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    Jakarta Post Against Book-Burning – If The Books Are Leftist? 

    Don’t burn books

    • That was the stark demand from the ‘Editorial Board of The Jakarta Post’ issued on January 29, 2019, along with a large photograph, this photo…

    • ====

    Don't burn books=======

    …of a 1965 demo by the totalitarian hypocrites of the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party, in the heart of Jakarta.

    The occasion for the Jakarta Post’s outrage was the recent move by the Indonesian government’s to conduct raids on leftist books...,




    That deserves our attention, but the JP editors have an odd way of looking at it, their heartfelt rant launched with the words ‘people fear what they don’t understand…

    Like, uh, what’s not to understand?

    Indonesians are not stupid. They understand today, as they understood in 1965, the essential evil of communism, the gulags, the eradication of free elections, opposition parties, free labour unions, free student unions, opposition media and the jackboot on religious liberty.

    They remember how the PKI leader D N Aidit told his comrades that his own preferred model was North Korea, and if young Indonesians listen to their elders, they’d hear of the appalling and brutal intolerance of the PKI….

    Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds! 


    …and its collaborators, like the rotten ‘intellectuals’ in the red front gang LEKRA, whose leading light Pramoedya we have mentioned before.

    Tempo, issue May 16-22, 2006 – an extract which explains why some 25 “prominent literary figures and cultural observers” put their distinguished names to a formal submission to the Magsaysay Award Committee in 1995, protesting at that body’s decision to give Pramoedya an award.



    Their reasons were simply stated, viz his unethical role during one of the darkest periods for creativity during the Guided Democracy era, when he led the persecution of artists and literary figures who disagreed with him. (this protest is air-brushed out of most Western references nowadays, though a brief mention is to be found in an otherwise slavishly pro-Pram article in the Economist  http://www.economist.com/node/168819 )

    The Jakarta Post evidently regrets that there have  been no efforts to exorcise Indonesians’ fear and loathing of Marxism-Leninism.




    Indeed, the Jakarta Post regards the law which outlawed the PKI as merely a means to ‘demonise’ anything leftist…




    Among the JP editors’ gripes about the law’s applications, are ‘crack-downs’ on ‘books, which at times have only marginally been tied to the communist coup.’

    communism tyranny

    The JP gives examples, one of which is a ‘a text written by one of the country’s founding fathers that opens up a discussion on the interpretation of Islamic texts’ and  they may well have a point about that – but you can read their whole paean of protest for yourselves.

    But the major question that arises from these ‘free-speech’ bleaters has surely got to be-


    Regular readers here at RRA will remember the infamous Nazi-style book-burning in Jakarta, sponsored not only by the most backward Islamist fanatics…


    …but by Indonesia’s largest publishing empire, Gramedia, of which, last I heard, the Jakarta Post is part.

    That was a Hitlerite atrocity against free expression which, again last I heard, the JP editorial board has never issued any thunderous denunciation of ‘pointless book raids and book burning’ referencing that episode which was fundamentally an action replay of scenes like this…


    German Nazi book-burning


    …which were a familiar part of life in 1930s Germany.

    Yet when action is taken against the Left, the hacks get noisy?

    Draw your own conclusions.




    • JazPen 3:07 pm on February 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Well asked, Ross.
      These lefties at the JP were very happy to let the Gramedia book burning pass without a peep of protest.
      Now that their co-lefties are in trouble the JP editors are at their most hypocritical loudest.

    • Jim ex Jakarta 8:11 pm on February 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      JazPen, you are correct, the hypocrisy of the Jakarta Post editorial board is shocking.
      They rave on about how raids on leftwing books are so bad but when their Gramedia boss company burnt some other books, the Jakarta Post were as quiet as a mouse.
      Those editors kept quiet about Gramedia’s nazi stunt either because they feared for their jobs if the criticised the book-burning, or because they sniffed the wind and decided the ayatollah scholars would soon be running the country and they better not upset them.
      The liberals over there in Indonesia wont fight back against creeping shariah and if you look at the two vice-presidential candidates, you can see the shariah is no longer creeping.
      Stampede more like it.

