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    Smokers Nabbed in Bali – But How About Us Drinkers! 

     Ngurah Rai International Airport 3 Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport


    Big news on that Bali website, a raid on smokers in the airport. http://www.balidiscovery.com.

    If you expect me to deplore the action targetting my fellow tobacco-fans, stroll on. Ngurah Rai has greatly improved its smoking area, from a dank, densely-packed, little overgrown cupboard to a nice open-air place.

    And civilised smokers don’t complain ( and shouldn’t transgress) when civilised facilities are available – I only wish that new Jakarta Terminal would be as considerate!

    But how about drinkers?



    Ever since that intolerant edict was promulgated, which bans minimarts across the archipelago from selling a few bottles or cans of beer to honest citizens on a hot day (and we’re having very hot days in Jakarta at the moment – again, no complaints, I love hot weather but one does get a thirst!) there has been talk of Bali getting a special dispensation.

    Bingung Buaaanget! – Gimana Minum Bir Di Bali? 

    This is partly because of the tourist issue, but also, surely, because creeping shariah is hard to justify when the great majority of Balinese are Hindus. I haven’t been to Bali recently, so I don’t know how that’s working out. 

    Prohibition Indonesia – Bali Exempt…Sort Of! 

    Any sectarian legislation is a blot on Indonesia’s reputation, but nevertheless, an even more intolerant Islamist law is being pushed through parliament at the moment, which apparently  provides for two years imprisonment for what I’m doing now, having a drink in my own front yard! 

    No More Drink? Jakarta on Brink of Prohibition 



    I enjoy a drink, and a smoke, and by doing so, I don’t bother anyone else. Every Indonesian should have the same right to personal free choice in these matters. Even smokers are given space to relax and enjoy their pastime on the terraces of cafes, in other public places, and of course on their own property.

    So why not drinkers? .

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    ‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 

    couple_sharing_tea_time_victorian_style_wood_display_silhoue_8b1071a31 Harlot!


    Today, however, some of the women of Aceh have strayed far from the teachings of Islam and have engaged in immoral activities such as sitting in coffee shops and laughing and talking about unimportant things.   – See more at: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/06/18/your-letters-let-aceh-be-with-its-sharia-law.html

    I know it’s just a letter to an editor, and indeed when I first read it yesterday, as I was en route to a party where beer and wine would flow freely and lots of attractive bright gals would undoubtedly be laughing and talking about unimportant things…




    …..my initial reaction was that it must be some kind of spoof, written by a simple-minded ‘Islamophobe.’




    Naaah, surely nobody’s going to make such an imbecilic assertion as part of a serious argument?

    But I persevered.  

    This geezer was responding to an article on the shariah subjugation of Aceh women, which mentioned that in the past there were outstanding female characters in that sorry province.

    As I may have mentioned before, before the descent into sectarian barbarism, Aceh had queens, sultanas who ruled successfully, and one of the heroes, heroines, rather, of Aceh’s struggle against the Dutch was the famed Cut Nyak Dien – 


    Cut Nyak Dhien portrait.jpg

    Cut Nyak Dhien,

    She clearly managed to lead the Resistance without wearing the scarf that denotes second-class status.

    And her daughter, Cut Gambang, also distinguished herself  in those wars.  


    And another Acehnese lady named Cut ( it’s pronounced Choot and denotes blue blood) is also recognised as a national hero.

     Cut Meuthia


    But this fellow writing to the JP reckons women nowadays are a cut below Cut.


     Why were so many women successful in the past?
    The answer is their behavior. They did not go out with someone who was not their Muhrim (related by blood), nor did they spend time doing useless things. Most importantly, Acehnese women in the past obeyed anything that the ulema commanded them to do. 

    Oh.  Anything?  The ulema (‘scholars’) should be obeyed in everything?  I could go through the ludicrous list of Indonesian Council of Scholars fatwas, on everything from yoga, bike-riding and wedding photos…

    fatwa mui sholeh

    …but this post is already quite long – just use our search box inserting MUI, then laugh or cry at the results!


