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  • ross1948 14:47 on September 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Megaphones Soros-Funded Agitprop 

    What a hack the BBC’s Matt Murphy is…

    …and how indifferent to fair and balanced reporting his UK Pravda bosses must be…



    …to present their global audience with yet another echo-chamber masquerading as ‘news!’

    Here’s the guttersnipe headline…


    Viktor Orban: Hungary ‘autocracy’ verdict from EU correct, say activists

    By Matt Murphy
    BBC News https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-62925460

    Well, what a surprise.

    Cats are most popular pets – correct…


    …say old ladies.


    Whisky is tops…correct…

    …say Scotsmen.


    You ask a question of a bunch of people whose answer you already know, because you know what their answer is bound to be…


    ..  and you also know who funds them…



    …and then you abuse your role as tax-funded state broadcaster by reporting their collective agreement as ‘news?’


    The report quotes apparatchiks from Amnesty International, Hungarian Helsinki Committee and Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

    Though I know enough about the first two, I admit I had to check the HCLU’s website…



    …but they don’t try to hide the truth, that Soros’ Open Society Foundation supports them.

    BBC certainly know of the Soros connection…



    …so why did they conceal it?


    • Diana 17:03 on September 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Typical deceitful BBC!


    • Kel Tremaine 19:27 on September 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Truly, the BBC is without any principle of honest reporting.


  • ross1948 08:30 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Wake Up! It’s International Human Rights Day! 

    Wake up!
    It’s International Human Rights Day, and shrilling must commence, supervised by the UN Human Rights Council, on which serve, or have recently served, such glorious champions of human rights as Red China…


    Can you tell who’s who?

    GENEVA, April 2, 2020 — China was appointed on Wednesday to a United Nations Human RightsCouncil panel where it will play a key role in picking the world body’s human rights investigators — including global monitors on freedom of speech, health, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detention…


    …and Cuba…


    …aah, see for yourselves!

    And the UN hypocrites’ background music will be provided by such august organisations as Amnesty International…



    …., whose spokesman only a week or so ago called for jackboot censorship….  

    Amnesty? Shamnesty! Making War On Free Speech

    ….of those who dissent from his own twisted take on the right of mentally disturbed men to demand we treat them as women! 


    Let’s tell these shameless charlatans at the UN, and at Shamnesty….


    Cur Qureshi and Amnesty – Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned!

    ….and the rest of the ‘rights’ rat-pack…



    …that we have heard enough about the ‘rights’ of terrorists, illegal aliens, sexual aberrants and other lawless undesirables.

    Next year, let’s mark this day on our calendars as…


    National Duty Day!

    All our readers will know what that means to them and their countries, but for Brits?


    Duty to Queen and Country!


    Duty to stand up proudly for what matters..


    ….and never kneel to our country’s enemies.

    Duty to defend our borders…



    ….just as our forefathers did.

    But make sure you know your enemy!


    • Lois Wadden 08:54 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Wake up?
      I think we are all awake to the rights rascals!
      Fed up, more like.


    • Penny 16:05 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The UN is a bad lot, Amnesty too, but I most hate those ‘rights’ lawyers who soak the UK taxpayers to bring their cases for illegals due for deportation.
      I dare not say here what I would like to do about them.


    • Vanessa Reilly 19:01 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Until people understand that getting rights depends on doing their duty, the duties you list, for starters, things won’t get better.


    • Heine 19:58 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      This is so true.
      In our home we have the rights and guests have privileges we give them.
      If they are rude and make trouble, we order them to go out.
      So it should be the same with our country.


  • ross1948 15:56 on September 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Lucky India! One Less Sticky-Beak ‘NGO!’ 

    After our previous report today about the admirable prosecutions in Greece, where a variety of foreign ‘NGO’ agitprop outfits have been causing trouble for years….

    Get ‘Em, Greece! Subversive ‘NGO’ Apparatchiks On Trial! 

