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    Action Replay? Guy Fawkes OK! 

    What an inspirational day, flights of fancy galore.




    True, there are dissuasive drawbacks, in that targetting the House of Commons ignores the fact that the vilest scum elected thereto…


    .Why does Sinn Fein continue to get MP allowances while not taking Westminster seats?



    …refuse to attend and represent the dirty disloyals who vote them in!



    Better, perhaps, if the people back in The Old Country reintroduced the traditional effigy that used to sit atop the bonfires on 5th November….


    Who cares about the women and girls of Europe – crimmigrants come first!’…not the Argie’s actual words, but what they mean in practical terms. 

    Dope! “Prioritise Migrants’ Dignity Over National Security


    …that of the Bishop of Rome!

    Yet while it would risk serious legal consequences, at least in the UK, were we not to emphasise that we are not seriously exhorting anyone to blow up either the Commons or Lords…

    Guido Fawkes (website) - Wikipedia


    …as Guy Fawkes tried to in 1605, there must be something far wrong with a parliament that allows this thing….

    ….he broke the sexual misconduct policy by making repeated and unwanted advances to a man...

    Roberts, who became an MP in 2019, apologised for the “completely improper” behaviour but insisted his actions were “romantic” rather than sexual.

    Rob Roberts
    Rob Roberts

    The Commons approved a motion to suspend Mr Roberts from the House for six weeks in May, in line with the recommendation from the independent panel.

    The Conservatives suspended him from the party for twice that time…


    ….to resume its MP privileges after less than two month’s suspension.

    And what to say about the Conservative Party?

    The Tories ought to have expelled the revolting thing and cast it into the political wilderness….


    …but instead chose to impose a mere 12 week suspension?

    Almost lost for words…



    ..but a picture is said to be worth a thousand of those!

    • Mack the Knife 15:21 on November 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      They are good at forcing out MPs that embarass them, like poor old Owen Paterson, so it must be that this queer Rob Roberts doesn’t embarass them.


  • ross1948 13:45 on April 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Dope Francis? That Old Argie’s An Ignorant Hypocrite! 

    The detention centers where Europe-bound refugees are held are like Nazi concentration camps, Pope Francis said Saturday.
    “Refugee camps are concentration camps” because they are so overcrowded, the pontiff said.

    Daft Old Dingbat!

    Were the Allied troops who arrived in Nazi concentration camps in 1945 shocked because they were ‘over-crowded?’


    Gambar terkait

    From my recollections of modern history in high school, there was a bit more to it than that.


    Is there no mechanism for the College of Cardinals to remove this clown? If he isn’t unfrocked, he’ll be unflocked – a bad shepherd can easily lose his sheep, as more and more patriotic Catholics in Italy and France and Hungary and Poland – and elsewhere – wake up to the extent of his betrayal.


    Hasil gambar untuk anti-popes


    Who knows. it may soon be time for an Anti-Pope to emerge. After all, there were once (circa 1400AD) no less than THREE popes claiming supremacy in Europe.

    Ecclesiastical politics matter nothing to me, as a descendant of Protestants who fled Catholic persecution.

    But while I am concerned for the survival of the Western heritage, of which all those countries mentioned above are, like Britain, co-heirs, I am almost more appalled at this oleaginous Argie’s hypocrisy.

    Dope Paul Spurns My Plan – Castelgandolfo, Open To Tourists, NOT ‘Migrants!’ 

    ‘Si, foreigners are welcome there- if they are tourists with money to spend!’


    Besides Castelgandolfo. which I’ve mentioned before, he has other vast acreages, of properties and lands, which could accommodate large numbers of lawless migrants, if the ratbag would only practise what he preaches.

    If he is prepared to accept responsibility for unleashing crimmigrants from detention centres, so be it.

    But let them all, in their hundreds or thousands, be transferred directly to one country…


    Hasil gambar untuk vatican city

    Large walls do surround most of the Vatican’


    ‘Si, foreigners are welcome there- if they are tourists with money to spend!’


    That’ll slash the enormous income the geezer gets from tourists who come to see his Vatican City!

    Best to evacuate the nuns first though.


    Gambar terkait

    .Or arm them!

    • Del Huntston 17:28 on April 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Doesn’t his church in Argentina have large buildings, cathedral, chapels etc. built on land stolen from the native Indians by the Spaniards?
      When he ran the Catholic show in Buenos Aires, did he take any steps to hand back these ill-gotten gains to the natives?
      Or was he the same as all those celebrities in the USA, who make a big deal of their support for justice for ‘Native Americans’ but big fancy mansions on land taken from the tribes?
      Yes I am with you on that idea, herd all the illegals in Italy into his little kingdom in Rome and let the fun begin.


