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  • ross1948 10:45 on July 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Hard Talk – BBC’s Sackur Shouts At Hungary! 

    Stephen Sackur was on feral form in his Hard Talk today, ranting at Hungary’s Foreign Minister.


    Péter Szijjártó - Wikipedia

    Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto


    You’re very opinionated on all sorts of things..”

    But then?

    On PM Orban’s decision to put the child protection law to a referendum?

    Sackur’s own opinionated, typical UK Pravda prejudice exploded.

    This is pure populism..”

    Actually, it’s democracy!

    As his Hungarian guest politely pointed out.

    Watch it.

    I don’t often recommend anything on BBC but the Hungarian Foreign Minister’s valiant defence of his country was as impressive as the performance of his fellow Magyar..

    BBC’s Sackur Loses It – Magyar Man Easy Winner!

    … and once again the contrast between how Sackur behaves with those whose politics he likes….


    Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg


    Hard Talk? Hard To Stomach! BBC’s Sackur Softballs BLM Nasty 

    … and those whose stand for decent values…

    Stuff Brussels Gaystapo – Here’s Hungary’s Truth! 

    …upsets him.

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 10:49 on July 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Sackur sucks.
      I watched it, probably same time you did.
      BBC types do get passionate about the ‘gays!’


  • ross1948 09:43 on December 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Hungary’s Szijjártó Sets The Record Straight On Crimmigrants! 

    I risked all-day indigestion the other day, by tuning into CNN, an early morning error, excusable only by the previous evening’s partying, which left me rather zombiesque when I arose like the Kraken.


    Image result for kraken wakes


    To my horror, there was that biased old behemoth Christine Amanpour…




    …at her plummy patronising worst. I made to change channels, then saw who she was trying to patronise.

    Peter Szijjártó!



    He’s Viktor Orban’s Foreign Minister and a man not only smart and articulate, but also urbane in the best sense of the word, courteous throughout to the far-left CNN hackette.

    I hung in there and watched him deflect one after another of her pro-crimmigrant yaps.

    Today, I present you with his devastating critique of another appalling pro-crimmigrant menace, the ‘United Nations Migration Pact,’ which Theresa the Triatrix is determined to foist on the UK.


    It’s just the intro, to an article in the Budapest Times, but you may use the link to see all that he says, words relevant not only to his own Hungarian people, but also to Brits and to everyone in every country at risk from undesirable alien incursions.

    “According to the Government, the Global Compact is an extremely and biasedly pro-immigration document, which is both harmful and dangerous”, Mr. Szijjártó said.

    “The UN is making the same mistake as the European Union, which wants to base its own migration policy on mandatory resettlement quotas. The UN Compact is more dangerous, however, because it is a global initiative, meaning it will have a greater effect than continental policy, and represents a risk to the whole world”, the Minister added…..


  • ross1948 19:35 on September 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Let’s Hear More Sense Like This! 

    Four, or more, cheers for Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, who has told off the arrogant supranational sticky-beaks good and proper.

    Wise words indeed, what he said about ‘migration not being a “fundamental human right.”


    Hasil gambar untuk hungarian ministry of foreign affairs

    Péter Szijjártó



    That’s patriots everywhere should be shouting, all the more loudly when Szijjarto scolded the so-called “independent experts” who shrug off allegiance to their own native lands in order to act as running-dogs for the hypocritical United Nations Human Rights Council.

    That HRC has never yet issued any condemnation of shariah…



    …the most oppressive system, other than communism, in the 21st century.

    The Magyar minister has suggested that no matter they pose as ‘independent experts’ these mouthy flunkeys “should not be independent from the truth.”

    He’s quite right.

    Read more on this good guy who tells off bad guys here –
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