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    Terror Beast Stays Caged – But Why Not Free Some GOOD People? 

    Good to read that President Jokowi has backed off his stated intention to unleash the rabid terrorist convict Abu Bakar Ba’asyir…



    …after public outrage over the old monster’s refusal top fulfil the basic requirement – Government Regulation (PP) No. 99/2012 –  here for such releases…

    garuda pancasila (lambang negara Indonesia)

    …a pledge of loyalty to his country and to its pluralist national ideology.

    We discussed this at length a week or so ago…

      “A Wise And Noble Step?” Islamic ‘Scholars’ On Terrorist Unleashed In Indonesia!

    …and, while I doubt that anyone powerful here reads my blog, certainly the powers-that-be must have been shaken by the general dismay that the news of the beast’s release provoked.

    Most Indonesians are decent people.

    Most decent Indonesians, like most people everywhere, regard terrorists as satanic scum.

    But if Jokowi is concerned to be seen as a humane leader, doling out compassionate clemency, surely there are others who deserve their freedom much more than Ba’asyir The Beast.

    One obvious deserving case is Meiliana!


    Image result for mosque noise complaints

    Jackboot! Woman Jailed For Complaint About Mosque Noise! 


    • JazPen 20:51 on February 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Happy to see you will still keep writing about what goes on here.
      Setting that woman free would send a reassuring signal to the world.
      Somehow I just cant see that signal being sent, sorry to say.


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    Indonesia’s Morning After – What’s MinahExit Mean? 

    A sudden flurry of reports about something we have frankly never heard of before, the Gerakan Referendum Minahasa.

    That’s the Minahasa Referendum  Movement.

    And Minahasa refers to the ethnic group, largely Christian by faith, and good soldiers by tradition, who live in North Sulawesi.

    That’s also where the admirable protest took place against the arrival of an Islamist fanatic not long ago.

    Manado Mayhem! Jakarta Post Flouts Its Own ‘Bold’ Motto? 

    But it wasn’t till very recently that this GMR movement hit the headlines.

    Again, it’s important to note the coincidence of its appearance with the shocking imprisonment of the Christian Governor of Jakarta on bizarre ‘blasphemy’ charges.



    No coincidence at all, really, because the driving force behind bringing Ahok to trial was an Islamist fanatic cabal, IslamoNazi FPI leaders in cahoots with the self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI.


    Indonesian Press Day,’ 9th Feb – Fake News? If Only! 


    Ahok behind bars symbolises the growing power of intolerance – if you can’t utter a quote from the Koran in public without risking draconian punishment, how many Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists, can be expected to feel at ease in a society which thus degrades pluralism.

    The thing people overseas need to remember is that while Indonesia may be the largest Muslim majority country in the world, it’s also home to significant minorities of non-Muslims.



    Bali, for example, is a Hindu island, while large Christian communities flourish in Ambon, North Sulawesi,Kalimatan (Borneo) and Sumatra ,where there are tough Bataks and a large Chinese ethnic minority in Medan. There’s also the Catholic island of Flores.

    And even in Jakarta, up to 10% of the capital’s population may be Christian, Buddhist or other religions.

    Sensible Indonesian leaders have always understood this and so religious tolerance was always not simply a moral focus but a recognition of how to keep the country together. That common-sense approach existed from the start, through Sukarno’s personality cult regime and Suharto’s dictatorship.


    General Suharto


    Now, however, fanatics have become a major influence in Indonesian politics. We have seen examples aplenty in recent years, outrageous intolerance against Buddhists…

    Tanjung Balai’s Burning Temples – A History of Bigotry! 

    …Hindus… Bali Hindu King – Don’t Kill Our Cows! Muslim ‘Scholars’ – Get Lost!!  …

    ….and of course Christians. Oppressed Christians In The Street Heat, In Pluralist Indonesia 



    Under President SBY a ferocious discriminatory diktat was issued, the anti-Ahmadiyah Tri-Ministerial Decree, and despite President Jokowi’s talk of pluralism, persecuted Christians in Bogor, Bekasi, etc have had no justice.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    The imprisonment of Ahok for ‘blasphemy’ has confirmed for many people, not just religious minorities but decent Muslims, true Indonesian conservatives who cling to the traditional tolerance referred to above, that one day, in the not too distant future, they could rise from their beds to the waking nightmare of an Islamic Republic.

    If that were to happen, then separatism could, would, be a serious threat.

