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    Kansas Dem Governor’s Gaystapo Diktat To Foster Parents – Petition! 

    This is horrific.

    It was sent to me yesterday and I am wasting no time in passing it on, urging my American readers to sign it and seek as many other signatures as possible.

    This petition also asks the Kansas State Legislature and the Kansas State Supreme Court to review this policy directive from the Governor, as it appears to be against state law – i.e., The Adoption Protection Act (2018), which should protect placement agencies from the state imposing policies which are against their sincerely held religious beliefs.


    Image result for laura kelly governor


    This ghastly gaystapo governor, Laura Kelly, in what was once a sensible civilised state, is no better than a bully and deserves to be impeached!

    But meanwhile, LSN has launched a petition.

    PETITION: Tell KS Governor to rescind outrageous foster family LGBT indoctrination program

    In an extremely offensive decision to huge numbers of families who have opened their doors to foster children in Kansas, the Democrat Governor, Laura Kelly, recently issued outrageous new policy guidelines on fostering which will require Christians (and, others who don’t want to enforce the state’s LGBT agenda in their own homes) to violate their consciences if they want to (continue to) foster in the state.

    The new policy will also require Church-affiliated placement agencies to violate their sincerely held beliefs, by explicitly promoting an agenda contrary to the Gospel.

    This petition, therefore, demands that Governor Kelly rescind this terrible policy, with immediate effect.

    This petition also asks the Kansas State Legislature and the Kansas State Supreme Court to review this policy directive from the Governor, as it appears to be against state law – i.e., The Adoption Protection Act (2018), which should protect placement agencies from the state imposing policies which are against their sincerely held religious beliefs.

    The new harmful policy requires that placement agencies and families who help place and foster children must, for example, confirm gender-confused foster children in their confusion rather than try to lead them out of harm’s way.

    One of the most insidious parts of this radical new policy is the ‘Confidentiality’ provision, which will force placement agencies to conceal from foster families whether a foster child is suffering from gender identity dysphoria (i.e., is confused as to what sex he/she is).

    And then, if a foster child discloses (to the family) that they believe themselves to be the opposite sex to what they are biologically, this new policy will require the family to use forced language, calling the child by opposite sex pronouns.

    But, it gets worse. Far worse.

    Indeed, the new ‘guidance’ describes different, bizarre scenarios, in detail.

    Here is a direct quote from the new guidance’s Q&A section:

    “Q. A teen is biologically female but identifies as male but is sexually attracted to females. If there has to be a room share, do they share with other females because that is what they were born or males because that is who they identify with? If they are to share with females, then it can be an issue because they are sexually attracted to that sex. The easiest answer is they have to have their own room if possible but that isn’t always an option.

    A. In this example, the youth identifies as a male and should be treated as such. If there was a need to share a room, the case worker should ensure everyone involved is okay with the room share. In this case they identify as a male so sharing room with another male would be acceptable….”

    Dorothy…we’re not in Kansas anymore! We’ve obviously been transported to some other place, like New York City (birthplace of Governor Kelly…true)!

    Seriously…This is simply outrageous, and, obviously fraught with moral dangers for foster families, who, often, out of charity, are so gracious to open their doors to children who need a home AND who, moreover, need parenting.

    But, this is clearly not parenting; it is, rather, allowing the state to come into one’s homes and dictate a type of deviant sexual morality which is abhorrent to many, and from which many parents wish to protect their own children.

    Here, it’s worth quoting the entire first paragraph of the new state policy on Placement of foster children:

    “LGBTQ youth should be placed in in homes that respect their identities. Placements should not try to impose traditional gender roles on the youth. Foster homes should be offered additional training that will help them support and encourage LGBTQ youth to express themselves as they see themselves…”

    Hey, Governor Kelly………….

    What about RESPECTING THE IDENTITY OF THE FAMILIES who graciously accept children into their homes?!?!

    And, what about RESPECTING THE PLACEMENT AGENCIES who don’t believe in lying to families, or that pushing the LGBT agenda is good for child welfare?

    AND…what about RESPECTING THE LAW ((e.g., The Adoption Protection Act (2018)), which should protect placement agencies (who are Catholic, for example) from the state imposing policies which are against their sincerely held religious beliefs???

    This new policy needs to be firmly opposed precisely because it will force away Christian families from fostering, and others who don’t want to enforce the state’s LGBT agenda in their own homes…and, also, because it is very probably also against the law!