      I didn’t move from Jakarta to where I am now because of the way the country’s been going but the change in Indonesia from when I came there years ago did make me feel that getting out was no bad thing.

    • Kezia 9:14 am on February 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is truly not consistent how the Jakarta Post was so silent when Gramedia followe nazi tradition and burned books but now so very vocal for the Leftwing victims.
      I think it is always wrong to burn books, so I agree that the Jakarta Post editors have no courage.
      They are hypocrites.

    • Mitch 4:01 pm on February 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I go along with you on the Gramedia book-burning. That was appeasement of Islamist fanatics and I still try to avoid shopping in Gramedia when there are handy alternatives.
      That is one thing but two wrongs never make a right.
      Just because the Jakarta Post editors are guilty of double standards, that should not mean we ignore the unwisdom of the raids on leftwing books.

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    Jakarta Media And 30 September 

    I wonder if the Jakarta English-language media will be up to their usual nonsense this weekend, that annual ( or even more often!) muddying of the historical waters on the anniversary of the 30th September 1965 put-down of Communist subversion.

    Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds! 

    I wasn’t here then, and probably paid little attention to events in Indonesia, although like most people everywhere I knew a lot about America’s brave fight against the evil of marxism in Vietnam, that war which President Reagan rightly characterised as ‘a noble cause.’

    No less noble because the Reds won, thanks to media traitors and draft-dodging scum.

    But here in this archipelago, the Reds did not win, though they came damned close.

    However, the details of Sukarno’s collaboration with the totalitarian hypocrites of the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party, are well-known, as are the facts about the PKI leader Aidit’s admiration for North Korea…






    …and the airborne delivery of weaponry from Red China, etc. and need no rehashing today.

    The Indonesian armed forces stepped in, eagerly supported by common folk of all ethnicities and creeds; and the death toll has been variously estimated at between several hundred thousand and a million.


    Those who run the Jakarta Post and Jakarta Globe are inexplicably out of step with most Indonesians, and like to run offensive screeds about poor scumbags who had to flee the country, tellingly not to democratic lands, but to brutal marxist tyrannies, like China.

    If such mangy old red rats had ever shown signs of repentance, had repudiated the satanic ideology of their youth…


    …then okay, a lot of years gone by, so leave them to be penitent in peace in their old age.

    But if they are NOT penitent, not remotely sorry for the evil they espoused?

    ‘We Don’t Want Communism?’ But if You Did, It’s Time To Apologise!! 

    Again, various media freaks dwell on the death toll, ‘innocents’ killed by the anti-communists.

    A large number of those who died were not innocent.

    They were dedicated enemies of Indonesian freedom in 1965, just as in the city of Madiun in 1948 their party comrades had been,  during the nation’s independence fight with the Dutch. The PKI stabbed the young country in the back by staging an insurrection in that city, which had to be put down.

    Seventeen years later, in 1965, Aidit was killed. No loss!

    But check it out, see how media comsymps like to mix it all up.

    They ramble on about genuinely innocent people killed in error, mistaken for, or framed as, PKI.

    Dreadful, yes, but the muddying media here do not seem able to differentiate between those innocents and the Communists, who had it coming.

    Again, we read all too often about the families, kids, kin, of PKI rats, who were victimised and persecuted purely because they were related to Reds.

    Obviously unjust.

    IF they were maltreated for such reasons.

    Were they? Or were they Reds too?

    And the TAPOL, the political prisoners?

    Were they all innocent victims?

    Or were a lot of them malevolent PKI collaborators, luminaries of LEKRA, the red front for ‘intellectuals’  of whom the most notorious was Pramoedya, producer of turgid novels, who was subsequently denounced by distinguished Indonesian writers in forthright terms,viz.

