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  • ross1948 08:41 on August 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Kota Setan?’ Devil City In Java? Fanatics Fume Over Festival! 

    Well, how many of you, dear readers, paid attention to recent comments emanating from the FPI, the self-styled ‘Islam Defender Front?’

    None of you, probably, if you live overseas!

    But here in Indonesia, ever since President Jokowi chose to share a platform with Habib Rizieq, the FPI ‘High Priest,’ one is surely ill-advised to ignore their utterances, however bizarre.

    Rizieq, on the left, Jokowi, on the right

    So Has Indonesia Come To This? Paradise Lost? 


    And they don’t come much more bizarre than the latest outburst from the white-shirt vigilante gang’s Purwakarta gauleiter, Muhammad Syahid Joban.


    Hasil gambar untuk joban fpi purwakarta

    FPI’s Syahid Joban


    It’s not exactly the first time that Islamist fanatics have shown signs of stress over matters relating to that provincial city.

    In 2011, a pack of sectarian louts went on a rampage of vandalism against various statues of legendary figures from the widely revered Ramayana pantheon… 



    Then in 2015, they got their (presumably white) knickers in a right twist about massive resistance to their activities by decent Muslims, when Rizieq’s appearance there had to be protected by police.

    Bravo, Purwakarta! IslamoNazis Cower Behind Cops – Again! 


    This time that geezer Syahid was in a tizzy, railing at the popular and entertaining local regent, Dedy Mulyadi, because of a festival in the West Java city.

    “Never participate in the Jurig Festival,’ ranted Joban.



    Hasil gambar untuk jurig purwakarta

    Jurig parade


    Well, it seems the cultural festival has been outrageously focusing on culture, not religion.

    And one of the traditional carriages in the photo was allegedly used to bring a buffalo to a ‘polytheistic’ event. Joban was in the news last year, when he tweet-scolded Jokowi for having had the carriage to the National Palace!


    Now the indefatigable extremist is yelping on the same cultural festival, again!

    ‘Religion comes first, then culture, not the other way about!’  



    Like, uh, why, we might be tempted to ask again!

    But not, perhaps, if we read the Viva.com article all the way through.

    It becomes clear that the white-shirts are still harping on their grudge against Dedy Mulyadi…

    Islamist Insanity – ‘He’s Married The Goddess of the South Seas!’ 

    …which we’ve noted in the past!

    The fanatics reckon Dedy nurtures hopes of becoming West Java’s Governor!

    ‘Don’t ever let that happen!’ says the Gauleiter, who wound up the rant by warning his fans not to fool around when it came time to choose regional leaders.

    “Otherwise, Purwakarta will become a ‘Devil City!'”


    Ooooh! Scary!


    Such a transformation might promote a different brand of tourism from that our in-coming Jakarta Administration is said to be contemplating.  

    Get Your Tickets Soon – Jakarta Shariah Tourism Boom?

    • Wahyu 10:10 on August 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The Arab culture is what the FPI like because they do not like Java culture.
      I remember we all were so angry when the fanaticals attack the statues and now it is time to be angry again because the FPI always make trouble.
      Better do to FPI what the government is saying about Hizbut Tharir.


    • JazPen 10:45 on August 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Happy to see some good old-fashioned fanatic-bashing again, Ross.
      I like your joke ( ? ) about tourism because those fanatics have no sense of humour so mockery is a good tactic against them.

      I dont know if Dedy is running for governor or not but West java could do a lot worse. It already is.


    • Rawel 11:09 on August 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I wish FPI can go live in Arab Saudi They always complain here in our country.
      If they think Indonesia so terrible for our good culture then it is better they live in country where they can be happy.
      Thank you, Ross. Have a nice day too.


    • Santi 11:46 on August 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Why must culture not come first in culture fest?
      Religion come first in mosque or church and that is right.
      Culture is for all Purwakarta people with any religion.
      Java people all respect history and love legend of Java like with the statues and only FPI has problem with that.
      Nobody will make the FPI join the fest fun because we know FPI hate fun.
      Better they stay at home and be unhappy like they always are unless when they make trouble for people who like to be happy…


    • Astuti 13:17 on August 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      These are same people who want to kill Ahok because his words give them bad temper.
      Also same people who hate religious freedom in Indonesia and same people attack warung in Ramadhan as you many times show foto in your blog.
      Also same FPI that say they want to kill Buddhis in Myanmar.
      I do not think the festival in Purwakarta is the the devil that make Indonesia feel scary.


