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  • ross1948 00:01 on November 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Biden Leers At Justice Through Racial Lens 

    Last week we saw The Senile Dolt express anger at young Kyle’s Not Guilty verdict.



    Today he ‘hails’ the Guilty verdict in Georgia.

    Ole Senile’s selective approval of the American justice system appears to match Al Sharpton’s.

    BBC’s Bowes Blind To Sharpton Truth? 

    Sharpton’s perceptions are notorious.

    Biden evidently still takes his cue from his predecessor.





    ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of theSwine Obama.


    PS –  does anyone else think that the Left’s characterisation of ‘long filthy toe-nails’ as ‘racist’ rhetoric is itself  offensive to black people, most of whom probably trim their toe-nails as often as I do?


    • Cullane Wynton 04:19 on November 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Biden is an on-going embarassment.


  • ross1948 14:12 on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Exalts Obama’s Palinophobia – And Terror ‘Truth Decay!’ 

    I went out to the nearby Alfamart today, stocking up on coffee, an eternal chore, given I drink vast quantities all day every day…



    ….and was chagrined on my return to see The Charlatan being interviewed on UK Pravda by a white man ( whiter than me after an arvo sun-bathing out front) with a bizarre hair-style.

    On an African, it would have been perfectly normal, but…never mind

    I only paid brief attention, because the racist rat Obama makes me sick, but reading the media later I saw that he is still paranoid about Sarah Palin.


    Obummer even mentions ‘dark spirits’ in his denunciation of the former Alaska Governor.

    What a nerve he had, in the same interview, to mention ‘truth decay….’


    Tooth Decay? The more the better!


    ….as a problem associated with his opponents.

    It was brave Sarah who raised, during that campaign (she was McCain’s running-mate) the indisputable fact of his close relationship with William Ayers, the Weather terror gang man….


    …and Obummer’s total failure to repudiate that truth was misreported by at least one of the rotten media as his ‘refutation’ – when in fact it was a mere self-serving denial!

    For him to rant about Trump ‘fanning division’ after his own abysmal record, as when he oozed solidarity with Trayvon Martin…



    …in blatantly racist terms, and when he appointed and retained a overt racist, Eric Holder, as his Attorney General…


    Holder: Black Panther Case Focus Demeans ‘My People’

    …and his grotesque redefinition of lying as ‘evolving,’ on the imposition of homo-weddings on the USA.


    Such a hypocrite.

    But BBC exalted him today, and followed their subsequent 2pm Jakarta time news bulletin with yet another offensive airing of their free BLM ad…..

    BLM – BBC’s Longest Running Free Ad

    …just to rub our noses in it.

    Most Brits surely despise UK Pravda.

    Johnson’s self-isolating, so we are told, but that should not shield him from condemnation of his abject failure…




    ….to act against that Beelzebub Bias Coven. 



    • Chrissie Miles 14:47 on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Very good!
      Many people might have forgotten Obama’s terror ties and the BBC is not going to remind us of them.
      Keep up the good work!

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    • Floyd Farmer 19:10 on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Obama seems to think it’s his Second Coming, as if he didn’t do enough damage in the eight years America suffered under his rule.

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  • ross1948 18:33 on October 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Dystopian’ Devil Rides Out – BBC Trumpophobia Rising 

    I was merely toying with writing about the bumper issue of UK Pravda’s non-stop Hate -Trumpery due this coming weekend…



    ….but after I watched the star billing given to Obummer on BBC World News today decided me.

    While a rational approach to news would suggest Nigeria deserved the top story slot, needless to say the UK tax-funded propaganda channel chose the racist rat, his latest intervention making me think of that grand old Dennis Wheatley yarn…

    The Devil Rides Out!’

    …given the resemblance others before me have noticed!

    In their trailer for ‘The Trump Effect,’ the biased bigots of the BBC have unearthed a new word with which to assail President Trump – ‘dystopian!’

    Oh, and using Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at his inaugural ball inexplicably disturbs UK Pravda, almost as much as his famous description of the media as among ‘the most dishonest people..’

    Cheers heard around the world, not least…




    …in the United Kingdom!

    I had a fair idea of what ‘dystopian’ meant, but just to be sure, I summoned up the Cambridge Dictionary, and there it was, an adjective most normal Brits don’t use more than once or twice, if that, throughout their life-times, but whichever Beeb-Drone it was – I heard him again today and think it was Bowes…

    a very bad or unfairsociety in which there is a lot of suffering

    …used it to describe The Donald’s inauguration speech.

    Part of that speech could be heard as The Beeb-Drone enunciated their new fave adjective, and POTUS was telling Americans that it was ‘time to stop the carnage.’

    And why would it be ‘dystopian, why would it not be timely, to offer the people hope of a change?

    The carnage might be a reference to the deaths in Benghazi, or to the hundreds…


    ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of theSwine Obama

    ….thousands,is it – of decent citizens murdered, wounded or raped by Obummer’s beloved illegal immigrants.



    The swine was so dishonest that he took to talking of the ‘undocumented,’ unwilling even to call the crimmigrants what they are!


    As for the BBC’s intended weekend of weaseling warfare, who knows?