    From  Tempo, issue May 16-22, 2006 – an extract which explains why some 25 “prominent literary figures and cultural observers” put their distinguished names to a formal submission to the Magsaysay Award Committee in 1995, protesting at that body’s decision to give Pramoedya an award.



    Their reasons were simply stated, viz his unethical role during one of the darkest periods for creativity during the Guided Democracy era, when he led the persecution of artists and literary figures who disagreed with him.

    (this protest is air-brushed out of most Western references nowadays, though a brief mention is to be found in an otherwise slavishly pro-Pram article in the Economist  http://www.economist.com/node/168819 )


    Just saying, as my lovely host nation reflects on this anniversary.

    Those trendy lefty scribblers who infest the local Anglophone media should play fair with history.

    The iron rule of Suharto was no picnic for a lot of people.

    Had those poor, persecuted PKI vermin over-run Indonesia, life would have been hell on earth, as it always is when Communists take power.

    • Jazpen 9:19 pm on September 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You expect them to get better, Ross?
      Dont be naive. They are full of PKI fans.

    • luke 7:20 am on October 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Mr. Ross, as an Indonesian I give thanks for keep voicing the truth about the danger of communism which isn’t dead.
      We have problems with so called religious people, but being communist isn’t a good choice either.
      They has internationalized the issue, so let us do the same!

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    Berlin Wall Jakarta -Kenapa Kalijodo? Lebih Baik Lubang Buaya! 

    I’m not sure that putting part of the Berlin Wall at Kalijodo is entirely appropriate.


    Gambar terkait


    A former red-light zone, now a youngsters’ recreation area, KJ seems an odd site, but since the Indonesian artist was desperate to find a location for his work, why not?

    Interesting, though, to note that nowhere in the Jakarta Post report –  http://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2017/10/05/teguh-ostenriks-berlin-wall-in-jakarta-art-to-overcome-divisive-powers.html–  does the moral blight of communism get a mention, despite communism being the raison d’etre of the Wall of Shame.



    The JP talks about the Cold War, but fails to name the evil ideology which that war was waged to resist – and which came close to devouring the Indonesian archipelago.


    Red border guards in Berlin retrieve the corpse of young Peter Fechter, whom they’d shot down while he tried to flee Communism


    It penned in Germans who wanted to be free of marxist misrule.

    I suppose the Jakarta Post’s omission is down to their relentless compassion for the red vermin of the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party…


    Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds! 

    …which would, if given the chance, have subjected this lovely country to the same horrors that their comrades in Europe inflicted on countless victims in Eastern Europe.



    Worse, maybe, since the unlamented Aidit, PKI fuhrer, is on record as regarding North Korea as his fave totalitarian model.

    For my part, I’d have thought the Lubang Buaya, on the east side of town, would be more suitable.



    That’s where the grand memorial to the officers murdered in the attempted Red take-over of 1965 stands, a perennial reminder of the evil of communism.

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    G30S/PKI – At Lubang Buaya, A Prayer Of Thanks 

    As everyone here in Jakarta knows, September 30th is the anniversary of the PKI (Communist Party of Indonesia) attempt to seize power and plunge Indonesia into a marxist nightmare.



    So what’s wrong with Indonesia’s armed forces, the TNI, making sure their men and women view a classic film about that episode in Indonesian history.

    Pengkhianatan G30SPKI, which is directed by acclaimed director Arifin C. Noer, tells the story of Gen. Soeharto in quashing a coup blamed on the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). In the big-budget film, communists are depicted as godless savages who mutilated military officers in a frenzy.   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/09/17/army-to-hold-screenings-of-pki-movie.html

    Communism has more deaths to its discredit than any other ideology.

    Communists are indeed godless savages!



    And always have been, along with contemptible fellow-travellers, like the late ‘intellectual’ Pramoedya, a key player in the LEKRA red front, on whom we’ve commented before.

    From  Tempo, issue May 16-22, 2006 – an extract which explains why some 25 “prominent literary figures and cultural observers” put their distinguished names to a formal submission to the Magsaysay Award Committee in 1995, protesting at that body’s decision to give Pramoedya an award.



