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    Back At The Top Table, Blood-Beast Resurgent! 

    The Garda commissioner, Drew Harris, was drawn into the row on Friday when he confirmed that the Irish police agreed with a Police Service of Northern Ireland assessment that the Provisional IRA’s army council oversaw Sinn Féin and the remnants of the IRA. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/feb/21/gerry-adams-will-be-sinn-fein-negotiator-leaked-brief-reveals


    Truth will out, though it’s a self-evident truth we all know and have known for decades.

    Sinn Fein/IRA are two sides of one corrosive coin.

    An accursed coin, stained with the blood of innocent British soldiers, cops and civilians, and on one side is the moon-face of that bitch we have heard too much from recently…


    Mary-Lou McDonald

    ….and on the other side, who else but…


    The Blood-Beast…

    …the lying louse…

    ‘Sure and I was never in the IRA,’ says Blood-Beast, of the days when he was bespectacled.

    ….who has now been named as one of The Bitch’s team to seek a coalition deal and rule Eire.



    What a pity he was not arrested, prosecuted for treason and executed all those bloody years ago…

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    Crossmaglen Den Of Vipers – Ulster’s Top Cop Grovels! 

    Only last week we offered Ulster’s top cop a pat on the back…

    A Viper Hisses In Its Crossmaglen Den! 

    …after PSNI Chief Constable Simon Byrne stood tall beside his officers unlucky enough to be stationed in the republican cesspool called Crossmaglen.

    • =
    • Image result for byrne psni crossmaglen

      Their sense of duty and optimism is inspiring. Stay safe and thank you.”


    I hereby unpat the prat.

    Contemptibly, Byrne ‘has apologised for a controversial post on Twitter on Christmas Day, which showed him ‘posing alongside machine-gun-armed officers outside a police station in Crossmaglen..’


    Why the climb-down?

    The tweet prompted criticism at the time, with both Sinn Féin and the SDLP taking issue with the photo and what it seemed to say about Crossmaglen, which was a major republican stronghold during the Troubles.’

    During the Troubles?’

     What about after?

    SF Seeks EUSSR Funds for IRA Monument – Have They No Shame? 

    Crossmaglen feature<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> see Philip Bradfield story<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Picture Gavan Caldwell
    Looks Like a Cross Between a Werewolf and an Ape – Is It Adams or McGuinness?

    So the den of vipers is no longer ‘a major republican stronghold’ today?

    So the dirty treaonous scum who lived there then have been replaced by decent loyal citizens?


    Does anyone believe Crossmaglen is not still steeped in ethnic/sectarian hatred of the Anti-Christ sort, always to be found among Sinn Fein-IRA.

    Of course the vermin are unchanged, unrepentant, unequivocal, easily proven by the electoral facts – they have repeatedly chosen Sinn Fein and SDLP to represent them…


    Ulster’s demonic disloyals

    …two parties which favour Ulster’s annexation by the aggressive alien republic just across the border.


    Yet when these two parties started braying and bleating,  Byrne apologised and said that he was “sorry for any offence that has been caused”.

    And the gutless clown added insult to injury, affronting all proud Brits in that British province, that he’d ‘commissioned a review of policing in South Armagh’  https://www.thejournal.ie/psni-chief-constable-guns-armagh-crossmaglen-4957479-Jan2020/

    Image result for psni

    Lower than a snake’s belly, he is, this buffoon who has clearly never heard the wise advice contained in a common-sense exhortation –

    ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’

    You don’t review something unless you fave doubts about it current effectiveness.

    You don’t undertake reviews in response to malevolents.

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    A Viper Hisses In Its Crossmaglen Den! 

    There may well be a few decent people in Crossmaglen, in the United Kingdom’s County Armagh, but I doubt there’s that many!

    SF Seeks EUSSR Funds for IRA Monument – Have They No Shame? 