    Again, please note, Indonesia does not, like the UK, afford separatists all normal rights and privileges.


    SNP separatist leader Nicola Sturgeon


    If some local equivalent of that ghastly Scots shrew Sturgeon started shrilling for ‘independence’ for any province or island, she’d be charged with treason, and if convicted, she’d have some real problems to whine about.

    In June 2007 in Ambon, these RMS political prisoners danced the Cakalele and raised the RMS flag in front of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono…

    RMS Political Prisoners Reunite With Families After 7-Year Wait

    Hardly surprising therefore that the local cops in Sulawesi were vigorously denying any sign of separatism, despite news photos clearly depicting referendum banners.


    Hasil gambar untuk spanduk gerakan referendum minahasa



    But this ‘separatism,’ if separatism it is, is the inevitable consequence of Islamist intolerance. When decent folk of any religion see blood-thirsty fanatics treated as respectable notables by leading politicians, they recoil in disgust.

    But when that disgust is compounded by the realisation that their fundamnetal right to worship as they please is therefore under  threat, and when their form of worship corresponds to their local cultural heritage…?

    What else can the Government expect?

    I am no supporter of separatism. How the people of Indonesia arrange their affairs is up to them, and from 1945 they have generally been quite gifted in working out ways to live together.

    But I do hope, as somebody who has lived here happily for the best part of twenty years and has watched ever more sadly the rise of Islamist intolerance, that somebody in the corridors of power in Jakarta can, even at this eleventh hour, reverse the process of jihadist Arabisation.

    Viva Pancasila!


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    Oppressed Christians In The Street Heat, In Pluralist Indonesia 

    Just got home, late afternoon, and it’s still hot outdoors.

    Every year, every other week, these brave, persecuted Christians have been worshipping on Jakarta’s street, forced to do so because the Government of Indonesia will not enforce a ruling from their own Supreme Court.


    Two weeks ago, the pre-Easter Service, across the street from President Jokowi’s Palace


    The endless torment of these innocent people is an affront to anyone with a sense of justice. But the engrained Islamist intolerance among many here, not most but many, has to be seen and heard to be believed.

    Take the ‘moderate’ Mayor of Bogor, where the GKI Yasmin congregation’s sealed church is located.


    His predecessor was a frothing fanatic, and when Bima Arya was elected a couple of years ago, a lot of us seriously thought this might herald a new era of religious liberty.

    Instead, we had to publish the reality, under this headline.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    So today, Easter Sunday, off I went to show solidarity on the roadside opposite President Jokowi’s Palace.


    Persecuted Protestants begin worship.

    I took these two photos (above and below) myself today- sorry if they’re not high quality.


    The sign records the sadfact that this is the 142nd time they’ve been here on the street, instead of their own church, which was sealed by vicious sectarian bigots


    It’s been the practice of these oppressed Christians to reserve one of their little plastic seats for Jokowi, in case he cares enough to join them.

    But, presumably to underline his oft-proclaimed commitment to plurlism and religious liberty, he’s never crossed the street to join them…


    Rizieq, far left, Jokowi with microphone

    So Has Indonesia Come To This? Paradise Lost? 

    …an interesting contrast with his readiness to appear on the same platform with the blood-thirsty Islamist Habib Rizieq not long ago.



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    So Jokowi Reckons There’s ‘Too Much Democracy?’ 

    Jokowi made it clear on Wednesday that he was irked by a series of large sectarian rallies over the past few months, which he insinuated was the reason behind the country’s slowing economy.

    If the President was ‘irked’ by the hate-fests staged by Islamist fanatics, he could easily have refused to appear on any platform on which the fanatic Rizieq was standing.

    Yet he did, captured in the photograph which broke so many hearts that beat for Indonesia.




    He could also have ordered Indonesia’s Police (POLRI) and Armed Forces (the TNI) to take action against Rizieq’s sectarian thug-gang, the self-styled Islam Defenders’ Front (FPI)


    • fpi kill busddhist
    • …………
    • Not only have security forces accompanied these white-shirt hoodlums on raids against defenceless citizens and stood back as IslamoNazis created havoc  –IslamoNazis V Free Speech – Jakarta Cops Referee?  but worse, they have consigned helpless children into that gang’s custody and control.


    On that occasion, it was not just the FPI but also the caliphofascist Hizbut Tahrir  – . Muslim School Burned by Angry Crowd – Police Enlist IslamoNazis to Counsel Kids!   – whom the cops chose as appropriate custodians!


