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  • ross1948 23:41 on February 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Kasihan Hotel Alexis! Dimana Keadilan Jakarta? 

    As the sorry saga of Kali Jodo has unfolded, I’ve more than once alluded to the seeming hypocrisy of hounding a small kampung in North West Jakarta for the presence there, in workingmen’s watering-holes, of kupu2 malam, i.e. ‘night-butterflies,’ i.e.hookers, when night after night the bars of numerous posh hotels downtown positively teem with prostitutes.



    Kali Jodo – Think Again, Ahok! Why Delight IslamoNazis? 

    The only difference is that the prices they seek to extort from horny rich guys is ten times that requested politely by the disadvantaged slappers in poor neighbourhoods.

    If you drop into Hotel ++++++++++ or Hotel ######### on Jalan Sudirman, on what are delicately termed “ladies’ nights,” you can watch the gals shimmying in, having travelled up from Blok M’s dimly lit dives on those little white mini-buses.



    They are NOT there just for the discounted drinks (s0me hotels offer FREE drinks for females – there have long been rumours of similar “gents’ nights” but I’ve yet to find them!) 

    Now it seems some of Jakarta’s city fathers have taken notice of the double-standards involved in the proposed extirpation of Kali Jodo. But far from targetting the fancy five-stars, they’ve turned the spotlight on the Hotel Alexis!

    It’s a modest three-star way up near the Ancol shore.




    I must be truthful and admit I’ve never entered the Alexis, though I once picked up a taxi at the car park there, after getting lost in Angke and walking round a dark kampung for an hour or more! But I know many people who have been inside and they say it’s a darn fine place for a fun night out!

    Or if you Google it, using ‘Photos,’ you can get an idea of its numerous delights.

    However, ‘delight’ is not the reported reaction of the ever-so-righteous members of Jakarta’s DPRD (City Council)

    Their august Vice-Chairman. a certain Abraham Lunggana, who has appeared not only in our blog before but also in the Jakarta Post…



    http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/10/01/idul-adha-livestock-merchants-brawl-with-officers-tanah-abang.html  -do read that story!


    …is said to have named the Alexis as a place demanding attention.

    But why hasn’t he, or some other councillor, thought to name and shame the big fish rather than the middling minnows?

    Personally, I see no reason to interfere with the Alexis. I agree with what Governor Ahok Why Has Ahok Given Kali Jodo An Islamic Deadline?  said on the subject, before he changed his mind.

    Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama is recommending that the city administration legalize prostitution in certain areas…



    “Legalizing a prostitution site would be a solution because no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to eradicate prostitution. It will always exist as long as humans exist.”    Pelacuran Dimana? One Law for the Rich! 

    And after all, there are so many real social cancers in Jakarta!

    l won’t talk tonight about day-to-day crime and corruption, but I would suggest that shutting down sectarian thug gangs like the FPI would be a far worthier cause for councillors ( and the capital city’s police ) to champion.     


    PS If you want to see for yourself, before any kill-joys make it less interesting, here’s the info.

    Jl. R.E. Martadinata No. 1, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14430



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    Hidup Nikita Mirzani, Artis Bukan HOT Aja Tapi Berani Dan Terus Terang! 


    I have long been a fan of Nikita Mirzani, ever since she stood up to the rabid element here in Indonesia.

    Bravo, Yummy Nikita – Naked Defiance of IslamoNazis! 


    That story concerned her readiness to appear in Playboy, a magazine whose innocuous Indonesian version was driven out of Jakarta by uptight primtives – it’s editor was actually jailed!   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/nazis-go-nuts-as-playboy-editor-freed-weird-porn-judge/ 

    Fortunately, in the end, sanity prevailed and his conviction for ‘indecency’ overturned.   Former Playboy Indonesia editor walks out from prison  He had served about six months of a two-year sentence!

    So although Nikita’s latest headlines have concerned not liberty but lascivious conduct, or rather her denial thereof, I still feel it’s important to  chime in with a word of solidarity.

    After our recent posts on poor Alvi, the starlet hounded for alleged involvement in a sex scandal…

    Kasihan Amel Alvi – Jadi Korban Media Kejam! 




    …media hacks with naught better to do have neen traipsing around seeking to ID yummy celebrities who might, or might not, be connected to the ‘posh prostitution’ racket.



    nikita mirzani 02 Nikita chilling out


    And Nikita perfected the put-down when she told assorted journos that she HAS had such offers in the past – and no surprise, because she’s a stunner – but she turned them down, because she didn’t want to.