    Crossmaglen feature<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> see Philip Bradfield story<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Picture Gavan Caldwell
    Looks Like a Cross Between a Werewolf and an Ape – Is It Adams or McGuinness?

    Anyone who could move, would move, to avoid living cheek by jowel with disloyal scum, with whom the area has long been infested.

    I always thought it was a tad unfair of HM’s armed forces to refer to such territory as ‘bandit country.’ Bandits, after all, are motivated as a rule by monetary gain…


    IRA ‘volunteers’


    ….not by ethnic/sectarian hatred of the Anti-Christ sort to be found among Sinn Fein-IRA.

    The above sentiments are hardly novel, but surfaced in my thoughts again today after reading an RTE news item –


    • – describing a visit by Simon Byrne, the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland to his officers stationed in the republican hate-hole.

    • =
    • Image result for psni
    • Byrne’s policing policies have given us cause for criticism from time to time but spending time with  those cops in the Festive Season was a good move.

    • Needless to say, any good move in Ulster sets off a bout of hissing from republican reptiles, and sure enough, local scumbag ‘Sinn Féin Assembly member Conor Murphy demanded “immediate answers.”.’

    • ====
    • Image result for conor murphy sinn fein
    • Scumbag Murphy
    • =========
    • Before we go on with the RTE story, it’s in order to explain my description of Murphy as a scumbag.

      Murphy is a convicted terrorist, who in 1982 got 5 years for membership of the IRA murder-gang and possession of explosives.

    • Murphy’s vicious sectarian bigotry was exposed after the Bad Friday Agreement, when, as a Stormont Minister, he made an appointment to the N.I. Water authority which resulted in a tribunal awarding £150,000 damages for discrimination to an unusccessful applicant…

    • =
    • Image result for sectarian anti-protestant

    • =

    •  …Murphy’s choice was appointed because “he was not from a Protestant background and because he was known to the minister and his (then Sinn Fein) ministerial colleagues Michelle Gildernew and Caitriona Ruane who were consulted about the appointment.”[ The tribunal found Murphy’s evidence was “implausible and lack[ing] credibility”, and that, during Murphy’s tenure at the Department for Regional Development, there was a “material bias against the appointment of candidates from a Protestant background”  –

    • see wikipedia for more info on the scumbag

    • Mangy Murphy got his no doubt green white and gold knickers in a twist because Mr. Byrne had a photo taken with officers toting the weaponry that serving in close proximity to a den of vipers obliges them to carry.

    • =
    • Image result for byrne psni crossmaglen

      Their sense of duty and optimism is inspiring. Stay safe and thank you.”


      Mangy grizzled like a tantrum tot: “This post by the chief constable is offensive to the local community and utterly unacceptable…

    • And what about the militaristic style of murder of the IRA, of which Murphy was an active member?
    • ….The heavily armed officers posing with the chief constable is reflective of the militaristic style of policing that the community in South Armagh has had to endure in recent years.”

      What a great pity that no death penalty was in place for active involvement in terrorism when Murphy was convicted back in 1982!

    • =
    • Then we would not have to listen to the religious bigot beast’s bleating today!

    • Billy King 22:25 on December 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You have Murphy summed up perfectly, Ross.
      The police in that vicinity would be mad to go about unarmed. The republicans in Crossmaglen are the worst of people, monsters I would go so far as to say, with not a tiny wee bit of loyalty amongst them.


    • Bet Palmer 03:22 on December 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Murphy is a devil from Hell, the badness he’s been proven guilty of.
      Crossmaglen and him deserve each other.
      I think you once wrote they should be lopped off Armagh and let the border be changed to give them the Dublin rule they crave. I can see nothing wrong with that but it would need to be a good hard border or they always be crossing back into Ulster just to make trouble as they like to do.


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    And Still SDLP Eagerly Collaborates! 