    If the Governor wants to change the law, then she should lobby the State Legislature of Kansas, rather than impose seemingly illegal directives designed to circumvent state law.

    Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition, demanding that Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly, rescind the harmful new policy on fostering children, with immediate effect.

    The petition will also be sent to the appropriate members of the Kansas State Legislature and the Kansas State Supreme Court to investigate any violation of state law.

    Thank you for SIGNING, TODAY!


    A devastating proportion of gender-confused adolescents attempt suicide in their lifetime. The figures run between 30-50+%, depending on the type of confusion suffered.

    With these appalling statistics, has anyone at Governor Kelly’s office thought about the real harm which forcing this kind of agenda will have on real children?

    It seems pretty clear that they have – but, they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand.

    Indeed, in an attempt to mask the harsh reality of what they are proposing, the authors of the new policy state, with Orwellian relish, numerous times that promoting gender confusion as normal is in the best interest of the “health and safety” of the children, and in maintaining “normalcy.”

    But, of course, they must realize that indulging these delusions –  for the children themselves, the placement services, and the families – is anything but normal, and is, rather, on the contrary, extremely dangerous!

    Indeed, what do the leading experts think about promoting this kind of gender confusion as normal to children?

    They think it’s child abuse!

    The American College of Pediatricians has issued a statement saying “gender ideology harms children,” and “urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.” In their statement, they go on to say “a person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking.”

    These statements are supported by three leading medical doctors in the field, including Paul McHugh, M.D., University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    And, the statement goes on to say “Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.” 


    Suicide Statistics: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/142/4/e20174218


    Relevant Policy Citation: https://familypolicyalliance.com/kansas/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2019/07/Prudent-Parenting-LGBTQ-003-1.pdf



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    Leftist Hate Movie? Hollywood Pinkos Cower – ‘For Now!’ 


    We had a few words to say about this film last week…

    New Horror Film, Pinko Creeps Hunt Patriots – Seriously! 


    …and I scoffed at it, but now AFA has launched a petition, which I ever-helpfully append below!


     – read on as you please, but the uproar has apparently scared off the pinko creeps!  They’ve pulled the movie, which they seek to pass off as –

    …this satirical social thriller…we understand that now is not the right time to release this film.”

    But please note, only ‘for now!’



    Universal Studios is taking a page out of Satan’s evil and demonic playbook as it gets ready to release “The Hunt” in theaters in September.

    The movie is a graphic and extremely violent film that portrays humans hunting other humans for sport. In “the Hunt,” rich elitists jet to a resort where a dozen conservatives have been stranded after being kidnapped. The victims, clearly resembling “Make America Great Again” Trump supporters, are loosed in a game preserve to be hunted like wild animals. You can watch the movie trailer here, but be warned, it is extremely graphic.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter (THR), characters in the film refer to the victims as “deplorables,” which is what Hillary Clinton famously dubbed Trump supporters during the 2016 election. THR noted that a character asks, “Did anyone see what our ratf–ker-in-chief just did?” A character responds, “At least the hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

    Originally, the movie was titled, “Red State vs. Blue State.”

    Tell Universal to drop movie based on ‘humans hunting humans’

    In the days following the mass murders in Texas and Ohio, Universal paused promotion of the film. Obviously, it recognized how deeply disturbing and dangerous it is to promote humans slaughtering other humans.

    Political satirist Tim Young told FoxNews “The Hunt” goes over the line. “Why would anyone think it’s a great idea to have a movie about hunting down someone who doesn’t agree with them politically? It’s remarkable to me that the left blames Donald Trump’s rhetoric for violence, then literally spends millions to normalize the killing of people based on politics,” Young said.

    “We’re told over and over again by the left, especially in Hollywood, that this country is more divided than ever and we need to come together… is this what they mean by it? Come together to murder your neighbors that you don’t agree with? This film is sick and shows just how hateful the left has become,” he added.


    Sign our petition to Universal Studios now, urging it to drop all plans to release this despicable and sickening promotion of murder as sport.

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      I will sign the petition anyway.
      Your suspicion that they will try again is well-founded.


    • John B Sears 3:10 pm on August 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That is all we need, on top of books released in the last year on ‘Eating Human Flesh’ as i warned about some years ago.


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    Apple’s Noisome Worms Within, Subverting Freedom! 

    And with another jackboot diktat..

    …Apple’s Worms Within clearly show whose side they’re on.