    Now, again,  we can dismiss the retarded rot as just another letter to the Ed.

    Until we recall the reality of Aceh, the gross, grotesque sexism,  in which, sad to say, some women are collaborators.


    Against people’s will: Public Order Agency officials and sharia police take away several women in a van in Banda Aceh, Aceh, on Wednesday. These women were detained at entertainment spots on New Year Day.  The authorities imposed a ban on New Year celebrations in Aceh. More than 90 percent of Indonesian Muslims celebrated New Year’s Eve joyfully throughout the archipelago, including in many places in Aceh, without any problems. (Antara/Irwansyah Putra)

    Aceh women taken prisoner by the shariah gestapo


    Banda Aceh Mayor Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal ordered venues including restaurants, sport centers, Internet cafes and tourist attractions to not serve women after 11:00 p.m. unless accompanied by their husbands or other male family members…




    • ===============
    • Pathetic, but nothing less than one expects from this fanatical female.

    Does she really ask her male masters for permission to go out at night? Does she feel not even a tincture of shame at having her own sex relegated to the status of kindergarten kids, infantilised, unable to go to and fro without supervision?  

    At least tots can go out with either mum or dad. Up in Aceh, an honest middle-aged woman can’t enjoy a night out with her girl-friends unless some geezer tags along to legitimise the outing.  

    And the Mayor abhors religious liberty as much as she despises fair play for her own sex. She has distinguished herself over recent years for Dark Age drivel exemplifying intolerance. 

    Islamist Mayor – We Know Where You Live! Submit to Indoctrination OR ELSE! 

    I’m not sure what she means by tourist attractions.


    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


    Presumably the mediaeval mentality up there on the self-styled ‘Verandah of Mecca’ would include that vile venue where women are publicly whipped, for reasons only comprehensible to the savages who order the whippings.

    Not Fasting – How About A Whipping? Aceh Slips Deeper Into Barbarism 

    I was also going to comment on the next sentence from the Jakarta Post report – The directive, dated June 4, also prohibits women from working in such establishments after 11:00 p.m. –

    One of the immediate benefits of going out to a cafe, resto or bar or anywhere at night in Jakarta is to be served your cold beer by a cute smiling waitress.


    dancer a welcoming smile in a Jakarta bar


    But then up there in Nasty Land, there can’t be many bars to go to! 

    Just as, if Indonesia’s Parliament presses on with the Islamist prohibition law currently going through its initial legislative stages, the entire archipelago will be submerged in the same sort of twilight zone, to become  –

    Indonesia, Truly Arabia!  




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    West Java, What Next? IslamoNazi Home Invasions? 

    Hey, lazy Sunday, so catching up on news and, having just posted on IslamoNazi promises NOT to cause mayhem   in Central Java…Did Sukorejo Show Indonesia How To Curb IslamoNazi Thuggery…suddenly I notice we may well be getting some nearer home.

    • ———-

    • My home is my castle, so people in the Old Country say, meaning within their four walls they are safe from interference by sticky-beaks etc. But for residents of Depok, West Java, right next door to Jakarta, there may soon be a threat to such peace of mind.  No right to relax in your own home – the IslamoNazis are on the war-path again.

    • One of our numerous West Java readers sent us this story a while ago, but it is still timely. 

    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).  FPI savages, in cowardly mask mode


    The self-styled Defenders of Islam Front (FPI) have brazenly boasted that they’ll not hesitate to carry out raids on apartments and boarding houses, the excuse being sticky-beak gossip that some of these dwellings are sometimes used as locations for prostitution.

    Needless to say, it’s good old Gauleiter Gadri, aka Habib Idrus Al Gadri, Depok FPI chairman, who’s up to his neck in this vigilante mischief.

    depok _swepping_buku Gauleiter Idrus Al Gadri

    “The problem today, Depok City Government does not care about issues like this,” he has declared! According to him, currently Depok City Government emphasizes physical development rather than building moral citizens.  http://metro.tempo.co/read/news/2015/04/29/083662095/Marak-Prostitusi-FPI-Ancam-Razia-Kos-dan-Apartemen-di-Depok

    Then he had a rant about how the municipal government does not combat the circulation of liquor…that is the source of all evil...

