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  • ross1948 00:02 on March 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Q & A – Next Monday, On Immigration? 

    Just saw an ad on the Australian channel for their Q & A, next Monday…..

    ..Gambar terkait


    ….which will have a panel including a guy – Bob Carr, whom Aussie readers will have heard of – who thinks immigration should be cut by 50%’

    Could be worth watching, if only to provide balance in the viewers’ comments facility.

    Given recent news – 


    Uppity African Calls For AUSSIES To Be Deported? 

    ..there ought to be a number of valid points to be made, about not just the numbers but the quality of migrants admitted to ‘The Lucky Country!’

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    ‘Independent,’ ABC? So Stop Bludging Tax Dollars! 

    Most people, in Australia or in any civilised country,would share Tony Abbott’s expectation of a straight answer when he asked the ABC “Whose side are you on” for allowing a convicted terrorist to ask a question on the Q&A program.
    I’d been typing this up earlier today but got distracted by the terror news.
    But watching the Australian Channel on cable reminded me.
    I saw that berk who runs ABC whining about his outfit’s ‘independence,’ though he was silent on when he proposes to stop depending on the tax-payers for his fat salary.
    And then there was a quick comment from that twit Turnbull, saying how ‘calm’ everyone should be about the ABC’s latest bout of disloyalty to Australia.
    What an A-Hole!
    But it was some pinko scribbler in The Western Australian newspaper who earlier got my attention.Terror talk drowns out debate
     He does seem to grasp the idea that for any media owned by the Australian people, such an appearance by an apologist for the enemy with which Oz is at war is an affront.
    But the hack doesn’t forgive the PM’s question as readily as he seems ready to let ABC subversion pass.
    Let’s be clear: the ABC made a serious mistake giving a live microphone to a peanut-brained cretin such as Zaky Mallah but the use of such McCarthyist language is another instance of Abbott overreach, coming just a week after accusing the ALP of “rolling out the red carpet” for terrorists.
    Joseph_McCarthy Senator Joe McCarthy
    Leave aside that the late Senator McCarthy was a patriot whose memory has been traduced by generations of ‘enemy within’ academics, journos and running-dog politicians. Treason in the White House? Bring Back Tail-Gunner Joe! 
    If this were a one-off, a solitary error of judgement, maybe the head honchos at ABC would need a mere cuff on the ear, but that’s hardly the case, is it?
    Way back when the Afghan War was warming up, there was the famous comment about their neutrality between jihadist scum and the soldiers of civilisation — ABC refused to allow their staff to describe the Taliban terrorists as terrorists.
    Disgraceful, like the BBC’s impartiality between the Argies and the people who paid their wages!

    Then we had that flatulent ABC flunkey here in Jakarta, turning up the volume for ‘asylum’ parasites in their vilification of Australia’s Royal Navy.

    abc treachery

    Fact is, the sneering smear merchant in the Western Australian cannot exculpate the object of his idolatry, so he hardly tries to, just snarls, like a mangy running-dog, at Tony Abbott.

    Given the current climate, it was also unfortunate that Abbott should express his jihad on the national broadcaster yesterday by declaring that “heads should roll” over the Q&A incident…

    It’s clear ABC treachery in the War on Terror is just as entrenched today as back then, when they cringed from criticising Taliban terrorists.

    Their fans in the Fairfax media etc. are of course entitled to share ABC’s visceral hatred of the government Australians elected AND to blare it out noisily – because they don’t leech off the public purse!
    Let the good times roll – and traitors’ heads!

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    ABC’s Q &A – Queer n Arrogant 

    I occasionally watch Q & A, the panel show on the Australian part of my cable network, just to see who the ABC pinko tax-parasites put on their panel.

    • ABC_bias_Logo
    • I missed the most recent one, and can’t say I’m sorry, after learning how they abandoned all pretence of balance and stacked the deck – a panel packed with queers to discuss the miserable ‘gay’ demand to redefine marriage.
    • fredNile Fred Nile
    • They actually invited Fred Nile, a Christian activist and State legislator, to make the case for no change.

    But  the pro-perv lobby that runs ABC must really fear Fred, because, of the other FIVE panel members, NOT ONE was sexually normal. Nor was the ‘impartial’ chair-thing.

    Here’s the line up.


    But even that grotesque level of bias was not acceptable to hordes of rabid aberrants.

    Check out the storm of hate-tweets (if you can handle the foul language) which broke on the night of the broadcast. http://bernardgaynor.com.au/lgbtqanda-feel-the-diversity-and-love/

    • Greg D 16:29 on June 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I understand you are disgusted but why surprised by the extent of ABC bias.
      They are the most unprofessional sector of the Australian media, not a single fair journalist in their employ, except for some of the young ones who haven’t been trained yet.
      I expect the Fairfax editors to be leftwing. They have to be, because they are paid by their owners and their owners give them jobs because they require bias in everything that appears. That’s the fun of privately owned media. Freedom of the press. Nobody has to buy their newspapers.,

      But ABC is owned by the Australian people and we get no say in it. They are a law unto themselves, and this Q and A show was only carrying on a biased tradition of leftist propaganda.
      Nobody has forgotten the ABC sending all those ‘asylum-seeker’ lies back from Jakarta about our Navy.
      Abbott nailed them then, but they just keep at it, so I blame Abbott for not privatising them when everyone was white-hot angry.


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