    LifeSite is a good source of news, a bit too soft-spoken by my standards, and also very Catholic orientated, which I’m not at all.

    But they are decent and honourable and that seems to have been enough for The Worms to target them.

    Sign the petition, please!

    Please note, too, that while LifeSite is Canada-based, it’s a global war and in this petition, my Indonesian readers and anyone, anywhere, can sign too.


    A little over a week ago, Apple finally approved LifeSiteNews’ application to publish our news on their Apple News Platform.

    Today, without warning, Apple News abruptly reversed course, telling LifeSite that they had deleted our channel and all of our content from their platform.

    Apple claimed that LifeSite’s channel “didn’t comply with our Apple News guidelines.” Specifically, they stated that LifeSite’s “[c]hannel content shows intolerance towards a specific group.”

    Apple’s e-mail provided no details about which content they deemed offensive, or which “specific group” LifeSite’s content allegedly showed intolerance towards. 

    “It goes without saying that LifeSite would never promote intolerance or hatred against any group,” said LifeSite’s Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen.

    “Unfortunately, however, in our divisive political climate, even mild expressions of common Christian and conservative viewpoints are now often dismissed as de facto ‘hatred’ and ‘intolerance’. We certainly hope that this is not what Apple is doing. But at a time when there is growing evidence of left-wing censorship by the tech juggernauts, this decision is frightening.”

    “We urge our readers, and any concerned citizen, to tell Apple that this kind of censorship is unacceptable,” said Westen. “If anybody is ‘showing intolerance’ here, it is Apple that is showing intolerance towards the millions of people who rely on LifeSite for our news reporting, and who support our pro-life and pro-family values.”

    We are URGENTLY calling on our readers and supporters – and on all freedom-loving people – to SIGN THIS PETITION, demanding that Apple reinstate LifeSite’s Apple News channel immediately and stop squashing our 1st amendment rights. You can read more about the events as they unfold, here.

    • Joseph Fox 8:22 pm on August 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply



    • Marcel Laindon 11:05 pm on August 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What do we do with worms?
      Put em on a hook and feed em to the fishes.


    • Nate Yarrow 10:34 am on August 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Worms is a good word for the Apple leftwing censors, crawling about in the dark mud.
      Dig them out and expose them to daylight.


    • Anna Hemphill 8:32 am on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I heard the petition pressure worked.
      Apple backed down and LifeSite is back.
      Well done to all who signed.


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    Gaystapo “Secret Librarian Advocate Operatives?” Fire The Scum! 

    Image result for american library association gay


    Nowhere better for kids to spend time than at the local public library?  Not in America!

    The American Library Association has been captured lock, stock and barrel by the gaystapo indoctrination lobby.

    Libraries get funds from local and national taxes.


    And YOUR library may be on their brain-wash hit-list!

    Read and shudder!


    You might think that if you live outside of a big, liberal city like San Francisco or New York, your children will be safe at your local library, right?

    Think again.

    A cross-dressing man is coming to a library near you, to teach your child about “gender fluidity,” and YOU are actually helping to fund him with your state, local and federal tax dollars.

    Believe it or not, there is a well-orchestrated, subversive plan being promoted by the American Library Association, to promote a phenomenon known as “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) to small-town American libraries, in order to “capture the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and give kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.”

    Get the inside story on this plan and how your tax dollars are being used to push it forward.

    When groups of concerned parents mobilized in Texas, Ohio, Kentucky and South Carolina against this perverted and subversive campaign…



    ….the American Library Association responded with orchestrated training strategies on how to how to be a “secret librarian advocate operative.”

    ….please SIGN this petition to Wanda Kay Brown, the President of the American Library Association, to tell her to immediately stop the subversive efforts by the American Library Association to pervert the children of small-town America.  


    Of course sign the petition, but don’t expect anything but more high-handed pro-pervert arrogance from the ALA.

    Contact your congressmen/women and state legislators and city councillors, demanding that the scumbag  “secret librarian advocate operatives” be unmasked…


    …fired unceremoniously, and all funding for libraries frozen, until librarians take active, transparent steps to keep vile ‘gay’ propaganda OUT of reach.

    • Vicki S 5:03 pm on August 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Oh My God!
      And like fashions in music and slang, what starts in America tends to spread throughout the English-speaking world.
      So far I’ve seen nothing in the press about this brain-washing going on in Britain.
      If it is, will people protest or once again leave it to the Muslims to stand up to the perverts?