    Well, the way I felt last Thursday morning, after a fine night out on Wednesday, I could almost have agreed with him.


    • prohibition_
    • ALL evil? Really?

    But if Incandescent Idrus reckons sexual liaison behind the closed doors of rented apartments is one of those evils, as he obviously does, how is circulation of liquor the source of that?

    You might bring home a six-pack to share with your chosen chick, but accessibility of alcohol does not, of itself, make you want to hook up, with a hooker or anyone else. A guy can be stone-cold sober and still get the urge. 

    Logic is not the Gauleiter’s strong point.

    But that’s his problem, not anyone else’s – until the strutting fanatic starts sending in thugs to gate-crash people’s homes and see who’s in bed with whom. 

    In principle, if the law enforcement officers want to do the job, FPI will stand back. But, if they do not listen, we are going ourselves to raid places of prostitution,” he said.

    Sadly, a lot of police time is indeed wasted on hunting down unmarried couples (NOT just slappers and clients) who are having fun in hotels etc.

    It’s one of the odd aspects of living here in Indonesia. Occasionally, we get a laugh, when the biter is bit – here’s a link to a story from where one of the captured couples turned out to be police officers! Duh! Suami Lagi Pendidikan, Oknum Polwan di Rumah “Ditemani” Perwira – JPNN.com

    NB, as always, it’s little hotels that are targetted, not the five-stars where the rich take their pick of high-class tarts from glitzy lounge bars. (although sometimes not – the big celeb slapper scandal mysteriously erupted after revelations from a posh hotel raid –Five-Star Hotel Hooker Horror – Jakarta Post Grammar Probe? )

    But NB again, this time it’s NOT just hotels – it’s APARTMENTS AND BOARDING HOUSES – people’s private dwelling-places!!

    If some bloke has his girl friend round for the weekend, and a gang of white-shirt louts break in,…?

    Unfortunately gun ownership is heavily restricted here, because in my opinion, any resident thus faced with home-invasion by bigot ignoramuses with absolutely no right whatsoever to be troubling peaceful citizens…


    ….that resident would be entirely justified in taking down the sectarian brutes with whatever weapon might be handy.  

    Mind you, given the FPI’s record of cowardice when they face indignant citizens’ resistance, they’d likely turn tail and run – unless the foe were out-numbered ten to one! IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck


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    Jakarta Globe Skips Fanatic Role in Prohibition Demand 

    While the Jakarta Globe’s latest story on the ‘creeping shariah’ plan to impose nationwide prohibition on Indonesia does mention the instigatory role of two Islamist parties, there’s a shocking gap in the key part of the report, namely who’s in charge of the KPAI.

    http://thejakartaglobe.beritasatu.com/news/child-protection-commission-backs-nationwide-alcohol-ban/ .

    That’s the National Child Protection Agency, and new readers may be unaware of what has happened within that seemingly innocuous body over the last year or two.


    • asrorun-niam-sholeh-_110920193748-249 KPAI Chair Asrorun in Fatwa mode! 

    Fanatic Stirs JIS Storm – MUI’s Asrorun Demands Sectarian Schooling! 

    However, as we have reported more than once, the KPAI Chairman, Asrorun, is a leading member of the notoriously intolerant MUI, the Islamist ‘Indonesian Council of Scholars.’  Not only that, but he’s the sometime boss of its Fatwa Commission!

    The fanatical extremism of the MUI can be measured by its own pronouncements. Here’s a sample  of our posts on the MUI self-styled ‘scholars’  –

    Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” 

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    Islamist ‘Scholars’ Disown Thuggery – But We Gotta Behave! 

    – and Asrorun certainly hasn’t disowned their nonsensical diktats, not even the grisly endorsement of female circumcision perpetrated on defenceless little girls. . 