    IRA Army Council still oversees Sinn Fein strategy – PSNI says 2015 assessment unchanged

    …so for all the talk of ‘peace,’ which in terrorist terms means keeping deadly weaponry where it can be handy for when the murder gang resumes its longstanding ethnic cleansing mission…




    …it turns out that the smirking scum of the green nazi party, Sinn Fein, remain ( what an apt word!) absolutely in league with their IRA ‘alter ego’ comrades.

    As if we didn’t know.

    As if the SDLP didn’t know.

    All these aspects of real life are no secret to everyone with eyes and ears in British Ulster.

    But it does confirm how base and contemptible are those who stand ready to work in harness with Sinn Fein…

    True Colours- SDLP Give Murder-Gang’s Political Wing A Free Run! 

    ..and let us not forget mainland scum who have hailed the murder gang’s ‘political wing’ as potential anti-Brexit saviours, low-lifes like Polly Toynbee, darling of The Guardian


    Hasil gambar untuk polly toynbee

    A Guardian Hag And Her Sinn Fein ‘Saviours!’

    …and, of course, of the BBC!


    • Billy King 18:22 on November 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Never a truer word!


    • Pamela 18:36 on November 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is so immoral that Sinn Fein us treated like a normal political party and not as what it us, a front fot a terrorist gang.
      Polly Toynbee is a mad old woman and holds no influence but the Labour Party is full of Sinn Fein sympathisers.
      The Tories have forgotten what they once were, ‘the Conservative and Unionist Party.’
      Edward Heath destroyed the link and it will not be restored while Johnson is Tory leader. I would have once said that Rees Mogg might be the man to rebuild the old alliance but now he has swallowed Johnson’s bait, high office, I have lost faith in his character.


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    Will Ulster’s Cops Nab IRA Braggart Swine? 

    We need to wait and see if the PSNI do ‘ bring to justice’ the slimy IRA slug…




    ….who rang in to a local talk show boasting of his “terrorist exploits.”

    Jim Allister of TUV has called for the police to track down ‘Eamonn from Derry’ who ‘wished he’d killed more people.’

     “The fine line between probing journalism and providing a platform for the rewriting of history was, I fear, crossed on the Nolan Show…



    “The narrative that the British Army’s actions spawned and justified the Provisional IRA is straight out of the Provo manual. No one was forced to be a terrorist. Eamonn – if that is his real name – chose to be a terrorist. If he murdered, he chose to murder – consciously and deliberately.” https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/latest-news/jim-allister-psni-must-bring-nolan-show-pira-terrorist-to-justice-1-9036253

    Absolutely correct.

    The disloyal vermin of Sinn Fein/IRA had various possible non-violent options if they felt they had to express their whines…




    ….but they opted for murder, of men, women and children, both in British Ulster and on the British mainland.

    In this, they were aided and abetted by Eire’s evil judges…


    evil judge

    …who refused repeatedly to hand over Sinn Fein/IRA’s vile wanted men, and women, who were afforded safe haven in the alien and hostile republic across the border.

    Next time you see Varadkar staging one of his anti-British, anti-Brexit tantrums, remember that!

    Meanwhile, further to Jim’s comments, above, will the Police Service of Northern Ireland, who have recently been picking on loyal Brits…   

    Ulster – Cops Cower From Disloyal Thuggery Threats! 


    Image may contain: text

    Who’s ‘Offended’ By ‘Support Soldier F?’ Scumbags! 

    …while leaving republican scum alone, get after the terrorist tv boaster?

    We wait, impatiently, to see.

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    Ulster – Cops Cower From Disloyal Thuggery Threats! 

    The police flanked members of Clydevalley Flute Band from Larne during Saturday's parade
    PSNI police ‘escorting’ Clydevalley Flute Band on Saturday

    It’s always a great day out with lots of grand bands marching along, like Larne’s Clydevalley Flute Band.

    But that particular band chose not only to celebrate the actions of long-dead heroes, but also to show respect for modern heroes too.

    They attached insignia of the Parachute Regiment to their uniforms, featuring the letter ‘F…”


    Image may contain: text

    Who’s ‘Offended’ By ‘Support Soldier F?’ Scumbags! 