  • ross1948 21:18 on January 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Dope Francis Forgets 'Judge Not' Teachings, Disses Patriots – 

    I see that Dope Francis is yapping again, telling us that it’s too early to judge the new US leader, saying “we’ll see what Trump does”.


    Yes, since the Cardinals were daft enough to elevate this blathering, arrogant, old fool to serve as Bishop of Rome, he is authorised to judge Catholics, and excommunicate those who don’t bow to his ex cathedra diktats.




    But the senescent Argie hypocrite has NO authority to sit in judgement on Protestants, like me…or Donald Trump.,

    Nor on anyone else outwith his own denomination.

    Indeed, I seem to recall that a man in the Holy Land once laid down a rule to His followers  – 

    Judge not, that ye be not judged. – Matthew/7-1


    Jesus kicks out undesirables


    ‘Ignore what He said! You shouldn’t kick out undesirables!’

    Dope P also condemned the use of walls and barbed-wire to keep foreigners out.    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-38708485

    I’d have thought those were very efficient ways to keep unwanted people out.  

    What are Dope’s alternatives to achieve that desirable objective. Mine-fields, maybe?

    Or unaffordable admission fees, like those he’s charging at his huge and luxurious summer palace at Castelgandolfo…



    Dope Paul Spurns My Plan – Castelgandolfo, Open To Tourists, NOT ‘Migrants!’ 

    …which could comfortably accommodate a thousand or more of the undesirable aliens currently infesting poor Italy.

    Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  

    Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators!  

    Afghan Pig Rapes Pensioner – Police Cover-Up ‘Sensitive’ Crime! 


    But of course neither Trump, nor UKIP, nor Germany’s AfD  nor Marine Le Pen in France has proposed any policy ‘to keep foreigners out.’

    They are all, as far as I’m aware, prepared to allow entry to useful, honest, foreign people, whose presence might be of benefit to their countries.

    What DO they want to keep out?


    phoney ‘refugees’

    parasitic economic migrants

    …and of course ISIS-type terrorists.

    I understand why Trump aims to remove such undesirables…



    ….and good luck to him!


    Who does the Argie Ass think he is to sit on judgement on the new American President?

    It’ll be about now that a grumpy pinko glowering over his laptop in a fancy-pants uptown resto ponders submitting a snarky comment, along the lines of ‘how dare you, a conservative blogger and a self-confessed party animal, quote Scripture and complain at Dope Francis for being judgmental – you yourself are forever making judgements against us leftists?’

    And to that, I say – it’s Sunday!

    When better to quote Scripture?

    Or to speak up for those who live in fear, millions in cities all over the Western world, whose wives and daughters no longer feel it’s safe to walk alone after dark…

    Predators and Child Molestors



    ….but Dope Francis has already dismissed their fears – remember?



        Pope Francis: Migrants in danger, but not dangerous , .



    • Michael W. 22:12 on January 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      As a not very observant Catholic, I admit to being reluctant to get started in any theology debate but let me first say I’m glad you made it clear that the Pope’s opinions are not binding on Catholics unless he is speaking ‘ex cathedra’.
      If it’s just him expressing a personal opinion, like his political ejaculations, his views are no more or less important to us than yours or mine. You have quoted a Hungarian bishop who expressed very different opinions, that you agreed with, and I think most Catholic Hungarians and Poles and more and more Italians agree with that bishop and with you.
      You have a harsh turn of phrase, Ross, like when you called some other clergy ‘dog-collared appeasement monkeys’ ( though you are ecumenical, in that you insult both Protestant and Catholic clergy!) and even although I agree that churchmen and women should ‘render unto Caesar’ and not rush into political controversies, I wonder if you should use milder vocabulary.
      However, my suspicion is that you write like this to provoke reactions and to attract conservative readers.
      It is after all very unlikely you will ever attract non-conservative readers. I get a little alarmed sometimes when you go into your hyperbolic mode but it is certainly not boring.



  • ross1948 16:51 on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Dope Francis, Bring Your Pedo-Priest To Justice! 

    Dope Francis has been very noisy on behalf of illegal aliens.



    Priest Slain, Two Pigs Shot Dead – What Now, Argie Dope? 

    But what’s he doing about the victims of the filthy old queer tracked down in Canada’s La Belle Province, Quebec?



    I just watched that report on France24.  


    • Predators and Child Molestors


    Confronted in his lair, in Sherbrooke, not far from Montreal, the vile old pervert fesses up.

