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  • ross1948 14:08 on September 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Get ‘Em, Greece! Subversive ‘NGO’ Apparatchiks On Trial! 

    One of the most irksome aspects of the BBC’s pro-crimmigrant outside broadcasts from Greece ( and other countries suffering illegal alien infestation) is the almost inevitable interview…




    ….with some uptight leftist sticky-beak, usually not Greek, more often a middle-class foreign bint, like Carmen Dupont, of ‘Lesvos Solidarity – BBC Again Blights ‘News’ With Pro-Crimmigrant Bias! – handed a microphone to champion the primitive intruders and demand that more money ( yours, not their own!) is wasted on freebies…



    ….or on provision of yet more accommodation after arsonists among the primitives have destroyed what they lived in!

    More ‘Refugee’ Arson And Violence In Greece! 

    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Image result for malta migrants police fire

    You can see that amok-run for yourselves on the video link. https://www.rt.com/news/471416-malta-detention-center-riot


    So all the more enjoyable to read that no less than THIRTY THREE ‘NGO’ apparatchiks, ‘alleged to have actively supported smuggling rings to sneak in migrants using closed social media groups, apps and confidential information including gathering points of migrants on the Turkish coast…



    ….and the geographical coordinates of refugee flows towards Greece,’


    All kudos to the Greeks, who must be fed up with these meddling outsiders…



    …and their ‘NGOs,’ which are often NOT Non-Government Organisations at all, their dirty snouts in the tax-troughs of the Brussels Empire…



    A BILLION? Brussels To Squander YOUR Taxes On “NGO” Agit-Prop! 

    …or gouging other government handouts.

    We will watch out for more details on exactly which parasitic ratbag gangs are named in future Greek press reports..

    Lying press – Germany’s media are as bad as the UK’s!


    …which are a LOT more reliable than the rotten media in the English-speaking world.


  • ross1948 17:22 on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Covers For Crimmigrant Smugglers – Fire Them! 

    Waking up is hard to do, all the more so on a Sunday morning this week, but if one’s house-guest has to hit the trail early, needs must!



    So I opted to get the washing done, in hopes ‘twould be as hot and sunny as Saturday.

    So far so good, but then I turned on the TV and had to watch the BBC’s Nawal Al-Maghafi, ‘a Yemeni/ British journalist and filmmaker,‘ openly aiding and abetting a people smuggler, some erstwhile hooker bint in Turkey.


    Hasil gambar untuk Nawal Al-Maghafi



    Ostensibly about a welcome development  – ‘refugees’ in Europe going home to where they belong, the show had the Beeb Bint travelling to and fro with the smuggler –https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b57zxv –  who made no bones about her gleeful involvement in facilitating border violations, both ‘migrants’ heading out of Turkey and INTO Europe.



    Maghafi could at any time have alerted the authorities to clearly illegal activities but instead showed NO inclination to report the Arab female, who appeared to relish conducting crimmigrants towards their goal.

    That goal, of course, is the violation of the borders of Britain’s NATO ally, Greece.



    Like so many others among the alien horde, naturally, those are hardly ‘refugees’ – their objective is not safe shores of a democratic country, not seeking sanctuary…



    …but rather the rich and yummy troughs of Northern Europe.

    Crimmigrants deserve to be nabbed and locked up for deportation, but what does Maghafi merit for her failure to do what any honest citizen has a duty to do…


    Gambar terkait


    ….report known criminal intent to the police!

    This ain’t a first offence on the part of the rotten rats in Broadcasting House.

    Boo-Hoo! BBC Snivels for Illegals ALMOST Corralled by Turks! 

    Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

    The British Government should demand her dismissal.

    And that of Ben Allen who, as her editor, must be held equally responsible.

    • Benny Palmer 18:17 on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Again and again, covering for illegal activity instead of reporting it.
      Again and again, propagandising for a cause when their charter forbids them being partisan.


    • Trevor Nash 19:17 on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You are relentless in your attention to these repeat bias offences and I like it.
      So many people are so used to the BBC and their fawning over these criminals that it goes unremarked and inevitably the BBC is made more nakedly biased.
      Please keep doing this.
      Somebody has to care.


    • Mack the Knife 21:16 on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Even Thatcher did’t clean up the BBC. It’s incurable so privatisation is the alternative.
      Sell it to Soros for one billion. A miilstone off our necks.
      Its employees do his work anyway and we could use some of that billion to do something useful like deport all the fake refugees and other undesirable aliens.


  • ross1948 20:30 on May 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Can Greece Be Cleansed Of Illegals – And Of Legal Lice? 

    Judicial authorities in northern Greece are investigating the involvement of local lawyers in rackets smuggling migrants and refugees across Greece’s Evros River border from Turkey….

