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  • ross1948 22:47 on August 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    CBS Shocker? Is This Why CNN Is Infested With Queers? 

    After Warthog Weinstein, now it’s CBS’s Moonves. Powerful men pursuing women unfairly? We must await the verdicts.

    But it makes me wonder if CNN deliberately seeks to avoid such scandals, by hiring queers, like the bigoted Trump-hater Anderson Cooper…


    Hasil gambar untuk anderson cooper anti-trump bias


    …who finally dropped all pretence of professional journalism last week with his tantrum after the Helsinki Summit…

    Stephen Colbert Compliments Anderson Cooper on His Anti-Trump outburst…

    SO impartial, so objective, SO SWEET!



    …just like the revolting racist Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon.



    CNN’s Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon

    “F*** White People!” But We Don’t Know If It’s Hate Crime? 

    At least with gabbling ‘gays’ of that sort, there will be no ‘breaking news’ of women being harassed by the biased network’s ‘stars.’

    Or are these two examples NOT representative of the staff there?

    Somebody with more time and resources should investigate and report  back on what percentage of CNN hacks are homos and how many are not.

    • Mike Carillon 12:04 on August 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I doubt very much if they deliberately discriminate in favor of hiring homos.
      I am even more certain, however, that they do discriminate against conservatives.
      One of their most noisy and far-left ‘stars’ is Chris Cuomo, son of Mario Cuomo, Democrat ex Governor of New York, and brother of Andrew Cuomo,who is at present the Democrat Governor of New York.
      I’m sure those connections did him no harm when he was interviewed by CNN.
      Cuomo is no homo, but he is way out on the left and that’s what counts with the Clinton News Network. That tirade by Anderson Cooper shows how little importance CNN attaches to professional standards of impartial journalism.


  • ross1948 18:14 on January 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Ladies With Class V Oprah The Ass! 

    I hear that one of Muppet Macron’s minions, his ‘Gender‘ Minister (For God’s Sake!) has joined in the shrill shrieks of weirdo ‘wimmin’ against Catherine Deneuve…


    Gambar terkait


    …and the 99 other ladies who signed an Open Letter in Le Monde, calling into question the way flirtatious behaviour is deliberately being conflated with the sort of predatory vileness exemplified by the warthog Weinstein.

    Best to let the ladies’ words speak for themselves…

    “Rape is a crime, but trying to seduce someone, even persistently or cack-handedly, is not — nor is being gentlemanly a macho attack…Men have been punished summarily, forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone’s knee or try to steal a kiss..” 


    …but, honestly, just looking at the two photographs, who on earth would you fancy a date with?


    Hasil gambar untuk oprah ugly


    Again, I’m reminded of the words of my old Scots drinking buddy, viz, ( adapted to today’s context) –

    ‘Ah widnae crawl ower Cathy tae get tae yon mouthy cow!’ 

      I suppose some pinko minx will now complain that my jibe is sexist.

    But seriously, as far as effectively fighting real, mean-spirited sexism is concerned, I’d like to hear that ghastly black-robed gang (at the Golden Globe knees-up the other day) call for a worldwide campaign…



    …against one iniquitous ideology, the very essence of which is sexist.

    • Petra Malley 19:46 on January 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, you are incorrigilbly sexist but in the ways Catherine Deneuve described, none of which grown-up women mind. .
      You probably hold open doors for ladies to enter houses, rooms and restaurants ahead of you, and thanks to the horrible libbers of the 1960s,there are precious few gentlemen left

      You hit the nail on the head with those final comments.
      Shariah law should be declared a crime against humanity by the United Nations, but that is as likely to happen as is the UN gaining the respect of any sane person.
      ZERO chance.


    • Tam Baird 20:40 on January 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Your boozy friend is the spitting image, or accent, of Rab C Nesbitt, that used to keep us glued to the tv and make us laugh a lot in Scotland.
      He has good taste in women, if that’s what he’d say..


    • Tina Sorley 21:01 on January 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I hope you and your archaic blog go up in smoke together.
      You disgust me, with every word you vomit ..


  • ross1948 09:45 on October 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Weinstein’s Woes And Democrat Double Standards! 

