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    Valentines Targetted By Indonesian Kill-Joys 

    Every February, the run-up to the 14th means at least some rivetting news, as Islamist fanatics rant and rave against young love.

    Last year?

    February 14th – ‘International Hide-The-Yummy-Bits Day!’ 

    And sure enough, here comes a familiar figure emerging from his Dark Age lair to condemn Valentines.


    • =

    BTW, put Gusrizal in our search box and see what kind of fanatic he is – or try these links! 

    Islamist ”Scholars” – ‘Violence If You Don’t Knuckle Under!’ 

    Islamist ‘Scholars’ Quail as ‘Christianisation’ Looms! 

    Another Nail in Freedom’s Coffin – Indonesian Atheist Jailed for ‘Blasphemy!’ 


    • It’s Grizzling Gus, aka top ‘scholar ‘ of West Sumatra, Guzrizal Gazahar, who has ‘outlawed’ celebration of Valentine’s Day.

    • As Chairman of the MUI in that province, Gus must have studied something, but as the links above will explain, it sure wasn’t tolerance of other people’s beliefs.

    • However, this latest outburst is entirely predictable from anyone involved with the MUI, the ‘Indonesian Council of Scholars.’

    • “Valentine’s Day is not a day of love but a source of lust and free living without esteeming religion,”   says Gus!

    • OK, these fanatics’ fatwa is their own business, but much more concerning is the way the Mayors of Padang City, Mahyeldi Ansharullah…

    • Gambar terkait
    • .

    • …and of Payakumbuh, Riza Fahlevi…

    • Hasil gambar untuk riza pahlevi walikota
    • ——-
    • …have been scolding their citizens, telling them they ought not to indulge in Valentine fun…


    • This dynamic duo, again predictably, are members of the self-styled ‘Prosperous Justice Party,’ the PKS.

    • ———-
    •  Bin Laden fan Anis Matta
    • ——————-
    • Regular readers will know that Anis Matta, former PKS leader, infamously wrote an ode of admiration to terrorist mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden, after 9/11. 

      “A Letter for Osama
      You never told me
      If you wanted to blow the WTC and Pentagon
      Bush also had no evidence until now
      So I chose to believe
      In the love that emanates
      Beneath the shade of your eyes
      In the spirit of defence that is stored
      Behind the denseness of your beard.
      You are the one who taught
      The dumb nations to be able to speak
      So they yelled.
      You are the one who sowed the seeds of courage,
      In the field of souls of those who were timid
      So they fought.
      You are the one who spread the blessings of independence,
      In the well of hearts of those who are oppressed
      So they struggled.
      You are the one who stirred up the hopes in the sky
      Awakening the hearts of the people
      So they rebelled.
      You are the one who locked the mouth of the superpower nations,
      So they fell silent
      And they can only run amok.
      You are the one who undermined the pride
      From the foreheads of the arrogant nations
      So they are silenced.
      You are the one who robbed the sense of security
      From the souls of the tyrannical nations
      So they are never able to sleep soundly.
      You are the one who snatched away the appetite for life
      From the heaven of the hearts of those prosperous nations
      So they are no longer enjoying life.
      Osama oh Osama… Osama oh Osama
      Let us sing the victory song’

    I’d have thought that, rather than busy themselves with writing a letter enjoining their citizens not to enjoy  Valentine;s Day, those two mayoral busy-bodies might do better  – albeit belatedly – to condemn the hate-verses penned by their party’s former fuhrer.

    Nobody else in PKS has ever yet done so, as far as I know! But the party’s an invaluable source of entertainment…

    Islamist to Sexy Model: ‘Don’t Thank Me, Thank Allah!” 

    ..and has been for years!

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    Petition To Trump – “Tell Theresa To Stop Appeasement!” 

    Remember Gordon Brown?

    A dead loss as PM, he did break new ground in the field of intolerance, banning the American rightwinger Michael Savage from the UK.


    The equally lousy ‘Conservative’ Prime Minister , Cast-Iron Cameron announced that Mr. Savage would continue to be banned from the country.


    You’ll recall that Cast-Iron’s Home Secretary failed completely to explain what Mr. Savage had said or done to merit this exclusion.



    You may also recall that here on our little blog we drew attention to the fact that a fanatical Islamist, who had written an ode to Osama Bin Laden AFTER 9/11, was NOT banned from Britain.     https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/brits-banned-michael-savage-but-let-in-top-jakarta-islamist-author-of-odious-ode-to-911-mass-murderer/

    Here’s the fanatic we identified, Anis Matta, of the extremist PKS party…



    •  ====================

    …and here’s the ‘poem’ he composed.  