    After what we have said about Greek lawyers…

    Pro-Crimmigrant Lawyers…What’s The Greek For Yuk! 

    ….and lawyers in general…..

    • He was talking about the reasons why research laboratories were allegedly contemplating using lawyers instead of rats.
    • RAT-facebook
    •  The lab assistants were becoming very attached to their little rats. This emotional involvement was interfering with the research being conducted.
    • No such attachment could form for a lawyer…AND   …. There are some things even a rat won’t do!  

      Soros Flunkeys Want ITALY Collared By Strasbourg Slugs! 

    • It’s encouraging to see that the media there are turning the spotlight on exactly what sort of people infest the legal profession in that suffering country.

    • It concerns lawyers from the cities of Alexandroupoli and Oresteiada, but also from Thessaloniki and Athens, who have been accused of working with rackets or individual smugglers organizing illegal transfers from Turkey into Greece…

    • =
    • =
    • ....the probe is focused on at least six cases where it is believed large amounts of money were accepted to facilitate illegal entry.

    • And get this!

    • The involvement of lawyers throughout the transportation and “legalization” of undocumented migrants is something border guards in the area have known about for some time…the rackets arrange for their clients to have legal representation in Greece before they even cross the river.
    • The investigation will take time, of course.

    • But if any legal lice are found guilty of this kind of treasonous offence, bringing in undesirable aliens of the sort making life hell for decent Greek people on Lesbos and other islands…

      “She’d Not Had A Shower In 2 Months – From Fear!” 

       Dirty Thieving Scum – ‘Refugees’ Torment Greek Farmers!

    • ….and in Athens too….

      Ingrate Afghans – In Athens – Tell GREEK To “Go, Go!” 

    • ….I’d hope that tarring and feathering, if not already in the Greek penal code, might usefully be added and invoked.

    • =
    • Hasil gambar untuk tarring and feathering
    • .

    • Read it all and see if you agree!


    “All of us who live here know that there’s a lucrative business that involves lawyers, among many others. There’s a lot of money going around and a lot of people are benefiting,” a local official who asked not to be named told Kathimerini. “That’s how everything’s done on the border with Turkey.”


    • Gavin McIntyre 15:00 on May 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Greek or not, there are loads of lawyers would benefit from a touch of tar and feathers.
      Here in Australia, we had some of the richest of them openly aiding and abetting all those liars on Manus. They are awash with wealth but turn on their own country that gave them such a lavish life-style.
      That lab rats idea is appealing.


  • ross1948 22:52 on April 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Alice Horton, Canterbury Court, canterbuy court, , Judge Heather Norton, people-smuggling,   

    Crimmigration Collaboratrix Walks Free – Are ALL UK Judges Clueless? 

    We’ve covered, and deplored  – the pitifully soft sentences meted out by British judges to the low-lifes caught illegally importing undesirable aliens.



    But this week so-called ‘British Justice’ hit a new nadir in this particular area of law, with a millenial agitprop ‘volunteer’ turned loose without ANY punishment at all.


    Well, she got 14 months  – but that’s ‘suspended,’ so the bitch won’t spend a day behind bars.

    Alice Horton, 25, admitted trying to bring three illegal immigrants – a 33-year-old Albanian woman and her two teenage sons – into Britain from France. 


    The jerk judge at Canterbury Crown (Clown?) Court, Judge Heather Norton, seems to have swallowed the defence plea that Horton was ‘naive.’


    • Judge Heather Norton

    ‘Judge’ Norton


    But in fact the same news report tells us that the guilty git is part and parcel of the Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network, a ‘volunteer’ with that outfit, no less. 

    If that’s the case, the criminal bint must be well-acquainted with the sly lies crimmigrants use.

    And there’s something fishy about her attempts at self-exculpation, viz. she believed she was asked to take part because she had no criminal record and looked inconspicuous.

    How she looks, we don’t know, because unfortunately there’s no photo for us to show and shame her. But how did those who asked her to take part KNOW she had no criminal record?

    Did the judge not think this odd?

    The rest of her ‘sentence’ comprises merely 250 hours of unpaid work for the community.

    Maybe judges in England should tale a leaf out of the Indonesian book when it comes to illicit importation of aliens.


    Calls for 9 year sentence for people smuggler

    But, oh, Horton’s also been told to stay indoors between 9 pm and 6am for the next six months…

    That’s probably less a penalty than a boon, in that she’s indoors after dark, so she should be safe from rape by the predatory element among the thousands of so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ currently roaming Britain’s streets!



    Not so some other crimmigrant-sympathising females we’ve noticed in the news.

    …the alleged assault was “effectively covered up” by colleagues because they felt it would undermine their efforts to help refugees…

    Hasil gambar untuk pure filth


    How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape? 

    And other questions arise.