    “Many people asked me whether our democracy had gone too far. I answered ‘yes, it has gone too far’,” said Jokowi.





    “Political freedom has opened the door for extreme politics, such as liberalism, fundamentalism, sectarianism, radicalism, terrorism and other ideologies that contradict Pancasila,” he added.   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/02/23/democracy-gone-too-far-jokowi.html

    Fair enough, liberalism, among the other ideologies he mentions, is an unwholesome thing.

    It corrodes any society it touches, as we have seen in Western countries, with its consequences – the rise of the gaystapo, the abhorrence of realistic punishment for evil-doers…



    …and the self-abnegation most blatantly expressed in the form of suicidal multi-culturalism.


    But the clear and present danger is that which is so powerful in Indonesia nowadays that few politicians dare speak its name…

    devil destroyed



    As anyone who has spent much time in Indonesia knows, there are millions of decent Muslims all over the archipelago who have no time for the sectarian triumphalism which characterises the Islamist ideology…



    Multicult on display in Britain


    …nor for the brutality and iniquity which is inherent in shariah, the imposition of which is the Islamist goal.




    Their ultimate objective is treasonous, the subjection of Indonesia, and every other nation, to a global caliphate.



    As an Indonesian patriot, and of that I have no doubts, President Jokowi could and should have denounced the Islamist ideology, which is the very antithesis of Pancasila.

    Pancasila is the official state ideology here, which looks to God Almighty with NO discrimination against any of the religious denominations that worship Him.


    garuda pancasila (lambang negara Indonesia)

    Pancasila – Pluralism Enshrined


    Historically, Pancasila was approved when Indonesia became independent, and a deliberate decision was made to scrap the proposed ‘Jakarta Charter’ which would have dragged the new nation straight down an oppressive Islamist path. 


    As the leader of the largest Muslim democracy in the world, President Jokowi could and would have done SO much good by naming the Islamist ideology among the others he condemned .

    Another missed opportunity.


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    Still Shunned by ‘Pluralist’ President, Java Christians Observe Easter On the Street 

    What most of us liked about Jokowi when he was Governor of Jakarta were his unannounced visits to all sorts of places, the most enjoyable, for citizens, being when he caught out good-for-nothing slugs employed in government offices flouting their responsibilities.


    jokowi-twitter Jokowi



    Lazy bureaucrats quaked, because he’d go all over town.

    But now it seems he’s not prepared to cross the street from his palace, despite the fact that those he’d meet there are all decent, patriotic Indonesians.

    I refer of course to the persecuted Christians of Yasmin Church, hounded by evil Islamist bigots and banned from worship in their own church premises by first an overt fanatic mayor…


    • freedom-of-religion
    • ——————
    • …and now by a so-called ‘moderate’ who treats the victims of sectarian intolerance with an indifference tantamount to contempt.

    Bogor’s Mayor Cowers From Bigotry – West Java Shamed AGAIN! 

    And today the Yasmin folk were out there again, under a blazing hot sun.

    I wanted to join their Easter service but thought it was on Good Friday, so had a journey then for nothing. I could find no advertised time for today’s service, so missed it too.


    • Hasil gambar untuk adnan buyung yasmin ‘Open our sealed church!’
    • ====================-

    However I go along often, and last time I reported that there was a special seat reserved for Preident Jokowi, who likes to boast of his commitment to pluralism.


    The Christians of West Java have been put through Hell.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians 

    They say in the linked story that they still hope their Head of State will uphold the Supreme Court ruling in their favour.


    I’d like to hope so too, but I’m afraid I no longer regard that hope as realistic!


    • Wulan 11:56 on March 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Good Ross. Jokowi must help these people. They would help him if he need.


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    So Will Bigot Ba’asyir Be Unleashed, Since God’s On His Side? 

    So that nasty old bigot Abu Bakr Ba’asyir had Habib Rizieq, former Fuhrer of the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) testifying on his behalf during a review of his conviction for involvement in terrorist activity.


    • habib_rizieq_temui_hasyim_muzadi Rizieq
    • ——————————
    • Hundreds of FPI louts crowded around the scene of the hearing.

    “Free Bashir, he is not a terrorist!” one cried.