    …it’s time to congratulate India on the good news we heard – not often we get good news, or honest news, from BBC, but here we are…

    Amnesty International says it has been forced to halt its India operations due to “reprisals” from the government.The watchdog has also accused the government of indulging in a “witch-hunt of human rights organisations”.Amnesty says its bank accounts have been frozen and it’s been forced to lay off staff in the country, and suspend all its campaign and research work. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-54277329

    Wise Indians!

    Although by the law of averages, Amnesty International occasionally ends up on the right side of issues, its overall record stinks!

    Amnesty has openly espoused all kinds of unpleasant and anti-social causes…

    Blasphemy Banned In Eire? Shamnesty Wants It Back! 

    …and shown open sympathy with dangerous criminals whose guilt was not in doubt…


    …and read these previous posts as well…

    Cur Qureshi and Amnesty – Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned!

    So the correct conclusion to draw is that Amnesty are not to be trusted.

    Every sensible government should emulate India’s and send Amnesty a powerful message!


    • Vanessa R 16:34 on September 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Good for the Indians.
      These ‘NGO’ people think they can dictate to everybody as if they have a moral high ground,when they mostly take money from our taxes instead of reaching into their own pockets.
      Or else they are subsidised by Soros!
      How much of your money does your government hand over to NGO meddlers? That previous post of yours about Strasbourg MEPs plotting to dish out millions, or was it billions?
      You should investigate that lot again. I know Britain is free of them now but when you wrote that the EU was still ripping us off.


  • ross1948 16:21 on March 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    If Every Undesirable Dislikes It, Maybe It’s Okay! 

    Further to our observations last week….

    Brit Vets Should Not Need To Wait For Months! 

    …which rebuked the notion of consulting a hostile foreign government on internal UK issue, an issue of principle, we now read that all Ulster’s enemies, home and away, have renewed their incessant, vexatious whining.

    Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill accused Downing Street of breaching previous commitments…


    Related image

    O’Neill, simpering with Blood-Beast Adams..


    Oh, yeah, THAT O’Neill!


    SDLP’s Colum Eastwood weighed into the debate–  his party would resist what he called an act of “spectacular bad faith…” 

    Oh, yeah, THAT Colum Eastwood!

    Colum  ‘I stand here as an Irish nationalist Eastwood,

    SDLP? Are They Really Any Different From Sinn Fein? 

    And, no show without Punch, Grainne Teggart, Amnesty UK campaigns manager for Northern Ireland…

    ….has also attacked the British Government, although we have not heard if their propaganda campaigns are still grubbing in the British public purse…

    Oh, yeah, THAT Amnesty!


    …of course, so has Varadkar’s arrogant side-kick..

    It was agreed by both governments and the political parties after intensive negotiations, and it must be implemented.”    https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/mar/18/dismay-over-uk-plan-to-close-unsolved-troubles-cases

    How dare that cur Simon Coveney, with his rancid record of anti-British rhetoric…


    Image result for simon coveney"

    Neither Forgive Nor Forget Eire’s Malevolence!

    …as we said last year…

    …a Dublin minister whining about people ‘getting away’ with offences when his own grubby little country allowed the scummiest IRA/Sinn Fein murder gangsters to escape justice for years and years and years..  Tory No To LibDem ‘Alien Votes’ Plan – But Aliens Will Still Be Voting 

    …how dare he seek to dictate to any British government what Brits MUST do?

    So if all these anti-British and Un-British voices are raised in a caterwauling chorus against Bojo’s proposals to end the witch-hunt…

    …perhaps we can hope Bojo is moving in the right direction?

    Maybe so, but keep the powder dry.

    The UK PM once spoke about how he’d rather be dead in a ditch than let Brits down by any rapprochement with the Brussels Empire, did he not?

  • ross1948 09:11 on March 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Invasion 2020 – Report Pro-Crimmigrant ‘Charities!’ 