    Surprisingly ( not ) few if any media here in Indonesia felt they could tell the public what he’d done!




    …..by Anis Matta 
    “A Letter for Osama
    You never told me
    If you wanted to blow the WTC and Pentagon
    Bush also had no evidence until now
    So I chose to believe
    In the love that emanates
    Beneath the shade of your eyes
    In the spirit of defence that is stored
    Behind the denseness of your beard.
    You are the one who taught
    The dumb nations to be able to speak
    So they yelled.
    You are the one who sowed the seeds of courage,
    In the field of souls of those who were timid
    So they fought.
    You are the one who spread the blessings of independence,
    In the well of hearts of those who are oppressed
    So they struggled.
    You are the one who stirred up the hopes in the sky
    Awakening the hearts of the people
    So they rebelled.
    You are the one who locked the mouth of the superpower nations,
    So they fell silent
    And they can only run amok.
    You are the one who undermined the pride
    From the foreheads of the arrogant nations
    So they are silenced.
    You are the one who robbed the sense of security
    From the souls of the tyrannical nations
    So they are never able to sleep soundly.
    You are the one who snatched away the appetite for life
    From the heaven of the hearts of those prosperous nations
    So they are no longer enjoying life.
    Osama oh Osama… Osama oh Osama
    Let us sing the victory song’

    And the UK Government saw no grounds to ban HIM from Her Majesty’s realm?

    ARRANT HYPOCRISY, which surely substantiates the verifiable assertion…


    Gambar terkait

    Michael Savage


    ….that Michael Savage was banned purely to appease real fanatics, a ‘balance’ to match the exclusion of evil clerics!

    Now that Cameron’s Home Secretary has succeeded Cast-Iron in 10 Downing Street, it’s time Theresa May was brought to book for her pandering to Islamist intolerance.



    She must be made either to give chapter and verse on the reasons why Savage may not visit Britain, or to scrap the damn ban and let Brits hear what he has to say.



    Mother Theresa is notoriously indifferent to her own common people, hence I present you with a petition, asking the President of the United States to confront her.

    More than 9,500 people have signed a petition launched Tuesday urging Mr. Trump and his State Department to demand that the U.K. lift its travel ban against the radio host.

    “It is outrageous that a Western nation would ban a popular American commentator with millions of listeners and several New York Times bestselling books to ‘balance’ its list, apparently fearing it would be accused of being biased against Muslims,” the petition states.

    “Michael Savage has never advocated violence, and his political views are protected by the First Amendment…



    As far as I can tell, Michael Savage has opinions on just about everything, so he and I have that in common!

    But I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, or with how he says it.

    Nevertheless, it is indeed outrageous that he remains excluded from a country which allows REAL savages to parade their odious hate on its public highways.


    These swine should be expelled


    Only Americans can sign the petition, so I can’t.

    However, I hope every reader in the United States will.

    • Minto 19:11 on May 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good for you.
      I am learning a lot today, no idea that this horrible man wrote his horrible verses and was allowed into our country.
      Theresa May is no conservative, and I wil not vote for her or any of her lying Tories. If there’s no UKIP I will stay home.
      No, I will go to vote and spoil my ballot paper, so they might get the message.


    • Beltway Barry 20:54 on May 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Signed and sent,


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    Manado Mayhem! Jakarta Post Flouts Its Own ‘Bold’ Motto? 

    If ever I feel in need of a wry smile, I check out the Jakarta Post website and look at its motto. 


    Always Bold. Always Independent

    It is so untrue.

    I could refer yet again to their ‘pluralist’ editors, who thunder away on all sorts of issues yet have never uttered a word to condemn the Nazi-style book-burning…

    Gambar terkait

    Germany, 1930s


    …which their parent company, Gramedia, undertook at the behest of the most intolerant Islamist fanatics in Indonesia.


    • burning books   Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    • =======
    • But today I noticed their dramatic report on the scenes of massive disorder in Manado, where hundreds of righteously angry citizens turned out to protest at the visit to their province of the Deputy Speaker of Indonesia’s House of Representatives.

    • In the face of the teargas, the protesters fought back throwing stones at police officers, several of whom were injured.

    • Facing strong resistance, the police deployed a water cannon to disperse the crowd. Protesters managed to break through the entrance gate of the governor’s office compound before hundreds of police pushed them back.  


    • Right!

    • A powerful display of strong  emotions on a subject clearly of great significance. So all readers here and overseas are curious as to exactly what the issue may be, that has provoked such an outbreak of public anger.