    For a few days now I’ve been looking at the controversy over Weinstein’s generosity to various Democrat politicians…

    Clinton Ridiculed for Calling Out Weinstein Five Days Late | Vanity Fair

    …and wondering if their belated ( ?) awareness of his proclivities – an alleged enthusiasm for taking sexual advantage of ambitious young women – would result in their repudiation of his support and the repayment of his large cash contributions.

    I use that question mark after ‘belated’ because a glance at a cross-section of the American media suggests his unwholesome activities were something akin to an open secret.

     George Clooney ‘heard rumors’ for years about Harvey Weinstein’s .

    It’s hardly unique in the history of the Anglo-Saxon World that the political/media in-crowd have known about scandalous behaviour among powerful notables and yet continued to interact happily with those involved, whilst collaborating to keep the common people in the dark.

    Weinstein is unluckier than others, in that his variety of ‘outreach’ has gone public during his lifetime.

    In the UK, it’s only recently that Brits have been allowed by the media to learn of what many in politics and the press undoubtedly knew about Heath The Homo.

    Ted Heath would be interviewed over sex abuse allegations – Daily Mail

    Same cover-up applied years before in the case of Labour Party Chairman Tom Driberg, a vile queer predator.

    ‘Sleaziest, Most Disreputable’ Media in the World? Britain’s! 

    But reverting to today’s scandal, let’s just ask the obvious question, or that which should be obvious.

    If Ms. Clinton is, quite correctly, disavowing the support of Weinstein for his sexual exploits…



    …will she follow the logical – and honourable – path and disavow the support of even more prominent people with a proven, not alleged, record of similarly scandalous activity?


  • ross1948 17:29 on September 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Tory MP Tells Truth – Calais Crimmigrants Are NOT Stranded! 

    Good to see a Tory MP on France24 last night, setting the record straight on those ‘stranded’ savages in the Calais Jungle.

    Hasil gambar untuk france 24

    The interviewer had used the absurd adjective whilst talking of Francois Hollande’s insolent demand that the British should have to shoulder some of the burden in dealing with the lawless crimmigrants there.

    Tim Loughton put the media sap in his place, saying what I have often said,that these undesirables are no way ‘stranded.’


    Hasil gambar untuk loughton MP france

    Tim Loughton MP

    Again echoing my frequent corrections to the lying press narrative, he pointed out that the great majority were illegals, with no right to be there!

     Most men in theCalais camp ‘aren’t refugees’ – PressReader 

    And, he asked, how can people who wandered through various safe countries, and then all the way to Northern France, of their own volition…


    …who are able to surge out of their dens as they please, to terrorise Brit truckers and the citizens of Calais, how can anyone seriously call them ‘stranded?’

    Tim Loughton pointed out that the infestation at Calais was entirely down to successive occupants of the Elysee Palace, French Presidents who let it happen.

    At any time over the past decade or more, police and citizen volunteers could have cleaned out the sty, arrested those with no legitimate status in France and booted the rabble back to wherever they oozed into French territory.

    I am in no way hostile to the French people, who also must wonder why Paris let this horror grow into its present nightmare dimensions.


    I have previously said that Brits and French should work together to put the savages down and/or put them out.

    That’s the way forward, deport them back to whence they came, not try, as Hollande appears to want, to transfer them across the Channel to prey on decent English folk as they currently prey on Calaisians.

    One had to demur when Tim Loughton when he went on to endorse Cameron’s mad scheme to implant more ‘migrants’ in no longer so Merry England. A Hungarian style referendum should be required.


    referndmlet peole vote


    The behaviour of frightful ingrates,as recorded again this week – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3806185/Woman-26-abducted-raped-gang-six-migrants-Iraq-Syria-Bahrain-spiked-night-out makes this a moral imperative,as is deportation for those who make British streets unsafe.

    • TheresaMay_1685363c

    Theresa May refuses to ditch European court

    • All too often, insane rulings from the European Court of Human Rights, on which Theresa May has recently u-turned and become a big fan, prevent expulsion of bestial brutes on the grounds that it’s unsafe.

    So they remain in the UK, to make everyday life unsafe for Brits. So good on you Tim Loughton, but Tories have a long way to go.



  • ross1948 10:08 on January 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Cops Won’t Act Against Facebook ‘Gay’ Perving Page! 

    We’ve reported all too many examples of European police inertia in the face of sex-predator crimmigrants.

    Now we have a case of similar cop failure to crack down on sleazy ‘gays’ caught taking photos of teen boys to post on a sicko Facebook page!