    She won’t go to bed with anyone she doesn’t like.

    And that should  be the end of that!

    I  believe her!




    Enough said.

    • yohannes 10:43 on December 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Terima kasih, Pak


    • Agus F 11:49 on December 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Now you know how brave this woman is, always brave to show her body, and not only showing, what do you say about her now?
      Maybe foreigners like this kind of artist?
      I do not like what we are reading about her and all the things you say about her.
      I too do not like anything you write about anything..


    • JazPen 10:32 on November 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Deja vous! She is standing up to them again!


      • ross1948 17:06 on November 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        It is like going back to my early blogging days, JazPen, seeing the news about Nikita.
        Rest assured, the blog will pay attention to this, and soon!


        • Feri Jogja 17:19 on November 14, 2020 Permalink

          Ross, she always been here, never ran away to foreign country like you-know-who.
          She is true daughter of Indonesia and needs everybody to support her.

          You were always good blogger on the side of good people here like Nikita Mirzani but now you do not often say much about our problems with the extremists.
          Is it possible you already give up on our country?

          I do not think so because so many foreigner gone home, but you still here, true?

          I hope you will pay attention and make statements same like you did before.


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    Ramadan Approaching – Beware ‘Routine’ Vigilante Raids! 

    Aaah, the ‘holy month of contemplation and reflection’ is fast approaching, Ramadan!

    And in keeping with that solemn spirit, the IslamoNazi whiteshirts of the FPI, the ‘Islamic Defenders Front,’ are revving up for what their Bekasi Gauleiter calls ‘routine‘ vigilante raids on ‘discotheques, bars, and even luxury hotels!’


    “One week before Ramadan we will comb the places allegedly used for vice, to curb the practice of immorality in the Muslim fasting month,” said Imam Al Budry Mulyana.


    Well, obviously not every luxury hotel (there aren’t that many!) in Bekasi is a den of iniquity – or is it?   I lived there for three tiresome years, and it was hard going to find any places to have fun. Maybe things have improved!

    Only the IslamoNazis seem to know –  Mulyana says his merry men can’t rely on the local police – and how, one wonders, are these sectarian louts so knowledgeable about these interesting matters?


    One can only speculate how they spend their spare time! But it’s depressing to contemplate the imminence of kill-joy hooliganism again.

    Of course it’s not just imbecilic raids on entertainment spots – even the right of honest citizens to sit down to lunch is under threat.


    • FPI_13 FPI savages attack eatery
    • =====================
    • Many had hoped that the election of President Jokowi would herald a sturdy defence of pluralism and a crack-down on these nasty hoodlums.

    It remains to be seen what will happen this year.

    But given the new government’s failure, so far, to tackle easily remedied abuses by bigots – the churches sealed by sectarian jihadists, for example, have not been opened for their congregations to worship in peace  – I tend to fear that once again the Islamist gangster groups will be able to intimidate with impunity in the run-up to Ramadan, which starts just four weeks from now.

    I truly hope to be proven wrong.


    • Prita 09:04 on May 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      FPI always like making trouble.
      They are very arogant.
      It is none of their business who eat drink or dance in Ramadan month.
      They think they are God.
      I think they are devils.


  • ross1948 16:44 on May 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Kasihan Amel Alvi – Jadi Korban Media Kejam! 

    Alvi offering a digital message to the media?


    I declined to use Alvi Amel’s name last week when the story broke about a celebrity hooker in a posh hotel. She had denied that the lady with the initials A.A. was her glamorous self, and it seemed churlish to add to her embarrassment.

    But my fascination for stunners is endless, as indicated in previous posts..

    Serigala Sexy Senang – Kenapa? ‘Dada Yang Besar!!’ 

    Kasihan Roro Fitria! 

    …and my sympathy matches my fascination’s dimensions, especially when Alvi’s dimensions are gratuitously dragged into the media spotlight, as has occurred.

    Given the tribulations suffered by Alvi already, what possible justification is there for a report, both ludicrous and offensive, which blares out the ‘fact’ that her bountiful bust is fifty percent false?

    Especially when it’s based on claims by a ‘friend’ unwilling to be identified – ‘T.C’ says the ‘enlargement’ was done ‘in a salon in Mampang,’ South Jakarta.

    Thereafter, adds ‘T.C.,’ she detected ‘arrogance’ in Alvi!

    50 Persen Payudara Amel Alvi Palsu-JPNN.com

    What kind of ‘friend’ is that?