    ….a clear show of support for the British soldier currently being witch-hunted by the UK political/legal establishment.

    And why the HELL should the Larne band not show support!?!

    More precisely…

    Why the HELL did the insipids of the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) confront the patriotic bandsmen (and women) and then harass them on their way home afterwards?

    PSNI have told us why –

    – they were worried about the ‘sensitivities’ of disloyal ratbags in the vicinity!




    …the most senior PSNI officer in Derry, Supt Gordon McCalmont said the response was “balanced and proportionate….geographical sensitivities are key in this….We are talking hundreds of metres here from where Bloody Sunday unfolded. 

    Big deal.

    Most British people are very supportive of the persecuted soldier…


    Image result for soldier f parade banned



    …and there’s absolutely no reason why a bunch of Sinn Fein swine’s ‘sensitivities’ should take priority over the patriotic sympathies of decent loyal Brits.

    But then McCalmont opened up a bit.

    “We had made the assessment because of the views of the local residents that we had gathered over the months and the understanding from the community that the geographical sensitivities were such that any display would likely lead to a breach of the peace.”


    NB – stripping away the euphemisms, it’s clear that there was neither threat nor intention of threat on the part of the marching band.

    McCalmont is plainly saying that the Enemy Within in the neighbourhood would likely REACT to the band by breaching the peace.


    Image result for evil irishman


    Since when is it the job or duty of the police to aid and abet intimidation!?

    If anti-British elements in that or any neighbourhood adopt a menacing attitude to good citizens passing lawfully along the Queen’s Highway, said elements should be given clear warning –

    Bob down, ratbags!

    If, having been warned, they turn violent, then THAT’S why the police in Ulster are armed.

    If truncheons and/or tear-gas do not suffice, unholster the fire-arms.

    No wonder the Governor of the Apprentice Boys Association Graeme Stenhouse called the antics of the cops as “heavy handed.”

    He said it was his understanding that no crime had been committed.

    “It would be nice to hear to know the opinions of senior police officers on why this approach was taken,” Mr Stenhouse said.

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    B Specials Wouldn’t Have Been ‘Chased Away!’ 

    I take my headline today from that above The Times report on the shameful scenes in Ulster this week, when ‘police withdrew from a stand-off with republican youths over a bonfire in Belfast.’  https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/psni-chased-away-from-anti-internment-bonfire-jr5x3k5x8

    The phrase ‘chased away’ is the very opposite of fake news, for those in command of the Police Service of Northern Ireland personnel…



    …in the notorious republican rats-nest called the New Lodge estate, did indeed order their men ( and women, presumably) to depart ‘at speed in a hail of missiles.’

    I’m not blaming the individual cops there.

    I AM blaming those who ordered them out, instead of telling them to use their guns to clean up the scum attacking them.


    shoot terrs

    A brief look back, to the days when I was hitching around British Ulster as a much younger fellow.

    A friendly old farmer stopped and took me through a lovely stretch of Country Antrim. He, like most Ulsterfolk, was more than ready  to talk about the ‘Troubles’ and what a mistake it had been to get rid of the Royal Ulster Constabulary’s B Specials.

    ”They knew where the IRA lived and where they worked, they could get right in there after them. They kept them in check.”

    Hence Sinn Fein/IRA hated the B Specials.

    And the powers that be, or were, in those days, buckled.

    The B Specials were abolished.




    Appeasement merely whets the appetite of evil, and in due course the RUC itself was wound up, on the recommendation of that wet Tory Chris Patton’s ‘report,’ an act of abject cowardice, motivated not so much by anything the RUC was doing,  but by the force’s name…

    Ulster Top Cop – Lying, or Grovelling to Sinn Fein? 

    …a name which collaborating curs have continued to seek to erase.




    That ‘Royal’ had to go, and the name ‘Ulster’ with it, along with the Union Flags which proudly flew from each and every RUC police station.