    • Naturally, the bold JP tells all, very clearly?

    • Uh, NOT!

    • The protesters said they rejected Fahri’s visit because of controversial remarks he is reported to have made that could heighten sectarian tensions in the country.

    WHAT ‘controversial remarks?’

    HOW could Fahri’s mysterious words have provoked ‘sectarian tensions?’

    Useful information, surely, which any newspaper worthy of the name might think readers ought to know, so they can understand the story that made this JP headline?

    Angry mob protests deputy House speaker’s visit to Manado

    Tough! The JP doesn’t divulge the Deputy Speaker’s ‘remarks.’

    The JP doesn’t even mention which party he belongs to!


    We’ve covered Fahri before.


    A leading member of the fanatical Islamist PKS party has urged the Indonesian Government to take in the hordes of Rohingya swarming the seas around the archipelago.


    • fahri hamzah


    Fahri Hamzah, Deputy Secretary General of the Prosperous Justice Party, is quoted appealing to President Jokowi to create a special regulation on the issue. “Their suffering is evident. Do we, as a nation that believes in humanity, have the heart to see them suffer?”   http://thejakartaglobe.beritasatu.com/news/pks-calls-immediate-response-growing-rohingya-refugee-crisis/


    anis osama_bin_satan

    •  ====================

    Noble sentiments, but his invocation of humanity as a guiding principle hardly sits well with the shameful record of his party leader, Anis Matta, whose humanitarian instincts were made manifest when he wrote that infamous ode of adulation after 9/11, singing the praises of mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden..

    Holy Bludger-Boats! Bin Laden Fan’s Party Calls for ‘Humanity?’ 


    Perhaps there’s a clue in that report, not to Fahri’s latest ‘remarks’ which have upset the good people of Manado, but to why almost anything Fahri says might be controversial!

    Or you can try to look through those parts of the Indonesian media which really are BOLD and INDEPENDENT!

    Fahri Hamzah Buka Pintu DPR untuk Aksi 55
    Indopos4 Mei 2017

    • JazPen 19:07 on May 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      My God,
      Ross you may be pessimistic about the future here, same as I am, but you are not giving up without a fight.

      All thats happened in Indonesia recently is the fault of people who never stood up to the fanatics and Gramedia is guilty as anybody after what they did, burning those books.

      I may be wrong but wasnt Fahri Hamzah the one who wanted to open the doors of the parliament to the anti-Ahok mobs.
      Yes, I just went to the link at the end of your post there and he was.

      It used to be so nice living here but now we really have to watch the news every day and see what the bad people are planning, Although I read that Reuters exclusive and it sounds like they will go after the Chinese minority before they come for us!
      No consolation in my opinion.
      Keep fighting the rearguard action,


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    Jakarta’s ‘Moderate’ Anies, Adored By Extremists, Disowns Jewish Tune! 

    Hilarious story in the Jakarta Post, all about the once-upon-a-time ‘moderate’ Muslim ‘intellectual,’Anies Baswedan, who wants so badly to become the capital city’s governor that he toddled along to explain himself to a fanatic Islamist gang…


    View image on Twitter

    Anies Wins an adoring smile from ferocious fanatic Habib Rizieq, who thinks the Christian GovernorAhok should be slain for mere words.

    “We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq.  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313/


    Anies has been busily denying that one of his campaign ditties sounds highly similar to the song “Hashem Meleh” by Jewish singer Gad Elbaz. 


    You’d think Indonesian politicians wouldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about whether or not one of their campaign tunes resembles Mr. Elbaz’s hits.


    • Gambar terkait
    • ———–
    • Indonesia, after all, is nowhere near the Middle East.\

    • But if you think so, think again.

    • Attitudes here are not dictated by geographical logic but by sectarian solidarity, as I had wearily to point out when Israel last retaliated against Palestinian terrorism.

    • TVOne’s endless playing of a dreary pro-Palestinian song, and the way it decorated its ‘news’ programming with anything-but-impartial colours….

    • ——–

    .Hamas Pigs Gloat Over Baby’s Death! Will TVOne in Jakarta Highlight Their Sin? 

    …exemplified the pathetic mind-set.


    So we should not be in the least surprised by stern denials from Anies’ HQ that his jolly jingle was plagiarized from the Israeli band’s song…

    They boldly declare that  “our song came first, in April 2014, while the Israeli band released its song later, in January 2016.”

    I rarely praise the Jakarta Post but this time the journos there did their home-work.

    The statement, however, is in contradiction with the fact that the song “Hashem Meleh” was uploaded on Jan 27, 2013, as can be seen on the official Youtube account of Gad Elbaz.