    Kiai Hajj Amin Ma’ruf, pointed out that it is an”advisable practise on moral grounds…he rejects any attempt to declare this practice illegal or contrary to the principles. It comes under the sphere of “human rights,” said the Islamist leader, and is “guaranteed by the Constitution.”    http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Indonesian-Ulema-in-favour-of-female-circumcision:-a-human-right-26948.html

    Child Protection?

    And as for children’s other rights, has Asrorun disowned the outrageous sexism that shariah decrees when a parent dies and his children inherit whatever he leaves behind?  The iniquitous inheritance rules embedded in shariah make it very clear girls are a poor second to boys in that matter.

    It’s downright weird that the JG failed to mention Asrorun’s real motivation, his bigoted sectarian ideology.



    • Dave Upritcherd 11:08 on May 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Galluping Shariah, would be a more accurate description. Since I came here, more years than seems possible, the country has gone downhill. losing that
      Javanese relaxed approach, and taking on the horrible Arabese mentality
      The ‘scarfing’ you are always ranting about is only the surface scab covering the inner sickness.
      Prohibition will come, and Indonesia will lose so much besides Bintang.


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    Bingung Buaaanget! – Gimana Minum Bir Di Bali? 

    Our headline spells it out – –  very confusing, how to drink beer in Bali!

    The illogic of prohibition and the impact of the weird kill-joy diktat against beer sales on tourism is making itself plain in Bali, according to the latest report on that handy website we often refer to.




    It seems that the special dispensation given to the Isle of the Gods covers not only the sale of beer, but also how both foreign and domestic visitors to the popular beachfront consume it. 


    I’d have thought that iisue, at least, was easily determined – just lift the glass or bottle (or plastic cup if you’re in dire straits) then stuff it in your gob and tilt till you feel the amber nectar flowing merrily down your throat!


    • b6128-alcoholicsilhouette ‘Now, how is this done again?’
    • ——————————————-
    • But let’s see.

    The rules introduced by the Kuta village authority are expected to outlaw the drinking of beer while strolling roadsides and sidewalks in Kuta and establish a village-owned cooperative to control the distribution of beer to local traders.

    Clever tourists will presumably ponder the possibilities of using tinted soft drink bottles to carry their beverage of choice around the town, thus compelling sticky-beak patrols to put on their thinking-caps if they aim to emulate the latest round of raids on mini-marts etc.

    And not just mini-marts!

    Local law enforcement, we’re told, is engaged in a cat-and-mouse game as they harry small businesses catering to thirsty people on hot Bali days – the regency of Jembrana has no officially licensed cafes and bars, yet, in reality, there are a very large number of such establishments open for business and selling beer throughout that regency.

    Obviously the place to go for a fun day out!


    simpangsiurbali  – drink driving bad – drink walking too?


    The last statistics I saw suggested that the number of Aussie visitors to Bali was increasing – few answering the exhortations to boycott the island because of recent events.

    But word will be borne back, to what Indonesian media refer to as the Land of the Kangaroo, about all this carry-on over where and how one can quaff a swift ale. THEN we’ll see what happens.

    Sad to see a country score such a needless own goal – for all the talk of ‘health and safety’ and preventing under-age access to alcohol, most countries manage to handle such problems without turning to nit-picking bans.  




    That’s why so many people take the view that this whole nonsense is simply ‘creeping shariah,’ placating intolerant sectarians.

    And for sure, appeasers usually find they themselves suffer in the longer run.



    • Jack T 09:43 on May 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Nothing wrong with a plastic cup.
      Any port in a storm and it disguises the contents very effectively.


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    Breaking Bali News – Non-Prohibition Zones Announced! 

    Further to our reports on the prohibition nightmare descending on  Indonesia.. 



    And here they are – this is all very well, in that these freedom sectors are where most tourists like to hang out. 

    The 16 tourist location in Bali are designated as open for the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages are:

    • Candikesyma
    • Perancak
    • Soka
    • Sanur
    • Nusa Penida
    • Kuta
    • Tuban
    • Nusa Dua
    • Ubud
    • Lebih
    • Candidasa
    • Ujung
    • Tulamben
    • Kalibukbuk
    • Air Sanih
    • Batu Amar
    • http://www.balidiscovery.com.