    Ba’asyir told the judges that based on Islamic rules, he was not guilty because he just carried out God’s orders.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/02/09/abu-bakar-ba-asyir-asks-court-be-fair-judging-his-guilt.html


    Time therefore to remind anyone who may have forgotten how vicious and intolerant the old beast is, captured on video, inciting violence against Australian tourists has been made public…




    In the video, Bashir urges those in the village to beat up tourists that disrespect Islamic ways, saying, “If there are infidels here, then beat them up. Do not tolerate them.” 

    Later in the sermon, he likens non-Muslims to crawling “worms, snakes, maggots.” He also says infidels ruin moral values by exposing their skin at the beach.

    Then he hammered home his hate-theme in words that expose his total rejection of the very concept of the Republic of Indonesia.

    “Take a look at Bali”, he said.


    • bali_offering
    • —————-
    • Bali is overwhelmingly Hindu.

    NOT Islamic at all, so to demand that Islamic values be imposed on a Hindu island amounts to a sectarian assault NOT just on Aussie tourists but on almost the entire population of a non-Muslim province.  

    There’s a wider context that needs to be taken into account. Ba’asyir is hardly alone in his disrespect for Hindu culture and customs.

    Bali Hindu King – Don’t Kill Our Cows! Muslim ‘Scholars’ – Get Lost!! 

    .That wasn’t Ba’asyir, nor the FPI’s Rizieq, but the state-sponsored MUI, the so-called ‘scholars’ of the MUI.

    Dr. Shri I Gusti Ngurah Arya Wedakarna MWS III, President of  the Hindu Center Of Indonesia and also Majapahit King of Bali, was seeking to open some closed bigot minds to a key tenet of the Hindu creed.


    Bali’s King

    “In respect of Eid 2012, I urge Muslims to avoid cow slaughter as a sacrifice. Maybe cows could be replaced with other animals. This is important, because in Bali, the cow is a sacred animal, and is also believed to be the vehicle of Lord Shiva. And the majority of Balinese people are adherents of Shivaism,” he said.

    Muslims sacrifice animals at Idul Fitri, and most of them, for economic reasons, sacrifice goats. Here in Jakarta, cows too get the chop, but there’s absolutely no religious requirement to do so.  

    •  ———————



    • Anyone with even the tiniest knowledge of Hinduism, or even the tiniest respect for the multi-faith basis on which Indonesia was founded and is enshrined in its constitution, would have respected the king’s appeal.

    But ‘anyone’ in this context clearly did not include the MUI.

    The attitude of the Majapahit King of Bali to banning cow slaughter is damaging to tolerance in Indonesia, according to the Deputy Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Dr Amirsyah Tambunan. The Bali King has no appreciation of what Indonesia’s about..


    ‘Scholar’ Amirsyah


    Amirsyah said that free speech is a cherished thing in Indonesia. However, in the case of sacrifices, the King must respect the religious rights of Muslims.

    “In Islamic belief, slaughtering cows, goats and sheep is legal, whichever they can afford,” he said…“Other religions also have to respect Muslims (who believe cows are kosher )” he explained.   http://www.hidayatullah.com/read/25607/25/10/2012/mui:-sikap-raja-bali-melarang-qurban-sapi-menodai-toleransi-.html

    Yes, killing cows is legal, but NOT  obligatory. In other words, they can disrespect the Hindu faith, but Hindus had better kow-tow to theirs.

    If these bigots merely made such crass intolerant declarations, okay, most people would simply dismiss their outbursts as benighted arrogance and ignore them. However, as I say, the MUI is sponsored, funded, by the Indonesian Government. And their intolerance is enforced by that government’s security forces.


    Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty” \


     ‘Adam Created By Angel?” Islamist ‘Scholars’Call the Cops

    The idea of debating matters of faith and religious observance – which most sane people would regard as a hall-mark of any civilised society – is alien to Islamist fanatics.


    Maybe they’re incapable of theological argument.

    Or maybe they just feel the rest of us have no right to challenge their sectarian diktats, a mind-set perfectly exemplified by Amidhan, MUI’s top man, a couple of years ago…


    Amidhan-MUI-2011 Amidhan


    …when he told people who felt non-Muslims should not have to comply with Islamist demands at Ramadhan.. 

     Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” 

    And don’t let’s forget this fine fanatic fellow!


    Syamsul Maarif,  General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta


    “If the act of adultery is by a married person, then stoning is the sentence, while if unmarried, then it’s whipping,” he said.

