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  • ross1948 09:00 on December 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    PETA Plonkers Target Royal Guards 

    And as it’s the Season for Giving…



    …here’s another reminder of reasons not to give to certain ‘charities!’

    In this case, it’s PETA, who have gotten a bee into their pinko bonnets…




    …about the head-gear worn by the famous sentinels at Buck House.

    Animal rights activists want the bearskin worn by guards outside Buckingham Palace replaced with faux fur – and they’re preparing to go to court over it. https://news.sky.com/story/peta-mounts-legal-action-against-mod-over-fur-used-for-kings-guards-bearskin-caps-12764736

    While the Royals have recently earned disapproval, for good reason….

    Racist ‘Charity’ Faces Backlash? Boo Hoo! 

      … this latest rant from another charity reminds us of a previous report…



    …when the plonkers wanted to collect furry garments to hand out to illegal aliens…

    Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA

    But the same ‘charity’ has quite a record of absurd outbursts..

    for example..

    Men who eat meat should be banned from having sex, the animal rights group Peta has demanded…

    Never Donate To Preposterous Peta!

    …and this…

    Has This Old Bat Ever Met A Cat! 

    …but there are many other ‘charities’ you need to be wary of, because they promote leftist causes.

    This Christmas, donate to a GOOD cause, like this.

    An Appeal For a Brit Hounded By Gaystapo 

  • ross1948 15:11 on October 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Brexit ‘Brain’ & ‘Grey Mush!’ 

    Yes, it’s the rabid Anti-Brexiteer, Michael  O’Leary…

    More Reasons To Eschew Alien Remainer’s Ryanair

    Hasil gambar untuk Michael O’Leary, Chief Executive, Ryanair

    We’ve removed voting rights from all non-EU shareholders post-Brexit, so we’re 100% EU-controlled... ” https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/nov/01/ryanair-profit-cut-winter-ticket-prices-loss-covid

    who may have, for the time being, stopped sticking his insolent beak into the internal politics of HM’s realm, part of which O’Leary’s country, Eire, openly covets…


    …but now we are waiting for him to justify why a peckish passenger was “served ‘grey mush’” during a Ryanair flight.

    Seems like the ‘lasagne’ in no way resembled what Ryanair’s ritzy menu portrayed as:

    Delicious gluten-free lasagne with roasted vegetables and a soy béchamel sauce.”


    Instead, the grey mush arrived, of which the passenger observed.

    “It’s shoddy!”

    Thus spake a very vexed vegetarian!

    And how delicious to note that “the meal was also given a PETA Travel Award in 2019.”


    Never Donate To Preposterous Peta! 

    A handy anecdote to bash both Ryanair’s filthy-rich Europhiliac owner AND the far-left ‘charity’ we have discussed more than once.

  • ross1948 07:00 on September 23, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Never Donate To Preposterous Peta! 

    Men who eat meat should be banned from having sex, the animal rights group Peta has demanded…


    Wow! Can sausage rolls make you  involuntarily celibate?


    …claiming that devouring sausages and schnitzel is a symptom of “toxic masculinity” which is killing the planet https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ban-meat-eating-men-from-sex-animal-rights-group-urges-d9rk3850z

    Peta has been on our ever-updatable list of ‘charities’ which do not deserve donations for several years….

    Has This Old Bat Ever Met A Cat! 

    …even before its founder called for a ban on cat-flaps.

    Its extremist stances have long been off-putting..

    Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA


    ….but deserve a new mention after this brand-new, asinine outburst.

  • ross1948 08:25 on January 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Has This Old Bat Ever Met A Cat! 

    So the founder of PETA has called for a ban on cat-flaps?

    Expert calls for cat flaps to be banned unless garden is escape-proof

    I’ve had reason to criticise PETA in the past…

    Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA


    .but had always assumed they knew something about the character of animals!

    But my headline today does encapsulate my response to her weird exhortation to cat-owners…

    (or should I more correctly say, people who live with cats – ownership does imply a measure of control!)

    Keep them at home with views to enjoy, things to play with and your love and attention.”


    Views to enjoy?

    What next? Put them into hats and coats?

    Making a cat sit still and enjoy a view is as realistic as the PETA woman’s proposal to take them for walks on a leash  – like a dog!