    And why does JPNN.com think it newsworthy?


    Even if Alvi’s astounding attributes are only half as impressive as they appear to be, I’d say they were still a force of nature to be reckoned with.




    If Alvi says she’s without sin, I for one will take her word for it.

    In fact just about anything she’d bother to say to me would be utterly acceptable!


    Presumably the real femme fatale will emerge from obscurity in due course.




    These raids are an immense waste of police time – nobody is alleged to have forced anyone into anything, and if the going rate is $6000 bucks, more fool the punter.

    I won’t make a fuss, having recently drawn attention to the seeming preference for swoops on humble hotels and lodgings, rather than the haunts of the rich and famous, which a five-star joint in Kuningan certainly is!

    Gotta good idea which one it is, but again don’t risk naming it, as lawyers love to sleaze their way into fat fees.

    Which reminds me, an old Robin Williams movie, on O Channel last week.

    The great star was addressing a dinner and made a fine joke –


    • Roof rat

    • I hear that lawyers are replacing rats in animal experiments; the public is less concerned when they hear of lawyers having their eyes put out or being operated on without anesthetic and moreover, it’s possible to get lawyers to do things that even rats won’t do.


  • ross1948 16:27 on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    AA? Siapa Kucing Mewah Itu? Ahmad Dhani HARUS Tahu! 

    During last year’s presidential election here in Indonesia, I had cause to criticise Ahmad Dhani for his insulting reference to kucing2 kampung.

    Marah Besar! Ahmad Dhani Targets Jokowi, Disses My Cat. 

    He was being shrill, and a snob to boot, with that reference to ‘common cats,’ implicitly comparing them unfavourably to the rather ugly (in my view) and outrageously expensive (indisputable fact) kucing mewah (posh cats) which rich people like to possess.


    ibiface Ibi    Dhani dhani_663_382  Who’s the more impressive?


    My cat Ibi is a true K.K., been with me now a dozen years and infinitely nicer, cleaner and cheaper to run than those glowering angoras that cost millions.

    So when I noticed Dhani was demanding the secret identity of the mysterious AA, the celebrity slapper arrested in the nameless but also, apparently, posh hotel   http://pontianak.tribunnews.com/2015/05/11/ahmad-dhani-ingin-tahu-siapa-saja-artis-yang-merangkap-psk. …well, it was just a must that we focus today on the singing plutocrat.

    Dhani said he would later contact the Director General of of Criminal Investigation, Jakarta Police, Commissioner Heru Pranoto, to find out who it is  and whether shw’s an artist in the sense of art that produces works of art or not.

    Oh, so he can judge, can he?

     This Dhani has no small opinion of himself!


    • ================
    • If you or I were to contact Commissioner Heru screeching for disclosure of the personal details of the lady in question, I dare say we’d be given the bum’s rush.

    The cops have refused to reveal such information to the public, and why should this obstreperous minstrel be made an exception?

    When the authorities deem it appropriate, we’ll no doubt all know who the (no doubt yummy) hussy is!

    There’s no call for self-important loud-mouths to be ‘contacting’ the cops before then!

    • Aaah, but he claims to have heard rumours!  It seems he has often heard that there are artists who also sold or rented themsleves out as commercial sex workers (PSK)
    • ===========
    • silhouetee
    • ======================
    • And having listened to gossip, and being a good citizen, of course, he promptly supplied all details of such prostitution to the police?

    No idea!


    Who is it, actually? I want to know!” said Dhani in Jakarta, Monday (11/05/2015)  “We don’t know if she’s an artist or not. What is the definition of an artist…Is a soap opera star regarded as an artist?”

    Aaah, so culturally distinguished Dhani may consider mere ‘sinetron‘ stars to be something less than the ‘artist’ he considers himself to be?

    Hell, I’d rather watch some of the classy bints on local soaps than listen to his idea of music anytime!

    nd I’m sure Ibi Cat agrees!


    • ibi2366564_599276564_4206819_8324925_n[1]
    • ————
    • PS – if you want to see what I mean about sinetron stars, just put ‘bintang sinetron sexy ‘ into the Google Picture Search and off you go!
    • I was going to provide some delightful photos, but not today – it could be misinterpreted as suggesting one of them is ‘AA.’

    One hot gal has already been pictured in another part of the media and she has hotly denied her part in the story. Not fair!

    One should always be nice to nifty chicks – right, Mr. Ahmad Dhani?


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