    Watching the stone-throwing savages vent their frustration by the banks of the Evros in Thrace…


    Just like these violent migrant hoodlums in 2015!


    ….savages enraged at being thwarted in their desire to plunge their snouts into the yummy tax-troughs of Germany and Austria and the Scandinavian lands…


    Britain’s too until Brexit is complete!


    …one can only admire the brave Greek border guards and hope their political masters will soon give them the green light to use live ammo.

    But what can we civilians far from the scene do to help?

    Well, we can read the Guardian!

    Not the sort of suggestion you expect on my pages, I know, but today that abominable newspaper revealed, as insightful citizens might have foreseen, the intervention of another ( I say ‘another’ because we know the media, mostly, will stab their own nations in the back) segment of the Western world’s Enemy Within.


    In an open letter to EU leaders and the Greek prime minister Kyriákos Mitsotákis, 85 charities, including Action Aid and Amnesty International, said they were “deeply concerned” about how authorities were handling new arrivals to Greece.



    Like these?

    Your Majesty, Please Remove Royal Patronage From Infested NSPCC 

    ..or this?


    WoW have received £400,000 from Comic Relief in the last two years, despite being an overtly far-Left protest group with a specific political agenda (pro-Palestine is high on their list) and anti-Trump and anti-Israel obsessions.
    They have recently taken things a little too far, and have been reprimanded by the Charity Commission for ‘inappropriate political activity,’ with their ‘Stop Trump’ campaigning.

    Given their intrusion into geo-politics, their upstart attempts to dictate political policies, how these are still registered ‘charities?’

    How come the Charity Commissioners are not calling these ratbag outfits to account.

    Real charities walk about town with collecting cans, go from door-to-door asking for old clothes etc.


    Not a new concern…

    UK Charity Commissioners? Slap Down This Brexit-Hating ‘Charity!’ 

    …but without exploring more detailed news of the particular ‘charities’ involved in this latest outbreak of arrogance, one can only hazard a guess at the names of others involved.

    So there you are, two steps you can take…

    Here’s the link to the CC email address – https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-charity

    …to help, indirectly and in a small way, to show solidarity with today’s version of Leonidas’ 300, the stalwarts on the frontline against barbarous invaders.

    Find out which ‘charities,’ besides awful Amnesty, put their names to that insolent epistle, then email those Charity Commissioners, demanding action!

  • ross1948 18:56 on February 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Greece – Getting Better All The Time! 

    What a surprise, that the ‘Greek government has been criticised!

    Why the criticism?

    Because they are going to ‘build a floating barrier’ in what Homer called the ‘wine-dark sea,’ the Aegean…



    …off the tormented island of Lesbos, where ingrate savages have made life hell for the islanders since Erdolf unleashed the crimmigrant tsunami in 2015.

    Oh, and not just for those Greeks on that island where the poetess Sappho is said to have dwelt!

    Ingrate Afghans – In Athens – Tell GREEK To “Go, Go!” 

    Another Alien Ingrate Riot! Did You Even Hear About It? 

    Vile Ingrates Again Show Contempt For Greek Hosts! 

    Kurds attacked in Greek camp, accused of not fasting on Ramadan

    So far it’s only planned to extend for 2.7km., a ‘netted barrier’ rising between ‘pylons 50 metres above water and will be equipped with flashing lights to demarcate Greece’s sea borders.’

    Great stuff.

    So what’s to criticise?

     “In Evros, natural barriers had relative [good] results in containing flows,” referring to the barbed-wire topped fence that Greece built along its northern land border with Turkey in 2012 to deter asylum seekers.
    “We believe a similar result can be had with these floating barriers. We are trying to find solutions to reduce flows.” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/30/greece-plans-to-build-sea-barrier-off-lesbos-to-deter-migrants
  • ross1948 18:00 on November 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    You Want To Amnesty Illegal Immigrants? Vote For Boris! 

    While everyone is, understandably, focused on Brexit as the key issue..