    Something of a serious situation faces the folks working for the “moderate intellectual!”

    But their attempted refutation of the claimed resemblance raises other questions, since they argue that their song was adapted from the Prosperous Justice Party’s jingle.

    Now anyone who purports to be moderate would surely not want in ANY way to be associated in the public mind with the Prosperous Justice Party, known here as the PKS.

     Wahhabism and Women Spell Woe for Fanatic Islamist PKS ’ .

    Likened by many to the Muslim Brotherhood, it is utterly fanatical. One of its recent leaders was the notorious Anis Matta…


     Anis Matta – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/brits-banned-michael-savage-but-let-in-top-jakarta-islamist-author-of-odious-ode-to-911-mass-murderer/

    …whose infamous poem of praise for mass-murderer Bin Laden, after 9/11, we’ve mentioned more than once.

    And even ignoring the Islamist angle, there’s another recent PKS leader who is not exactly a grand advertisement for political propriety.

    Just read all about Mr. Luthfi!




    Beef Scandal – Islamist Fanatic Luthfi Jailed ‘Till the Cows Come Home!’ 

    But it would be unfair to abuse Anies Baswedan for borrowing even a fanatic party’s music.

    A tune’s a tune, right? I myself have no problem with adaptations of other people’s refrains.

    You can keep your forty shades of green, or any other hue..

    Gambar terkait

    Just as long as you will leave, for us, that lovely royal blue!


    Anies certainly sees no shame in it.

    So how come his crowd are so desperate to disown the Israeli song?

    Does somebody fear even a whiff of Jewry will harm his chances against the incumbent Ahok?

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    As The Slaughter Proceeds, Halal Alarm in Austria! 

    Last week Jakarta was filling up with livestock, awaiting the ‘Day of Sacrifice,’ Idul Adha, which falls today.

    I don’t usually pay it much heed, since there’s nothing I can do about the poor beasts.

    I simply avoid places where one might risk observing the bloody spectacle.




    Not something that school-kids here can do.


    Governor Ahok

    Jakarta Governor Ahok tried to stop schoolyard slaughter last year, and provoked outbursts of fanatic hostility.

    Ahok is a good guy, a straight-talker…

    Fanatic Islamist Wails At Christian Governor – “He Calls People Names!”  

    …but he has no majority support on the City Council, so cannot hope to bring the capital into the 21st century single-handed. 

    City councilor Nasrullah from the Prosperous Justice Party called on Governor Ahok not to interfere with religious traditions like the slaughtering of animals during Idul Adha because such an intervention could spark conflict.


    Oh yeah?

    Back down or there’s gonna be trouble?

    • pks_logo1

    PKS, the ‘Prosperous Justice Party’

    • Nice democratic attitude that.

    For those who don’t know, the PKS is often likened to the Muslim Brotherhood, and has a somewhat questionable record on all kinds of things, to say the least.

    Wahhabism and Women Spell Woe for Fanatic Islamist PKS 

    Beef Scandal – Islamist Fanatic Luthfi Jailed ‘Till the Cows Come Home!’ 

    It was led till recently by a man named Anis Matta, infamous for his ode to mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden!

    However, since we’re on the subject of halal, I saw something about that in the European media, a week ago. a Halal drink alleged to support jihad financing !

    The accusations were made in an article in German weekly ‘Spiegel,’ which writes that radical Islamists use the profit of selling drinks made by Austrian-Bosnian company ‘Sultan Drinks’ to finance propaganda…

    Halal drink alleged to support jihad financing


    The report appears to exculpate the Sultan Drinks owners, but the dealers who sell it are another matter, e.g.

    The company ‘Triple Port Ltd.’ is one of the companies that sells the drinks. One of their contact people is Karim L.

    He was the speaker of the Muslim Council in the German city of Bonn who had to resign after it became clear he had raised funds for a Salafist organisation…


    Another Enemy Within, who should not be in Germany at all. Sensible countries ought not to allow adherents of savage, primitive ideologies to operate within their borders,


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    The Jakarta Post’s Horrible Hate Headline! 

