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  • ross1948 20:27 on May 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Was That Egyptian in France At All? 

    So we read that a man “who was born in Egypt in 1988 and living legally in France,” has been detained in Paris on terror charges.


    We must await further details – but the KEY question is what was he doing in France?

    A tourist, viewing mummies in The Louvre?

    Tut is NOT in Paris, NB!


    A businessman seeking lucrative contracts?

    Or was he one of the thousands of fake ‘refugees’ imported and approved by ‘Retch’ Hollande?

    None of the above, we’re told. He’s a ‘student!’

    There are plenty of decent honest Egyptians, as I know from the brief time I spent there, and from the actions of the current government, which rescued that country from the squalid racist Muslim Brotherhood brutes who misruled it for several years.

    That’s the same Muslim Brotherhood which has long been given a safe space in London by Labour and ‘Conservative Governments. ‘Possibly’ Extremist? Calling Jews ‘Pigs and Apes?’ 

    Some of them, too, may be ‘legally living’ in the UK!

    Let’s not be tough on Egyptians in general.

    As far as world affairs are concerned, many Egyptians have been infinitely more discerning than many Europeans in their analyses of the forces of darkness.


    Wise Egyptians drew smart conclusions.


    It’s all about one alien, a crimmigrant, maybe – we know that the detainee apparently dwelt in the northern 18th Arrondissement of Paris…parts of which are packed with low-income high-rises and a mix of French and immigrant communities.

    That’s where the Chechen Islamist murderer shot dead (hurray!) by French police this month also lived. He too was ‘living legally’ in France.

    No matter what the Egyptian was doing in France, the good people of France will be asking questions.

    Who gave his presence in France the stamp of legal approval? Were there proper vetting checks done on his arrival?

    We await, again!

    • Sol Sleman 01:06 on May 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      As you so many times have said, Ross, all the vetters need to do is ask an aspiring resident in any Western country –
      ‘Do you put shariah law above French (or British, or German) law?’
      If they say YES, then the answer to their application must be NO!
      Taqqiya is possible, the sectarian lying principle, but we could weed out the less quick-thinking low-level enemies.


    • Lindy Lertman 14:37 on May 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      There are so many people coming into our country and we know so little about them.
      This is not any way to provide homeland security, in France or anywhere.
      Serious vetting, like when being a Communist Party member or associate was enough to keep them out.
      Same now with sharia?
      Why not, as you put it?


    • Jeanne 18:51 on May 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That’s a good question.
      If it begins to be learned that he was known as Islamist, anger will be beyond control.
      We are finding out more about the company that Chechen killer was keeping and he should have had his French citizenship revoked and been deported.
      If that had happened, there is an innocent Frenchman still be alive.


  • ross1948 11:11 on April 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    In Stockholm…Evil Eliasson’s Cops Continue Cover-Up! 

    It’ like getting blood out of a stone!


    Gambar terkait


    The Swedish police finally confirmed what we told you yesterday.

    The man they arrested for the truck-terror attack is indeed an alien, an Uzbek, who has been resident in the country for ….?


    The cover-up continues, those collaborationist cops, acting under Police Commissar ‘Vomit’ Eliasson’s orders, no doubt…


    Länk till presentation av Dan Eliasson Sweden’s Evil Eliason – A Dog and its Vomit! 

    Dan Eliasson
    Rikspolischef, Rikspolisstyrelsen
    E-post dan.eliasson@polisen.se


    …REFUSING to say how long he’s been in Sweden, nor how come an Uzbek got into Sweden.

    Of course, we are therefore bound to speculate.

    But sooner or later they’ll have to come clean.

    Is the alleged terrorist ANOTHER phoney ‘refugee?’


    • Floyd Peartson 13:29 on April 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I do feel sorry for the victims and their families but overall the Swedes are getting payback for their stupidity in electing governments that dont stop foreigners coming in and hardly ever deports, not even those that get given prison sentences.
      Some of these migrants rape Swedish kids and dont go to prison.
      The rapists must think Swedes have mashed potato between their ears.
      What goes around comes around, and if the majority haven’t cared enough to vote out the parties to blame, then what can they say when they go shopping and get mowed down.


  • ross1948 14:31 on February 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Vienna ‘Refugee’ Wannabe Assassin – A ‘Trouble-Maker?’ 

    A dirty ingrate Chechen savage, with a nasty record of violence (against a girl for removing her head-scarf) threatens to murder a government minister on sectarian grounds… 

    …after the government announced its plan to ban Muslim women from wearing the full face veil in public. The 17-year-old described Kurz as the “son of a whore” and threatened to kill him.

    …yet The Leftal, sorry, The Local, describes the brute, ‘who came to Austria as a refugee,’ in a headline as a – 

    ‘Teen Trouble-Maker?’


    That’s a term you might apply to minor vandalism, pushing and shoving in a queue, cursing at passers-by in the street…



    More reasons to ban – male Chechen killers could wear one!


    …but NOT to sectarian death-threats, surely?

    Fortunately, the Austrian Police seem to take a more responsible view of the scum’s declared intention to assassinate Minister Kurz..

    …the youth was arrested early on Thursday morning, after armed police stormed his apartment.


    • Gambar terkait
    • ———-

    • But shockingly, the police were unable to confirm whether he should be kept in police custody.
    • This piece of garbage is not Austrian.
    • His previous behaviour (see the linked article  http://www.thelocal.at/20170209/teenage-troublemaker-arrested-after-death-threats-against-foreign-minister) shows he is as undesirable an alien as one might hope never to encounter.
    • No matter he may not have the means, nor the skills, to kill Kurz, such a declaration of intent proves clearly…
    • =====
    • prisoners
    • ——–
    • …that he’s unfit to live in a civilised country.
    • kick-him-out
    • He should be kept under lock and key until appropriate transportation is arranged to get him back to Chechenya.
    • —–
  • ross1948 17:19 on August 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Rising Swiss Anger At Ingrate Aliens! 

    What the Hell!?!?!

    I thought the supposed goal of these parasitical aliens was to get away from ‘war and poverty?’


    Hasil gambar untuk ya gotta be kidding


    Surely Swiss government accommodation, greedy snouts dug into free food, is a very safe distance from ‘war and poverty?’ But they’re still not happy despite three squares a day at other people’s expense? 




    How much safer does it get?

    But there’s more!

    Frustrations also arise among those who become aware they have little chance of obtaining asylum, said Constantin Hruschka of the Swiss Refugee Council.


    Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

    Not Welcome! Doormat

    Phoney ‘refugees’ about to get rumbled and get dragged away from the trough, after guzzling gratis for how many months? Then when the red card appears on the Alpine horizon, they display their gratitude to the nation they tried to con by turning violent?

    Surely a sound thrashing sounds appropriate? Oh, no, no, no, says Constantin the Collaborator. Let’s waste more public money!

    “Instead of concentrating on security services it would be better to invest more in care!”

    If you enjoy wearing a gob-smacked expression, this asinine report is a gift that keeps on giving.

    One issue could be that some refugees do not have enough to do.


    While the SEM stipulates that asylum seekers should be kept occupied with activities such as language courses for at least four hours a day, many centres are not reaching these targets.



    Do these Swiss holiday camps not have toilets that need cleaning? Or laundry, ironing, floors that need sweeping, potatoes that need peeling?

    But then ‘asylum seekers  are not allowed to take a job in the first three months after applying for asylum, which can be extended to six months.’

    So what?

    I’m not talking paid jobs. Contributing a mite of honest sweat at the place where they wallow in their free board and lodgings should be a given, and keep them busy till they can be booted out back to where they belong.





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