    Jakarta Islamist ‘Scholars’ – Adultery, Co-Habiting? Stoning and Whipping! 

    So don’t for a moment think that Ba’asyir’s thinking is unusually freakish,not here, not these days.

    Cikeusik Anniversary Looms, D-Day for Indonesian Innocents! 

    Indonesia faces a real danger – not so much creeping but galluping shariah.   Creeping Shariah,’ Warns Prof. Muhammed, As Jakarta Dims! 

    What’s happened this month in Bangka illustrates this process all too horribly, and I’m glad so many decent Indonesians, including many honourable Muslims, agree. 

    It is shocking that government officials always give in to the demands of hardline groups. There is a paradox in the way the government works so hard to eradicate terrorism, but gives free reign to those groups opposing pluralism and diversity.  http://en.tempo.co/read/news/2016/02/10/314743742/Depriving-Ahmadiyah-of-Their-Rights

    • Wulan 13:08 on February 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      He is not on god’s side so why will god be on his side.


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    Aceh – Cops Back IslamoNazi Kill-Joys’ New Year Raids! 

    As I’ve said before, Aceh is a cauldron of backward bigotry. 

    ‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 

    Islamist Inquisition in Aceh – ” Minority Religious Creed ‘Worse Than Tsunami!’ “

    Not Fasting – How About A Whipping? Aceh Slips Deeper Into Barbarism 

    Islamist Mayor – We Know Where You Live! Submit to Indoctrination OR ELSE! 


    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


    And as if to highlight the misery of living in a shariah society, the local chapter of the IslamoNazi FPI – self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam,’ were out and about last night, harassing anyone seen, or even suspected of, enjoying a holiday celebrated across the world – except in cess-pools like Aceh.

    This is hardly startling news, for we posted this a year or so ago.

    Shariah Goons Roam Aceh, Stomping New Year Joy 

    • anfpi2
    • —————–
    • And again this year!
    • An FPI Aceh mob went into action on New Year’s Eve. They raided a number of entertainment venues and stalls that were open…every citizen who had joined gatherings was told by the FPI to immediately leave the scene and not to celebrate New Year.

    Hundreds of FPI arrived by motorbike and car. They did their ‘sweeping’ in cafes and other entertainment venues. They also went after people sitting together as couples or dating.

    Miserable primitive pack, revelling in intimidation. But they were mob-handed. Catch any sectarian malignant out marauding on his own! The FPI are notorious for their cowardice, of which I’m ever-delighted to remind you!


    fpi skulk in mosque
    Cowering IslamoNazis

    But here’s an interesting reason for their extra ‘bravery’ last night – the sweeping raids were escorted by Lhokseumawe Police.

    And here’s their excuse – they forbade the celebration of the New Year because it is considered not Islamic culture.    http://news.okezone.com/read/2016/01/01/340/1278809/malam-tahun-baru-fpi-sweeping-warga-yang-asyik-berduaan


    • aceh203map

    Big bloody deal.

    Suppose some people don’t interpret ‘Islamic culture’ their way?

    Suppose some people just don’t care to comply with ‘Islamic culture?’

    Suppose some of their victims don’t happen to be Muslim at all? There are religious minorities up in that hell-hole province.

    Well, in a shariah state, none of that matters.

    Shariah is a no-go area for both civil and religious liberty. And Aceh is a perennial affront to President Jokowi’s claim that Indonesia is a pluralist country.

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    And So It Is Xmas, And Those Churches Still Sealed! 

    And so it is Christmas…and what have you done?


    • jokowi
    • ————————
    • A good question to put to President Jokowi when dawn breaks over Jakarta on 25th December.
    • The persecuted Christians of Indonesia will certainly be asking it, especially the good people of GKI Yasmin congregation and their HKBP friends from the equally oppressed church in Bekasi.
    •  –
    • freedom-of-religion
    • —————–
    • In all honesty, the answer from the State Palace will have to be a resounding silence, for NOTHING has been done to remedy the sectarian injustice suffered by these innocent Protestants.

    I won’t go through all the misery, violence and disgusting treatment visited on these folk over recent years, merely offering you a few links to take you back over what’s gone on.

    Jakarta’s Oppressed – Ascension Brass Band Worship! No Sewage, Urine This Year! 

      X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist! 

