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  • ross1948 18:40 on February 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Progressive’ – Inverted Commas Indicate Honesty 

    Ottawa’s ‘progressive’ police chief RESIGNS after Trudeau’s ‘martial law’ declaration


    I don’t know what that Ottawa top cop has done during his term of office, but since the previously positive word ‘progressive’ has long been hi-jacked by the Left to describe any nonsense they want to promote, one must assume he’s been a bit of a pinko.

    Hence I congratulate whoever composed that headline, for putting inverted commas around that adjective.

    ‘Progress’ was once a good thing, a student making progress in his subject, a patient in hospital making progress, always good news.

    But while the wokers think ruining society is ‘progressive,’ most people don’t!

    • Expat Irene 11:30 on February 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Oppressive, not progressive, a better word to talk about the wokers.


  • ross1948 13:07 on September 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    On Canadian Politics Too, BBC Bias! 

    On Canadian politics too, the BBC cannot resist bias.

    The NDP’s modest single-seat gain marks the first time since 2011 that Canada’s progressive party has not lost seats.’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58641764.amp

    The so-called New Democratic Party is NOT “progressive!’

    Progress is intrinsically good – the example I use is when a teacher tells a parent that a child is making progress in some difficult subject.

    The NDP is leftist, or socialist!

    Its leader, as we have noted…


    Jagmeet Singh at the 2nd National Bike Summit in Ottawa in 2018
    … Jagmeet Singh

    Jagmeet Singh wants to be Prime Minister: Of Canada or Khalistan

    ..is a most extreme individual whose very allegiance to Canada is in question and whose open contempt for a free press…

    This media labelling of leftism as ‘progressive’ is not unique to UK Pravda…


    …but is unacceptable in a tax-funded state broadcaster.

    • Benny Scardena 16:06 on September 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There is nothing progressive about that guy in the tall turban.
      He is everything you say he is, and worse.


    • Mort 18:22 on September 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Various people have identified the inaccuracy of equating ‘progressive’ with ‘left.’
      As you say, from childhood school work to repairing a motorbike, we learn that making progress is laudable.

      What is most disturbing is that so many lazy thinkers on the right have taken to describing their most dangerous leftwing opponents as ‘progressives.’

      The idea that what AOC wants to do to the USA, or the far-left GetUp network works to do to Australia, is in any sense good or positive or in any way could represent progress is insane, unless of course you are as extreme as they are.


  • ross1948 10:28 on March 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Won’t Deport Rapists? Let’s Cut The ‘Biden’s Moderate’ Cr… 


    Making Progress = Doing Well.

    If your doctor or your teacher says you’re making progress, you’ll be pleased.

    It’s a pity so many of even the sensible media an absolutely dishonest description of the far-left into their reports.

    I refer to the adjective ‘progressive,’ used to refer to Batty Bernie and Pocahontas Warren.

    But I won’t beat the same drum as I did last year on this…


    • Hasil gambar untuk progress regression
    • The faces of European progress?
    • =
    • Real progress means a clear denunciation of Mama Stasi’s past recklessness, and of Sweden’s stark-staring lunacy which has gone on for decades.

    • Real progress requires a recognition in Paris that it was crazy to permit the influx which, with its offspring…

    • =
    • =
    • have turned some urban neighbourhoods into alien enclaves that now resemble foreign lands. .

    • Progress is what Trump is all about, and progress, hauling their nations into the bright light of hope, is what we eagerly anticipate if Salvini comes to power in Rome and other patriot parties rise high in other countries


    …merely a reminder that words matter.


    Words like ‘moderate,’ which, when applied to Gibbering Joe Biden, is about as appropriate as the word ‘aromatic’ is to a skunk.

    Obummer’s V-P has now openly declared that, for the first 100 days of his (God Forbid!) presidency, no alien serial killers or child-molestors need fear deportation.

    What a revolting slug ( impending senility’s no excuse!) he is, thus to pander to the Open Borders pro-crimmigrant lobby.

    “In the first 100 days of my administration, no one, no one will be deported at all,” Biden said. “From that point on, the only deportations that will take place is convictions of felonies in the United States of America.”

    Joe Biden: No Deportations for Any Criminal Illegal Aliens in My First 100 Days

    Nor is his appeasement of America’s Enemy Within limited to illegal aliens.