    But if the Balinese had any  hopes of developing OTHER parts of the island for normal folk rather than uptight abstinence fanatics…




    I guess the sticky-beaks have scuppered those plans until sanity regains a hold on the Jakarta powers-that-be! 


    • Shaun 10:35 on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for the info.
      We’ll be there next month and now we know where to avoid!


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    Warem2 Indonesia – Will Prohibition Herald a Land of ‘Dimly-Lit Stalls?’ 



    Here we are folks, one of those ‘dimly-lit stalls’ we keep hearing about. Just insert the phrase in our RRA search box and you’ll find plenty of references to this  phenomenon, which is the bete noire of kill-joy sectarian gangs across this beautiful archipelago.

    I’ve gotta hand it to Harian Terbit for that alluring picture.  http://www.harianterbit.com/megapol/read/2015/03/24/23147/29/18/Masyarakat-dan-FPI-Desak-Pemkot-Bekasi-Tertibkan-Warem-di-Jatisampurna 

    It was taken in Bekasi, a place not much fun when I lived there ten or more years ago, and increasingly so today, regrettably, given the bigoted regime of the Regent, No-Shame Neneng, whose loathing of religious liberty we have oftimes covered. 

    However today’s post will be confined to more mundane matters, with these dimly lit stalls (warem) paradoxically in the spotlight.



    All Our Tomorrows – Jakarta Pedestrians Breathalysed? 

    I’d noticed it when first published last month, but with the Government’s declaration that ALL consumption of alcohol, not just in Bekasi but across the archipelago (except Bali) is to be outlawed, it offers a glimpse of Indonesia’s potential Prohibitionist future.

    It appears that ‘people’ in the Bekasi district of Kranggan Jatisampurna are ‘complaining,’ because ‘although often urged by the public, the city government is reluctant to take any action.’

    The Regent is responsible for a wider area, but the actual city is the fief of yet another Golkar Party bigwig, Mayor Rahmat Effendi, also well-known to regular RRA readers.


    • Neneng two-facedii.scoteffendi No-Shame Neneng and Rachmat Effendi


    So what’s Rahmat done, or not done, to upset these ‘people?’

    One resident of Kranggan, Edi (40) complained that until now the city government has not dared to bring order to the warem area at Jatisampurna, though its existence has an impact on the social life of the surrounding community.

    And Edi’s ire is echoed by the War-Lord – a free translation but fair, I think – the head of the Laskars (Warriors) of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in Greater Bekasi, Ustadz Cecep M Hudzaifah.  Oddly, Google Translate gives his name as Cecelia ( reminds me of the old pop song – ‘you’re breaking’ my heart!’) but I know he’s a fellow, not a female.


    Cecep-Hudzaifah-4 Cecep – not a happy man


    I am fairly certain the IslamoNazis don’t have women warriors – it would be inappropriate, given the definitive statement by their Jakarta boss (recently sentenced for ring-leading a riot)

    According to his Bekasi comrade, Cecep, the Jatisampurna warem are still in operation, Bekasi city government unfortunately just sealed off the place without any concrete action.

    This, he rails, has given rise to immorality – and that comprises adulterated alcohol and alcoholic beverages, as well as the proliferation of naughty rented houses, as well as massage parlors!


    Well, adulterated booze can be damaging to one’s health.

    And the risk has surely been exacerbated by the ludicrous anti-alcohol lobby here, which recently enacted an intolerant edict that won’t even let you buy an honest beer to take home from any of the many mini-marts which previously sold it.

    Nor can you buy one and sit inside or outside the store to ease the strain of a hot arvo/evening, of which there are also many here. 

    Now we face an escalating narrow-minded prohibitionism.

    If the patrons of the dimly-lit stalls could get a decent drink for a decent price, would they not do so? Like the working-man in Cambridge’s Clarendon Arms in the UK, or Stratford’s Dominion House, in Ontario, non-affluent Bekasi blokes feel a need to relax over a drink after a long, hard day. 

    But the tax on booze makes it expensive even for a mildly prosperous middle-class Indonesian, never mind your average working stiff. 