    …British voters deluded into thinking that dear old Bojo is somehow a true Brit nationalist can easily disabuse themselves of such a nonsense notion by reading an article in The Spectator, about amnestying crimmigrants.



    There is no sign that the Prime Minister has changed his mind about the need for an amnesty since he embarked on his political career. On the contrary, he made the case for this when he was Mayor of London…



    I am surprised that the Brexit Party has not made more of Johnson’s enthusiasm for the cause of illegal immigrants, an enthusiasm he is clearly playing down, but there are still three weeks or more to go – and word’s getting out.


    In the leftist Independent last week, one of his Ministers, questioned on the likely levels of immigration if the Tories win next month, repeatedly dodged giving any kind of honest answer.

    In an excruciating exchange, Victoria Atkins failed – four times – to answer the question, despite cutting the numbers of migrants being a central pledge of the Vote Leave referendum campaign.

    Victoria Atkins

    Victoria Atkins MP keeps smiling through!

    Asked if the Tories wanted immigration to be higher or lower than it is now, she said: “We want to have immigration that suits the needs of the country.”

    She ought to be ashamed of herself.

    A more meaningless answer’s hard to imagine!

    But back to the Spectator writer, who is all for an amnesty….

    An amnesty would not mean that we stop policing the borders. A commonsense line can be drawn between those who have lived here for several years, and those who have not put down roots, who can be removed in a way that deters illegal immigration.


    If there were any likelihood of that latter possibility, we could talk about it.

    But even if the Tories meant to do any of that, they’d have every ‘rights’ rat gnawing at their every step, backed up by the robed rogues in Strasbourg…

    These Judges ARE Enemies Of The British People! 


    Remember this?

    Tories Fail ‘Asylum’ Test, As Ingrate Alien Faces Trial 

    ..or this?)

    Migrant who kayaked to Britain faces rape inquiry

    A migrant who paddled across the Channel in an inflatable kayak is to be questioned by immigration officials over the alleged rape of a British charity worker in the Calais Jungle camp.     http://www.iol.co.za/news/world/migrant-who-kayaked-to-britain-face-rape-inquiry-2089593  The rape was apparently common knowledge..

    Britannia Dolorosa – Sceptred Isle Now Garbage Dump – Thanks to ‘Human Rights Act’ 


    ….whose interference in UK affairs is NOT ended,  nor even curtailed, by the ‘Boris Bogus Brexit.’

    Besides, Johnson, like May before him, has evinced not an iota of serious action against crimmigrants.

    The parasites coming across the Channel, day after day, illegally, are not, for the most part, being sent back – instead they are afforded instant access to publicly funded room and board – ever more snouts in the tax trough.

    Of 1373 Channel Crimmigrants In 2019, How Many Still In UK? 

    There are thousands that have been here for years.

    No sign of speeding up their expulsion.

    Nor, note well, has Bojo announced any moves to block the return of rabid jihadists…


    Image result for ISIS theresa leaveeu


    ….to the ‘homeland’ they chose freely to betray, and to which Theresa May was so eager to welcome them back.

    The Spectator Scribbler tries to argue the case, recognising the argument that liberals dismiss as of no importance.

    The main objection is that people who broke the law in coming here ought not to be rewarded.

    The response he offers is typical – the justice argument ‘overlooks the complexities of modern migration patterns and the number of people affected.’

    Stuff ‘complexities!’

    Right and wrong  – not a complex contrast! .

    Law-breaking and law-abiding?

    Most of us know which we favour.

    But ‘the number’ is no argument at all, no matter it’s ‘estimated that there are now 1.2 million undocumented migrants in the UK..’

    BTW, how come he switches out of honest-speak, ‘illegal’ and into pinko-speak – ‘undocumented’ – halfway through his scribbling?

    Pink Slip showing?

    Again, no matter.

    It’s his defeatist, craven conclusion –

     ‘For the UK government to be theoretically committed to their expulsion is an absurdity..’