    • Kezia 14:24 on August 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Every time i read that FPI hate Dedy Mulyadi I think more and more that Pak Dedy will be a wonderful Governor in West java.
      The real demon place in Indonesia is Aceh where they whip girls for nothing.
      I wish all FPI may go to Aceh and then Aceh people may rise up and free their province. I will be happier if President Jokowi may order FPI dissolve but I think he is not the man to do that.


  • ross1948 13:18 on April 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Long Live the King…of Cirebon! IslamoNazis Told “MYOB!’ 

    Delightful to read, on metrotvnews.com, that the Sultanate of Cirebon, in West Java, has ‘rejected the request’ of the IslamoNazi FPI, (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) that the rather good Dedi Mulyadi, Regent of Purwakarta, be made unwlecome at his court.

    There’s a big event, the ‘Nada dan Dzikir’ ( a Muslim religious ceremony) to be staged at the Cirebon Palace, to which the Regent has been invited. . http://jabar.metrotvnews.com/peristiwa/zNA800AK-patih-keraton-cirebon-tolak-permintaan-fpi-untuk-cegah-dedi-mulyadi
    The link has a video.

    The white-shirt gang’s West Java gauleiter, Dede Irawan, however, is continuing the vigilante thugs’ campaign against the Regent who has often ‘outraged religion.’


    Islamist Insanity – ‘He’s Married The Goddess of the South Seas!’ 

    • That means he thinks for himself and also shows intellect and humour, both qualities abhorrent to sectarian hoodlums.  Hence they and their crackpot cleric buddies have ‘reported him to the West Java Police,’ said the FPI Gauleiter, after holding a meeting at the residence of the Royal Prince, Moch Qodiran.



     Cirebon Palace


    HRH seems to understand civility rather better than the IslamoNazis. He ‘regretted the attitude’ of these organizations. According to him, the palace is open to anyone, including Dedi Mulyadi.

    “We called Mr. Dedi Mulyadi, it should be appreciated, not prevented. The FPI’s problem is a private matter which should not be brought into the palace.” said Patih Qodiran.

    But the bigots don’t recognise other people’s rights to conduct themselves as they see fit. 

    “We will use a variety of ways, to prevent the presence of Dedi Mulyadi,” said Dede.

    That’s despite a request from the palace spokesman that the FPI should not disturb the community…“If there are those who do not like this, just don’t come!”


    As a monarchist (not uncritical – I deplore that Brunei geezer Clean Up The Commonwealth – Kick Benighted Brunei Out! I find it encouraging that the sultans and rajas in Indonesia reflect traditional conservative values here, religious tolerance in particular, and show admirable resistance to the radical Islamist menace.

    Cirebon’s a good example.



  • ross1948 16:54 on December 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Purwakarta! IslamoNazis Cower Behind Cops – Again! 

    Always good to see decent Indonesians confront IslamoNazis, and this weekend it was the turn of Purwakarta’s Citizens’ Alliance, who turned out to challenge the white-shirt thugs’ ‘high priest,’ Habib Rizieq.


    Habib Rizieq (left) with the nastiest terrorist convict in the country, Abu Bakr Basyir (currently doing time!)


    • Apparently he had come to town to deliver a ‘religious lecture,’ but after his gang’s recent offensive remarks about the local regent…

    Islamist Insanity – ‘He’s Married The Goddess of the South Seas!’ 

    ….thousands there felt his noisome presence was unwelcome, and  were out to voice their opposition.

    A fine old-fashioned melee erupted, one member of the Islamist hate-group sustaining a sore head, and some of their vehicles damaged, but before the forces of darkness got the severe drubbing they richly deserve, the police and army showed up.



    Merdeka.com reports that, because they could not continue their journey, the FPI members then asked for protection from the Purwakarta Police.  http://www.merdeka.com/peristiwa/dikepung-ribuan-massa-di-purwakarta-fpi-minta-perlindungan-polisi.html

     And another sentence from another report, in Liputan.com, caught my attention.
    ‘The police then escorted the FPI to the location of the event and dispersed the crowd of Purwakarta Citizens’ Alliance..’  http://news.liputan6.com/read/2394133/fpi-bentrok-dengan-kelompok-massa-di-purwakarta

    So once more these violent vigilante fanatics, ever-eager to inflict pain and terror when they outnumber their victims…



    IslamoNazi cowards hiding behind masks

    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).


    …display their gutlessness, just as they did when their infamous invasion of another Javanese community, Sukorejo, back-fired. Regular readers will recall that outraged citizens went after them when their gangster convoy mowed down and killed an innocent woman.


    fpi skulk in mosque

    IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! 


