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  • ross1948 12:45 on October 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz Soccer Meddlers Plead For Queers! 

    What a bunch of sticky-beaks, those Australian players…

    Socceroos call on Qatar to decriminalise same-sex relationships on eve of FIFA World Cup


    …telling Qatar to legalise ‘same-sex’ aka maladjust ‘relationships.’


    What’s going to be the next form of LBGTI deviant sexual activity…

    ‘T’ for Transfreakery?

    ‘B’ for Bestiality?

    Or ‘I’ for Incest?

    …these nosey-parkers will champion?



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    W.H.O. Should Recommend Conversion Therapy! 

    WHO recommends gay and bisexual men limit sexual partners to reduce the spread of monkeypox https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/27/monkeypox-who-recommends-gay-bisexual-men-limit-sexual-partners-to-reduce-spread.html


    Assuming, after all we’ve seen and heard during his years in office..

    Red Alert! Why Won’t W.H.O. Confront Xi’s Lies

    Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)


    ..that anybody still trusts the geezer issuing the warning…

    If that’s the W.H.O  response to Monkey Pox, why doesn’t Red Tedros simply urge queers to start conversion therapy ASAP?

    And tell governments that have outlawed treatments that can cure queers to reverse the bans.

    If it’s true that the more people engage in aberrant sexual activity…

    ….then the more they’re at risk, then common sense says….




    …don’t just argue for reduction in such sordid antics.. just STOP!

  • ross1948 17:59 on April 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Bojo, Cleanse The Sty! 

    …the MP told the intern: “Don’t ignore me when I’m making you feel better,” before suggesting she might want to “fool around with no strings, you might come and visit me in London. ”

    He told her he “might be gay but I enjoy … fun times”. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/apr/09/rob-roberts-tory-mp-delyn-who-asked-intern-fool-around-will-not-lose-party-whip

    Read the whole story and ask yourself why this self-confessed queer is still accommodated by the Parliamentary Conservative Party.

    Then if you have a Tory MP, ask him.


    If you haven’t – or even if you have – ask Jellyfish Johnson!

  • ross1948 17:11 on September 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Now Let’s Hear About Some Other ‘Wealthy Democratic Donors!’ 

    ‘Ed Buck, the Los Angeles political activist accused of preying on gay black men and forcibly injecting them with fatal doses of drugs, had at least 10 victims, would drug them while they were unconscious and was known locally as “Doctor Kevorkian”, according to new court records.


    Image result for ed buck

    And of the two in the photo, who’s the more deplorable?


    The wealthy Democratic donor, 65, was arrested this week…’   https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/sep/19/ed-buck-la-overdoses-latest-democratic-donor

    What’s most interesting in the Guardian article is that militant queers in the racist BLM movement have been demanding for YEARS that police do something about Buck.

    Hence my headline question!

    Never mind the outcome of the case in the news!



    How many OTHER plutocratic queers have avoided facing justice due to their Democrat donations?

    It’s not just an  American scandal.

    We know that the political-media in-crowd in the UK spent years hiding the truth about a filthy pervert high up in the Labour Party, collaborating to keep the public in the dark about Labour’s evil chairman.

    We don’t know how many they’re still covering up, on either side of the Atlantic.



    • Jim Ex Jakarta 19:12 on September 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      America is not a monarchy but it has lords and they are not hereditary like British lords ( though some like that idea, like the Kennedys, or the Cuomos)
      The truth is that there is a plutocratic ruling class and they hold power by virtue of their wealth.
      The saddest thing is that they don’t give a sh-t about the rest of us, black or white.


    • Ken Kasic 21:50 on September 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      When will those BLM followers ( not the leaders, they’re riding high and doing well) wake up to how the rich liberals use them?
      They can’t be that stupid.
      Can they?


  • ross1948 22:53 on July 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Hurtful’ In Hamilton – Screening Queers From Melt-Down? 

    Back to Hamilton, Ontario, where queers these days seem to get an inordinate share of the headlines.

    A number of Pride supporters carried a large black fabric screen to shield celebrants from the hurtful slogans on signs such as “Jesus Opposes Your Pride Repent” and “Liberal Commies & Homo Fascists Destroying Canada & Our Children.”  