    – that marks the scribbler down as a bare-faced, brazen liberal!

    Does Britain not have police and armed forces?

    Would thousands of Brits not step up as citizen-volunteers, ready to assist in a round-up?

    Does Britain not have numerous uninhabited islands, on which to locate detention centres, while one batch after another of these illegals is deported?

    YES, YES and YES!

    Nothing ‘absurd’ about the fundamental fact that the law must be respected, and that these crimmigrants have flouted the law for far too long.

    Finally, a question – why is the Spectator Scribbler skulking in anonymity? There’s no name appended to the article!
    Is this the Editor writing?

    Maybe he’s afraid he will incur the ire of the pro-crimmigrant prime minister, but the PM’s underling, Victoria, has already undermined Bojo’s credibility on the whole immigration issue.


    Spec-Scrib should drop the mask.

    He has the democratic right to acclaim Bojo as a fellow-traveller on the road to amnesty for a million or more lawless aliens!



    • Mack the Knife 12:50 on November 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Johnson Farage alliance is a huge threat.
      We need a solidarity-type movement to fight it.


    • Petra Malley 22:26 on November 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Three’s a charm, as some say.
      I will add my third comment today, and my last, because I have much to do.

      The sheer scale of the illegal immigrant problem is terrifying but that should not be an excuse for what is referred to in a newspaper article this week as ‘the lack of “robust” measures to repatriate illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers, fewer than half of the 80,000 rejected having been removed from the UK.

      Of the estimated 800,000 to 1.2 million in the UK, the Pew Research Centre calculated most were people who had “overstayed their visas or asylum seekers who have remained in the UK after not seeing their cases approved.

      A massive mobilisation of police, armed forces and, as you suggest, volunteers, is the answer, to locate, intern and expel these illegals.
      Rewards should be offered for information leading to their capture.
      I would even go so far as to suggest that if one illegal can help bring a set number, for example 50, or 100, other illegals to justice, an amnesty for the confidential informant be approved, as long as no criminal activity besides illegal residence is known.


    • Vanessa Reilly 22:30 on November 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      More from the Guardian, confirming your low opinion of the Tories.

      ‘Priti Patel backtracking from her pledge this morning to “reduce overall immigration.” Asked four times she refuses to repeat pledge.’

      And she’s supposed to be the tough Home Secretary? No tougher now than when she u-turned on capital punishment to get a job with May. Now she likes her new job with Johnson so she kicks us in the teeth again,


  • ross1948 23:48 on February 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Amnesty ‘Only’ Use Tax-Payers’ Money For Propaganda? 

    While Giorgia Meloni is a great girl…A Violent Red Nazi Assault On A Lovely Patriot Lady! …Matteo Salvini is one of the good guys in Italy, a more reliable man than his other coalition partner Berlusconi.

    But I must say I think he’s wasting his time offering to talk to his country’s Enemy Within.

    Salvini asks to meet Amnesty


    Turning the other cheek is not a virtue I rate highly, and after the politically partisan ‘charity’ Amnesty International viciously attacked his Lega party, claiming that Italy was steeped in xenophobia and racism and 50% of Internet hate speech came from… where?


    Salvini’s party!

    Of course, Italy is NOT by any means the only country subjected to this far-left clique’s election meddling.


    Trump’s campaign is a good example of this, Amnesty said.

    “His poisoned election campaign was the example of a global trend that leads to anger and divisiveness.”

    Far Left fanatics have been ranting along these lines for the past year, or more.


    • We know what to expect from rabid extremists like Castro-crawling Michael Moore…

    ….and CNN’s pinko propagandists, like Lemon, and Jones and Tapper.

    But the source of that drivel at the top of our page is not some clapped out Media Democrat shrill.

    It’s from a so-called charity!

     The charity number for Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust is 1051681. Amnesty International UK Charitable Trust

    And it’s not just Italian and American party politics into which Amnesty’s sticky-beaks intrude.