    On this occasion the wannabe crimmigrants were apprehended in France? Have they been detained and charged with their attempted illegal incursion? 

    And how about those others we have previously noted?  

    Those crimmigrants previously caught with smugglers?


    – Something Akin to Treason Gets A Slap on the Wrist! 

    Were they deported back to the Continent?

    Or are they still in the UK, sponging off British tax-payers?


    Hasil gambar untuk punishment fit the crime


    If the latter, then, at the very least, those who brought them in should have their homes, cars, boats or whatever other property they may possess, CONFISCATED and sold to pay the cost of the crimmigrants’ keep, and, one sincerely hopes, their ultimate expulsion from the British Isles.


    • William Shepherd 13:24 on April 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      If the Indonesians know how to sentence people-smugglers, then why don’t our English judges?

      At least the smugglers in the overseas story were doing it for profit. This Alice Horton sounds like she’s acting in solidarity with the ‘asylum’ cause and that makes her a real enemy of our country.


    • Colin 14:07 on April 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Agree 100% with what you say.


  • ross1948 22:41 on September 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Diether Dehm, , , law-makers, , Lisa Bosia Mirra, , people-smuggling, Peter Fechter, , ,   

    One of Ulbricht’s Heirs, Complicit in Crimmigration! 

    I’m not au fait with legislators’ oaths of allegiance in every country, but it’s reasonable to expect parliamentarians, who make the laws, to observe those laws even more diligently than the general populace. 

    Image result for treason never prospers


    • When issues of national security, defence of the realm, etc. are involved, any violation by legislators should be dealt with MUCH more harshly than if such a crime were committed by any ordinary citizen not elected to run the country. 

    Hence disgust and dismay are the key components in one’s reaction to two treacherous parliamentarians, one German, the other Swiss.

    I smuggled refugee over border, Left Party MP admits

    Left party politician and member of the German parliament (Bundestag) Diether Dehm confirmed on Sunday to DPA news agency that he had smuggled a young African refugee from Italy to Germany at the end of last month. 

    He would not say more because he did not want to endanger the young man. I smuggled refugee over border, Left Party MP admits


    How come that word ‘refugee’ is deprived of its essential inverted commas? Is there any proof that the politician’s passenger was any more genuine than Mama Stasi’s migrant molestors who hit the headlines in Koln at New Year?

    No wonder Kamerad Diether won’t give details! One of Germany’s police unions thinks Dehm should, at the very least, be detained for people-smuggling.

    But in Mama Stasi Merkel’s Germany, will he be tried at all? 
    Time and again Merkel has denounced ‘people smugglers’ ‘Can’t beat migrant smugglers without Turkey,’ says Merkel
    merkel danger
    She expends more invective against them than against crimes committed by predators to whom she gifted the right to gate-crash her country.
    But will Dehm be put behind bars?

    So said Wikipedia, and the secret police mentioned were, are… the Stasi!


    Hasil gambar untuk stasi


    So the Left Party, heirs to the legacy of cruel red quislings like Walther Ulbricht…

    Image result for ulbricht walter


    ….and Erich Honecker….

    Image result for erich honecker 


    …. do have very much in common with Merkel – one good reason to speculate on the odds against deplorable Dehm doing time for his subversive crime.


    • Hasil gambar untuk stasi merkelMama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?

    •  I reckon that even if the rat was dragged to court, Mama’s rotten judiciary would let the case slide. 
    • They turned loose vile savages convicted for the Cologne amok-run, so there’s no way in the world they’d give the slimy comrade the jail-time he deserves.
    • It’s worth noting that Die Linke, The Left Party, as the direct descendant of the quisling clique that ran the DDR, the Kremlin’s puppet state, certainly know something about refugees, real refugees.

    communism tyranny

    The DDR’s hired guns murdered plenty of real refugees in its 40 years of misrule, witness the famous, tragic photo of one of them, young Peter Fechter, or rather his corpse, being dragged back into the Soviet Zone as a trophy, by the communist goon-squad..



    BTW, Germany is not alone in having Enemies Within its legislature. A month ago….

    Lisa Bosia Mirra, a Socialist party MP in Ticino’s parliament, was arrested at an unguarded border point at Stabio along with a 53-year-old man from the canton of Bern…


    Image result for lisa bosia mirra

    • The man was driving a van with Bern licence plates that contained four African refugee minors….Mirra, in another car, is thought to have met them at the border….Mirra was released later that day but police said she is “still under in investigation for breach of the Foreigners Act, in particular aiding and abetting illegal entry.”

    The Swiss are not so deeply infected with the death wish that permeates the German political establishment.

    So we may hope for something to be done to this evil vixen.

    Image result for the penalty for treason

    But there must come a time, surely, when, if treason goes unpunished in a country’s courts, demands for the return of people’s justice, with proper penalties, will become irresistible.


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