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  • ross1948 21:11 on March 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    A Norwegian Minister Who Can Use His Head! 

    So who is Per Sandberg?


    Norway appoints immigration hardliner Sandberg as new justice minister


    Must be a good guy, if The Leftal, sorry, The Local, offers us this headline!

    Norway appoints immigration hardliner Sandberg as new justice minister



    Not only that plaudit, but also the breathless, ominous observation that Sandberg is also considered close to the FrP’s populist wing – Frp is the Norwegian Progress Party – makes him sound a promising chap indeed.

    And there’s more!

    There’s an amusing anecdote about how he was, over twenty years ago, fined 3000 kroner ($AUD 400)  for hitting an asylum seeker from the former Yugoslavia at a late-night party at his home.

    “I don’t remember who started it, but the headbutting went off like a pure reflex and then it was over,” Sandberg has written.

    Not all ‘asylum-seekers’ are nasty lying parasites but many are, and some are infinitely worse than that…



    …so it’s hard to comment on that particular case, except to wonder why he had invited (IF he had invited) the ‘asylum-seeker’ into his home.

    So until the background to the yarn is clear, let’s remember that SOME ‘asylum-seekers’ deserve not head-BUTTING…

    Asylum seeker jailed for life in Germany for rape, murder

    Iraqi asylum seeker guilty of London Tube bombing

    …but head-REMOVAL!

    Pity that Europe’s decadent courts won’t impose that right and proper penalty.


    • Mathias 14:15 on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Norway needs more populist people like him.
      So many Islamists in the country but the stupid courts will stop us when we want to make them leave, as in the Krekar case.
      That Islamist is like a devil from hell but judges worry more his safety than they care about us Norwegian people.


      • Steve Karpel 15:52 on March 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        What Norway and many other countries including my own needs is more populist judges, my friend.
        I mean judges who put their own countries first and not supranational conventions.
        It’s achievable, in Europe, if we elect more populist politicians and pull the country out of the conventions.
        Here in the USA, it’s harder and that is one problem that President Trump can fix, if Bad-Ass Bader Ginsburg would step down or drop down, with a couple more liberals from the Supreme Court.


    • Ned Ansell 23:20 on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      He’s got the best approach to these fakers.
      Better than hugging ISIS returners like May does anyway.


  • ross1948 22:27 on November 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Valiant Viking Sylvi Blasts Pro-Parasite Pinko Prelate! 



    • More media distortion.
    • o
    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211


    • In fact, the laws are hardly draconian in any sense that Draco, the Ancient Greek whose code inspired the adjective, could possibly have recognised.
    All Norway has done is to limit grants of asylum to five years, after which ‘refugees’ are repatriated if the situation in their country has improved significantly. There are, alas, no mass deportations going on, not even many individual expulsions of the many ingrate trouble-makers who are a social cancer long in need of excision. 
    I refer to jihadists like Mullah Krekar, who has been the subject of a ruling from the Supreme Court, declaring him  a “danger to national security”
    He still ives in Norway and is the founder of Ansar al-Islam, an Iraq-based group affiliated with Al-Qaeda…he was charged with making death threats, after he threatened Norwegian officials with death if he is deported…




    Krekar has justified the 9/11 attacks and supports killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq and civilians who help them. He met with Osama Bin Laden​ in the 1990s, who he described as “a jewel in the crown of Islam.” In 2009, he voiced his desire for a Caliphate that Bin Laden would help lead.  

    FrontPage magazine,22 July 2011


    Has Hogwash Helga the blustering bishopess spoken up about this evil in her vicinity, demanding he be sent back whence he came?
    pigs-might-fly Krekar going home? No chance!
    Pigs’ll fly before we hear any sense from the likes of Her Grace!
    Ludicrously, the reason he hasn’t been booted out is some inane rule that won’t allow expulsions if there’s a risk of maltreatment at the destination.
    Sectarian swine like Krekar deserve loads of maltreatment!
    And Norway is still letting too many undesirable aliens in.
    But skip Draco!
    Consider Jesus, who was not backward in picking up a scourge when he felt malefactors deserved a touch of corporal punishment. No sign of Norway doing the right thing on that aspect of legal reform either.
    Good regular floggings might do Krekar and curs like him a world of good.
    Naturally the lovely Silvi was vexed at the recent episcopal eruption and has counter-attacked vigorously.  
    'Jesus would back us on asylum': Norway minister  Sylvi
    “What she’s doing is to throwing herself into a political debate, taking sides. The Norwegian Church should be a church for everyone, but now I feel that it is politics and not Christianity which comes first,” she said. 
    Good on ya, Syl.
    We need more like you….
    ….and not just in Norway! 
  • ross1948 15:02 on July 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Nice One, Norway! Jail ‘Asylum’ Liars! 

    We all know that plenty of those ‘asylum’ parasites pouring into civilised countries are lying swine.


    • refugees

    …..  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/lying-parasites-aged-asylum-kids-allotted-homes-as-aussies-wait-in-line/


    Australians in particular have experience of their mendacity. ‘A Soft Touch!’ Truth Will Out on Asylum Parasites! Oz Officials ‘Know You’re Lying’ but ‘You’ll Be Fine!’  …

    but America –Asylum’ Interview? “Just Make It Up!” 




     …and Britain   – among many others – have no excuse for falling for the dirty cheats’ queue-jumping duplicity.

    As that UK post shows, they will retain their dishonesty once comfortably installed in their new homes! 

    But too many governments are laggard in booting the  wasters back to whence they came. ‘Throw the Bums Out!’ Suddenly, Brussels Agrees!


    Now, however, we are beginning to hear noises of good sense emerging, surprisingly, perhaps, in Scandinavia.

    Not Sweden, of course. That’s a lost cause, unless the Swedes take up arms against their treasonous elite.

    But listen to what’s being said next door in Oslo. 

    • congratulationssuperjob

    Norway’s justice minister has announced plans to jail asylum seekers if they do not have a good enough reason to seek refuge in Norway. Norway proposes jailing fake asylum seekers

    What an excellent idea!
    The plan is the brain-child of Anders Anundsen, a minister from the sanity-prone Progress Party.
    Anundsen reckons a three-day spell in prison would send “an important signal” to would-be immigrants abusing the asylum system to gain entry to Norway. 
    Yes, indeed! But it’s merely a plan at present.
    He is holding consultations on the proposal, arguing that wannabe parasites who deliver manifestly unfounded asylum applications can be processed with an expeditious procedure lasting two days, and that they also be detained pending proceedings.”
    A good start, but his three days is a little inadequate!
    Three YEARS, with hard labour, would be better, although that could be cut short once a plane or container vessel is made ready to remove the lying swine to their country of origin.
    However, the principle is sound, especially since Anundsen points out that “As we have it today, people come into the country and then disappear straight away. By the time their asylum applications are rejected, you can no longer find these individuals.” 
    But, as in every other Western land, the Enemy Within is on hand to champion mendacious undesirables. Back in 1940, Norway had a man named Quisling, who thought highly of unwanted alien invaders.
    And today?
    The Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) condemned the proposal.  “You cannot imprison someone just because they want a better future in Norway,” says Andreas Furuseth, their legal advisor.
     Fatuous Furuseth
    Some legal advisor! The fool can’t read.
    Nobody’s under threat for wanting a better future. The prospective jail-birds will land behind bars for LYING, criminal deceit to gain residency in Norway!
    They deserve draconian punishment and Anundsen’s small step in the right direction should be welcomed. 
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