    The queue at my local dentist? No, if so I’d be eating candy and drinking Pepsi all day long! Actually, it’s a picture illustrating warem nightlife, allegedly. No address supplied by the media links – sorry!

    Oh, and I just LOVE this photo, prohibitionist charmers in yesteryear USA. As Grandpa used to say  ‘Twould drive ye tae drink!’ 


    Ironically, Cecep continued, it’s not far, only 100 meters, from the police station…where are the security forces and the city authorities..inert, silent, just letting this go on…?

    Fair enough, his questions might well deserve an answer, if an illicit retail outlet is in operation as Cecep claims.

    But as for the dimly-lit stalls’ other attractions, why whine about the girls?

    If you want to crack down on poor slappers trying to get by in a very hard world, why urge the cops to pick on the gals in warem2?   One law for the rich, one for the poor?

    Take a walk into any five-star hotel in Jakarta – especially after 10 pm on ladies’ nights, when the Falatehan over-spill arrives! The only difference between their bars and the warem2 is the amount customers pay for a beer – and everything else that’s on offer.

    So when did the FPI – or the Police – last raid a glitzy international hotel?


    Speak-Easy slappers, aka flappers,  in Prohibitionist America

    Once prohibition is in place, they’ll have their hands full as ‘dimly-lit stalls’ AKA speak-easies, proliferate across the land.





    • Mark 16:45 on April 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Grand photos. Those American ladies must have done wonders for the strong drink trade.
      On the big issue, I think you’re being realistic.
      People will go on drinking, and finding ways of getting a drink here.
      The police don’t raid the dimly-lit stalls and it’s not because they are lazy. Somewhere, somebody, is making it more advantageous for them not to.
      The only downside is that when we start hanging around the DSTs, the prices will go up!


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    Prohibition Indonesia – Bali Exempt…Sort Of! 

    Had to get out and about last night to survey the expat reaction to the embryonic ‘creeping shariah’ diktat we’ve already covered here.



    Also to preempt the decree, by sinking as much vin rouge as possible – hence my delayed home-coming (fell asleep on the busway and ended up in Pluit) and my very late emergence today. 

    Not hard to gauge opinion – it was the first thing just about EVERYBODY at the party spoke about. My fellow-attendees included Brits, Canadians, Germans, French and Australians – there was a mood of restrained alarm, many a finger crossed that sanity might yet prevail.

    Some drew consolation from the fact that even government ministers must soon grasp that any such nationwide ban on booze would devastate Bali’s tourist trade.


    • australia_bondi_beach_1010_girls_01 That’s Bondi beach, not Bali’s – but a nice photo, yeah?
    • —————–
    • And sure enough, a small grain of sense has percolated through. However, the ‘exemption’ of the Isle of the Gods is not as sensible as the Jakarta Post headline might lead us to hope.

    Instead of leaving well enough alone, the ‘exemption’ ensures that minimarkets, food stalls, street vendors and beachside vendors will no longer be allowed to sell beer or other beverages with an alcohol content of between 1 and 5 percent. Thirsty tourists will thus no longer be able to walk out of their hotels or flop-houses and buy a beer two yards  from the door. That’s how densely populated Kuta and Legian, at least, are, in terms of mini-marts.

    Instead, a cumbersome network of local government meddling is to be imposed. In Kuta, for example, six customary villages would establish village-owned enterprises to manage the hundreds of beachside beer vendors…

    Wayan Swarsa, chairman of the customary village council (MADP) is planning to establish an enterprise for Kuta, Legian, Tuban, Kerobokan and Kedonganan.

    Kuta Square Bali Kuta Square

    No disrespect to Pak Wayan, but what benefits accrue from local councils running a business already running perfectly well in the hands of free enterprise?  The more state bureaucracies get involved – and I’m not singling out Bali here; it’s a nationwide problem – then the greater the risk of corruption.