    I append below part of a hard-hitting article from Mission America.

    You should use the link to read the entire article.

    The Biden Foundation (which just suspended operations) packed its advisory council with well-known radicals like Eliza Byard, president of the school-corruption-group GLSEN; Evan Wolfson, founder of Freedom to Marry; Judy Shepard (Mathew’s mother, still claiming her son’s death was an anti-homosexual hate crime, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary); and transvestite Mara Kiesling.

    All are working diligently to deceive the American public, and Biden appreciates their efforts.


    The Biden Foundation page on “LGBTQ” youth embraces these harmful behaviors as worthwhile, inborn traits, which is untrue. Why do more “LGBTQ” youth attempt suicide?
    Biden’s group blames societal discrimination. I don’t know about you, but any president who buys this continuing phony narrative is a fool—a dangerous one.https://www.missionamerica.com/article/meet-joe-biden-lgbtq-extremist/


  • ross1948 11:00 on October 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Guardian Bint Rants – ‘My Pinko Bias Rules, OK?’ 

     Interesting to see that the ultra-liberal New York Times has felt obliged to create a smoke-screen to hide the bigoted leftist bias of its hacks.

      The policy prohibits reporters from making social media posts that “express partisan opinions, promote political views, endorse candidates, make offensive comments or do anything else that undercuts The Times’ journalistic reputation.” 


    And, OMG, some media creeps don’t like it!

    Guess whence the shrillest yelps of anguish emanate!

    Jessica Valenti, a columnist at The Guardian, said progressive views on women, race, immigration and climate change should not be treated as mere opinion.

    Hasil gambar untuk jessica valenti

    So many hang-ups with these frustrated feminoids!


    “What counts as partisan opinion?” Ms. Valenti asked on Twitter. “That women are people? That black lives matter?” “How do you not ‘take a side’ on climate change, bigotry, the dehumanization of undocumented immigrants?” she said in another tweet.

    This surely rivals Papal Infallibility, which itself has become a bit unstuck recently…


    Holy Hogwash! It”s That Argie Dope Again! 

    …but we should be grateful to this demented pinko for telling us plainly that on the issues of climate panic, of the racist BLM gang – – Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”  – or of lawless crimmigrants…



    …her ‘progressive’  ( i.e. PC leftist) prejudices are not partisan opinion but rather eternal truths, before which we must all genuflect in awe.



    However, the background to the NYT ‘reform’ is more interesting than this uptight, un-cat-called ( poor wee past-it thing!) media-bint’s warbling.

    The excellent Project Veritas caught out another nasty leftist ‘journalist’ gleefully gloating at his ability to use ‘news’ to bash and trash patriots and conservatives.

    … James O’Keefe, founder of the conservative investigative group Project Veritas, released undercover video of Nicholas Dudich, The Times’ audience strategy editor, bragging about his ability to slant the news.


    Hasil gambar untuk nicholas dudich NYT


    The NYT has swung into denial mode, claiming that even an ‘editor,’ which  Dudich definitely is (and also a bare-faced liar who falsely claimed that former FBI Director James B. Comey is his godfather!) had no input on content determinations.

    But although the NYT admits he ‘violated ethical standards,’ no word yet if they are going to fire the far-left bigot. ‘We are reviewing the situation now.”

    Project Veritas thinks he has been.

    O’Keefe: Did NYT Fire Audience Strategy Editor Nick Dudich?

    No worries – the creepoid will be no doubt be snapped up by the Guardian or CNN or some other part of the Enemy Within!



    • Nancy Teller 14:04 on October 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I ask myself why people like her even call themselves journalists. Who was it talked about the media years ago?.
      ‘ Harlots with power and without responsibility.’..
      This Guardian girl is clear enough, she’s a groupie for every leftwing cause, global warming/cooling, illegal immigrants, BLM racists,.
      But she still gets all upset by guys showing no interest when she walks down the street?
      What a sad tart.


    • Vicki 22:25 on October 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I call her an unmitigated bigot.
      No balance? No fair play for anybody who thinks different from her?
      She would have made a great editor for one of those 1930s Nazi newspapers in Germany, or Pravda in the USSR.


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