    Their reasons were simply stated, viz his unethical role during one of the darkest periods for creativity during the Guided Democracy era, when he led the persecution of artists and literary figures who disagreed with him.

    (this protest is air-brushed out of most Western references nowadays, though a brief mention is to be found in an otherwise slavishly pro-Pram article in the Economist  http://www.economist.com/node/168819 )


    If Indonesia in 1965 had fallen prey to the totalitarian hypocrites of the PKI, God only knows how horrific might have been the fate of this lovely archipelago.





    The PKI fuhrer at the time, D.N. Aidit, opined (before he got what was coming to him!) that North Korea was his favourite marxist model!

    communism tyranny

    Not surprisingly, the Communist Party has been banned for fifty years in consequence of the treason that was then crushed.

    Yet ten days ago, in an artificially stoked furore over the TNI’s move to have military personnel view the film, we had Aidit’s son opining that

     “As long as poverty exists, Marxism will attract people. A challenge for this country is to make everyone prosperous so there’s no need for communism,” Ilham Aidit, son of the late Indonesian Communist Party leader Dipa Nusantara Aidit, said in Jakarta on Wednesday (20/09).   http://jakartaglobe.id/news/rise-new-wave-communism-red-herring-ministers/

    This is an odd assertion. The worst, most rabid Reds have tended to be people not afflicted by poverty but those spawned by the privileged, like many of those in modern Indonesia who agitate to exculpate the PKI.


    A lot of present-day ‘intellectual’ posers and their media comrades, notably in the notorious Jakarta Post…

    Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds! 

    …and its competitor, the Jakarta Globe…

    …are STILL trying to make out that the Reds were unfairly dealt with in the aftermath.

    Even the far-away far-left, the BBC for one example, manage from time to time to jump on this bandwagon!

    BBC Bias On PKI – So Kids Shouldn’t Learn Nazis Were Evil? 

    As I noted briefly yesterday…

    Inconsistent Agitation? Woe To Jakarta Commuters! 

    …their tactics are to argue that many non-communists suffered retaliation unfairly (true) and that the families of PKI members and fellow-travellers were punished, despite not being themselves guilty of communist treason (also true)

    But the pinkos fail clearly to distinguish between those wronged…



    …and the genuinely guilty, the card-carrying PKI scum  – who often did a runner to red tyrannies overseas (having abandoned a lot of simple folk they’d gulled into fellow-travelling to face the music in Indonesia!)

    Incredibly, many ‘former’ PKI, even to this day, have refused to repent, failed to acknowledge the evil of Communism.

    ‘We Don’t Want Communism?’ But if You Did, It’s Time To Apologise!! 

    Why on earth seek to rehabilitate such swine, without a word of repentance on their part?

    So on this anniversary, let’s join, at least in spirit, those assembled at the Lubang Buaya, where those officers were murdered in 1965…


    …and be thankful that Indonesians did not allow their country to be dragged into the darkness of communism.


    • Jim in Jakarta 8:23 pm on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t know enough Indonesian history to argue or agree with what you say about this, Ross, but at least it is well written, as usual.

      I wish I could say the same for that ‘What’s New Jakarta’ site’s political correspondent whose written English is not much better than our Indonesian maid’s spoken English.
      He doesn’t even use the past tense to write about “1965 when the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) confronts the ruling government of Soekarno over power of the archipelago.”
      It’s gets worse the more you read – ‘…false truth of the event that was strengthen by the communist propaganda in Indonesia that leads up to the fall of Soekarno regime…’

      WNJ needs to remember they are an information site, not a political forum.
      Alternatively, if they want to be political, get somebody fluent in English.

      • ross1948 11:22 pm on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I just had a look at the WNJ, Jim.
        I use it from time to time to see what interesting events are on in town and that’s useful as a rule, but I never spend more than ten seconds reading what passes for thought in the ‘editorial.’
        It’s a pity that ‘political correspondent’ doesn’t get one of his colleagues to proof-read his content. Most of the other articles, reviews etc. are quite well-written.

