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  • ross1948 22:15 on January 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Brits! Palestinian ‘Mujahidin’ Aim To Dwell Among You! 

    Palestinian asylum seekers who set up refugee tents in front of the residence of Minister of Defense (Menhan) Prabowo Subianto, Jalan Kertanegara, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, claimed they no longer wanted to stay in Indonesia.

    They just want to get out of Indonesia and move to England…Omar asked to be flown from Indonesia to England…

    Lucky Olde England!


    The man, who claims to be a Palestinian mujahid…


    mu·ja·hi·deen – plural noun: mujahidin
    guerrilla fighters in Islamic countries, especially those who are fighting against non-Muslim forces.


    If Britain were knowingly to allow in a ‘holy warrior,’ identified as such by his own daughter…


    • Anak Warga Palestina di Depan Rumah Prabowo: Ayah Saya Mujahid
    The child of the Palestinian citizen in front of Prabowo’s house – “My Dad’s A Holy Warrior!’
    • 00000000000000000000000000

    …then all assertions about collective insanity in the corridors of power, in Whitehall and Westminster, would instantly be substantiated.


    Indonesia has its problems, but wisely has declined to sign up to the pernicious UN Convention that undermines the right of sovereign nations to refuse admission to aliens who claim to be ‘refugees!’

    Read these related entries – use Google Translate – to get the background.



    • JazPen 22:33 on January 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I thought you said you were too distracted by the flood to blog!
      This is one of your really interesting ones, for people like me who know Indonesia.
      It will be interesting too for British readers who will be wondering when ‘Omar’ plans to drop in.
      I bet you the media back in the UK have not had a whisper of coverage on this.

      No rain so far in my part of town. Same with you?


      • ross1948 22:48 on January 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Drier now, JazPen, but I still have make-shift ‘sand-bags’ by the front door.
        Fingers crossed!


    • Pujianto 06:35 on January 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We have flood and earthquakes and enough problem in Indonesia. We do not need mujahidin who make demand so arrogant as this man.
      England best to say, go back to Palestine!


  • ross1948 15:38 on June 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta Facing Another Fanatic Friday – and Thursday…and Besok? 

    Besok is Indonesian for tomorrow, but is often used like the Spanish magnana,  anytime soon!

    However, the fanatics here in Jakarta have been more specific, with the official spokesman of the ‘Alumni 212 Brotherhood’ declaring that we can expect traffic disruption not only on Friday, but also on Thursday and even tomorrow, 26 June.

    They are angry about the fact their favourite, Prabowo, lost the presidential election and aim to protest the court ruling on the outcome.


    Indonesia’s Constutional Court


    In case anyone imagines the ‘Alumni’ are in any sense an educational outfit, they’re not. They are extremists, not merely hostile to President Jokowi, but also, largely, if not completely, directed by Islamists.

    Indeed, the spokesman mentioned is none other than that paragon of enlightened tolerance, Novel Bamukmin…


    habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi

    Habib Novel – “women already have limitations, let alone non- Muslims!” http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2013/10/26/1937287/.FPIMenolak.Lurah.Susan.Harga.Mati

    ….a leading light in the vigilante gang that calls itself the Islam Defenders’ Front…

    …the FPI.

    The peak of the action will be Friday 28 June, “ he told the media, but “ it’ll be every day, 25, 26, 27 and 28th….”  https://www.tagar.id/tak-hiraukan-prabowo-pa-212-dan-gnpfulama-demo-di-mk

    You’ll notice today’s date is included, but since I have only been as far as my local warteg for lunch…

    …who knows how downtown may be?

    Even so, my bus journey yesterday was disrupted by hundreds of security personnel preparing for trouble outside the  court, so it’s hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    What’s most annoying is that the date of the verdict announcement is no longer Friday but Thursday, but the fanatics like their Friday fun.

    Most of them don’t seem to have work to go to, so the decent majority of the capital’s citizens, who do engage in honest toil, just have to suck it up, while ranters rant on.

    • JazPen 15:48 on June 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You forgot to mention they link their rant- outings to when they have their Friday prayers.
      I hear there are plans to get the verdict out asap, but that won’t stop those whose lives revolve around ranting.