    Use the link above and see for yourselves.

    • evil-priest


    It’s said that the Brothers of the Sacred Heart have not conducted any investigations into sexual abuse.

    Nothing wrong with the pedophile priest that a Kalashnikov couldn’t cure.

    But as to those Brothers?

    Has the Bishop of Rome ordered an investigation?

    Or do children preyed on during prayers not matter as much to ‘His Holiness’ as lawless savages illegally trespassing against other people’s countries?

    • JazPen 23:03 on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Good one, Ross and good to see you are being ecumenical, criticising the child molesters of all religions.
      Your output is of posts is huge today and nothing wrong with that but I agree with Pamela, who said theres too much about America.
      It is interesting, but Europe and Asia are in need of attention too.


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    Dope Francis Spurns My Plan – Castelgandolfo, Open To Tourists, NOT 'Migrants!' 

    The old hypocrite in The Vatican has evidently decided to ignore my ever-helpful suggestion, made a few months ago…

    Don’t Let This Demented Old Alien Land in Lesbos! 

    …when I noted that  –  

    ‘The Old Argie has a cute little vacation cottage outside Rome, called Castel Gandolfo.



    Francis’ ‘summer residence‘ could handle hundreds while his palace in Rome could easily accommodate a thousand illegal undesirables…’




    Now we read that Dope Francis has visited the palace some 25 kilometres (15 miles) from Rome only a couple of times since his election in 2013, and has never spent the night there.


    • lazy-sloth-14384269
    • ————————
    •  His predecessors John Paul II (1978-2005) and Benedict (2005-2013) often stayed at the site, which has been owned by the Holy See since 1596 and has expanded over the centuries to now sprawl over 55 hectares (135 acres)   https://www.thelocal.it/20161015/pope-francis-opens-castel-gandolfo-palace-to-public

    • That’s a lot of acres, about the size of the Perth County, Ontario, farm where I spent many happy boyhood years.

    • And even within the Castelgandolfo courtyard, I can easily envisage how much space there’d be for loads of illegals to establish a camp, maybe like this one in Paris.

    • ——–
    • Hasil gambar untuk migrant filthy camp paris street
    • ——————–
    • Imagine the improvement if Dope designated the area inside those walls for the use of his beloved ‘migrants!’

    • But HH is instead opening the luxurious palace to tourists, with the interior housing a museum – no info on admission charges, alas!

    • No migrants to be housed indoors, then.

    • But while one can understand his presumed wish that the works of art exhibited not offend any jihadist fanatics among the horde, just as Red Renzi chose not to upset his sectarian guest in Rome last year…

    • ——————–

    • rome_statues

    • On the left, what the anti-democratic sectarians saw of the beautiful statue on the right


    Renzi was clearly keen to avoid offending his new business partner. The nude statues and sculptures in the museum were completely covered by large white boxes…  http://www.thelocal.it/20160126/nude-statues-covered-up-for-rouhanis-visit

     as a mark of respect…


    • RENZI_12_resize

    Naked Truth? Renzi Belly-Crawls To Islamist Intolerance! 


    …how about all that lovely open countryside outside the palace walls?

    Just think how the view from Castel Gandolfo’s walls would be enhanced by the importation into those spacious fields of a few hundred Calais-type crimmigrants!


     Hasil gambar untuk migrant filthy camp

    Mind you, maybe the devout tourists would be scared off… 

    Family escape attack byCalais migrants who launched metal pole

    …and Heaven help the poor livestock on the pope’s organic farm, which houses cows, free-range hens, cockerels and pontifical bees.  https://www.yahoo.com/news/pope-opens-private-summer-apartments-tourists-165634405.html

    Hasil gambar untuk free food meme









  • ross1948 11:13 on October 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    No Damascine Repentance from Dope Francis? 

    Of course, as Dope Francis has told us, there’s nothing to fear from ‘migrants.’



     Pope Francis: Migrants in danger, but not dangerous 


    ..as I’m sure all devout Catholics attending mass yesterday will agree, after reading that the…

    Enemy aliens making war on our countries, whether they are ‘migrant’ or ‘home-grown’ –  it matters not – ARE dangeous!

    Take ’em out!

  • ross1948 17:58 on July 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Priest Slain, Two Pigs Shot Dead – What Now, Argie Dope? 

    Just turned on the tv, first time since the morning news, and here we go again…




    ….one innocent victim  – apparently a harmless octogenarian priest – murdered by savages, hollering their war-cry, ‘Allahu Akbar’ – a dreadful deed done in Normandy.