    Well, it’s been said that the truth hurts, so the screen-bearing pinko creeps may have believed their bizarre behaviour was justified.

    But isn’t it pathetic, how those ‘screeners’ deemed the mincing gaggle, grown men and women ( and things, if trannies were on the march/shuffle ) in need of screening…


    ….at risk of lachrymose melt-down from merely a sighting of the words held aloft by a handful of protesters telling it like it is?

    What a queer casserole of maladjusted jelly-fish!

    Hamilton used to be a nice normal kind of city…

  • ross1948 19:29 on June 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Brazil’s Perverts Are ‘Afraid?’ They Deserve To Be! 

     ‘We’re afraid’: the queer Brazilian sex artists targeted by Bolsonaro

    That’s the headline above a long screed in The Guardian ( where else?) by some weirdo named Oliver Basciano, an individual I know nothing about and really don’t wish to.

    He’s whining about Brazilian President Bolsonaro’s distaste for disgusting perverts, which, says the weirdo, is fanning the flames of wide-spread hostility.



    Jair Bolsonaro

    We’ve discussed this before, but thanks to Basciano we can be even clearer on the reasons for the hostility – which the queers blame entirely on Bolsonaro.

    Queer people have been afraid since the president was elected,” says one of them.. “He has been demonising us from the start – but this was different…” 


    But after reading Basciano’s graphic descriptions of what Brazil’s “queer people” get up to, it’s hard not to conclude that they themselves, not the President, are the authors of their own misfortunes.

    Imagine you’re enjoying an evening out on the town with your wife or girl-friend, or taking a stroll with your kids. Not necessarily in Brazil but in any country, in any community, anywhere in the world.

    Along come the queers!

    Walking through the crowds, they would intermittently stop to interact with each other, their gestures alternating between sensual dance and sexual acts. In the video,

    Castello twerks for the crowd with his finger in his anus. Urination features heavily in the rest of the work.


    Any group of degenerates who flaunt filthy, perverted behaviour of the sort described above should have no grounds for complaint if decent citizens kick them  off the street and into the gutter, where they belong.

     These people are sick scum.

    Last month, the group – some naked, some dressed as animals or in PVC – performed at Esponja, an arts space in central São Paulo before an audience of 70 people.

    A woman battered a naked man with a dildo strapped to her knee. Two other members of the collective tore off a man’s clothes with their teeth.

    Much of the event was broadcast live via a pornography website.  https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/jun/24/queer-art-in-age-of-bolsonaro-ediy-performance-porn-far-right

    This is not ‘art!’

    Such behaviour can only be seen as manifestations of serious mental illness…



    …and those described are in dire need of confinement until psychiatric treatment cures them of their ailments.

    Again, we are compelled to ask what motivates the Guardian to publish justifications for depraved and decadent conduct.

    We can understand why they detest any Latin American leader who has no sympathy for either queers and communists.

    But the Guardian’s detestation could surely be marshalled in ways that don’t inspire loathing and contempt in normal human beings.


    • Noreen Paterson 20:23 on June 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      To call these people dirty beasts would be a disservice to animals.
      No wonder Bolsonaro and I would hope most Brazilians detest them.
      I cannot see many respectable parents disagreeing with your comment that normal people would kick the perverts into the gutter if they staged filthy behaviour anywhere near children.
      In fact, children nearby or not, a good kicking is exactly what they need.


    • Fiona 21:47 on June 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Guardian editors must be nearly as spiritually diseased as the filth in Brazil to whom they give such sympathetic publicity.
      Is public indecency not an arrestable offence in Brazil? Why were the perverts not taken into custody by the police?


    • Ned A 00:53 on June 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If they came down our street acting like that, they’d get a hiding they would never forget.
      Slime like that should be poured down a drain.


    • Ruthven 14:15 on June 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes! I couldn’t agree more with what you say.
      If filthy unemployables parade their obscene and anti-social actions around town, as the Guardian writer describes, they can’t complain if there are violent responses from the normal part of Brazilian society.


    • Geraldine Somers 15:27 on June 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Those perverts are in no way typical of Brazil’s lovely friendly people and I have no hesitation in saying that Bolsonaro’s attitude reflects the majority of Brazilians.
      I would hope that the reaction of the majority of any nation would not be very different if they had to witness such disgusting things.