    • Sifa 4:08 am on October 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Our President Jokowi has yesterday seen the film for four hours here in Bogor and I think that it is good he is example for young people in Indonesia.
      The PKI was big danger to us and we are lucky PKi did not take over our country.

    • luke 7:04 pm on November 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      we must get rid of both so called religious and the reds indeed.

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    Inconsistent Agitation? Woe To Jakarta Commuters! 

    Here we go again.

    Another Friday demo, which could just as easily have been arranged for Sunday, minimising disruption.


    The participants will protest against what they perceive as a revival of communism in the country.


    Nobody hates communism more than I do.

    But apart from some burbling ‘intellectuals’ and journo-hacks who have long sought to muddy the waters of Indonesian history by refusing to distinguish between innocent people who suffered in the 1965 turmoil on the one hand…


    …and the evil PKI Communists on the other, there’s little sympathy with the satanic marxist creed in this country these days

    Jakarta traffic is almost always a nightmare, and on Fridays it worsens.



    Today it will be worse still!

    This demo that will exacerbate commuter misery apparently will include members of conservative Muslim groups, so there’s a certain inconsistent aspect to it, because…

    …they will also protest the newly-issued regulation in lieu of a law (Perppu) on mass organizations, which is being used as a legal instrument by the government to disband Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), an Islamist organization that seeks to establish a global Islamic caliphate.

    The PKI has long been banned here.



    Given its totalitarian ideology, allegiant to supranational class-war hate-think, and not to Indonesia, most Indonesians see nothing wrong with the ban on the red rats.

    And following logically from that, there’s a strong case to be made for outlawing HTI, which can fairly be called califofascist…


    Hizbut demo – ‘Charlie Hebdo proves how rotten democracy is!


    …because it’s anti-democratic and loyal to a global sectarian ideology rather than to Indonesia.



    President Jokowi appears to be pondering an HTI ban, and that would perhaps be a first step towards prohibiting other fanatic gangs.

    But my immediate concern this morning is how to do a spot of shopping before demo-caused congestion makes that an unappealing quest.

    • JazPen 6:44 pm on September 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I dont know how your shopping went today but the traffic up in the north of the city, around Matraman, was no worse than usual and maybe better.
      I wonder if a lot of people left work early or took the day off because of worry over the demo?

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    PKI Ban – A Good Precedent For HTI? 

    I see President Jokowi is talking about a remake of the famous film “Pengkhiatan G30S/PKI” about the attempted seizure of power by the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party, in 1965.


    I have written about that episode before, more than once…

    …and rejoiced at the defeat of those foul reds, as do most Indonesians.

    Most people here recognise that communists everywhere are totalitarian hypocrites, waxing loud and eloquent about workers’ rights, then eager to stomp workers’  – and everyone else’s – rights, as soon as they get their hands on the levers of power.

    But I note that some has-beens, notably Amien Rais, here are ‘suspicious’ of the President’s motives.https://news.detik.com/berita/d-3653119/jokowi-ingin-film-g30spki-dibuat-gaya-milenial-amien-rais-curiga

    Rais, an Islamist fanatic from way back…

    When Laskar Jihad’s parent body Forum Kommunikasi Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah called a mass rally of Muslims at Jakarta’s Senayan Stadium in April 2000, the attendees included Amien Rais, leader of the Partai Amanat Nasional (National Mandate Party)  http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Southeast_Asia/SEA-02-161013.html.

    If you don’t know what Laskar Jihad was, read our post-

    Ex Laskar Jihad Murder-Gang ‘Commander’ – “We Must Love War!” 


     …seems to want to link the existing ban on the PKI with Jokowi’s putative ban on the califascist gang called Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia.

    It’s not clear what the old Islamist thinks about HTI, but if Jokowi has in mind drawing a parallel between the two organisations, the President’s certainly got a point.