    ahok Governor Ahok

    By the way … Ahok deserves both hate and adoration

    I have to say, the Jakarta Post must be one of the most irksome newspapers in Indonesia
    My conclusion arises from the latest opinion piece, last Saturday, by its veteran big-shot Kornelius Purba…
    kornelius-purba Kornelius Purba
    ….a disturbing outburst, based on his  recent chat with an intolerant Islamist crony, whose bitter hostility to Jakarta’s popular Governor Ahok is variously attributed to his race, his religion and his ‘big mouth.’ These short-comings, it seems, mean that Ahok ‘deserves hate.’
    Taking the last excuse first, it’s fair to say that Ahok, unlike so many mealy-mouthed notables here, doesn’t mince his words.
    Fanatic Islamist Wails At Christian Governor – “He Calls People Names!” 
    How often do we read police chiefs saying they want to prevent ‘unwanted things,’ when they mean mayhem by sectarian thug gangs?
    How often do we read journalists talk about ‘certain groups’ or even ‘a certain religion,’ rather than name the likely source of likely whining or worse?
    Too often, my own conversations with local people on this topic get responses like ‘it’s the Javanese non-confrontational habit.’
    But it seems Pak Kornelius’ fanatic friend ( a fan of the extremist PKS pro-shariah party, whose erstwhile leader penned an infamous paean of adoration to jihadist mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden)…
    …doesn’t mince words about the man he loathes for being a Chinese ethnic ‘infidel’  (that means Christian, BTW – Kornelius is one of those but maybe he’s an exception to his friend’s hate-rule)
    Okay, it’s more than fair to hate some people.
    Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein/IRA terrorist leader, should be hated by all decent people. Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’   
    But for our JP king-pin’s pal, mereIy the colour of Ahok’s skin and the way he worships God are sufficient grounds.
    Of course Ahok makes mistakes, and I haven’t hesitated to say so…

    ”Outrageous” Activity in Jakarta Pools? OMG – BIKINIS!

    …so I can hardly say I ‘love’ him. But only neanderthal nitwits could possibly ‘hate’ him. 

    Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

    How can the JP’s KP seriously assert that his racist and bigoted  companion’s ‘stance is valid..?’
    Here’s a quote from the Dark Ager whom Kornelius likes to hang out with. 
    “To be honest with you, my faith forbids me from tolerating such a person…” 

    That’s the kind of crap that encourages people to support Trump’s ban-all-Muslims call – which I personally don’t, you may recall.

    It’s loyalty and principles that matter, not ethnicity or creed. For example, I detest the white and allegedly Christian Justin Turdo….



    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

    ….and if the ( improbable) chance ever arose, I’d see him replaced overnight with the patriot Canadian Muslim Tarek Fateh, who admirably declared, on the question of talking to Killer Khadr.

    – First of all, he must renounce jihad and the application of jihad and sharia law.”  .


    TarekTarek Fateh  

    A Muslim Voice of Reason – Khadr May Return, IF………!!!!  


    The thing is, even KP’s buddy admits Ahok offers clean government (and clean rivers!) yet he would likely continue to dislike Ahok… – just because he looks different, worships differently and says what he really thinks when he witnesses sloth, corruption or religious persecution.

    Kornelius Purba ought to be ashamed of himself. He should be condemning his pal’s vicious and venomous views.

    But then I have yet to see him publish a word of condemnation of his Jakarta Post’s parent company, Gramedia, notorious collaborators with the worst Islamist intolerants in Indonesia.


    The last time Pak Kornelius merited mention here on RRA, it was, by curious coincidence, when he threw the H word around a couple of years ago…

    Jakarta Post ‘s “Thousand Reasons to Hate Australia!” 

    …and he was gracious enough to comment and say that he actually didn’t ‘hate’ Australia, quite the contrary. He also invited me to drop in to his HQ for a chat, which didn’t happen due to no fault on his part or mine.

    However, this time he’s described in detail a real hater, so I’ll be interested to see if he comments again.

    • santi 07:52 on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Ahok is a good governor.
      Why will anyone hate him except FPI who hate everything and everyone that are good.


    • Irawan 11:25 on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Terrible this Jakarta Post, and such a wicked thing to hate Ahok because he is Chinese and Christian. Better if Kornelius Purba is shamed of his PKS friend.


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    Deja Vu in Jakarta – More Protests But Many Mosques Still Blaring! 

    I was relaxing beside a pool on Thursday afternoon and picked up a Jakarta Post that was within easy reach of where I was lounging slothfully, only almost to discard it within a twinkling of an eye..

    True, that’s a not unreasonable response to what has been called the Havana Post…An Unspeakable Woman – And An Unspeakable Newspaper!  …and its wearisome pretensions to pluralism, given its failure to condemn its collaborationist owners…

    burning books

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 


    But on that occasion, last Thursday, I honestly thought it was just a very out-of-date copy that had been resurrected from an old cupboard.

    Why? Because of the headline.