    But French cops did a good job, took out two terrorist pigs. Congratulations to them on a job well done. Jihadist vermin deserve no mercy. 



    France: ‘one hostage, two assailants killed’ in Normandy church siege lalu


    Were they ‘migrants?’

    Or home-grown traitors, devoid of loyalty to France, owing shameful allegiance to an alien sectarian ideology.


    • caliphate
    • oooooooooooooooooo
    • No matter  – it’s satisfactory they’re dead.

    But we’ve not heard yet from Dope Francis, that old Argie fool whose imbecilic words not long ago… 



     Pope Francis: Migrants in danger, but not dangerous 


    were so absolutely refuted by events in Wurzburg and Ansbach, where murderous migrant scum launched ferocious attacks on the citizens of the country which unwisely let them in.

    Soon we will hear from that blathering Bishop of Rome.

    And I bet it”ll be mealy-mouthed cr@p.

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    Brits? Late Summer Hols? Try Macedonia! 

    I was idly channel-surfing last night when I stumbled on an ad published by the Macedonia Tourist Board.

    It’s many a long year since I traversed its mountainous territory.

    Back then it was a mere province of Communist Yugoslavia, but since 1991 it’s been a free republic, proud of its ancient history, which goes back even beyond the era of Alexander the Great.


    Alexander’s statue in Skopje.


    Heroic heritage indeed!

    But who can forget the heroism only last year, those Macedonian border guards, facing an onslaught by primitive crimmigrants, whom the far-left Tsipras regime in Greece had allowed to march all the way to that northern border town of Idomeni.


    Alien mob try to gate-crash Macedonia


    My purpose today is simply to recommend repayment of the debt of gratitude owed Macedonia for their sturdy defence of civilised Europe

    Many Brits like to wait for season’s end holiday bargains. It’s still only July, after all!

    And it seems that Greek islands have lost some of their appeal. I do feel sorry for the islanders, despite some of them, on Lesbos, having attracted plaudits from the likes of Dope Francis…



    …Ban Ki-Moon and Angelina Jolie for affording a welcome to the horde of ‘refugee’ free-loaders.

    It seems probable that many took a more realistic view.

    Certainly those on Leros did!

    Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 


     The island’s deputy mayor David Gerasklis said there were about 2,000 demonstrators in all, about double the number who turned out for a similar rally at the port on Wednesday.Police fire tear gas at anti-migrant ‘hotspot’ protest


    But what goes around, comes around, as the gullibles on Lesbos ( I was about to say gullible Lesbians, but no…!) are learning to their cost.


    “We were bracing for a difficult season after the migrant crisis but it’s even worse than we could imagine,” said Marilena Gourgoutzi…

    “It ‘s unfair,” said chamber chairman Vangelis Myrsinias. 



    Up to you.

    Why that fellow thinks people should be rewarded for encouraging crimmigrants is beyond me.

    Better by far to spend your tourist cash in Macedonia.


    • Leo Cozijn 15:18 on July 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Are you dreaming about “crimmigrants”?


      • ross1948 17:54 on July 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        If only, Comrade Cozijn, the crimmigrants were phantasmagorical phenomena that only flitted through the mind at night.
        Instead they are a nightmarish reality that has cost the deaths of innocents galore and is costing civilised countries billions every year in largesse often spurned by ingrate aliens.


    • Alicia 15:46 on July 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Macedonia is a super holiday destination. We went there a year ago and we would be happy to go back anytime. The people are very friendly.
      And it’s true they stood their ground at Idomeni.


  • ross1948 16:37 on July 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Is Klutz Clooney Even More Hypocritical Than The Argie? 

    Who needs two houses?

    I still manage a wry smile when I recall one of the first ladies I kept company with in Jakarta, a charming Chinese-ethnic widow who delighted in rousting me out of bed at dawn on Sundays, to drag me to her church, one of those involving much waving of arms etc.


    • morning%20coffee
    • Our relationship did not blossom.

    Perhaps it was my fault, for when she criticised my fondness for a beer or two, I reminded her that Jesus was quite well-known for having turned water into wine.

    Then, when she told me that one must obey Holy Writ no matter what, I asked her about the young chap who had been told to give half his worldly wealth to the poor.

    “You’ve got two houses, sayang. Give one of those to Jakarta’s beggars.”

    She was appalled by my illogic.

    “But only one of those houses is in Jakarta! The other’s in Puncak!”


    Puncak is a hilly district with a cooler climate, just a few score kliks from our fair city.

    Our theological clash died away, as did any prospects for our relationship.