    • Kezia 16:00 on June 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Even Prabowo told them there is no need for a demo this week but still they want to make trouble for us who must get to work.
      My American friends say ‘“Sore losers,” but all they are is losers.


    • Tyas 16:19 on June 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Many governors of provinces are asking the fanatics to respect the court ruling and not go there to rant.
      I hope the good people can go to work without problem every day this week.

      Rant is a good word for what the FPI do, so I will use it often. Thank you!


  • ross1948 08:04 on April 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Prabowo Faces Jakarta Post Quadrennial Gibbering! 

    And off we go again, an outstanding display of double-standards by the Jakarta Post, which re-hashed its long-winded explanation from four years ago on why it is anti-Prabowo and pro-Jokowi!

    We are encouraged that one candidate [Jokowi] has displayed a factual record of rejecting faith-based politics. At the same time we are horrified that the other [Prabowo] affiliates himself with hard-line Islamic groups who would tear the secular nature of the country apart…    https://www.thejakartapost.com/academia/2019/04/09/we-may-ruin-our-incredible-democratic-achievements-since-1999.html

    The Jakarta Post unequivocally deplores religious thugs who forward an intolerant agenda.  

    Oh yeah?

    How often does it get thus HORRIFIED at involvement with such unspeakable people?




    Has the JP a consistent record of being ‘HORRIFIED’ by people who collaborate with religious thugs who forward an intolerant agenda?

    Regular readers here at RRA will remember the infamous Nazi-style book-burning in Jakarta, sponsored not only by the most backward Islamist fanatics…


    …but by Indonesia’s largest publishing empire, Gramedia, of which, last I heard, the Jakarta Post is part.

    That was a Hitlerite atrocity against free expression.

    If the Jakarta Post, even so late as this election eve, now condemns its Gramedia overlords, then perhaps they may be forgiven the sin of selective indignation.



    • Euis 08:40 on April 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I remember that day. I never use Gramedia store any more.


    • Wulan 09:16 on April 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So many media, do how we say, not do how we do.
      Jakarta Posts scared to condemn big boss!


    • JazPen 11:26 on April 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You never miss an opportunity to remind us how bad the Jellyfish Post is.
      Good for you.
      I still try to shop anywhere but Gramedia.


      • Rawel 15:56 on April 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I never read Jakarta Post because my english very bad.
        Now I know again I do not want ever read Jakarta Post.
        I am not clever girl with big education but I understand what you say.
        Gramedia are big friend with fanatic. No good, same like Jakarta Post.


    • Triwanto 12:02 on April 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Why do Jakarta Post editors only get horror of pro-fanatics policy when somebody not their boss company is the culprit?
      Everybody in every islands know that Gramedia is guilty of helping fanatic burn books.
      Jakarta Post horror goes quiet!


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 09:15 on April 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Keep trying, Ross.
      You got it right but they are not going to do the right thing.


  • ross1948 06:43 on April 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Prabowo Disavows Califascism – Now How About Vigilante Gangs? 

    Interesting to read that the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’ in the FPI apparently were on the receiving end last week.


    Given the white-shirt gang’s rotten record of violence and incitement…. ..



    …it’s hard to summon up any sympathy for the Islamist extremists..

    Ifpi kill busddhist


    ….but let’s not overlook one small part of the report in the Jakarta Post.


    The scene of the clash was the FPI premises in Jogjakarta, which, we read, is the HQ in that vicinity of Prabowo’s presidential campaign team.

    Oh! But is that just a local arrangement?


    Their ‘grand imam,’ Habib Rizieq, whom we used to feature here a lot, prior to his decision that it was more prudent  to take up residence in Saudi Arabia…


    ..recently  issued a list of reasons to support  Prabowo….



    Hardline Indonesian cleric Rizieq Shihab (pictured right) smiles at the camera


    …who has in the past seen no shame at having a cheery photo taken with the fanatic.

    Prabowo recently, admirably, disowned any intentions of collaborating with those crazies who want to impose theocratic caliphate tyranny on Indonesia.


    Would it not be very welcome, and very reassuring, to everyone who cares about Indonesia’s future as a pleasant, pluralist, peaceful place to live in, if he were also now to disown the apparent support he’s receiving from Rizieq and his white-shirt gang?