  • ross1948 20:15 on March 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Fake ‘Word’ Queering English! 

    I have noticed more fake words sneaking, or sneaked, into our rich language, and one I have often seen is ‘Latinx,’ probably because Latin Americans, have been much in the news recently, both the scum sort…




    …like the Honduras Horde, and, a pleasing contrast, the good sort, like the decent citizens of Tijuana in Mexico, who have recognised the true character of that horde and have been demanding the vile crimmigrants’ expulsion.


    civilised man v savage


    So I set to work to see how this non-word has got into our rich lingo (curiously, it seems not to have got into Spanish, so maybe Latin Americans are more protective of their tongue, which is, after all, also a rich and expressive language)

    And where should I find the answer but in the far-left HuffPost…

    It’s part of a “linguistic revolution” that aims to move beyond gender binaries and is inclusive of the intersecting identities of Latin American descendants. In addition to men and women from all racial backgrounds, Latinx also makes room for people who are trans, queer, agender, non-binary, gender non-conforming or gender fluid.https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/why-people-are-using-the-term-latinx_us_57753328e4b0cc0fa136a159


    In other words, this ‘word’ is an artificial neologism devised by perverts and their camp-followers  to further subvert good old-fashioned Plain English!

    It’s actually quite an education to read the whole article, because it tells us that the ‘word’ first floated up from what passes for communication among poofters as far back as 2004, although it took ten years to spread, and is now being actively pushed by pinkos in academia.

    Not, happily, without resistance, and not only from us good guys and gals – or should I say ‘gaux?’

    Certain Lefty types are also vexed about ‘Latinx’ because they maintain Spanish is the language of imperialism.

    Image result for cortes colonies

    One assumes they would prefer fake Amerindian equivalents, maybe Aztex, or Incax?

    Where will it all end?

    I don’t know, but it’s sad to see that even in the American conservative National Review, a perfectly sound piece on the horde, which exposes their fundamentally foul character…

    between April 19 and September 30, Border Patrol agents separated 507 illegal aliens from their purported family units, including those in 170 “families” in which “parents” and “children” were not related. Among them, 197 adults and 139 juveniles tried to lie their way into America by pretending to be kin. 


    ….is marred by the writer inserting the bogus Latinx ‘word!’

    This ‘word-war’ is a fascinating subject.

    Let’s keep at it and try to roll back the enemy’s advances.

    • Robbie Fenley 11:50 on March 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Very interesting how the language is debased almost always to please the ‘minorities,’ who should defer to the majority but who have friends in high academic places.
      Even academics who stand up to them get hammered, like that Jordan Peterson, pilloried by Canadian perverts because he thinks a male is a he and a female is a she.
      We have that horrible ‘woke’ word, too, getting almost as common as the misuse of the word ‘gay.’
      Gay was always used to describe happy and joyous people and events and it is sad to see it stolen by miserable queers.


    • Joe Anthony 07:17 on March 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I think if people want to invent news words, they should be free to, but I hate the way they use existing words wrongly and then get upset when other people complain.
      I am of course talking about how Jordan Petersen is being abused and bullied on the pronoun issue.


  • ross1948 23:02 on February 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    ECJ Jerks Welcome Any Alien That Says It’s Queer 

    Asylum seekers should not be subjected to psychological tests to determine whether they are homosexual, the EU’s top court has ruled.. https://euobserver.com/lgbti/140706

    This is the European Court of ‘Justice,’ BTW, the one that Theresa The Appeaser is busily appeasing, having knuckled under to Juncker so it can continue its meddling in UK affairs for years after Brexit, if Brexit ever gets to happen!



    • So not the ECHR clowns more often denounced for their imbecilic edicts.

    • This latest diktat means that every subject province of the Brussels Empire  –

    • (again, including the UK  – The EU wants the UK to apply EU rules during the transition period without having a say, arguing if the the UK wants the same benefits during the transition as for membership, it will have to agree –https://euobserver.com/uk-referendum/140746)

    • – will be obliged to let in virtually any sexually normal person that calls itself queer.Weird world, huh, where normal folk gain advantage by presenting themselves as perverts!