    …and still the appeasement continues, with Belfast’s New Lodge abandoned to disloyal swine –  ‘the estate was barricaded with metal fencing as teenagers held their hands up in triumph atop the anti-internment pyre.’

    The best response to those rioters, as it should have been but wasn’t in the 1980s London riots…


    .london riot

    Riot Rat Still Squealing in Tottenham! 

    …would have been to go in heavy, disperse the rabble with gunfire, batter any recalcitrants down and haul them off roughly to enjoy a spot of the internment they were whining about.

    In other words, read the riot act!

    Riot Act has been read

    Not a chance!

    Instead there’s a big broad evil grin on every Sinn Fein traitor’s face this weekend.

    Oh, for a British Government that would wipe that treasonous leer off their uppity faces.

    • Billy King 18:02 on August 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      God bless you, Ross.
      The B Specials were ‘the rock on which the IRA broke’ when the republicans got up to their shenanigans in times past.
      Those are not my words but of a great man much admired by the British people of Ulster.
      We could do with the B Specials today.


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    Who’s ‘Offended’ By ‘Support Soldier F?’ Scumbags! 

    Good on ya, Jim!

    As so often, I’m cheering on Jim Allister, Ulster patriot leader and his TUV party.



    Jim has declared that it’s “bizarre” that police may be spending resources looking into Soldier F banners, while apparently failing to probe the many illegal terror monuments around the country.



    A Soldier Support Banner on the Lisburn Road in Belfast.
    A Soldier Support Banner on the Lisburn Road in Belfast.
    • Stu Browne 19:35 on July 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I support Soldier F.


    • Gore Briggs 21:44 on July 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Scumbags and those ‘mourning’ them!
      For ‘mourners’ please see the sort of ‘mourners’ as in the Shinner mob that murdered British soldiers near Milltown cemetery, thirty or more years ago wasnt it?


    • Gore Briggs 22:15 on July 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I’m not offended by anybody who supports HM Armed Services.
      I am offended by Sinn Fein’s refusal to condemn IRA terrorism.


    • Mairi Colston 17:39 on July 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Soldier F is a hero among the people I. Know and work with..
      It’s unjust what they are doing to him.
      You are a friend to Ulster, I can see from other things you write about.
      I’m sending you another petition so if you have room for it, give it a wee plug, please.


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    Voluble Vermin Fume At SAS Flag – Tell 'Em Where To Shove It! 

    After our post on Ulster yesterday –Guilty Silence In Ulster! Where’s That Noisy Old Argie Now? – here’s a neat follow-up, with Sinn Fein scumbags shrilling over the dramatic appearance of an SAS flag at Loughgall.

    Scumbag No.1 is a ratbag named Mickey Brady, who is their MP for Newry and Armagh.



    Braying Brady


    Beastly Brady thinks the proud banner will add further distress to the families of the IRA men who died in the Co Armagh village in 1987.   Sinn Fein report SAS flag at Loughgall to police – Belfast Newsletter

    Well boo-bloody-hoo!

    Those murderous terrorists deserved all they got!


    Scumbag No.2 is Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy, who reminds us what a good job those SAS heroes did that day.

    Loughgall murder gang sought war – and they got it

    Fretty Francie reckons it was a terrible shame that the vermin ended up by exemplifying the Biblical adage, that one reaps what one sows.

    “The tragic events of Friday 8th May 1987 will be forever defined as one of the saddest periods for the Republican family in County Tyrone.



    Does this mewling ass really expect anyone to take his braying seriously?


    This is a sinister and provocative development which Sinn Féin has reported to the PSNI.

    My God!



    He’s crawling off to the cops to try to get them to stop somebody celebrating a magnificent SAS action which took out terrorists whose target was the local cop-shop?

    It’s not just for their efficient despatch of the Loughgall lice that the SAS deserve to be celebrated.

    They did a grand job in Gibraltar, too.




