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  • ross1948 02:17 on February 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Valentine’s Day! But NOT In Intolerant Aceh! 

    Every year, killjoys come out and whine about Valentine’s Day.


    Image result for hari valentine 2020 mui

    And I have recorded their multiple whinings year after year…

    All Set For Unlawful Sexual Intercourse On Thursday? 

    East Java Kids Face An Anti-Valentine Diktat! 


    Anti-Valentine Raids On Java Bed-Sits? : 

    Sumatra Goon-Squad ‘Monitors’ Valentine Vice! 

    …but this year I’m fed up, so am sticking to just one example, from, guess where, Aceh, the Indonesian province so backward and brutal that I have never had an urge to go look at it.

    To justify such a harsh comment, I offer you a handful of examples, a few of many I have covered over the years…an endless nightmare…


    Hasil gambar untuk women's rights sharia


    ‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 

    Islamist Inquisition in Aceh – ” Minority Religious Creed ‘Worse Than Tsunami!’ “



    Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 



    If you have an appetite for tales of intolerance, misery and sexism, just put Aceh into that little ‘Search’ box over to the right.

    But today, here’s the star of our show…

    Banda Aceh – Aceh Besar Regent Mawardi Ali issued an appeal related to the ban on Valentine’s celebrations in the Greater Aceh region. Satpol PP officers and sharia police will be deployed on February 14, 2020.

    =Alami Keajaiban, Bupati Aceh Besar Batal Operasi Batu Ginjal di Malaysia


    …residents were asked to report if they knew of the celebration of Valentine’s Day. The school is also asked to supervise students so they do not celebrate the day of love.

    Lovely, how this geezer isn’t going to have fun himself, so nobody else is allowed to either, not even people who do not share his religious affiliation.




    To make sure, he has those SatPol PP (civic militia) roaming the streets, and who can forget the shariah police up there…

    Harassment of women is nothing new in Aceh. The WH shariah gestapo has been at this for years.

    Shariah Lunacy Intensifies in Aceh – Side-Saddle, or the Lash? 

    wilayatul hisbah

    Shariah Police Nab 35 ‘Straddlers!’ Aceh Mayor Wants Women Without Pants! 

    …and Acehnese women who fall foul of that lot don’t always suffer mere humiliation!


    Silhouette weeping

     Aceh’s Shariah Police ‘Stained Forever’ by Gang Rape

    As I said, nightmarish!


    And even if you’re in the hospitality business, hoping to welcome any tourists ill-advised enough to visit Aceh… .

    In addition, hotel and lodging sellers are advised not to provide a place for Valentine’s celebrations.

    Meanwhile, the clerics were asked to convey the ban in each of their lectures.


    …and I imagine they’re doing just that1

    • JazPen 09:39 on February 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      And they don’t let Christians celebrate Xmas, is that not true too?
      Horrible place!


    • Kezia 10:27 on February 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      They are so unkind to everyone who thinks different from themselves.
      For we Indonesians who like freedom, Aceh is a very enbarrassing place.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 10:33 on February 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Verandah of Mecca, the fanatics who run Aceh like to call it.
      If that is their verandah, who is going to want to enter the front door?


    • Santi 11:45 on February 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Aceh is not like normal Indonesian province, I feel sad for people there.
      Better you tell tourist to go see Jogja maybe or Toraja, friendly people mostly there.
      Sorry, typing fast today because very busy!


    • Wulan 17:39 on February 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Never go to Aceh. Any woman who will go there is crazy. No respect from goverment or police!


    • Vicki 21:12 on February 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What kind of people live in that Aceh?
      Do they elect these extremist Islamists in free elections?
      I am told they do, so even though I feel sorry for the oppressed minority, of Muslims as well as others, the majority deserve to be condemned as miserable kill-joys.


  • ross1948 07:54 on February 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Valentine Raids On Java Bed-Sits? : 

    Did you post your Valentine card with a crayoned SWALK on the back of the envelope, as we did when we were approaching adolescence..


    .Hasil gambar untuk SWALK


    If so, one hopes the SatPol PP ( civic militia, aka sectarian goon-squad) in Sukabumi, West Java, didn’t catch you doing so!

    Bigots in uniform are planning to stamp out celebrations of St. Valentine’s Day.

    “We’ve ordered night clubs and hotels not to put up Valentine’s Day decorations,”



    That’s how Sudrajat, SatPol boss in Sukabumi, seeks to wage his sectarian war on freedom. And no only that. 

    The agency, the police and military officers may raid night clubs, hotels and rented rooms, known as kos, to make sure everyone complies to the order.


    “ Jackboot

    Stomping bed-sits to enforce kill-joy sectarianism


    The brazen intolerance of this geezer, and of the benighted establishment he serves, alas, comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with West Java’s reputation.

    West Java Islamists Again Attack Ahmadis, Blame Foreign Journos 

    Cops Stop West Java Worship, Appease Islamist Louts 

    Christians Abused by Islamist Mob, Cops Fail to Enforce the Law

    I’m not worried about any dearth of postal deliveries today.

    But it does worry me that prejudiced pipsqueaks can tell citizens in a free country what they may, or may not, celebrate.

    Nobody wants to force rabid Islamists to send Valentines – damn sure they won’t get any more than I expect to get!

    But stalinoid sticky-beaks can tell NON-Islamists what days they can enjoy, or in what way?


    • Hasil gambar untuk sticky beaks
    • ==========
    • It’s outrageous when they rant about invading people’s private residences, those humble kos bed-sits, to scrutinise how tenants are spending their free time.
    • If that’s what’s happening, with the ‘police and military officers’ ( the military are under the authority of the Government of Indonesia, not provincial prigs) how long can my Indonesian friends count on Indonesia remaining a free country?
    • Santi 08:11 on February 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for saying this, Ross. We and all my friends do not like this SatPol PP bully raiding.
      I send this with SWALK today!


    • Amel 08:18 on February 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      My sister and me live in a kos and it is small but it is our home here. We do not want Satpol coming here to tell us what to do.
      I do not care about valentines but if other people want to celebrate with party or have fun it is the business of them not of us. Satpol better to mind their own business.


    • Prita 08:32 on February 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good morning Ross and SWALK to you today for this good writing.
      I still have my english vocabulary books and use them to find good words.
      Harmless is good word for Valentine..
      Dictator is good word for to order no celebrating.

      Also I like the word you use, Killjoy, for West Java satpol. Very good word for people like Pak Sudrajat.


    • Ati 08:44 on February 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      So sorry Ross, I never comment any more but today of course must to say I am happy to not live in Sukabumi.
      Police and military to raid koskosan is crazy .. .


    • JazPen 11:22 on February 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Happy to see you are giving more of your time to Indonesians problems, Ross. The Valentine panic is on us again but the worst, most worrying part of what you wrote is that ‘military officers’ are involved with these raids on bed-sits.
      Bed-sit is maybe a little too nice a way to talk about these little kos rooms but it is the nearest Westen equivalent, so be it.

      Most of the staff in the offices I visit around Jakarta decide to rent a kos because most of them come from outside Jakarta and it is cheaper and easier to find a little room to let here instead of trying to travel in each morning though the terrible traffic.

      These places are where they go home after work to get some well earned rest and it is angering to think that a Satpol gang might burst in to start searching for Valentine cards or other evidence of people enjoying themselves.
      Its nothing new but if the military are joining these raids then it is getting worse.
      After Operation Prayer Mat under President SBY I hoped that Jokowi would make sure his soldiers would never be allowed to do sectarian operations again. I wish President Jokowi would order the army to have nothing to do with it but I think that is one Valentine wish that wont be granted.


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