    • Makes about as much sense as Theresa and Amber The Ass telling us that burly louts are children, and refusing to administer any tests that might risk disproving the crimmigrants’ lies.

    • But while the court cretins gaily oblige once-sovereign nation-gates to throw open their borders to all manner of aberrants…

    • …by barring psychological tests, their irresponsibility is highlighted by their failure to say what OTHER tests can be applied.

    • Photographic evidence of the applicant prancing about in a pink mini-skirt in the back-streets of Kabul?

    • =
    • Would this guy waltz through border security?
    • =
    • A scrap of paper that turns out to be a subscription slip for Pink News?

    • Or would those robed rats in Strasbourg issue new rulings against those too, on the sicko basis that ANY kind of proof “to determine the sexual orientation of the asylum seeker constitutes an interference with that person’s right to respect for his private life…”

    • I won’t speculate on how rouged and lip-sticked jihadists bent on mayhem could wander through Europe, wiggling their hips to convince border guards that they’re homos and must, by the robed rats’ ruling, pass unhindered.

    • But I do note that one of the culprits in this sorry court saga is none other than the Sorosoid Hungarian Helsinki Committee, to which we drew your attention last month.

      Un-Elected ‘NGOs’ Want YOUR Cash To Fight Elected Governments! 

    • Inevitably, this story misrepresents it as ‘an NGO’ whereas we know its dirty snout is into tax-payers’ pockets, to supplement the Soros cash, which, like the anti-Brexit Remoaners — https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2018/02/08/guardian-top-news-not-soros-meddling-but-pole-dancers/

    • – it has been getting in dollops.

    • But whatever you call it, it’s still gloating over this latest triumph for decadence.

    • “This marks the end of the outdated and stigmatising psychological testing of asylum seekers…”

    • Hell, why not give up checking anything at all?

    • =
    • That would be a return to pure Merkelist Doctrine, as espoused by Mama Stasi when she let the alien tsunami wash over Germany, unleashing violence and rapine on her people.


      If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

  • ross1948 00:05 on October 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Toronto Prof And Scots Tory Targetted By Language Vandals 

    One of my least favourite UK politicians is the current Leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

    Not so much because she’s a lesbian – as we see in Germany’s AFD, a lesbian can be patriotic and talk sense – but because the Scottish woman is essentially a liberal, not a conservative at all.


    Gambar terkait



    Yet today I must speak up in her defence, after some drivel made its way onto The Independent’s pages this month, from a very weird individual, named Yas Necati, attacking Davidson because, for all her wayward views, she can still talk like a normal person. –

    Ruth Davidson’s solution to the current mess that is our Government is that the party needs to “get over its current nervous breakdown” – and I quote word for word – “and man up a little bit.”


    What’s the uptight wacko on about?

    Oh, it’s ‘Man Up!’

    I guess Davidson’s solution to those struggling with child benefit, coming to terms with being sexually assaulted or at risk of being deported might just be to “man up” as well?

    Good grief.

    So a phrase the meaning of which is effective in communication, is perfectly clear, and which is in common use throughout the English-speaking world. must be abhorred because some abnormal would prefer us to say ‘Person Up!’ – as if by using the normal-talk phrase we are affronting women?

    BTW, I don’t use ‘abnormal’ lightly to describe Nutjob Necati. A paragraph about her/his/its/their background is attached by The Independent, viz.

    Yas Necati is an apprentice at The Independent and the London Evening Standard. They previously worked as a campaigner… 

     WHAT?    ‘is?’  ‘they?’  ‘a?’

    Something far wrong there – singular verbs and a plural subject? A suggestion of split personality? Schizo? Who knows?

    But it gets even more demented, a deranged shrill shriek against Davidson for – wait for it…

    …her reference to the Conservative Party having a “nervous breakdown.”

    I don’t even really know where to start with this. Is she implying that mentally illness makes you incompetent? Is she saying that in order to get over mental health issues we all need to simply “man up”? Is she suggesting that someone having a nervous breakdown is unfit to continue with their job?

    I don’t know if Davidson is implying or suggesting any of those things, but given what we know about nervous breakdowns…

    Hasil gambar untuk nervous breakdown

    Nervous (or mental) breakdown is a term used to describe  a period of intense mental distress. During this period, you’re unable to function in your everyday life…. 