    Like the Reds, the Hizbut hate-group is supranationalist, putting the idea of allegiance to a global caliphate above what should be every decent person’s first loyalty, to one’s own country.

    They also detest democracy, quite openly, as in this demo placard…

    Charlie Hebdo proves how rotten democracy is.


    …so a ban seems entirely rational and consistent with the principle established when the PKI was banned.

    However, Jokowi has said he just wants the good old anti-communist movie revamped to suit younger viewers who might not otherwise relate to it.

    Fair enough.

    As long as the message, that communism is irredeemably evil, gets across, that’s what counts.

    More on this before the anniversary, 30th September, of the failed Red kudeta.

  • ross1948 9:35 am on May 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hizbut Ban -Will Jokowi Put Canberra To Shame? 

    How nice to wake up and get a pleasant surprise from Indonesian politics for a change.



    That’s my initial reaction to the news that President Jokowi’s Security Affairs Minister Wiranto told the media yesterday that Hizbut Tahrir has been promoting values that contradict Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.




    It’s hard to see how anyone aware of HTI’s ideology, which I’ve summed up as ‘caliphofascism,’ can disagree.

    Not only has the fanatic group openly denounced democracy…


    ‘Charlie Hebdo – Proof of Democracy’s Rot!’


    …but they are explicitly hostile to national sovereignty, their aspiration being the subjugation of all independent countries to a supranational Islamist regime, harking back to the despotic Ottoman Caliphate which was admirably scrapped by Kemal Ataturk after the First World War.




    If the government here keeps its word, Indonesia won’t be the only Muslim country to outlaw these fanatics. However, Wiranto had best make sure the country’s security services are on board with the plan. We have seen police actually consigning helpless children to their clutches…


    Muslim School Burned by Angry Crowd –Police Enlist IslamoNazis to Counsel Kids! 

    ipso facto enabling indoctrination by both that gang and with other unwholesome elements here.

    True, that was a local decision but did national police HQ step in, rescue those kids and fire the senior officer involved?

    Hizbut Tahrir is a trans-national organisation.

    Hizbut Tahrir UK – “When ‘Moderates’ Talk of Peace, They’re Lying!” 

    There’s been talk – only talk, thanks to weak-kneed British and Australian politicians – of banning them in both Australia and the UK. 

    Petition · Hizb ut-Tahrir: Call to ban group in Australia · Change.org

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is being urged to ban Islamist extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir from Australia…

    ‘Ex-Muslims should be free from death threats’

    So, although in Jakarta there’s always a risk of ‘many a slip twixt cup and lip,’ it looks like Jokowi is showing more grit and guts in his handling of the Islamist menace.

    It would be churlish not to applaud him, though let’s hope this ban won’t be the last.

    • Rightly, the  PKI (Communist Party of Indonesia) has long been prohibited from spreading its vile marxism here.

    I’ve drawn the parallel before – Indonesia Retains Red Ban – So Why Not HTI Too?  – that there’s no reason why similarly toxic jihadism should not be dealt with in the same way.


    • Santi 5:16 pm on May 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I wish I can live in another country.
      This is not my Indonesia when this good man must go to prison and the bad FPI are free.

  • ross1948 9:19 pm on February 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Google Fights Trump AND Praises A Dead Red! 

    So Google in the USA is taking on President Trump…

    Google Coordinates Funding of Legal Brief Versus Trump Order


    ….joining the Leftist hue and cry to subvert his stand against undesirable aliens?

    Here in Indonesia their minions are celebrating a notorious Red subversive!





    Google Indonesia is celebrating the 92nd birthday of one of Indonesia’s most acclaimed writers, Pramoedya “Pram” Ananta Toer, through its homepage doodle on Monday.   http://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2017/02/06/google-doodle-honors-pramoedya-ananta-toers-92nd-birthday.html

    Hasil gambar untuk google indonesia

    This fellow-traveller remains infamous among those who actually KNOW what he got up to in the bad old days when he was helping the PKI (Communist Party of Indonesia) torment Indonesian patriots who genuinely cared about freedom.





