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  • ross1948 00:02 on April 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Merkel’s Migrant Mess An Excuse For Brussels Power-Grab? 

    In case anyone wondered if there was more to Mama Stasi’s demonic drive to de-Germanise Germany than merely her cultural marxist ideology, now we have one of her flunkeys using it as an excuse to concentrate even MORE power in the hands of the EuroCommissars! 

    The multicult tsunami caused by Merkel’s deliberate violation of the ‘asylum’ rules has, according to her Defence Minister, shown the need for another power-grab by Brussels.



    The migration crisis is like the euro crisis because the solution is for member states to cede more power to the EU, Germany’s defence minister has said.  Germany: Refugee crisis is like euro crisis


    Ursula von der Leyen’s arrogant call for moves further to undermine the sovereignty of her own country, and of its ‘partners,’ was reported in EU Observer this week. I have to admit I find these Merkel minions as breath-taking as Merkel herself.

    The entire crisis situation is her doing. Her government was bound by the Dublin Agreement to require every ‘refugee’ to register for ‘asylum’ in the first European country reached. Mama Stasi dishonoured that deal by giving the green light to myriad wannabe welfare bludgers eager to dig their greedy snouts into German benefits.

    But ever since it became obvious that the horde’s presence constituted a menace to every German female between 8 and 80 years old, Mama Stasi has stepped up her hypocritical shrilling about how it’s everyone else’s duty to dig her out of the hole she herself excavated.

    Blondie Ursula may be younger and prettier than HMV, but she is just as much an enemy of European civilisation, because she HAS to know that Brussels’s grand design is to subvert all Europe by means of quotas, dumping undesirables on Poland, Hungary, Czecho, Denmark, the Baltic Republics…
    Camoron’s stated goal is to include Turkey in the ‘European Union’ – and his re-nego offers no hope of any permanent bar on their migration to the UK
    —————.…and, if Cameron gets his way on June 23rd, a subjugated Britain too. He, like Mama Stasi, is a sycophantic supporter of bringing a caliphated Turkey into the EUSSR. That prospect was part of the much-ado-about-nothing Turkish deal, which in any event does NOT rid civilised European countries of a single alien. For every one the Turks take back, they get to despatch a replacement across the Bosphorus or the Aegean.

    And meanwhile we have only this week been reminded that there is NO rule in place to allow for expulsion of the evil brat-predators. like those rampaging around Stockholm Station…

      … and many other places in every country stupid enough to admit young migrants using the hospitality of the German government to go on so-called ‘Grand Tours’ of Europe where they hop from asylum home to asylum home, committing crimes and terrorizing locals.


    evil children

    Germany Flooded with Under-Age Migrants They Can’t Deport

    At present, all these nations are threatened with compulsory crimmigrant quotas. They are resisting, some of them – as Lubomír Zaorálek, the Czech foreign minister, did when he pointed to integration problems in countries such as France, Germany and Britain which were far better prepared to cope with the task.  http://www.radio.cz/en/section/bulletin/daily-news-summary-2016-04-17

    Yes, why would Czechs want over-spill rape-refugees from Cologne or banlieue-type brutes from Paris imported into their beautiful capital city?

    But what this verdammte Frau Von Leyen envisages is harsher powers for Brussels to impose its will – and impose Germany’s undesirable aliens on everyone else.

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    TurnCoat Tusk To Nation-States: ‘Don’t Argue – Do As We Say!’ 


    Most Brits, at least, know that anyone appointed (none of course are democratically elected) to the European Commission have to pledge never to put their own country first, as long as they serve as Euro-Commissars.

    All the more so, then, when it comes to the Euro-President.

    Donald Tusk, a turn-coat Pole, has amply demonstrated his disavowal of all patriotic allegiance this past week. But he went further, and disavowed democracy itself, telling the democratically elected leaders of every European nation to cease and desist from legitimate discussion or debate on the over-ridingly important issue of our time.


    • migrants-thugs  Savages invading Europe – but Europe may not argue?’
    • 00000000000000000000000000000000000

    The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, unceremoniously called on national leaders to end their “shameful arguments” over refugee distribution quotas. 

    • political-correctness_submission
    • How dare this two-bit pinko seek to shut down debate?

    Is this what his elitist clique in Brussels mean when they pout and shout about ‘European values?’ 

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    Brussels Bullies Europe’s Patriots 

    Sometime last night, the cultural marxist elite that reigns in Brussels reached a new nadir in their arrogant drive to jackboot down resistance to the illegal invasion that every European nation faces – including, even, nations that are not part of their evil empire.

    The BBC’s Europe correspondent Chris Morris says it is highly unusual for an issue like this – which involves national sovereignty – to be decided by majority vote rather than a unanimous decision. The scheme to take in migrants appears on the surface to be voluntary, he says, although countries are likely to be given little choice in the matter.


    • eussr10
    • ============
    • It is a nightmare, now, to watch the news each morning and each night, occasional outbreaks of sanity offering thin rays of hope amid relentless onlsaughts.
    • =



    One onslaught makes dramatic viewing, that from without, by marching mobs of young, fit men of military age, whom even the BBC yesterday afternoon admitted us are ‘reluctant’ (aka defiant) when asked to obey the simple requirement to give their names to Croatian authorities, arrogant ingrates simultaneously wallowing in the free accommodation etc. given by Croatia.


    • parasites
    • That onslaught presents a challenge which COULD be met and defeated, for Europe’s nations each have security forces more than capable of driving the enemy back – if the political will is there!
    • Unfortunately, as we saw last week in Croatia, and have seen again and again, the police are clearly under orders to keep their guns holstered, so, very heavily outnumbered, they tend to be bested by the bludger hordes. That outcome is not inevitable, witness the successful French police action yesterday.  