    ….they probably DO impair competence!

    So at least suspension from one’s work duties might well be a sensible step to take if a nervous breakdown is under way.

    The way far-left sexual misfits are trying to force us into their own bizarre PC vocabulary is of course not unique to this ‘person.’ ( I’d say man or woman but that’s impossible, because I don’t  – and possibly it doesn’t! – know!)

    We have the scandalous situation at Toronto University, where a perfectly competent professor faces possible dismissal because he won’t be bullied by transgender freaks into using ‘gender-neutral’ pronouns.


    Gambar kisah untuk ‘I’m not going to cede linguistic territory to postmodernist neo-Marxists’ dari Spectator.co.uk

    Professor Peterson

    ‘I’m not going to cede linguistic territory to postmodernist neo-Marxists’ 


    Under a new law  (Bill C-16) in Turdostan, cretinous Canadian college bosses may indeed be entitled to fire Professor Jordan Peterson, but to his great credit he’s not budging.

    Jordan Peterson and the transgender wars

    But back to Nutjob, whose final paragraphs expose the essential purpose behind its ranting against Ruth Davidson.  .

    …I suppose she feels she can say whatever she wants, because she’s a woman and she’s queer, and therefore in her eyes she’s not like those other party members.



    Ms Davidson DARES to think that she can say whatever she wants?

    Not in Necati’s Gaystapoid Brave New World, she can’t!


    Needless to say, I was intrigued that such an alien life-form exists, and evidently flourishes, in the UK media.

    A look at Yaz Necati’s previous yammerings seemed in order, and I found another example, also in The Independent, in which it complains bitterly that in a Google ad, there is a gay nuclear family. No queer people of colour, no drag kings, no polyamorous relationships. 


    God forbid!

    How distressing for freakos around the world!

    • Arnold 13:24 on October 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I heard about the professors troubles with those freaks.
      Toronto as a city is an embarassment to every Canadian who remembers how great it once was and now its university is too.
      Why wont somebody suggest kicking out the freako students and not the professor?


    • Chris Thomas 02:57 on October 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The freaks should pipe down.
      Trannies hate it if we think or even more if we say they need to be given a chance to recover their normality, but they don’t think twice about telling us how we may use our own English language. They should be told we have no interest in their impertinence.

      All this ‘ablist’ rubbish too, there’s nobody normal who doesn;t feel sorry for people with physical handicaps, but why should we change phrases and idioms that are part of our everyday way of speaking because some disabled people are touchy.
      What’s worse is the insane attitude I’ve read about among some of the handicapped, deaf parents who want to have their children’s hearing deliberately crippled so they can’t hear properly although they were born normal.
      There’s something very sick about parents like that.


    • Serge Esperan 12:08 on October 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I have no idea about the woman in Scotland but what has been going on in Toronto is just crazy. That’s what happens when you get a leader like Justin Trudeau elected into power.
      We envy the USA where their leader stands up to the crazies and uses English in the same way normal people do.


  • ross1948 00:09 on March 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz Gaystapo War On Free Speech – Canning Coopers Beer! 

    A sorry tale of gaystapo intimidation in Australia, where intolerant queers have bullied a beer company into servile submission.

    Mincing with fury, hysterical homos went into hyperdrive in their vendetta they waged against Coopers, a famous brew that featured in a debate between two MPs about the merits of ‘gays’ (aka bitter and vindictives) being allowed to ‘marry.’ 


    If you are planning a trip to Oz, here’s one intolerant bar you should definitely avoid.


    Hasil gambar untuk coopers beer gay

    Gaystapo boycotts and petitions erupted – Coopers did not take sides in the debate, but the mere mention of their product was enough.


    It seems that just debating the desirability of homo-weddings is asking for trouble. Sadly, Coopers caved in to the maladjusted minority.

    One hopes that sexually normal Australians will now begin a boycott of the craven company!

    The whole story is a disgrace to Australia – and to NZ, where Kiwi queers joined the Aussie shirt-lifters in paroxysms of rage!

    But as to telling it, I defer to the excellent spiked.com writer, Brendan O’Neill, whose article you can find here. http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/thou-shalt-not-make-light-of-gay-marriage/19568?

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