    • SICKO_logo-11
    • The Austin County Sheriff’s Office told the station that “Beautiful Boys Around the World” was disturbing, but not criminal.

    A Texas dad speaks for millions in his response. “You should not be taking pictures of anyone’s child, especially not posting them on an obviously gay website where men go to ogle boys,” said Tommy Johnson, the teenager’s father.

    Okay, it seems turning the public spotlight on these creatures has dimmed their loathesome ardour. The administrator of “Beautiful Boys Around the World” refused to give the CBS affiliate comment for its story on Thursday, but the page went dark before the end of the night.

    But given queers’ predilection for youngsters, let’s ask the question – would police be equally inert if parents got hold of one of these aberrant animals and beat the cr#p out of them?


  • ross1948 11:01 on December 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Bill C on Sex Charges? Take a Chill Pill, Hillary! 

    No comment on the Bill Cosby case- let’s leave it to the courts.

    But I wonder if a certain Democrat primary front-runner felt a tinge of anxiety when the latest news broke.

    After all, if great age is no barrier to prosecution, nor the fact that alleged offences occurred a long time back, there is absolutely no reason why Bill Clinton should not face some serious investigation.

    Full marks to Trump for reminding everyone what hypocritical hags those Democrat women are, and he’s only talking about the current crop…




    Let’s not forget those who sat silent while Girl-Drowner  Kennedy was eulogised as a saint. That was simply disgusting.

    And what about Hillary herself, who rails about women’s rights but collaborated eagerly to make sure victims of a ruthless predator went without justice.Hillary Clinton Rape Allegations: Questioned About ‘Victims‘ Of Bill

    I mean of course real justice, not cash transactions, out-of-court settlements to keep truths out of media…


    • b2afe-freepussy
    • ——————————–
    • Admittedly, these days, most Americans probably regard Ole Sleaze-Bag as a figure of fun, and/or a past-it parasite, but it would be nice to see him – and his repulsive wife – shown up for what they are.
  • ross1948 18:57 on November 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Australia, Deport This Sex-Obsessed Sectarian! 

    Most Australian readers will already know about the latest revelations about the disgusting old sicko who sports the pretentious title of Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed.


    Australia's Grand Mufti stands with Sydney siege gunman Man Haron ... PM with sicko sectarian


    I hope Turnbull washed his hands after schmoozing with this sicko who demeans attractive women who actually choose to look like women.

    He would no doubt prefer to have women appear on our streets as ugly bag-heads in sack-like smocks. If that’s what turns him on, he should take himself off to one of the Middle East dumps where sexist shariah rules. He is, after all, not Australian and evidently loathes the country and its healthy approach to male-female relationships. 

    He tells us that when normal women respond to normal men’s preference for women dressed fetchingly, they are somehow presenting themselves as ‘sweet pastry…devoured by the eyes of men…”

    What a frigging moron!

    Note well this view of women, framed perfectly in the Islamist advert I’ve featured here before, NOT urging women to don Michelin Man outfits as illustrated, but exhorting fathers and husbands‘ to coerce them into such ghastly gear!

    Sexist shariah anti-women poster- ‘Fathers and husbands, their naughty bits are your responsibility!’


    So is the Mangy Mufti talking to women or to those DREADFUL Australian men, who “wanted you… with legs and arms exposed, filling the shopping malls and the streets, competing for the glimpses of men?”   


    Rotherham’s Rats Rousted Out

    Presumably he thinks it’s Australian men who organised the grooming gangs that prey on young British ‘pastry?’ The creep is mentally mired in some misogynistic casbah.

    But that’s not his worst fault.

    Remove the Mufti, Not The Badge! 

    Most Australians surely recognise that this sectarian bigot is no friend to Australia. And Government Minister Josh Frydenberg has called him out over his transparent back-tracking after the shameful comments he made in the wake of the Islamist atrocity in Paris.

    “His first reaction was his instinctive reaction.http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/government-minister-accuses-grand-mufti-of-a-failure-of-leadership-20151128-glan0h.html .

    Mangy’s double-talk was a clear example of taqiya, the lies that jihadists are permitted if they find themselves in bother.

    But what about Turnbull?

    That simpering millionaire has a duty to have the Mangy Mufti expelled back to Egypt. That would not only be right in itself but serve as a useful warning to other subversive elements like that Australian National Imams Council.