    I’m sure she has met and kept cats, but only kittens are controllable

    Unless you want to make them miserable, you can’t confine an adult.

    Cats can, it’s true, be content just observing  – for a while!

    But they are notorious for their inquisitive nature and their inborn urge to prowl.

    Exactly how one makes one’s garden or yard ‘escape-proof’ against feline agility, curiosity and determination….



    …without first changing their very nature?

    Well, that’s intriguing!

    I like cats precisely for their challenging character…



    …but what do you think?

    • Uncle Oz 08:34 on January 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you.
      Even if you do seal off your backyard, a cat will claw its way out.


  • ross1948 17:48 on December 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Enjoy A Laugh For Advent! 



    Hard to believe that the far-left loonies of PETA, whom we’ve deplored at least once here…

    Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA

    …have been demanding that old sayings and common-place turns of phrase be revised to bow to their odd-ball obsession with animal ‘rights!’

    Here’s one example –



    “Take the bull by the horns” must be changed to “take the flower by the thorns!”


    I was tempted to append my usual little pictorial comment on this…




    ..but then realised that such an illustration might result in porcine ‘hurt feelings.’

    But then again, on reflection, it seems to me that the average  pig is made of sterner stuff than the sort of whining weasels who forever bleat about being ‘offended.’


    Now I’ve wounded all those thin-skinned weasels…

    Plush White Sheep with I Love Weasel T-shirt (first name/surname/nickname)

    ..and bleating sheep out there!


    • Jim in Jakarta 01:32 on December 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Very subtle, Ross.
      Probably too subtle for the easily offendeds, who are mostly stupid, to figure out and take offence.


    • Gregor Turner 08:50 on December 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I get it.
      i like it.


    • Keith Milner 13:38 on December 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I dont think pigs are protected by Australia’s anti-free speech laws, unless they are ‘gay’ of course.


  • ross1948 15:06 on December 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    What Next? Muesli-Eaters To Guard London’s Tower? 



    Just think, nutjob activists like PETA would make Aussie meat pies extinct!


    So  the namby-pamby pinkos of PETA are demanding the English village of ‘Wool’ be renamed ‘Vegan Wool’ to avoid sheepish stress?


    Image result for silly sheep

    That imbecilic appeal preceded the insolent submission of a letter to a French mayor…

    Image result for sausages

    Yummy sausages

    ….calling for a change in the name of an outrageously meatist ‘Sausage Street.’



    Where will this idiocy end?

    We know PETA is run by the far-left, from their pro-crimmigrant antics a few years ago.

    Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA

    Yet are they truly such dimwits that they cannot even grasp what a laughing- stock such deranged drivel makes them seem in the eyes of normal folk?


    Image result for beef-eaters

    Perhaps when they turn their metaphorical guns on the Beef-Eaters at the Tower of London, demanding the stalwarts give up a healthy diet and start mincing back and forth around the Bloody Tower, munching poncey little plates of muesli, they’ll catch on to the sniggering contempt their outbursts inspire?

    PETA demands ancient French village becomes more ‘vegan friendly’

    • Vinnie Fiore 15:26 on December 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think so many foreign tourists visiting the Tower of London would want to have their photographs taken with traditional Olde England Muesli-Munchers!


    • Jacko 17:33 on December 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      What a bunch of wallies!
      Meat is great!
      Specially pork sausages!


    • Ned A 18:03 on December 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      They are crackers!
      And not the Christmas knd of crackers.


  • ross1948 07:52 on December 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Christmas Giving? Find REAL Charities, Not Left Agitprops! 

      Here’s a good cause!

    As we get ever closer to Christmas, many people like to donate to a good cause.


    I used always to give any spare cash to the Salvation Army, because they actually go out and look for people who need help.

    Alas, I think there are no branches here in Jakarta!

    Back in the Western world, there are all kinds of groups that call themselves ‘charities’ and somehow get registered as such.

    Incredibly, political campaign outfits are among these, groups like Oxfam and PETA…

    Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA! 

    If You Welcome The Crimmigrant Tsunami, Donate To Oxfam

    …and most unbelievably of all, there’s Amnesty…

    Who’d Trust ANY Of Amnesty’s Crimmigrant Liars? 

    Cur Qureshi and Amnesty – Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned! 