    Of course by making these arrangements for Bali, the Government is displaying a clear disregard for all those other areas in the archipelago which aspire to attract tourists.

    borobudur-main-entrance Borobudur, Jogja

    Jogjakarta, with its magnificent architectural heritage, Lombok, Flores, not to mention Jakarta itself, are eager to bring tourists and their money to boost local economies.

    President Jokowi was Jakarta’s Governor, for pity’s sake, and knows this to be true.

    Meanwhile, back at the party, one Canadian demurred from the chorus of condemnation, reminding us that Ontario too has archaic, backward regulation of alcohol.


    Very true!

    But it is nothing like the nightmare vision the Indonesian Government offers us, not just the kind of priggish restrictions residents of Stratford, Kitchener and Mississauga must deal with, but a ban on the very act of pouring a beer down your throat on a tropical Sunday arvo.


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    All Our Tomorrows – Jakarta Pedestrians Breathalysed? 

    Another slow start today, so time for a new update!

    Further to our shock/horror post yesterday..… the Jakarta Post has more details on the ‘creeping shariah’ scheme to outlaw alcohol. As predicted, there are indications it will create two-tier rights, tourists likely licensed to swill, locals not.

    But not exactly – there’s mention of ‘five-star hotels,’ implying wealthy foreigners will be more privileged than less moneyed visitors from overseas.

    Back-packers go thirsty, while limousine liberal lushes luxuriate over libations in air-con lounges. 


    • avoid Five-star tourists
    • ————————
    • Then again, that’s a not inaccurate reflection of local life here!

    But the ‘shariah’ aspect may come unstuck in this aspect – rich Arabs knocking back booze in posh places while co-religionists among the native population face jail-time for the same activity in one of those ‘dimly-lit stalls’ we keep hearing about?


    • rosa daning
    • Or in one of those great dangdut bars I like so very much?



    But it’s not just selling, buying or being caught in the act of slaking one’s thirst on a sultry evening that will place us in peril – get a load of this! 

    – Article 19
    Any person under the influence of alcohol will face one to five years in prison and fines of between Rp 20
    million and Rp 100 million for disturbing public order and threatening the safety of others.


    Note carefully – not the good old ‘D and D’ – that drunk and disorderly charge which arises through brawls and noisy disturbance of an otherwise tranquil night. That’s a fair cop, guv, as Londoners might have said when London was an English city.




    But that clause reads as if just being ‘under the influence’ is equivalent to being a menace!

    Maybe I’m interpreting it wrongly, but in this climate of legislative intolerance, who knows?

    What does ‘under the influence’ mean?

    Collapsed on the side-walk?

    Unable to walk a straight line?

    Smiling foolishly as you make your way home through Jakarta’s dark streets?

    If a cop gets hold of you and you can’t clearly answer his questions, will it be a mis-communication through inebriation, or the language barrier?



    • JazPen 10:28 on April 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I knew you would go to town on this one, Ross.
      Do you think they really will go through with this madness? Bali tourism will collapse.

      My worry is you could be right. Your next headline might read ‘Indonesia Truly Arabia.’


    • Alvin 10:53 on April 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You declaring a personal interest?


    • Frank 13:11 on April 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Not planning to leave? You disagreed with the NOW magazine editorial a week ago, but this booze news must have made you think again.


  • ross1948 15:30 on April 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , prohibition, ,   

    No More Drink? Jakarta on Brink of Prohibition 

    Home early, with horrid news. 
    Lawmakers from secular parties have added their voices to those of their counterparts in Islamic parties in support of a bill prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages. 
    Fifteen years ago I’d have laughed out loud. Ten years ago I’d still have scoffed. Five years ago, I’d have said it was stretching things a bit.
    =============================Now? Faced with today’s JP story, I’m reminded of the Sinclair Lewis novel…

    ‘It Can’t Happen Here!’

    A disturbing tale of extremists coming to power in a society that naively took freedoms for granted. Thee so-called ‘secular’ parties appear to be crumbling before the advance of the worst elements in the land.

    The JP lists ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), the Golkar Party and the Democratic Party as among those who have  agreed to the deliberation of the bill. 