    The main ‘Syrian’ squat in Calais was today smashed up by French riot police as they forced some 300 occupants to join another camp full of UK-bound migrants.  Mainly young men had been sleeping rough around the Paul-Devot hangar, which is on the edge of the main port. ‘Syrian squat’ smashed in Calais as French riot police move in..

    Yet even on the Channel coast, this useful little lesson was not pressed home. The admirable initiative shown by their counterparts in Bulgaria was not replicated in Calais.

    “Sofia“ Really DOES Mean Wisdom! 

    Instead of locking up these loathesome louts. loading them onto transport, trucks or trains or container vessels, for well-deserved expulsion, the cops just dumped them into another camp nearby, acting on a court order to evacuate the squat, and to remove everybody living in it to another side of Calais,’ said a council source….the French government is set to improve facilities there in the next few months – prompting concerns that even more migrants will arrive.


    Too bloody right they will, if the order of the day includes ‘improved facilities!!’

    How many more times must horrified patriots in France, and Britain, remind their governing elites of the basics of pest control – if tempting goodies are left out put on display, vermin will soon be on the spot to enjoy them.

    • But the other onslaught, from within, is that which will make or break Europe.  Barely two dozen years ago, Hungary, Poland, the Czechs, the Slovaks, emerged from a long dark night of subjugation, their ‘governments’ since WWII mere cyphers for a foreign power, under orders to obey the diktats of a regime whose citadel was situated far away, in Moscow.



    Now it’s Brussels playing the role of supranational despot, no pretence on the part of the commissars that freedom or democracy are part of the system. Instead, just as, in the Al Capone gangster era, ‘an offer you can’t refuse.’

    Submit to compulsory quotas, accept your destiny as a colonised country, and don’t for one moment consider consulting your citizens.

    No wonder the ruling class shrills against the walls and fences desperate freedom-lovers have erected, not, as in the bad bleak days of the USSR, to keep citizens from fleeing misery, but to thwart the alien intruders, those multicult myrmidons of the EUSSR’s superstate.




    Liar Juncker, Mama Stasi, Comrade Communist Mogherini, they all understand that East and Central European people’s devotion to national independence, recovered so recently from an old enemy, is the greatest obstacle to the attainment of their objective – so the peoples’ new enemies want all such symbols of sovereignty brought down.



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    Now Brussels Bullies NON-Member Nations Over Bludger Quotas! 

    More deliberate lies from EUObserver today, this palpable nonsense – 

    Central European leaders are content to receive financial support from
    Brussels, but are unwilling to share their new-found wealth with migrants
    seeking a safe-haven in their countries.   https://euobserver.com/opinion/130198

    This marauding lawless horde is not seeking a safe-haven.

    Not if, as the large majority of them did, they passed through safe countries but did not stop because their greedy snouts scented yummier benefits to the north. 


    • snouts_in_the_trough


    Turkey is safe – Cameron wants them in the EUSSR, after all!


    • erdogan-cameron Cast-Iron with Islamist Buddy Erdogan
    • ——————————-

    No reason at all for anyone in any of those lands to need to travel on, if a safe haven was all they sought.


    • oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    • But it gets worse.
    • ———————-
    • NORWAY, ICELAND, SWITZERLAND, and Liechtenstein will have to agree to relocate asylum seekers in the latest EU scheme or face possible penalties.   https://euobserver.com/migration/130186
    • 000000000000000000000
    • Those countries are not even members of the ‘European Union,’ yet they are facing coercion by Brussels jackboot diplomacy?
    • All true – read the link.
    • Arrant expansionist arrogance that would not have been out of place in Adolf Hitler’s Reich.
    • ………….
    • nazi-eu-hitler

    Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed

    • But then what else should we expect?
    • William Boycey 09:09 on September 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      That’s sheer cheek.


    • Gene Simmonds 12:54 on September 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This does remind me of the history I have read of the 1930s, bullying by the Germans, Hitler brow-beating the elderly Czech President.
      Now it’s Merkel and Juncker barking at the smaller countries, MUST OR ELSE.
      We are looking at a Fourth Reich, builded on the ashes of nations.


  • ross1948 21:50 on September 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Quota Crisis Over- All Crimmigrants Welcome In Dublin…But Ulster? 



    No ‘upper limit’ on number of refugees Ireland will take

    So no need for all the other countries to worry about the EUSSR’s damned ‘mandatory quotas’ then?



    But all that good work St. Patrick did back then, all undone…


    In deadly earnest…the headline is, as so often when ‘Ireland’ is misused to describe Eire, an omen of mischief on the way, a reminder of that unguarded international frontier…



    ….the UK’s only land frontier, wide-open to incursions, if Eire insanely allows its green valleys to be inundated with undesirable aliens?


    • PJ 09:21 on September 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t much care for most of what you have to say, or how you say it, about Ireland, because you are obviously a unionist and loyalist.
      However, I would add that it’s not fair the Irish Government gave a referendum on gay marriage but shows no signs of letting us have our say on the migrant intake.
      You’re right, they’ll turn up, grab some benefits here then slip over into the North, just a quick ferry across to Stranraer and ‘Bob’s your uncle,’ home-free to join Uncle Ali in Blackburn, Lancashire. Worse still if there’s a Britexit from the EU what’s going to happen, even more ‘desperate refugees’ (haha) will all come to the Republic of Ireland and use the border as a stepping stone to England.



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