    Listen to Google’s hogwash!

    Pram, who passed away in 2006 in Jakarta, was known as a proponent of human rights and freedom of expression who fought against Japanese and Dutch colonialism.

    I’ve tried to get the TRUE story out before –‘We Don’t Want Communism?’ But if You Did, It’s Time To Apologise!!  –  but there are people here in Indonesia who are determined to white-wash marxist evil.

    Hence I reproduce what was said, not just by me but by Indonesians, about this widely unlamented old swine…


    • communism
    • —–
    • …whose LEKRA, the self-styled ‘intellectual’ communist front outfit, was as viciously intolerant towards freedom-loving Indonesians as the IslamoNazi FPI is today intolerant of Indonesians who believe in religious liberty.

    From  Tempo, issue May 16-22, 2006 – an extract which explains why some 25 “prominent literary figures and cultural observers” put their distinguished names to a formal submission to the Magsaysay Award Committee in 1995, protesting at that body’s decision to give Pramoedya an award.


    communism tyranny


    Their reasons were simply stated, viz his unethical role during one of the darkest periods for creativity during the Guided Democracy era, when he led the persecution of artists and literary figures who disagreed with him.

    (this protest is air-brushed out of most Western references nowadays, though a brief mention is to be found in an otherwise slavishly pro-Pram article in the Economist  http://www.economist.com/node/168819 )


    Just so you know your enemy…

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    Indonesia Retains Red Ban – So Why Not HTI Too? 

    No doubt all those comsymp creeps who have been demanding President Jokowi apologise for things that happened when he was four years old – Bravo, Jokowi – No Crawling To Unrepentant Red Rats!  – will be frothing at the mouth.


    • jokowi-twitter Jokowi
    • 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    • And I dare say much cussing was to be heard around the editorial lounges of the Jakarta Post – Jakarta Post’s ‘Red Apology’ Clique Getting Desperate?   and maybe the Jakarta Globe too.
    • Both English-language media have shown little ability to distinguish between people wrongly accused of communism in 1965 on the one hand and, on the other, the red reprobates of the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party.

    ‘We Don’t Want Communism?’ But if You Did, It’s Time To Apologise!! 

    • pkiposter


    So what’s the latest furore?

    Indonesia’s House of Representatives Commission III overseeing legal affairs has backed the government’s draft revision of the Criminal Code that retains articles banning communism, saying the regulation is important to protect national ideology Pancasila.

    Pancasila, for overseas readers, is the pluralist basis on which Indonesia was established.

    It’s a finely balanced argument, this.

    Communists are all rotten traitorous SOBs…




    …in every country, of course, and there’s a good case for outlawing any parties that want to reduce the nation to totalitarian state status.

    But equally, keeping them in public sight makes it easier, perhaps, to track them. 

    Dimwit IslamoNazis! The More Marxism’s Exposed, The Better! 



    No difference


    Germany, for instance, has for decades banned the Nazi Party, which in moral terms is no different from the old KPD, the German Communist Party. That was also banned, but seems to have surfaced within Die Linke, the Left Party.

    Mama Stasi obviously won’t ban that, given her own record as a red gestapo lackey in the old East Germany.


    • Hasil gambar untuk stasi merkel

    Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?


    Commission III member Teuku Taufiqulhadi said Article 219 of the Criminal Code, which stipulates that anyone who goes against the law by promoting communism can be sentenced to a maximum of seven years in prison, did not go too far in the effort to defend Pancasila from ideology that could threaten it.

    OK, let’s leave it to parliament to debate the issue. 


    But one ought to be able to expect consistency from legislators. 

    If Communism is to be proscribed, then certainly the much more immediately dangerous Hizbut Tahrir caliphofascist movement should also be declared beyond the pale. 

