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  • ross1948 15:36 on February 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Power To The Fusties! Cambridge Common Sense! 

    ‘It is symbolic of an entrenched, majority cis male, majority white, majority fusty fellowship who neither know nor want to know about the injustices faced by minorities.’

    That’s a quite spectacular whinge emanating from a queer PhD student at Gonville and Caius, who is…

    Boo Hoo Hoo!

    ‘…bitterly disappointed…’

    But why?

    What heinous crime against humanity has the venerable Cambridge college committed?

    Was it a ban on wearing one’s trousers backwards?

    Or a refusal to permit pink velvet jump-suits at graduation ceremonies?


    It seems that, having pathetically chosen to fly something called the Progress Pride Flag…to mark the first day of LGBT History Month,’


    …the college authorities came to their senses and decided that flaunting appeasement of the maladjusted wasn’t such a good idea after all.

    Instead, they will skip all such nonsense gestures and keep the college’s own banner aloft all year long.

    Good on ya, Fusties!

    Here’s part of their statement

    Choosing to fly only the College flag avoids concerns regarding political neutrality and the difficulty of choosing between the plurality of good causes for which a flag could be flown.’

    But that message of goodwill has been ill-received, because although the gaystapo agenda, the absurdity of ‘gay marriage’ and the foul folly of ‘gay’ adoption…



    …has never been put to the people of the UK…



    …and Cast-Iron Cameron’s dodgy ‘consultation’ was a bad joke, the uptights are claiming that their agenda is not political…




    …so none dare challenge their increasingly outrageous demands… 



    ..even as they wage their war on free speech and scientific truth!


  • ross1948 19:00 on July 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Denmark fans, England hooligans, , pro-homo flags, provocateurs,   

    UEFA – Useless Eejits, Friggin Asses! 

    Reading entirely credible, appalling reports from Danish football fans about foul abuse by England ‘supporters… ‘


    … and reading UEFA’s incredible, irresponsible response…

    UEFA Vector Logo - Logowik.com

    Uefa said in a statement that it had “not received any complaint to date” but several Denmark fans the Observer spoke to on Saturday said they had sent their observations to the governing body after the game and not heard back.


    ..confirms my view that UEFA is contemptible.Passion Stickers - Decals Bad Boy Calvin Pee On UEFA Stickers Cars


    That view was already firmly in place after the report of how  the ‘sports’ in-crowd  turned viciously on Hungary…


    Hungary given two-game stadium ban for alleged homophobic chanting at Euro 2020 | The Independent

    …. after deliberately affronting that country’s decent values by insisting…

    UEFA today informed the Hungarian Football Federation that rainbow-coloured symbols are not political and in line with UEFA’s #EqualGame campaign, which fights against all discrimination, including against the LGBTQI+ community, such flags will be allowed into the stadium

    ….that trouble-makers, provocateurs, be allowed to flaunt their pro-pervert pennants in Hungarian stadia.

    Naturally, disgusted Magyars expressed their feelings, as stadium crowds often do – to the dismay of gaystapo sympathisers everywhere….

    . .and UEFA ‘sanctioned’ the country their pro-homo ruling had affronted.

    Here’s UEFA’s email.




    • Jacko 20:03 on July 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good this, when you get stuck right in.
      If I get to travel this summer, it’s Hungary for me.
      It sounds like a fine place.


    • Tam Birnie 21:59 on July 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A good Scots word, and very fitting, those Uefa twits twisting and turning whatever way the wind blows.
      If they’d gone with the fairy folk from the start, I would respect them more but they kept wobbling until they could not get away with it any longer.
      The fairy gold is the answer, all those sponsor companies tied to the ‘gay’ cause.


    • Mack The Knife 23:13 on July 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There can’t be many, left or right, who would disagree with you on Uefa, eejits and asses, a good summing up of the way they have dodged and weaved on the queer issue.


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