    Kalla urges mosques to tone it down http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/03/11/police-bust-south-jakarta-teenage-prostitution-ring.html

    I read it carefully, a longish yarn about Vice-President Jusuf Kalla urging inconsiderate ‘clerics’ who run cacaphonous mosques in Jakarta to give it a rest.

    I live close enough to several mosques and the volume can be loud sometimes, but I’m used to it. Other people I know, for example a friend who lives on Jalan Rasuna Said, downtown, tell me it’s unbearable in their vicinity.


    Jusuf Kalla


    But when I got home from the evening’s partying, I checked out old posts on this blog, and sure enough!

    Deja vu!

    Mr.Kalla appeared in one of my posts back in 2012! About exactly the same problem!

    Mosques Above The Law! ‘Too Sensitive’ to Enforce Noise Control! And Criticism? – ‘An Outrage!’ 

    The sheer Islamist arrogance expressed  back then, by the parliamentary spokesman for the fanatic PKS party, has to be read to be believed.

    To be fair, decent Muslims abound here, and we also quoted one of those, a mosque care-taker named Badhruddin Noor, who keeps the noise down out of common civility..

    Badruddin also cited religious tolerance as a reason behind their policy. 
    “Half of the population in this neighborhood is non-Muslim so we have to respect them too.”  

    If we fast-forward to last year, too, we find Mr. Kalla quoted again, on the same subject.

    Generous Jakarta Mosques – Free ‘Wee Small Hours’ Alarm Calls! 

    Clearly asking arrogant bigots to pipe down is a waste of time. But in fact there’s no need to. Jakarta, at least, has apparently had, for years, regulations about noise nuisance, as noted in our previous posts.

     Jakarta administration spokesman Cucu Ahmad Kurnia said “There are some local ordinances regarding public order, including one passed in 2007. However, adzan is not regarded as a public disturbance given the sensitivity of the issue. Some people might be annoyed by it but most of us, who live in a predominantly Muslim country, still need it,” he said.

    Not regarded as a public nuisance? By whom? Need it? As I observed then…

    Why is it sensitive to expect mosques to respect the feelings of non-Muslims?

    Slapping fines on the anti-socials should surely be possible, and would, I suspect, get the job done. Just keep fining them, then if they don’t pay the fines, have them arrested for non-payment.

    As I remarked in one of those previous posts – 

    If I’m getting home pre-dawn, after a good night out, I don’t come along the street singing ‘The Wild Side of Life’ (usually!) or raucously rattle my garden gate (unless I’ve dropped my keys in my unsteady attempts to open it!)

    What’s sauce for the drunken reveller should be sauce for the triumphalist sectarian.

    How long must people suffer until something is done? Go back even to 2011 and we see the same problem, the same protests, from the same people.

    Turn It Down! Ex VP Urges Volume Control for Noisy Indonesian Mosques 

    But this, as we know, is Jakarta.

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    Surga Dunia? Jakarta, Pasti! 

    Surga dunia! Heaven on Earth!

    That’s oft been my reply when Indonesians ask me how come I’ve stayed in Jakarta for so many years.

    If your previous location was somewhere in one of those chilly countries that border the shores of the North Atlantic, you’d be off yer rocker not to be happy here in this mostly hot and sunny city..

    i love jkt


    Even in the current rainy season, few days pass without an hour or two of sunshine when one can sit out front and bask with a book.



    A warteg – hard to spend more than two bucks, unless your appetite is gargantuan! 


    Eating is cheap if you’re not a stuck-up.

    Most people are friendly, and many of them are a delight to behold!


    Miss inod13

    Miss Indonesia candidates a year or two ago, but there are millions more just as cute!


    What’s not to like?

    At once a dozen hands will go up, a chorus of ‘The Traffic,’ and yes, that is a major minus, but if you’re retired from serious toil, it is not an insurmoutable burden, especially if you have the sense not to take taxis. Public transport is just as fast as cabs, and a tenth of the price! 

    But now I read that Governor Ahok has hi-jacked my term of praise to pin-point just one small corner of the capital city he runs – NB, I mean he runs the city, not the specific place he mentioned! –  the Hotel Alexis’ 7th Floor, where there’s an institution hitherto unknown to yours truly, the Bath House Spa.

    • I used Google Translate to interpret the article in Okezone.com, with hilarious results, and offer you some choice extracts.

    ..In the Hotel Alexis there’s the 7th floor… In the Alexis it is not Heaven at Mother’s feet, but Heaven on the 7th Floor,” Ahok said, at City Hall, Jakarta, Tuesday (16/02/2016)    http://news.okezone.com/read/2016/02/16/338/1313623/ahok-lantai-7-alexis-surga-dunia.

