, about one of their parliamentary Labour Party colleagues –
    Police are looking into the claims about the Labour politician, who is still a senior Member of Parliament, which have been reported to officers by two fellow MPs. They include having boys delivered to his hotel room and carrying out depraved attacks on children in mental health hospitals.
    Will that case ever come to court?
    Will Adams’ case?
    I actually lived in the London Borough of Haringay when Corbyn was a councillor. In those days he looked like a hippy, but though the beard is still there, nowadays his flowing locks have been trimmed.
    Yet his marxist political rants seem not to have dimmed, either in tone or in content.
    What is it about these leftists that draws them, like moths to a flame, towards evil? Again, I’m not talking about his olden days, but his current links to organisations alleged to have connections to Hamas.
     Despite Jeremy’s gibbering and wriggling, he could not deny, confronted on Channel Four, that he’d referred to both Hamas and the other terrorist gang, Hezbollah, as ‘friends!

    But then why should we raise our eye-brows at Corbyn, when Cameron refuses to take any action against Hizbut Tahrir, nor even against the Muslim Brotherhood?  David Cameron pulls Muslim Brotherhood report – FT.com

    And as for Obama’s friends in CAIR,we already know enough about their loyalty to America! We know about their subversive notables, with all those terror links.


    As indeed do the Egyptians!


     David Cameron has made an eleventh-hour intervention to postpone the publication of a controversial report into the Muslim Brotherhood


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