    They rant against the Fides Party government in Hungary, and the Law and Justice Party government in Poland, inevitably, but they even lecture the Dutch pro-Brussels coalition in The Netherlands!

    Other human rights issues Amnesty raised about the Netherlands specifically includes ethnic profiling by the police, temporarily keeping asylum seekers locked up in asylum centers and the introduction of a partial burka ban.

    Amnesty Int. critical of Netherlands in anti-populism report | NL Times:

    “Ethnic profiling?”
    If a significant proportion of muggings in Amsterdam turns out to be committed by fair-haired Swiss grannies, is it unreasonable for Dutch cops to watch out for them?

    “They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So! 

    Or a significant proportion of those who commit another form of crime –   –  share a common and identifiable characteristic, should police ignore that fact?


    If illegal aliens know they risk deportation, and are thus likely to do a runner, it’s plain common sense to  keep them under lock and key.
    As for a ‘burka ban?’

    Nuff said.
    Sure, politicians can and will argue about all such issues. But a ‘charity?’

    The perpetrators of those shamelessly political outbursts collect funds by calling themselves ‘charitable?’

    More interestingly, whence come those funds?

    …we do not seek or accept money from governments or political parties for our work in documenting and campaigning against human rights abuses…

    OK! EXCEPT THAT, as we read the rest of that sentence, we learn that they don’t take tax-payers’ money or politicians’ hand-outs for that part of their ‘work’ but…


    …only for our human rights education work.


    Incidentally, even the most democratic country in Europe has provoked the pro-crimmigrant charity.

    Switzerland has been taken to task by the human rights group Amnesty International for its tough treatment of asylum seekers and migrants.

    Amnesty also said concerns remained “regarding the use of disproportionate force during the deportation of migrants” while several asylum seekers had been returned to other Schengen countries under the Dublin regulation

    Switzerland’s tough stance on migrants criticized by Amnesty 


    Are the Swiss meant to just tell undesirable illegals  ‘go on home, now, pretty please.’\

    They are liars, found to have no basis for the ‘asylum’ yarns they spun, so why not kick the brutes, no messing about. At the very least, it will discourage others of their unpleasant sort from resistance to orderly expulsion.

    Returned to other Schengen countries under the Dublin regulation…?

    Even The Leftal has to acknowledge that according to EU rules enshrined in the Dublin Convention, their applications for asylum should therefore be processed in the first EU country in which they arrive…


    So the crimmigrants concerned have NO grounds for complaint.

    Yet Amnesty’s arrogance does not end there. They take up a position of uppity contempt for Swiss democracy itself.

    Amnesty International also expressed concerns over a highly-controversial initiative put forward for referendum …

    So they disdain the right of Swiss to decide by democratic ballot what sort of laws they wish to live by?!

    The referendum is only ‘controversial‘ because it seeks to give Swiss law primacy over international law.

    And so it should be, at least while foreign courts impose imbecilic rulings, as they so often do.

    Definitely, Swiss can and should use their political parties to debate yes or no on that, and on any issue.

    What is absolutely outrageous is for an un-elected agitprop outfit like Amnesty to portray itself as a ‘charity’ while engaging in egregious interference in the internal politics of  Switzerland, Holland, Hungary, Poland or the United States.

    To use the adjective Amnesty uses to abuse President Trump, their rhetoric is ‘POISONOUS!’

    • Otto J D 21:56 on March 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Between Oxfam and Amnesty, the word ‘charity’ has surely been rendered meaningless.
      The charity commissioners have plenty of evidence that there are so-called ‘charities’ which are intent on interfering in the functioning of Western countries’ democratic elections .
      By engaging in propaganda activity against Trump in America and patriotic parties in Europe, like Salvini’s, they are openly political.
      As for illegal immigrants, including violent ones like that one you have shown Oxfam supporting, charities encouraging them are not charities at all but fifth columnists. , .


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