    • hizbut_flag
    • They not only aim to destroy Indonesian democracy, but worse, to subjugate Indonesia, and every other country they can capture, abolishing its hard-won independence to a supranational sectarian tyranny, a worldwide affront to freedom. Many countries, Muslim countries too, have banned it already.



    Oh, and excising the IslamoNazi virus – a ban on the FPI, as has often been discussed, would not go amiss while parliament is looking at unwholesome groups to get rid of.

    A lot of people would approve!  

    A Festive Cheer For Muslim Sanity – Ban The IslamoNazis! 

  • ross1948 11:49 am on May 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Atma Jaya Catholic University, , Christians martyred by Reds, , , , , , , , PKI Communists, , rehabilitation of PKI, Setiono Sugiharto   

    Jakarta Post’s Red Re-Hab Campaign – Enter An Atma Jaya Prof! 

    From red bogey to anti-intellectualism

    • That’s the headline in the Jakarta Post, 19th May, above an article by some geezer described as a professor at Atma Jaya University, which non-locals won’t know is the Catholic university here.
    • ——-
    • communism tyranny


    • I dare say the late and much lamented Polish Pope may, as I type, be sitting in an honoured place above, discussing the Jakarta Post with his fellow-Pole, Father Popieluszko, murdered by the Red secret police –
    • —-
    • mindsz
    • …and perhaps with Hungary’s Cardinal Mindszenty.

      Or with the many Balkan Catholics slaughtered by the Communists there.  Vatican Recognizes 38 Albanian Christian Clergy Martyred by Communism.

    • Catholic parents paying hefty fees for their young to attend Atma Jaya should also peruse Setiono Sugiharto’s piece, and ask what sort of stuff their kids are being exposed to.
    • That depends, of course, on whether they can understand what the hell Setiono’s rabbiting on about!
    • It’s VERY hard work grappling with a vocabulary utterly alien to normal people.  
    • …people today have become multi-literate and multi-modal, artistically blending linguistic elements with other semiotic resources and modalities such as symbols, imagery, sound and graffito to carry out successful verbal and non-verbal communication. 
    • From red bogey to anti-intellectualism – The Jakarta Post
    • —-
    • heavens-to-murgatroyd-hes-using-nitrous-peroxide-1-728
    • Can you imagine anyone churning out pretentious gobble-de-gook like that and expecting ordinary people, Indonesian or not, to take it seriously?

    • This geezer doesn’t seem to get it, that writing for propaganda purposes should only be done in plain English, not academic ivory tower jargon.
    • Danny Tebor 1:49 pm on May 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I have been following your commendable resistance to this Jakarta Post campaign and must congratulate you on your latest chapter! Your quotations from Senor Fontova’s writings are always welcome reading.

      I too suffer a wave of nausea when I see some teenager wearing those Che Guevara tee-shirts, even although 90% of them very probably have no idea of his maniac record.
      A real shame they don’t use that picture of Cardinal Mindszenty, who unlike Guevara was both good and brave, a prisoner of conscience who, you would think, is a much better role model for the young Catholics in that Atma Jaya University.

      What is wrong with the editorial board at the Jakarta Post?
      I suppose most of them are far too young to even remember 1965 and they only have a red-rose tinted version from their parent’s generation to base their beliefs about what it was all about. Indonesia was lucky to escape PKI rule. It would have been at least as bad as what happened in Vietnam after 1975. The Post would most certainly not be publishing criticism of the government if Mr. D N Aidit had gotten control of the country.

      It makes me think they’ve picked up their bias from university teachers and so your post does answer my question.That’s what is wrong with them.
      It’s the same in our Canadian colleges, lecturers so far twisted to the left that they can hardly stand up straight.,

    • Jango 5:11 pm on May 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think these old PKI communists are any threat to Indonesia today, Ross. They should just be left to their own devises.
      Trying to make them say sorry as you suggest is no different from dragging 90 year old concentration camp guards into court. They can say they’re innocent all they like but whether they’re telling the truth or not, they won’t last long anyway.
      But you are right about Gramedia, they should apologise for the book burning.

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