    I am sure Ahok was talking tongue in cheek, for his outlook on certain matters has in the past indicated a very prudish mindset, as when he had a hissy fit about a teen bikini party in another hotel 

    “No, they can’t hold a bikini party. They could get arrested. There’s a regulation governing that. You can wear bikini at Ancol [beach], as you swim….”


    • ahok

    I’ve generally had nothing but praise for the Guv, but he does have a Victorian streak!

    However, let’s look at the report.


    Sex workers in the Hotel Alexis, said Ahok, originate from various countries. However, such imported strumpets are smart about covering their identity.


    What a splendidly old-fashioned word! But the man’s no doubt correct.

    What amazes me though is why – when Indonesian women must rank as among the loveliest on Earth (don’t know about Heaven!) there’s any perceived need to import foreign chicks.

    Yet the grass is always greener, so I guess local customers regard Slavonic gals as agreeably exotic! 



    I met a Russian lady in the late lamented Tanamur disco once.Let’s Re-Open TANAMUR, She was very charming, and appreciated my attempts to converse in her language.

    ‘Morozhenye,’ I said. ‘Ice Cream!’  

    She laughed out loud, perhaps imagining I wanted her to engage in some outlandish use of that substance.

    Alas, apart from ‘hello’ and ‘thanks,’ that’s about the limit of my Russian vocab. So we got no further than that!


    The Okezone writer has a much more appealing range of vocabulary, or at least that’s how Google renders his words.

    Bath House Spa. Here are provided various facilities to ease tensions on the sidelines…

    That’s in the Alexis, it seems –  but all over Jakarta…

    …undeniably, during this time, many businesses satisfying lust are cloaked in various enterprises, such as massage parlors, karaoke parlors and nightclubs….with a varied fare, from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah.

    As UK bus conductors used to shout, ‘FARES PLEASE!’

  • ross1948 13:06 on February 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Ahamidyah, , , , , , PKS,   

    Cikeusik Anniversary Looms, D-Day for Indonesian Innocents! 

    Metrotvnews.com reports that ‘officials in Bangka Belitung Province came to Ahmadiyah Indonesia Congregation (JAI) in Kampung Srimenanti. They reminded Ahmadis to get out on Friday…


    …. it is a message of warning from Bangka’s Regent Tarmizi Saat, before the deadline on February 6 next.   http://sumatera.metrotvnews.com/read/2016/02/02/478470/warga-ahmadiyah-diperingatkan-cepat-angkat-kaki-dari-bangka



    And what have those innocent villagers ever done to Tarmizi?


    What have they done to any of their neighbours? Or to any other citizens of the province, or the country?

    NOTHING…except be kind!

    …tensions began when the Ahmadiyah community distributed beef to their neighbours during Idul Adha, a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide.  http://www.smh.com.au/world/minority-ahmadiyah-muslim-group-in-indonesia-told-convert-or-be-expelled

    What have the Ahmadis done to anyone?

    NOTHING! Except worship peacefully in the way their creed requires.

    Which is all those Ahmadis in Cikeusik did, and let’s remember them today, what befell them five years ago, almost to the day, February 6th, 2011, a date that lives in infamy still, when a vicious mob of malignants descended…


    • ahmadiyah2
    • Sectarian swine at Cikeusik, revelling in hate  – nobody has EVER been charged with murder, despite a full video http://www.liveleak.com/view
    • =====================

    …and brutally beat three of them to death, as police stood back, armed police, who never fired a shot in defence of religious liberty.

    Nor did the hate-freaks ever pay for their crimes.

    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

    Yendra Budiana, the local Ahmadi spokesman, declared his little flock would not bow down to the bigotry personified by Tarmizi, whose self-confessed goal is to bully them into abandoning their faith – enforced apostasy.

    Minority Ahmadiyah Muslim group in Indonesia told: convert or be expelled -“If you don’t leave, we will not be responsible for what happens.” 

    BTW, I checked out Tarmizi’s party affiliation.


    anis Bin Laden fan Anis Matta, of PKS



    No surprise, since we know they’re the most fanatical Islamist party in Indonesia’s parliament. Their leader, till recently, was the notorious Anis Matta, infamous for his adulatory ode to mass-murdering terrorist Osama Bin Laden.    https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/brits-banned-michael-savage-but-let-in-top-jakarta-islamist-author-of-odious-ode-to-911-mass-murderer/

    So how brave the Ahmadis of Bangka today.  