    And just to show I am being even-handed ( and I am genuinely neutral in this year’s election) would it not be even more welcome and reassuring if BOTH presidential candidates…

    Rizieq, far-left, shares a platform with President Jokowi

    So Has Indonesia Come To This? Paradise Lost? 


    ….before Wednesday’s vote, were to make a JOINT declaration, making it clear that they want nothing to do with the FPI and/or its exiled (self-imposed exile, remember) ‘Grand Imam!’

    And pledge never to legitimise Rizieq’s extremism by sharing a platform or allowing him into their presence again.






    • Santi 07:24 on April 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Many of us will like what you say.
      Many of us Indonesian voters are neutral too.
      Many of us will use the holiday on Wednesday to go on holiday.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 08:04 on April 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That is never going to happen, Ross, and I think you know it.
      If we were back ten years ago and it happened then, maybe the situation today would be more hopeful, but look at the two VP candidates and look what happened to Ahok.
      You are whistling in the dark.


      • JazPen 23:31 on April 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Hey, Jim.
        You are well out of it.
        Politicians here from almost all parties now treat Rizieq as if he really is a respectable person and not a gang leader.
        It isnt anything new but it has got worse. It seems worse since Ahok was jailed. Even he wont call himself Ahok any more.
        I used to hope I would be here till my dying day. But now, who knows?


    • Prita 13:15 on April 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone should stay far away from the FPI.
      They are dangerous to anyone who disagree.
      Rizieq said he want to see Ahok executed eventhough Ahok did no wrong xcept read a verse.


    • Kezia 20:33 on April 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I will vote for the candidate who will revoke the Decree of the Three Ministers.
      I am not Ahmadiyah but I believe they are Indonesian citizens who have the same rights as we all have to worship God.
      No candidate promises this so why must I vote?


    • Intan 09:57 on April 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, you ask for the presidential candidates to have nothing to do with Rizieq.
      They will refuse your request I think.
      Now the vice-presidential candidate of Prabowo is in the news stories because they say he is going to meet Rizieq in Saudi Arabia.
      I hope it is not true.
      If it is true, Indonesia has to think what a sad future we may have..


  • ross1948 09:19 on August 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Jokowi in Jakarta – The Best Man Won! 

    Returning by taxi late last night from posh Kemang (yes, I’ll go anywhere for a party!) I naturally engaged the driver in conversation, asking him about Jokowi’s knock-out victory in the Constitutional Court –



    – I’d got fed up waiting for the seemingly endless speechifying by the judges so only had the barest outlines when I hit town in the arvo.


    I had spotted a 52 bus (route Tanah Abang – Bekasi) travelling along by Slipi, miles off-route,  so had deduced conditions were not ‘conducive’ (as the media here like to put it) up by the court-house.

    It was he ( the cabbie, not the President-Elect) who told me about the shooting  ( one guy taken to hospital, condition unknown, he said) and today’s news suggests there may have been more than one injury – not surprising, when a mob of thousands attempts to storm a major institution.

    Let’s put the blame where it belongs.

    “It’s OK For US to Mobilise a Mob of 50,000 – But Our Opponents…Provocation!” 

    Whilst I’d been buying some shirts in the Ramayana sale, and later joining friends for an evening of cheery chat, wine and excellent food (impressed that a fancy hotel included my fave warteg food, perkadel – which they exotically labelled ‘potato cakes’) the riotous scenes played out, but the police did their duty and the verdict, welcomed by most people, I think, was announced.



    • jokowi-twitter
    • Now let’s wish Jokowi well.

    He does not project a tough image, which Prabowo did.

    But arguing late into the night with anther party-animal who was in no rush homewards, I said that his record as Jakarta Governor belied his mild demeanour.

    Let’s not forget how his ‘raids’ on local outposts of government scared the bureaucrats to tears, near enough, caught out napping, idling or not even present while honest citizens waited for attention.

    Idle Slugs Caught Out Again? Go, Jokowi, Go! 

    And he stood firm against the bigot morons who were gunning for Susan, the local unit head, on seist and sectarian grounds.

    No, he won’t work miracles. And he will say and do things some of us won’t like.

    But he is no arrogant elite snob, nor a clapped-out soldier with an alarming past and he has not aligned himself with undesirables.


    I wish him well.

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