    And elsewhere!

    So it’s the right, arguably the duty even, of any loyal Brit anywhere to fly their flag.

    I don’t know how the PSNI will respond to this  whinge.


    The RUC, sacrificed on the altar of appeasement


    They were established as an act of appeasement, when the treason party got the UK Government to disband the Royal Ulster Constabulary and there’s been more than one indication of what at best could be termed poor judgement in their officer corps…

    Ulster Top Cop – Lying, or Grovelling to Sinn Fein? 

    ..but if they have any sense, they’ll give Dublin’s Fifth Column an appropriately blunt reply.


    • Billy King 17:31 on May 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Love it, Ross.
      We need you over here to fly the flag for freedom,, so many of our so-called unionists are sell-outs, now the DUP will be making us all learn the Erse language and they can stick that up their erses!
      Sinn Fein are diabolic, no mistake.


    • Coulson 22:19 on May 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Sinn Fein-IRA ?
      Theres nothing wrong with them that a gallows would not fix.


  • ross1948 20:39 on July 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Clerics Indifferent to Terrorist Scum – Where? Libya? NO, The UK! 

    Hey ho, away we go, and there you all were, thinking I’m about to have a go at some mad mullahs, of whom there are altogether too many on this planet, true, but sectarian blind eyes to terrorist vermin are not unique to one brand of bigot.


    • c7f1d-day11-evildead2
    • ……………………………
    • Today, the scandalous indifference by so-called ‘men of God’ is reported from Ulster, where Sinn Fein/IRA is not the only manifestation of terrorist treason.

    There’s another murder gang back in that beautiful little province, and it’s called the INLA, the ‘Irish National Liberation Army,’ with plenty of innocent blood on its hands, its objective not liberation but imperialist subjugation of all Ulster folk to Dublin rule, a foreign flag flying over Belfast and Londonderry.


    INLA vermin on parade – not one arrest!


    These republican swine showed up outside a church in Londonderry in full paramilitary uniform and strutted through the streets like the nazi filth they are, all in honour of the deceased mother of some terrorist bitch that went on one of those splendid terminal diets in the 1980s.

    The police, the PSNI, a poor shadow of the good old RUC, let the scum march along, no action taken, and when the local Catholic authorities were asked to speak up on how a swarm of bigot thugs had formed up outside the funeral church?

    …the press office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Derry said: “It didn’t happen on our grounds so we are not getting involved at all. Just let the politicians and the people on the street deal with it..”




    Pure Pontius Pilate!

    There’s scarcely an issue on the planet that doesn’t evoke some bleating clerical claptrap –  so why won’t they condemn evil that’s right under their noses?

    But ‘clerics without conscience’ is a phenomenon we get so much of here in Indonesia, it’s hard to be shocked. 

    I’m no big fan of Nelson McAusland, MLA, who is part of the DUP cabal that collaborates with Sinn Fein at Stormont, but I have to hand it to him for his comments on this shameful priestly…what?


    Or is it the pro-terrorism we’ve seen and heard too often from disloyal clerics, like the ‘reverend’ rat who dared call the Blood Beast ‘a man sent by God.’ Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘AMan Sent by God?’  — That vile old swine who praised the Sinn Fein fiend was not at once excommunicated. Nor was he denied his church’s funeral rites when he died and went to whichever fiery place awaited him.

    So let’s applaud Nelson today!

    …in Londonderry the Roman Catholic Church opted not to condemn an illegal paramilitary parade by masked INLA men outside a church building in which requiem mass had just been celebrated. That silence will alarm most people in Ulster – Roman Catholic as well as Protestant.

    In other situations and on many occasions, Roman Catholic spokesmen have commented on what has happened on public roads and footpaths outside church buildings, or in the vicinity of church buildings, saying that such actions or events show a lack of respect for the buildings. So why have they opted not to comment on this grotesque display by the INLA? Are they not operating double standards?


    MUCH worse than double standards, methinks.

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