      • Annie Armstrong 11:03 pm on August 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        We all support those Muslim parents, Vicki but they are not on their own.
        The BBC is not very trustworthy but I don’t think they made this up.
        “The head teacher of a London primary school – who wished to remain anonymous – told Newsnight more than 100 children at her school had been withdrawn from similar classes.
        Last year “only a handful” were taken out of lessons, she said.
        She said the majority of parents who objected were Christians.https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-49187566


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    Petition – No Pensions For Sinn Fein/IRA Terror Scum! 

    adams murders

    Would you hand over a slice of your taxes to provide pensions for Blood-Beast Adams’ murder-gangsters?


    Petitions don’t always work but a good petition is always worth supporting. 

    A pension for the injured victims of the troubles in Northern Ireland has been long overdue.

    However our victims minister has proposed a pension that includes payments to the killers as victims!


    Would America pay a pension to Bin Ladens family or perhaps the family of Timothy McVeigh?


    Help stop this Farce and insult and sign this petition

    Thank you.


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    Solidarity With Tucker – Sign Here! 

    Happy to help a good guy, especially when those after him are such very bad people!

    If offensive, unpopular, or dissenting speech is deemed “unacceptable” by the government, then we obviously don’t value free speech at all!

    Sign our Petition to Fox News today and urge them to uphold the importance of the First Amendment and to Stand with Tucker Carlson.

    It’s entirely possible that Frederica Wilson and Ilhan Omar genuinely don’t understand how America works, why else would they be so flippant in their attempt to undermine it?

    When folks like Tucker call them out on it, it’s like they don’t know how to react, so they throw a tantrum and expose their true colors.

    Don’t let Fox News give into the pressure to kick America’s number one truth-seeker off the air!


    Larry Ward,
    Stand With Tucker Coalition, Organizer

    P.S. Show your dissent for Frederica further, and support Tucker Carlson, by signing our petition today.

    • Kansas Citizen 11:43 am on July 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The most Un-American people are attacking him.
      The least we can do is sign this petition!


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    Stop Persecuting Christian Kids! Sign The Petition! 

    We posted a week or so ago on the vile creatures that swooped on a Canadian mayor’s home, an example of the ever more shocking audacity of perverts around the world.



    Now we switch to Britain, to read of a vicious pro-perversion school principal, Sarah Papas, whose name is all too familar to foes of the UK gaystapo…


    Image result for sarah papas gay 

    Gaystapo Message To Decent Parents – ‘Just be Quiet!’ 

    …punishing little Christian kids for following their faith. The children refused to knuckle under when ordered to take part in a pro-queer propaganda lesson.


    LONDON, England, July 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― A LifeSiteNews petition supporting two British children suspended from school for their Christian faith has attracted more than 11,000 signatures.


    Here’s the link -make sure you sign it! https://lifepetitions.com/petition/support-pre-teens-expelled-from-class-for-asking-to-excused-from-lgbt-lesson

    Ten-year-old Kaysey and Farrell are both pupils of Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon, a neighbourhood in South London. Last month, the children, a girl and a boy, asked their teacher if they could be excused from a lesson in which they were asked to color in LGBT “Pride Month” material. Although the children cited their religious objections, he refused and afterward allegedly accused them of “homophobic language….

    And did he stamp his little mincing jack-booted foot?

    .…Kaysey says that, following this incident, Susan Papas, the head teacher, or principal, of Heavers Farm Primary School, shouted at the children in front of the class, calling them “a disappointment to the school.”

    What a rotten bitch!

    Papas then interrogated them in separate rooms, accusing Kasey of saying she wanted to kill LGBT people. Kasey denied this but was made to sit in detention from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. 



    That woman should be slung out of that school and not allowed into any other.

    • Rhea Strachan 3:51 pm on July 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That head teacher should be removed from any position of responsibility.
      i will circulate the petition along with your commendable words,


    • Carl Fisher 8:07 pm on July 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Give us that school’s email address, Ross, as you usually do when you investigate bad people and organisations. The petition is signed but I’m sure a few of us would like to tell her what we think of the way she’s been bullying those young Christian children.


      • Fiona 8:33 pm on July 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Carl, try this!

        020 8653 5434

        It took me all of ten minutes to get the school’s number and email.
        Ross is working at a cracking pace and producing a lot that I enjoy reading, so let’s help out and not ask him to do little extra jobs we can do ourselves.