    …which we, and many other media, have exposed time and time again.

    So don’t give them a nine bob note….


    Hasil gambar untuk nine bob note


    …..or a wooden nickel.

    Gambar terkait


    Here’s a much better idea!

    In Egypt, all-encompassing and lifelong persecution forces most Christians to the bottom of the economic ladder. Most are forced into menial jobs where they must survive meal to meal.

    This was the case for Sylvia, her husband, and their six children until ICC gave her a small loan that transformed her life.

    With ICC’s loan, Sylvia purchased machines to create custom-ordered mats. She has grown this business so successfully that she repaid her loan in half of the agreed-upon time. As her business grows, she is able to provide for her family in an empowering way.
    We are doing this all over Egypt and transforming persecuted communities and families. The only way we are able to rescue these families is because of people like you who partner with us to leave the 99 and rescue the one lost sheep.
    Our funds to do this type of work are running low and what we receive this November and December will determine what we can do for our brothers and sisters in 2018.
    Please consider sending a gift today to restore the life of a persecuted family.
    Be assured that your gifts will be used ethically, effectively, and efficiently.
    I promise!
    Jeff Signature  
    Jeff King
    ICC President 

    • Keith Milner 12:00 on December 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      A seasonal reminder of how easy it is to hand money to people who don’t deserve it!
      The Salvos for me too.


    • Harry Haynes 15:10 on December 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Here’s another good cause, in need of funds to fight the gaystapo threat.


    • Benjamin Hart 19:23 on December 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I always feel it’s safe making donations to the Salvation Army. They do a lot of good and do not get involved in politics. I will take a look at this pro-Christian group though..
      It sounds like they are worth supporting too.
      Oxfam are a completely political leftist campaign, almost always on the wrong side, like Amnesty.
      I think they both started out as well-meaning but for years now they are among the worst
      You are right.
      Never give them a penny, or a wooden nickel, or even a 9 bob note!


  • ross1948 13:46 on March 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: "Aujourd'hui on nous empêche de rentrer dans ce camp de #migrants de #GrandeSynthe. C'est la démocratie à la française !" Marine Le Pen, , , , , , Maire Damien Careme, Pamela Anderson, PETA   

    French ‘Green’ Mayor- Don’t Be ‘Abrupt’ With Illegals! 

    French authorities plan to evacuate more than half the migrants living in a camp on the English Channel.   http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/france-clear-hundreds-migrants-dunkirk-camp-46206776

    Half a loaf is better than none, so half a  cheer for anyone willing to roust out illegals from places they infest.

    But no cheers at all for the ABC – not the left-liberal controlled Australian broadcasting outfit but its identically initialled ‘American’ media comrade…



    …which persists in bleeding-heart lies about the illegals, describing them as  people fleeing war and poverty in the Mideast and Africa….

    There is NO evidence to identify these illegals as ‘refugees,’ except their own colourful yarns.

    • In fact ABC’s white-wash words are exposed when they immediately continue their description by saying these crimmigrants have come in hopes of sneaking into Britain.

    So they are NOT – if ever they were – fleeing from Third World miseries. They are in France.



    They got into France from Italy, most likely.

    These are modern, democratic countries which are perfectly ready to consider applications for ‘asylum’ from people genuinely fleeing. – but how many of these people appear interested in thus applying?



    Like the Calais curs, they are wannabe welfare parasites and they, accurately, deem the material benefits available in the UK largesse trough much more yummy than anything on offer in France, or Italy!

    The anti-social activity, including violence, among these undesirable aliens also resembles the former denizens of the Calais Jungle.

    Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux wants the camp dismantled because of recent fires and knife attacks.

    Incredibly, Dunkirk’s Mayor, Damien Careme, opposes an abrupt closure…


    Hasil gambar untuk dunquerque damien Careme



    I’d have thought the more abrupt the better – although just shifting them around France, as happened down the road…

    Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 

    …is no serious solution.

    They need to be corralled and deported.

    So what motivates Monsieur Careme to speak against a plan which will at least alleviate this on-going threat to public order?

    Turns out he belongs to the….wait for it… 

     …Ecological-Green Party -EELV!



    And his pro-crimmigrant bigotry was exposed months ago!