    Shape up or ship out!




  • ross1948 15:02 on April 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    I heard Enoch Powell speak, more than once. Back in 1968, I was one of thousands who marched in protest at his dismissal from the Shadow Cabinet by that effete organ-fiddler Heath.

    I once had the honour to shake his hand. That was after a meeting where I had asked him to leave the Tories and start a new party for patriots. I suppose we could have called it UKIP!

    enoch-powell-was-right-national-front-union-jack1 He was right, although not about everything.

    I also attended his memorial service at Westminster.

    It was therefore with no small degree of fury that I read of the attempt by some prattling mitred twat to smear his name with unsubstantiated allegations of ‘satanist sex activity.’

    I don’t expect much of the modern churches, as a rule. We had that rotten priest in Ulster, describing Gerry Adams as ‘a man sent by God.’ A murder-gang-leader? Who covered for a child-molestor?


    Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’ 

    Yet the vile old swine who praised the fiend was not at once excommunicated. Nor was he denied his church’s funeral rites when he died and went to whichever fiery place awaited him.

    Neither is Adams excommunicated, which exposes the Catholic Church on the Emerald Isle as spiritually bankrupt, a moral midden.

    Nor is the Church of England notably more respectable, as long as it harbours dastards like that bishop who defamed a dead statesman, a man still idolised by millions.

    But I held my fire – it would not be long before the episcopal slander was rebutted by those with a wider circulation than I.

    Sure enough, Simon Heffer in the Mail has demolished the pusillanimous prelate’s smear-mongering, quite finely. If you have not read the rebuttal, there’s the link at the foot of our page. It’s top-notch.


    And more, because, once again, the BBC is outed as an agency of leftist lies, though in this case they were so utterly mendacious that they had to issue a humiliating apology. 

    In 1998, just after Enoch died, the BBC broadcast a programme in which they railed at Enoch for his hypocrisy. They said this scourge of mass immigration had visited the West Indies in 1953 to recruit black labour for the NHS.

    I was told of the story before the programme was broadcast and informed its researcher that Enoch had never been to the West Indies in his life. I was told, effectively, that I was lying, and it was broadcast.


    The allegations are a monstrous lie. That the lie appears to have been retailed by a priest is beyond contempt, writes Simon Heffer

    A black clergywoman, then resident in London, talked at length of Enoch having recruited her as a nurse. The story was rubbish.

    Detailed investigation by the BBC complaints department found that the woman had been recruited after a visit to her island by Jack Profumo, not Enoch Powell at all, and the Corporation was forced to make a grovelling on-air apology in peak time. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3017219/SIMON-HEFFER-allegations-against-Enoch-Powell-monstrous-lie-contempt.html


    The same BBC which declared itself neutral while British servicemen and women were fighting and dying in the Falkland War.

    The same BBC which cooks the books on immigration. Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British? 

    The same BBC which cast its charter to the winds by acting as Harold Wilson’s Pravda during the Rhodesian sell-out.

    Harold Wilson used the BBC World Service to promulgate false information about Ian Smith. A letter in the PRO from the Rhodesia Ministerial Committee to the Prime Minister advised that Ian Smith should be portrayed as a weak unreliable figure. Note that the BBC’s World Service, although fully financed by the government, is subject to the same “public service” conditions as the Home Services…




    ….Another letter from the Commonwealth office dated 25th May 1967 refers to a request by the PM to be shown fresh guidance before it was sent to the BBC. The official said; “I am afraid this guidance has gone; in accordance with our usual practice it was given orally and confidentially to the Head of their African Service. It was suggested to the BBC, we should continue as in the past to make Mr Smith appear incapable of making up his own mind. He should be portrayed as evasive, weak and vacillating. Full agreement was reached with the BBC and the guidance has already been reflected in the content of broadcasts.”…-

    • propaganda2

    This campaign went on for two years. A letter from the BBC to the Civil Service asks for permission to discontinue the campaign because of staffing problems. The BBC man in charge, presumably responsible for continuously breaking his obligations under the Royal Charter, was being promoted.

    These letters are probably the only official documents available which prove without any doubt that the BBC has been used by the government of the day to broadcast government propaganda. Stop BBC Bias – BBC Charter Review


    Why has that nest of traitors not been de-licensed? Or better still sent packing to Brussels, which subsidises their treasom today? 

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