    But this month that debate re-surfaced in my memory, as that rancid millionaire hypocrite, Klutz Clooney…


    …a man who thinks we should embrace the crimmigrant tsunami and ‘do more‘ for them, was reported to possess a  £7.5 million 18th-century Italian villa, with a fabulous view of Lake Como.


    • George Clooney's mansion home on Lake Como. This week, on Tuesday alone, 1,000 people were rescued off the coast by Italian coastguard and naval vessels, which must, under international maritime law, help any migrant vessel sailing into Italy’s territorial waters
    • —————–
    • Now we may rest assured it’s not the only roof beneath which Klutz and his shrill leftist wife lay their plutocratic heads. I’ll bet they have at least a couple more, all large enough to accommodate scores, maybe hundreds, of ‘migrants.’

    My own little rented home is probably less than one twentieth the size of each of theirs.

    So unless they are indeed the hypocrites I believe them to be, they will be down at Como Station even as I type this, wandering around among the several hundred African illegals squatting there, asking each and every one if they’d like to share a spacious room…


    Once idyllic, Como is now infested

    …or, if there are so many wannabe bludgers that they can’t all squeeze into Casa  Clooney, if they’d like to shift their encampment to the lush gardens surrounding the luxurious villa.

    As to those who choose to loiter by the rail way, the easier to plan illegal entry into Switzerland, well, of course George and Amal will be back down every day with gratis brunches, hopefully acceptable to the ingrate swine quoted in the Daily Mail who left a hostel because the free food wasn’t acceptable!





    Oh, and the Mail mentions that the Old Argie Ass, otherwise known as His Holiness, has awarded Klutz a medal or something similar, for his dedication to the crimmigrant cause.



    Francis too has a multiplicity of dwellings, and has taken a handful of ‘refugees’ into his vast and palatial complex in Rome.

    But he still hasn’t handed over his splendid ‘summer residence,’  Castel Gandolfo (above) to the horde.

    It lies empty half the year. Don’t Let This Demented Old Alien Land in Lesbos! 



    likely to 00 people had set up a makeshift camp at the local railway station, from where they hope to be able to slip through the Swiss border, which is a six-minute train ride up the track.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3692844/The-posturing-actor-s-Italian-idyll-awash-migrants-neighbouring-nations-slam-shut-borders-tensions-rising-favour-unlimited-migration-Mr-Clooney.html#ixzz4EdwJDL1y
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  • ross1948 14:56 on June 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The Pope’s A Dope – Should Catholics Convert To Buddhism? 

    Tibet has long had grim experience of colonisation by aliens. Thousands of young men of military age have stomped their way into and around that sad country, disrespecting and destroying its culture and way of life.




    So Europeans today should empathise with Tibetans.

    We should listen when its legitimate leader, forced into exile by barbarous adherents of a cruel ideology, talks about Europe’s plight today.




    Dalai Lama says there are ‘too many’ refugees in Europe…



    The spiritual leader of Tibetans was referring to real refugees, presumably – he’s too wise to be conned by all the rubbish about ‘poor, desperate asylum’ wasters, those brutes in the photo above this paragraph.

    So we can bear with him, when he adds –

    “A human being who is a bit more fortunate has the duty to help them. …”

    But he deserves high praise indeed for this next astute observation. 

    “On the other hand, there are too many now …Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country,” he added with a laugh…”Germany is Germany.”

    And so say all the Germans…


    …except Mama Stasis Merkel and her collaborators, bent on pandering to alien parasites.

    And another exception to the good sense rule is that oily old fool, Frances, Bishop of Rome…



    …..whose capacity for spouting hogwash seems to increase weekly, if not daily. 

    Predators and Child Molestors

    ‘Migrants not dangerous but in danger’ Pope Francis tells children

    The Argie cretin appears oblivious to the sex-predator risks brought into Europe by Mama’s crimmigrants – German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates!  – to whom pedophilia is a cherished part of their vile ‘culture.’

    Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

    I’m not much into doctrinal matters, but purely on the basis of the contrast between the Dalai Lama and the Vatican Viper, one tends to see merit in converting to Buddhism, at least from Catholicism.




    At least there’s no risk of beheading for Catholics who use their God-given brain to make such spiritual decisions – unlike those of other creeds who defy sectarian savages that think ‘apostates’ should be killed. 

    It’s just so refreshing to hear responsible words from a religious leader these days. 

    The Dalai Lama added that “from a moral point of view too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily”.

    “The goal should be that they return and help rebuild their countries.” Dalai Lama says there are ‘too many’ refugees in Europe

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