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    Fight Antifa Red Nazis, And Their Abettors! 

    Thieving Thugs – Red Nazi Antifa Amok, Cops Cop Out! 

    We carried the story a few days ago.

    Now we carry the story of good folks fighting back!

    David Horowitz needs your signatures!


    If you pose the slightest threat to the Left’s radical agenda, they want to do to you what they did to Andy Ngo.

    They beat him. They kicked him. They struck him with a crowbar.

    They gave him a brain hemorrhage.

    All because he did the job the mainstream media lackeys wouldn’t — and told the truth about Antifa.

    So I hope I can count on your signature to investigate not just Antifa — but their allies.

    Because remember…

    The talking heads at CNN and MSNBC didn’t just ignore Antifa’s violence, destruction and terror.

    They actively enabled it.

    They likened these masked thugs to brave revolutionaries.

    And now, it’s time for them to answer for what they’ve done.

    That’s why I want you to sign this petition right away to investigate not just Antifa — but their allies.

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    Tags: Alliance Defending Freedom this week filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Offi Selina Soule, petition, , unfair to real girls   

    Bout Time! Teens Challenge Freak-Cheats! Sign That Petition! 

    View this Message Online.
    Female high school and college track and field records are dropping like flies. A single college athlete now holds ten separate college track championships for women. In Connecticut, two athletes have gone head to head for two years in a row in several events, seemingly smashing female records at every matchup.
    What accounts for this assault on the record books? Is it improved training? Advanced racing techniques? Better equipment?
    It’s none of these things. Female athletic records are falling because biological men are being allowed to compete against girls and women. And the men are dominating the competition.
    Oppose Legislation Allowing Male Athletes To Compete Against Girls and Women
    In their politically-correct desire to accommodate all things LGBT, many high school and college athletic federations now allow men to compete against girls and women with no restrictions simply by declaring that they “identify” as a female. The consequences of this go well beyond political correctness, however. They go to the core of our decades-long societal effort to bring equality to female athletics as set out in Title IX, and they have profoundly negative implications for female athletes who are seeking to win college scholarships.
    Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom this week filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights on behalf of Selina Soule and two other Connecticut high school female athletes who have been negatively impacted by the policy of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference. Selina said it succinctly in an interview with the Associated Press: “We all know the outcome of the race before it even starts; it’s demoralizing.”
    Help Us Defeat Legislation Allowing Men To Compete Against Female Athletes
    Because of the Connecticut transgender policy, Selina lost out on the right to compete in the New England Regional Championships where she would have been exposed to numerous college scouts. Male athletes took two spots in the female regional championships, spots that Selina and another female athlete would otherwise have won.
    We wish Selina and ADF well as they challenge the unfairness of this transgender athlete policy at the federal level. However, there is a legislative effort underway to enshrine this unfair treatment of female athletes in law.
    Among other provisions, the grossly misnamed Equality Act (HR 5/S. 788) provides that males may compete as females in athletic competitions simply by declaring their “gender identity” as females. Defeating this legislation, which we call the InEquality Act, is our top legislative priority.
    Sign Our Petition Opposing The InEquality Act Today
    Opposing the idea that men should be able to compete against girls and women will put a target on your back. That’s what occurred recently when female tennis great Martina Navratilova expressed her opposition to allowing biological males to compete against female athletes. She called it “insane” and “cheating” because of the tremendous physical advantages that males enjoy compared to females which give them a huge edge in athletic competitions. In addition to the obvious – testosterone levels – men have more muscle mass, longer and denser bones, more oxygen-carrying red blood cells, stronger and thicker ligaments and are, on average, nearly ten percent taller than women.
    Pointing out these advantages earned Navratilova an onslaught of ad-hominin attacks for being “transphobic” and she was expelled from an LGBT advocacy group. This is ironic, since Navratilova was one of the first female athletes to publicly come out as a lesbian in the 1980s.
    We aren’t the least bit concerned about attacks on us by LGBT extremists because we oppose the InEquality Act. It’s a terrible bill, dangerous legislation that targets people of faith, marriage supporters, those who support religious liberty and all those who hold the common sense belief that gender is based on biology, not feelings.
    To prevail against the LGBT mob and their allies, it’s critical that we generate nationwide grassroots opposition to this legislation. That’s why I’m asking you to sign our petition opposing this bill.
    We’ve targeted several key members of the US Senate to ensure that they hear from Americans at the grassroots level that we expect them to oppose this legislation. We need to send them all a clear message that this legislation must be defeated. Frankly, we need your help to prevail.
    Please sign our critical nationwide petition opposing this attack on people of faith and those who believe in basic American values. When you sign the petition, key US Senators and their top staff will receive an email in your name letting them know that you expect them to defeat this legislation.
    Over 10,000 people have already signed our nationwide petition opposing the InEquality Act. There are two things you can do today to help:

    1. If you haven’t already, please add your own name to the petition, letting key Senators and their top staff know that you join with many others to oppose this unfair, one-sided attack on marriage, gender and religious liberty.
    2. Please forward the petition to at least two other people and ask them to join you in adding their own name to the petition. You can use the sharing buttons below to send the petition on social media, or click here to forward via email.
    There has never been a more dangerous, damaging legislative attack on us and our values. That’s why, in addition to signing the petition and sharing it with others, I’m also asking if you would consider making an emergency financial contribution to NOM to help us defeat the InEquality Act. Thanks to some generous supporters, your donation to help defeat this bill will be matched dollar for dollar, instantly doubling the impact of your gift!

    Will you step forward with an emergency financial contribution knowing that your support will immediately double?

    The funds we receive from this appeal will help us mount an all-out effort to defeat this legislation including running nationwide digital ads, expanding the website we created to oppose the bill, educating and engaging Americans on social media about this terrible legislation, and significantly expanding the number of people who sign our petition.

    But whether you are in a position to donate to the effort or not, it’s critical that every NOM supporter act today to sign the petition themselves, and ask at least two other people to do the same.

    We’re in a tough battle to defeat this proposal, but if we all work together, I am confident we can prevail. We have truth on our side, there are major signs of disunity among LGBT supporters, and we have a compelling case to make. But victory won’t just come our way on its own. We need to fight like never before to prevail.

    • Gail Degnar 4:57 pm on June 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Not before time, you got that right.
      It is so unjust that these shemales or whatever we can call them get away with running or otherwise competing against real girls.


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    Petition To Shifty Scheer – Defend Free Speech From Turdo! 

    We don’t get many petitions from Canada, so I am doubly pleased to receive this one, from Ezra Levant at The Rebel.

    We have noted the Tory Party leader Andrew Scheer’s resemblance to shifting sands, as with his cowardly veto on an excellent Muslim Conservative candidate -.


    Image result for salim mansur


    – and his unprincipled abandonment of the commitment he made to free speech.

    Canada’s Universities, ‘Diversity’ Madness – Will Tories Roll Back Cultural Marxism? 

    Hasil gambar untuk scheer the rebel


    Conservative leader’s free speech pledge wouldn’t apply in U of T ..


    But this intro to the petition should ring alarm bells among all Canadians who care for free speech!


    Stephen Harper’s Conservatives voted to repeal section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act back in 2013.

    That’s the censorship provision that made it an offence to hurt someone’s feelings.

    But now the Liberals are looking to bring it back, and to my horror, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives haven’t lifted a finger against it.

    When he ran for leader of the Conservatives, Scheer promised to fight for free speech— especially on campus. But since then, he’s deleted that policy from his website. You can’t find it. 

    And he’s gone wobbly — out of fear of the media. Fear that he’ll be demonized.

    But this is serious stuff — I can’t name a more important issue for conservatives. 

    It’s more important than taxes, or immigration, or fighting terrorism and respecting our military; it’s more important than any trade deal, more important than criminal justice. Because if you don’t have free speech, you can’t talk meaningfully about any of those other issues.

    How crazy is that? Why is not a single Conservative MP allowed to talk about this issue? Why are they being so passive and weak?

    But what do you think? 

    I know that most people watching my shows are Conservative Party members. Some are even Maxime Bernier supporters. I could ask you to sign a petition to Justin Trudeau to have him stop Section 13, but I know that he won’t listen. 

    What if I asked you to sign a petition to Andrew Scheer himself? To take off the whip from his own MPs. To let them be true conservatives — to stand up for freedom of speech.

    It’s simple. The petition simply says:

    “We call upon Andrew Scheer to stand up for freedom of speech by opposing the revival of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.”

    That’s it. He promised he’d be for free speech when he ran for the leadership. His Party was unanimously for free speech under Stephen Harper. Don’t let Harper’s work be undone.

    Click here, or visit StopSection13.com to add your name to the petition. 

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