    Golkar is no surprise. At local levels the party created by the late dictatorship has fallen into the hands of intolerant fanatics, like No-Shame Neneng in Bekasi, where religious minority citizens are shamelessly persecuted. 

    Hey, Golkar! Are You TRULY Proud of ‘No-Shame’ Neneng

    Meanwhile, rather than acknowledge that it’s mere appeasement of nasty intolerants, any threadbare excuse is trotted out.

    “It’s for reasons of health and safety,”said one Democrat Party leader. The DP is the party that put President SBY ( champion of worldwide censorship of ‘blasphemy’) into power.
    Better then to ban the IslamoNazi thug gangs!
    But no chance of that, for look who injected this latest toxic nonsense into the body politic.
    Islamist National Development Party (PPP) and Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) initiated the bill in 2012…
    Yes, the PPP, whose most infamous spokesman for years was Minister of Religion Suryadharma Ali, aka the Archbigot of Jakarta.
    ali heretical Ali’s archbigotry
    anis    Anis  Osama   osama_bin_satan

    And the PKS? Their current leader tail-ended 9/11 by writing a sickening ode of praise for Osama Bin Laden.
    If these are the parties setting the course for Indonesia, then Indonesia is heading for the rocks. The prohibition bill prescribes between three months’ and two years’ imprisonment for anyone caught consuming alcohol.

    Interestingly, this monstrous scheme has been kept in the parliamentary shadows. A clap on the back to whoever whistle-blew the fanatics’ grand design, a copy of which has been obtained by The Jakarta Post.

    The reassuring thing is that Indonesians, once alerted to a wrong, will not just bow down – the childish attempts by the in-crowd to emulate tiresome Western-style harassment of smokers has only partially cowed the populace.
    Menaces to their modest intake of alcohol will face resistance too!
    The bill apparently has some get-out passages, including one concerning tourists. No details, but while the posh hotels may well get to keep their bars..
    … suppose you want to meet Indonesian friends or colleagues outside the luxury locations -say, a cold one on Jakarta’s Ancol sea-front?
    I believe there is a cop-shop with holding cells in that neighbourhood….
    =====. .
    This creeping shariah has already denied us the freedom to enjoy a beer at the tables outside the multitude of minimarts which Jakartans loved.
    Nor can you even buy a bottle there to take home.
     “The bill is aimed at ensuring public order,...” we hear that from a PDI-P man. That’s the party that put President Jokowi in the Palace, somebody we once thought liked freedom as an idea.

    Public order?  Again, the best way of ensuring public order is to outlaw the sectarian thug gangs.


    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).



    “But it should not contradict the long-held traditions of our society,” continues this PDI-P minion, Masinton Pasaribu, who has apparently forgotten this is NOT an Islamic Republic.


    What next? Stoning ‘naughty’ women, as another means of ensuring public order?

    In fact, as the JP points out, alcoholic drinks have deep roots in Indonesian society, from the many traditional spirits and bootleg liquor to Bintang — a beer brand globally synonymous with Indonesia, home to the world’s biggest Muslim population. 

    That last phrase has no place in a Pancasila state, guaranteeing fair play to all creeds, not just the one that is biased against beer..


    Bintang boss Cosmas Batubara warns of the economic damage that would accompany the repressive aspects of prohibition – the business and investment climate would be severely disrupted if the bill were passed.

    It would certainly create a HUGE new category of law-breakers.
    And resident foreigners would be appalled – most of us don’t share the legislators’ opinion that Indonesians should be imprisoned for a harmless refreshment on a hot day.

     Bill on Alcohol prohibition gets secular backing

    • Penguin 09:05 on April 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This is a nightmare.
      Please tell me it’s a late April Fool!
      We might be better off if Prabowo had won.


    • Norrie 17:17 on April 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      No nightmare,Penguin. Cold reality, which a penguin should be ready for.
      I have been getting ready for this for the past year or three. It is a part of a creeping, now galloping, process and neither this president nor his fore-runners have done anything to slow it down.
      It’s time for us good-timers to move on.
      Cambodia is pretty good fun, or Timor Leste if you have a million to spare.


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