    Typically, the low-lifes sought sanctuary in a mosque and cowered there till the police could see them safely out of town after nightfall.

    I really do wonder at the cops’ attitude.

    Do they not remember how many of their fellow-officers were hospitalised after the same bigot brutes ran amok in Jakarta? 

    After the NU’s recent echoing of public demands to get this vile outfit banned altogether…A Festive Cheer For Muslim Sanity – Ban The IslamoNazis! …it might be better meantime, if the authorities won’t act, to let honest folk take care of business themselves!.


  • ross1948 11:37 on December 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Islamist Insanity – ‘He’s Married The Goddess of the South Seas!’ 

    Most of you, like me, lead lives concerned with enjoyment. It may be that you delight in your family, or your job, or sport, or party-going.

    Or all of the above!

    Life is short and it’s not a dress-rehearsal – apologies to those who believe in reincarnation, but that’s just how I feel about it. 

    That’s today’s intro, but here’s something to think about. 


    • nature “So the water, the soil, the sun, the air become a composite, energy for the welfare of society without exploitation, because that people obey the law of nature is a certainty.”


    Wow! A bit heavy, but harmless, yeah? And anyone who propounds such ideas should not be harassed or hounded for doing so?

    Pause for general agreement. Ooops!

    Not in West Java, not even if the ideas come from a senior local government position, like Dedi Mulyadi, Regent of Purwakarta. He’s not only a notable but a thinker, and a writer, and he’s written a book setting forth his thoughts on the nature of life and the universe.

    He seems to be a likeable chap.



    Good for him. Or not.

    Because ‘some Muslims are uneasy.’ And ‘scholars are fretful.‘   http://nasional.tempo.co/read/news/2015/11/30/058723573/dilaporkan-fpi-ke-polda-begini-reaksi-bupati-purwakarta

    So says the local IslamoNazi FPI chief, a ‘scholar’ himself.

    The ‘scholars’ mentioned are hardly what normal folk think of as scholars. They are ulema, steeped in Islamist dogma but that’s where their ‘learned’ status stops. But even they don’t usually come out with the sort of rank hogwash we heard from one infamous Islamist bigot.

    He has accused Dedi of secretly marrying Nyai Loro Kidul, the legendary Goddess of the South Seas.


    Habib Rizieq (left) with the nastiest terrorist convict in the country, Abu Bakr Bashyir

    • Guess who?

    Yup, it’s the ‘high priest’ of the FPI, Habib Rizieq! 


    •  Hmm…A man could do worse!
    • =================================
    • Although large numbers of Javanese worship her ( and that ticks off the Islamists no end!) she doesn’t appear too often.
    • Like I say, a legend. Locals don’t wear green on the Parangtritis beach, for fear she’ll take a fancy to them and carry them off, into her oceanic domain. 

    No wonder Dedi’s laughing about that IslamoNazi berk’s babblings! 

    But here’s where it gets beyond a joke.

    In response to complaints from the white-shirt gang, West Java Police are investigating Dedi!

    The report will be explored by the Special Criminal investigation team…


    Who gives a monkey’s if some Muslims or some Catholics, or Protestants, or Hindus, are uneasy. They should be told to take a chill-pill and grow up!

    And if those dogmatic drones, the ‘scholars,’ are in a fret, that’s hardly news at all. The curmudgeonly old (and sadly young) ‘clerics’ spend much of their time seemingly searching for fret-producing issues, and invent them if they can’t find them.

    •  –


    • Dedi’s book, for example, was published long ago, but only now has some sectarian sticky-beak stumbled on it as a whine-excuse. 

    Nonetheless, when are the relevant authorities going to tell the nasty fanatics who infest this country that wasting police time is not just anti-social, but also a prosecutable offence – or should be.

    • Indonesian_National_Police_General's_Visor_Hat
    • Given the amount of real crime, not least shameless corruption in high places, Indonesia’s Police must have better things to do than investigate sane people just because demented dorks are in a tizzy about a book.

    Alas, there is a pool of intolerance in this beautiful archipelago, exemplified by Gramedia, one of the largest publishing companies, which owns many media, including the pretend-pluralist Jakarta Post.

    burning books Gramedia’s Nazi-style book-burning

    The management of that collaborationist company grovelled despicably to the most mean-spirited jihadists only a year or so ago, revelling in a Nazi-style public book-burning.

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    The book’s ‘crime’ then was the same as Dedi’s book’s now – dissing religion.


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    Tags: Cloth Fest, Purwakarta, till 1st November   

    Cloth Fest, Purwakarta, till 1st November 

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