    The Leftal, sorry, The Local, gave us a salivating account of how he barred the patriot party leader, Marine Le Pen, from inspecting conditions at the infestation site.




    She was refused entry to a migrant camp in northern France…

    Careme took to Twitter to say it was him who turned Le Pen away when she “dared to visit.”

    Yet his caressing concern for the crimmigrants was highly selective…it later turned out that former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson was welcomed with open arms.  https://www.thelocal.fr/20170125/marine-le-pen-refused-entry-at-french-migrant-camp

    The French presidential candidate, front-runner now, so we hear, hit back tellingly.

    This is democracy a la Francaise!” she wrote, adding that the camp apparently only let in politicians who were pro-immigration. 

    As ever, Marine spoke for real French folk when she later added that –“We have to send illegals home and control our national borders if not the camps will be rebuilt.”


    —-Hasil gambar untuk vive marine

    • Vive Marine!
    • Oh, and just a footnote – how come Pinko Pamela was prowling among the primitives?
    • Her trip was organised by animal rights charity Peta France.
    • oooooooooo
    • Are we to assume that Mayor Camere banished signs like this in Dunkirk?
    •  Gambar terkait
    • oooooooooooooo
    • Wayne Sanders 22:40 on March 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You got it! You covered all the points perfectly.
      They are not refugees because they are safe and want to keep on the move for economic advantage.
      They are violent and unpleasant to have near the homes of decent Dunkirk French people.

      But that Green mayor is not on the side of the decent people. So its up to the Dunkirk voters and to France to make sure they get Marine Le Pen into power.
      Nobody else is ever going to do anything positive against the illegals.


  • ross1948 09:52 on February 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , dirty pigs, , PETA, plastic 'fur'   

    Pea-Brained Pinko PETA – Don’t Donate! 



    • OldiesButGoodies-1
    • ooooooooooooooo
    • An agreeably do-nothing day ahead, after last night’s outing with a bunch of pals in downtown Jakarta.
    • Regular readers know I like animals.
    • Not ALL animals. There are dishonourable exceptions – check out my previous posts.

    .Xmas Bonus, Please, For Prison Guards Who De-Fanged Pig! 


    Not only am I the proud owner of a cat, shown below, recovering from one of her many gallivants around Jakarta…




    …who’s just turned 15 years old  – that’s over a hundred in human terms – yet still goes out on the town every night.

    But I also spent much of my boyhood on Ontario farms and thus know how livestock should be properly looked after – with conscientious care for their welfare.


    Hasil gambar untuk canadian wooden nickel


    But I will NEVER donate – not even a wooden nickel – to that PETA outfit.

    As you may recall, I said so last year…

    Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA

    ..and now I have to say so again, this time not because they’re encouraging undesirable aliens, but because they are clearly, totally, losing their collective minds.


    Hasil gambar untuk furry hats in museums


    Just take five and read this, from PJ Media!.

    PETA Wants Toymaker to Remove Plastic ‘Fur’ From Plastic Figurines


  • ross1948 00:03 on December 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Christmas Giving? Here’s A REAL Good Cause! 

    Most of us get a little more generous at Christmas, but so many charities are tainted or even controlled by far-left or otherwise subversive elements…

    Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA! 

    …and quite a few others ought to be investigated by the Charity Commissioners

    If You Welcome The Crimmigrant Tsunami, Donate To Oxfam! 


    Cur Qureshi and Amnesty – Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned! 

    …that it can be hard to figure out to whom we should give.

    But here’s one appeal which seems to me to be a very worthwhile cause.


    Afghanistan is an extremely dangerous place to minister. 
    Many pastors have been executed and work underground for safety. To provide funding for these pastors, ICC sets them up in inexpensive small businesses to provide them with funding and a cover for their work. 

    For instance, ICC helped start a store for a pastor’s wife so she could help fund her husband’s ministry. Now, she supports three
     pastors and still has money left over to assist other persecuted Christians.

    We do this kind of work all over the world and even though we had our most successful year ever serving the victims of persecution, our revenue is down 45% from where it should be… 
    We simply do not have the resources.
    If you are able, please send a generous gift today and know that your gifts will be used prayerfully, effectively and efficiently.
    I promise!
    Jeff Signature
    Jeff King
    ICC President 
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