    “We will not leave. We will not fight…” he said.  http://sumatera.metrotvnews.com/read/2016/02/02/478470/warga-ahmadiyah-diperingatkan-cepat-angkat-kaki-dari-bangka

    Yendra remains hopeful Tarmizi will change his mind.

    Changing one’s mind sadly depends on the person involved having a mind that’s capable of change, an interesting aspect, given that Regent Tarmizi’s ‘mind’ is steeped in Islamist ideology.


    Hasil gambar untuk self doubt quotes


    “To be deviant is not a problem as it would be at their own risk. Yet, they are misleading. It could corrupt the ummah’s beliefs,” he said.    http://en.tempo.co/read/news/2016/02/04/055742135/Bangka-Regent-Warns-Ahmadiyah-Members-to-Leave-Immediately


    Hell, he’s not got a lot of confidence in the ummah’s allegiance to the dogmas he professes, has he, if he reckons things like a benevolent distribution of foodstuffs –  or is it the mere existence of honest, hard-working neighbours – can undermine their faith?


    jokowi President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said that Indonesia practiced religious tolerance Jokowi calls for tolerance over extremism | The Jakarta Post


    But what of President Jokowi,who recently asserted his support for the pluralism embedded in Indonesia’s Constitution?

    Yendra says Ahmadi representatives have been to see Jokowi’s officials. We wait and see, anxious lest the intolerance of the Regent’s regime in Bangka unleash another shameful episode like those we’ve seen, not just in Cikeusik but in Lombok…

    In Squalid Internal Exile, Lombok Ahmadis Denied Voting Rights 

    …and elsewhere too.

    What’s required is a mass round-up of the backward brutes who have been intimidating them. You can see some of them – a mob of morons blocking the entrance to an Ahmadiyah house of worship – in this linked report from Tempo,which gives you more background ( in English)  – in it, Tarmizi brazenly denies he’s evicting them.  

    We only ask them to leave peacefully due to safety and security reasons,” he said….According to him, Jemaat Ahmadiyah in Bangka has been a tyranny of the minority over the majority residents because they have made the community feel unsettled.

    Poor wee things – how TERRIBLY unsettling, that scary proximity to people who worship God Almighty in ways only slightly different from their own.  



    • freedom-of-religion
    • ———————-
    • Since Indonesia has witnessed numerous dissenters sentenced to ‘rehabilitation’ (i.e. indoctrination) why not despatch the Regent and his entire Bangka bureaucratic/political establishment to some quiet place where they could be made to study Pancasila, the state ideology which mandates social justice and religious liberty.

    They obviously have a lot to learn.

  • ross1948 12:28 on July 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , Houston Mayor, , PKS, ,   

    Ahok Welcomes Texan Lesbian Wannabe Censor To Jakarta! 

    The Mayor of Houston, Annise D.Parker, is scheduled to visit Indonesia from July 12 to July 15 in her efforts to strengthen cooperation between the Houston city administration in Texas, the US, and Jakarta and Bali provincial administrations.

    Subpoenas for Sermons in Houston Draw Outrage
    InternasionalTexas Tribune18 Okt 2014

    The Houston mayor and her delegation is scheduled to meet Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama at City Hall. on Mondayhttp://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/07/12/houston-mayor-strengthen-ties-with-jakarta-bali.html

    The JP regaled us with a fulsome report on this jolly ‘working holiday’ which included outings to all kinds of nice places.  “It is scheduled for the Houston mayor to enjoy the beauty of Ubud before she departs for Taiwan on Wednesday afternoon,” said Bali’s Governor! 

    Good to know Houston’s such a prosperous city it can afford this sort of thing. 

    But no mention at all of the militant lesbian’s shocking record of intolerance, her determination to impose gaystapo censorship on her city’s pastors. I wonder if Governor Ahok even knew about her fanatic pro-homo extremism.

    • ======
    • ahok Ahok

    He is, after all, a notable champion of religious liberty here in Indonesia.  But his staff probably don’t run background checks for undesirable activities when an American mayor comes to call!

    Fanatic Islamist Wails At Christian Governor – “He Calls People Names!” 

    In contrast, the lesbian is notorious in the USA!

    Only after an international uproar did the Mayor and the City Council back down from their demand that Houston pastors, priests, and rabbis submit their sermon texts to the government.

    Houston’s Mayor: Endangering Civil Rights
    Christian Post21 Okt 2014

    I have raised the question in the past of why an Indonesian fan of Osama Bin Laden, the PKS leader Anis Matta, was allowed into a Western country.  

    anisBin laden fan Anis Matta


    Now one has to ask why Indonesian leaders welcome this infamous intolerant?  

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