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    Vox Advances, Left Hypocrites Fume! 

    Hard to believe that just a few years ago I was puzzled by the non-appearance of a powerful patriot party in Spain, while other European countries were producing excellent parties prepared to square up to the crimmigrant crisis.


    Image result for vox españa

    Then along came Vox!


    Now splendid news from the important Spanish region of Castilla y León, where excellent election results are likely to be translated into a coalition deal, with Vox getting into government for the first time, taking ‘the regional vice-presidency, three regional ministries and the speakership of the  parliament.’

    Good news in itself, it has additionally highlighted the arrant hypocrisy of the leftist Spanish Socialist Workers’ party (PSOE), whose dreadful Prime Minister we have noticed all too often.

    The PSOE is beside itself with fury at the region’s centrist party, the People’s Party, for dalliance with the ‘far-right.’

    Yet the very same PSOE holds power in Madrid ONLY due its own coalition with what even the Guardian describes as ‘the far-left Unidas Podemos alliance.’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/10/spain-far-right-vox-regional-government-castilla-y-leon-peoples-party-deal

    In rare agreement with the Guardian, I offer a few reminders of exactly how RABIDLY left Podemos is.

    El Pais Again – Who’s A Rat, La Pasionaria? 

    Shooting Peaceful Protest Girls Is BAD, But Those Red Rats In Barcelona…?  

    Spain’s Red, Red Rapper Deserves All He Gets! 

    Vox Battles School ‘Gay’ Brain-Wash – Spain’s Reds Rage! 

    And to end this on a cheery note, a reminder of how pleased I was when I took that Guardian questionnaire and…

    …I was deemed most dissimilar to the Podemos leader…

    You’re least similar to:
    Pablo Iglesias
    Leader of Podemos


    And I was delighted to discover that I was MOST similar to Hungary’s heroic Viktor Orban!

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      If you are least like the Podemos extremist, you must be very pleased.


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    Vox Battles School ‘Gay’ Brain-Wash – Spain’s Reds Rage! 

    While there are few MPs in the UK still willing to take a stand for British family values…

    Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune!  

    May Extols ‘Gay’ Agenda – Now Her Fans Back Polygamy! 

    …and while erstwhile conservatives in the USA, like Mr.Pompeo, have slithered into collaboration with decadence…

    Mr. Pompeo, Lay Off Heroic Hungary! 

    …how heartening that in one European coubtry at least there are politicians fighting and winning battles against gaystapo.

    We have followed Vox’s fortunes since they begn their rise and rise…

    Viva Vox! Patriot Party Surging In Spain! 

    • Image result for vox españa


     By levering their key positions in regional legislatures, they have effectively safeguarded thousands of Spain’s children from poisonous pro-queer brain-washing.



    A modest measure, simply requiring parental authorisation before kids may be hauled into dodgy school ‘work-shops’ at which sexual aberrants are given a platform.

    You’d think no sane person would object to a duty on the part of schools to obtain parents’ permission to give “talks, workshops or activities with an ideological or moral leaning against their convictions,”

    But no, the ‘measure has received widespread criticism from the governing Socialist Party (PSOE) and the anti-austerity Unidas Podemos.

    El Pais is a lousy with left bias as the UK’s Guardian but…


    ….could they not at least skip their obfuscation of Podemos’ position on the political spectrum.

    Anti-austerity?’ Podemos is FAR-LEFT!

    Even Reuters felt obliged to admit that truth. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-spain-politics-ministers-factbox/factbox-far-left-ministers-to-enter-spains-new-coalition-government

    However, let’s stay focused on the pro-pervert ranting against Vox, notably a raddled Podemos bat named Victoria Rosell, designated the the government delegate for gender violence’ shrilled that...’ 

     “they have denied the right to treat all students equally or to guarantee the right of the most vulnerable people…”

    Huh?  What’s she blathering about?

    She favours bringing homos into schools and she doesn’t think it’s the kids whose vulnerability should be a concern?



    …while eight regional education ministers from the PSOE signed a document on Monday that accused Vox of using the parental veto to “break school harmony and the culture of dialogue to impose blind and uncritical authoritarianism.”


    Inevitably, the Vox move to defend children, despite being approved democratically, is at risk fom meddling robed rogues.

    Education Minister Isabel Celaá, of the PSOE, also warned last week that the ministry will appeal the measure in court…


    Celaá Ministra de Educación



    According to the education minister, the parental veto goes against the “integral training of students” outlined in Article 1 of the Education Law.

    My God!

    Does this demented leftist bint really believe that ‘the integral training of children’ requires soiling young minds with gaystapo propaganda?

    Well, yes, apparently.



    Parents who hold to decent values may NOT bring up their children to share their family’s moral standards!

    In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Correo, published on Sunday, Celaá said that a “homophobic family […] does not have the right to make their children homophobic as well.”

    “Parental authority cannot be confused with property,” she added.

    On the plus side, hate-freak pro-pervert ranting like Celaá’s claim that children are not the property of their parents has provoked even the soft so-called ‘centre-right!

    The ghastly woman’s rhetoric was ‘attacked by the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, who linked the argument with communism.’

Pablo Casado


Are they telling me that we have families like in Cuba, that children belong to the revolution?  

“Are we going to arrive at the point where children inform on their parents if they are not good revolutionaries?”


    Fine words…

     ….IF he lives up to them and takes the lead in rolling back the vile gay agenda.

But I’m betting he won’t.

The true heroes who deserve every parent’s applause, are the national and regional leaders of Vox.

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