    The last time I went into town to join them was their hundredth service there – they gather every second Sunday – and I’ll darned sure try to show up for at least one of the Christmas events reported in the Jakarta Post…

    …Advent on December 20 at 1 p.m., while the Christmas service would be held on Dec. 25 at 2 p.m. All are set to take place in front of the State Palace.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/12/03/gki-yasmin-prepares-interfaith-christmas-celebration.html

    I think I mentioned last time that there was a seat ( they have to bring along the little plastic stools, or just stand there in broiling heat or pouring rain) reserved – but empty, of course – for the President.

    Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if he decided to walk across the street from his stately home and put give meaning to his frequent words about Indonesia being a land of religious tolerance.

    But he won’t. He’s scheduled to be far away on Christmas Day…but what’s he doing on the 20th?

    Couldn’t he make their day by proving his oft-quoted commitment to pluralism? 


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    No Matter Where You Are, This Sunday, Sign For Religious Liberty! 

    Having spoken for religious liberty since I began blogging, and having also gone along to the services, in downtown Jakarta, held by the victims of presidential indifference to high court rulings in favour of that liberty, I can only endorse the petition sent to me.

    • freedom-of-religion
    • My only additional input is a reminder that the cruel persecution meted out to the churches is mild compared to the ubiquitous discrimination perpetrated against the peaceful, totally blameless, Ahmadiyah Muslim minority – not a random vendetta, but state-sponsored, under the notorious Tri-Ministerial Decree – check my search box, and you’ll find plenty of info on that!




    Today, we want you to join with us as we call on the government to call on the President of Indonesia to re-open dozens of churches that have been forcibly closed.
    In Indonesia, hundreds of Christians from dozens of churches have been forced to worship on the streets after their buildings were sealed shut by local officials under pressure from radical Islamic groups.
    Those who attempt to still meet outside of their closed churches find themselves confronted by angry mobs hurling insults, rocks, and even bags of urine and excrement at the Christians. Churches that try relocating to new buildings often find themselves forced out again, only a few months later.  
    Please take just a moment and click on the link to sign our petition on behalf of persecuted Christians across Indonesia.
    Petition Calling for Immediate Re-opening of Churches in Indonesia
    During this intense persecution, two Indonesian churches, GKI Yasmin and HKBP Filadelfia, decided to make a stand, holding services on the streets and in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta for more than five years.
    In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of re-opening their churches, but local authorities refuse to comply.
    On September 27th, these two churches held their 100th joint protest service in front of the presidential palace.
    Today, we’re joining our voice with theirs to call on the President of Indonesia to re-open these churches. We believe no one should be kicked out of their church and forced to worship on the street in front of violent mobs simply because of their faith. Sign our petition, and let Christians in Indonesia know they’re not alone in this fight.
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    Kenapa, Pak Presiden? GKI Yasmin Masih Disegel! 

    I haven’t been to Monas Square for a while, not sung a hymn since Easter! 

    Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians! 

     Yesterday I went way down south, to Pejaten Village Mall, a pleasant outing, to meet up, one after the other, with a young friend and an older one.
    Always good to keep in touch.
    Embedded image permalink
    First weekend in June – Jokowi’s Palace in the background, as victims of intolerance are forced to worship on the public street
    But this very weekend, back up  by Monas, across the road from President Jokowi’s Palace, I’m told the persecuted Christians were once more at worship out in the hot sun, the GKI congregation from Bogor still barred by nasty Islamist bigots from their church – and the HKBP church from Tambun, Bekasi, in a similar plight.   
    There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for this. We’ve reported again and again on the Supreme Court ruling which neither President SBY nor his successor, Jokowi, have seen fit to enforce.
    So many Indonesian friends of freedom, of every creed,  rejoiced when Jokowi won that close election.
    They believed his commitment to religious liberty would result in the police being ordered in, not, as before, to act as referees between those Christians and the sectarian louts who hate them, but to fulfil their duty and open up the church for its congregation to enter and worship freely.
    Lily-Wahid Lily Wahid, a Muslim champion of freedom
    Instead the thug gangs, GARIS etc, against whom brave Muslims like old Lily Wahid stood up despite crass intimidation, appear to have got their way. The self-styled ‘pluralist’ Mayor who replaced the overtly bigoted mayor in Bogor, is playing the same game, even denying the existence of the Yasmin congregation.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Will Jokowi some Sunday soon come out of his palace, walk across the street and tell these victims of evil that he will have their churches re-opened…or will the darkness continue to spread across Indonesia.
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