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  • ross1948 08:04 on September 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Chain-Gangs! Interim Step To Solve The Calais Crisis? 


    Thought for the Day!


    Before proceeding with today’s post, here’s another link to another poll on crimmigration. Until Cameron gives Brits a referendum, these media polls are the only way to protest – please use them – http://www.expressandstar.com/opinion/talking-points/2015/08/27/poll-is-immigration-too-high/


    Few people take hunger-strikes seriously anymore, after that grotesque Porkahontas in Canada claimed she was going on one, then fessed up to guzzling yummy broth every day.


    spence headdress

    Fatty’s Yummy Diet Reaches ‘Critical’ Stage – NOT! 

    So the ‘news’ that some of the parasitical savages in Calais are about to start a similar stunt really doesn’t deserve mention in ‘news’ media at all.  It’s just a stunt. If they saw it through, their demise would be entirely their own doing, and who would mourn?

    The Pope, maybe, but who cares what that old Argie thinks… 

    However, in the climate of hysteria cooked up by the hacks of the left-lib press, the phoney ‘hunger-strike’ makes the headlines.

    So how about constructive consideration of Calais this sunny morning, before I go out to enjoy Jakarta’s delights.



    • ————-
    • I won’t comment on the latest example of unprovoked violence perpetrated on a British boy by the barbarous brutes prowling there – just give you the relevant link to ponder…
    • It was like a scene from the Walking Dead with them all charging down the road, very scary 
    • http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/602591/Video-Briton-punched-Calais-migrants
    • But we NEED to ask – what’s wrong with France’s so-called forces of ‘law and order?’
    • ————-



    • Answer – Hollande is hand-cuffing them!
    • Like Cameron, he’s indifferent to the feelings of his own people, of whom over half –  55 percent  – are against softening the rules for refugees seeking settlement, including those fleeing the Syrian civil war…    https://www.rt.com/news/314579-france-refugees-syria-poll/
    • ============
    • Thus, instead of following Hungary’s sensible reforms, which willl make it a criminal rather than a civil offence to transgress the country’s international frontiers ( and to damage the border fence  being erected ) French authorities have been exposed again for collaboration with lawless rabble who flout the law with impunity.
    • In particular, their marauding on the land along the tracks, on which law-abiding people may not trespass .

    In theory they face a maximum six-month prison sentence and a €3,750 (£2,740) for doing so, but in reality almost always all are simply “reminded of the law and released”, said a spokesman.

    And even from behind the fences, they commit vicious assaults – even attempted murder of honest folk going about their business.

    Calais Curs Try To Murder Brits? PUT THEM DOWN! 

    Why the hell aren’t the crimmigrant swine tasered, cuffed and slammed into a paddy-wagon, or the French equivalent – a pierre-wagon?

    What’s the point of erecting that lovely new fence, pictured below, if it’s not electrified? Even the fence around the pasture on Grandma’s farm, years ago, gave off enough of a shock to keep dumb animals from straying. 



    The new fence next to the Eurotunnel track in Calais


    The same report says there are scumbags carrying wire-cutters which they don’t hesitate to use. A sound flogging might deter such vandalism.

    Unfortunately, Hollande will no more introduce corporal punishment than he’ll heed popular demands for the restoration of the death penalty.

    OKAY. So, to quote Lenin ( ! ) what is to be done?

    Some French people may harbour misgivings based on practical grounds, such as how to fine parasites with no money, or why house the swine in prison at serious expense to tax-payers.

    How to handle those critiques?

    Here’s a way!




    When I was travelling through the Deep South of America some years ago, we drove past a scene similar to that in the photo. A bunch of criminals, shackled to prevent escape, doing honest toil along the highway.

    Make the crimmigrants work in similar ways, and feed them on the basis of how industrious they show themselves to be. Any such convicts who refuse to work should be left chained up by the roadside, with the promise of victuals honoured when they do their stint.

    Admittedly, this is a mere stop-gap solution, like the Liga Nord’s useful suggestion of housing crimmigrants on Italy’s disused off-shore oil platforms.

    All such actions should be taken pending mass deportation.


    • austrsendthemback2
    • ————————–
    • But at least it’s a positive contribution to the debate, more useful than the rubbish we hear from Liar Juncker, Mama Merkel and Marxist Mogherini.  
    • Tanya G 11:05 on September 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This is what just might turn the tide.
      The idea of being made to work instead of being waited on hand and foot will put off a lot of the douche-bags we see swaggering through European cities.
      But will the politicians have the nerve to take up a good idea like this?
      Will that European Court allow it?
      Does Cameron have it in him to put his own people before that court?
      I think not!


  • ross1948 23:28 on December 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s All-American Anti-Cop Lynch-Mob – Round Two? 

    After an unexpected visit from a recent acquaintance had prompted a flurry of tidying up, I relaxed this evening by channel-surfing idly but, at 10pm Jakarta time,  tuned into BBC for the news.


    • BBC-bias-alert
    • ———————————
    • Instead, what should pop up but another session of cop-bashing, courtesy of some BBC bint who first of all introduced three people to give their views on American policing.

    After the lynch-mob pap I reported some days ago..

    BBC Bias and Ferguson Filth – A Double Disgrace! 

    .., surely, I naively imagined, there’d be a fairer selection tonight!

    Well, we had some Puerto Rican youth with tales to tell of his own arrest during this week’s protest demos; we had some geezer from the liberal Daily Beast; and – aha, I thought, fair play at last – an ex-cop – who proceeded to speak about his cop relatives who had reported ‘racism’ within NYPD.



    At no time during all this rambling did the hostess challenge the assumption on which the show seemed to be predicated – that it’s the cops who need to change, not the outrageously high crime rates among these ‘poor, persecuted’ minorities    

    One of those talking heads even suggested the ‘communities’ concerned were being ‘over-policed!’





    Another gabbled about how cops need to learn to understand the ‘culture’ of those communities – I guess at least that’s an acknowledgement of how America’s replacement of the healthy ‘melting pot’ philosophy with the poisonous doctrine of multi-cult is the root of much evil

    THEN who is brought on to under-pin the BBC’s objectivity?



    Malcom X’s daughter, Malaak Shabazz, complained to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights of “Zionist agitators” at the Durban II conference.


    Malcolm X’s daughter! Seriously!

    Happily the flood of drivel was briefly halted as the BBC zoomed off-course, a special diversion to their hero Obama’s announcement of his new Defence Secretary.

    After that, the spectrum of opinion was vastly expanded  – they had a journo from National Review, and an ex-cop who favours strong law n order policies, and a NY Conservative Party leader – NOT!

    No pro-police voice was given a platform, except for ONE young man named Josh, who was not terribly articulate, though he made some sensible points.

    But he was then insulted by some strident female who said she was ‘insulted’ by his ‘asinine’ ability to think for himself.




    And Malcolm X’s daughter said she couldn’t BELIEVE what she’d just heard! Oh, and the BBC inserted a little box under her grim face with the description ‘ International Human Rights Activist!’

    Time up!

    Anti-cop voices FIVE pro-cop ONE!


    Defund this anti-American (and, if you recall their ‘neutrality’ during the Falklands War anti-British) outfit.    



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