    Maybe it will be fair and balanced!


    • Will Pruenz 11:08 on October 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I watched the debate.
      Now I’m waiting for the SPLC to declare the Poor Boys a hate-group!


  • ross1948 05:40 on October 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Biden Supporters Invade Guatemala! 

    A dark sort of weekend, not just the weather but the alarming news of President Trump falling victim to the Chinese Virus, while here in Indonesia those grim daily statistics passed the 11,000 deaths level…

    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan


    ….which many believe is an underestimate.

    So I almost missed the news from Latin America, where thousands of Biden supporters ‘mostly young men, surged across the border from Honduras into Guatemala on Thursday despite restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic.’


    Not the current crimmigrant horde, but last year’s – but exactly the same arrogance which characterises illegals everywhere


    This is hardly the first such invasion!

    As far as I know, Guatemala still has an army, so I’m at a loss to figure out why these arrogant illegal swine weren’t taken out as they invaded..



    ….but one fervently hopes that Mexico, their next target, will show a bit more guts.

    If only a few hundred were shot and killed in the course of the next crimmigrant crossing, we’d not see many action replays for a long time!

    The Mexican President, Andres Lopez Obrador, doesn’t spell it out precisely but he does make it clear enough that the alien incursion is linked to Biden’s bid to take the White House.

    ”It seems very strange to us. It’s very strange that this caravan leaves on the eve of the election in the United States,” Lopez Obrador told reporters.


    President Obrador said Mexico wanted to avoid a confrontation with the caravan [File:Reuters]
    President Obrador of Mexico
    It has to do with the election in the United States. I don’t have all the elements but I think there are indications that it was put together for this purpose.”

    Perhaps El Presidente thinks it undiplomatic to say it out loud, but the reality is surely that even ill-educated Honduran louts can hear on the news that Biden is leading in U.S. opinion polls, and they equally surely know that Biden, like his soul-mate, Obama The Racist…


    …is 150% pro-crimmigrant.

    If Biden wins, it’ll be open-door time.

    And once they get in, even if they are the most blood-drenched gangsters, Biden won’t allow their deportation!

    But there’s mixed messaging coming out of Mexico City. He has ‘ordered the military to deploy along its southern border to block’ the invasion, but is also quoted in Aljazeera as saying he does not want a confrontation.

    We wait and see!

  • ross1948 09:44 on May 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Grad-Abuse – A New Obummer Offence! 

    My graduation day remains one of my best-cherished memories, though the day the finals’ results were published, on a notice board in the old quad, shines brighter yet.


    State Board of Education making considerations for seniors to graduate


    We were all swarming thither from wherever we had woken up that very sunny day, but I was still 100 yards away when one of my class-mates ( a noted member of the Labour Club!) who’d got there ahead of me, yelled out-

    Ross, you got a 2:1 !

    Since I’d spent much of that year, and the previous four, engaged in anti-communist campaigning, with just a wee bit of time spared for classes, obtaining an Upper Second ( in politics and modern history, of course!) was pleasing, and arguably surprising, news.

    But there was no thought of politics that glorious morning.

    I think I leapt a foot off the ground in joy…


    Man Leaping


    …as I raced to join the avid throng.


    So I feel sorry for all those graduands who are missing out on both such informal moments of camaraderie and the consequent grand ceremonies, due to the damnable Chinese Virus and its ‘distancing’ impact.

    I also feel sorry for those in America who were ‘assembled’ by video links to savour their academic success….



    ….only to get an online earful of bilious Trumpophobia from Trump’s racist predecessor.

    • Chrissie Miles 10:06 on May 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Obama exploits every chance he gets to politicize anything.
      Your graduation story is nice, back in the day when we could be friends with political opponents.
      Now the left have given up on debate, just use violence against anyone they disagree with.


    • David McKellan 13:30 on May 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Graduation Day reminiscences!
      Mine was very much like yours but you don’t mention the beers after you saw your results.
      In my day, you had to drink wine at the lunch with your family but meet up with your mates later and sink a gallon or two of ale.
      I can’t remember how much I had but that’s not due to the passage of time.
      I couldn’t remember how much even when I woke up the next morning.


  • ross1948 21:24 on February 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Ever Doubted Obama Was Bad, Bad, Bad? Doubt No More! 

     No, I’m not talking about this –

    The first Netflix film produced by former President Obama and Michelle Obama‘s production company won an award on Sunday during the Oscars and, while accepting the award, the filmmakers recited Karl Marx’s Communist manifesto..

    Obama-Produced Film Wins Oscar, Producer Quotes Communist Manifesto In Acceptance Speech. Obama Praises.


    I mean THIS!

    She served a three-year sentence in Limerick Prison for smuggling explosives to an IRA member and was released in 1979.

    Upon her release, her extradition from the Republic of Ireland was blocked as the Irish High Court ruled in March 1978 that O’Hare should not be extradited to Northern Ireland, on the ground that the offences that she was alleged to have committed fell within the political offence exception…

    No, I don’t mean that little intro, which merely confirms what we all know about that mangy alien country.

    What I mean is THIS!


    Crocodiles were associated with Sobek, a god responsible for pharaonic power, fertility, and military prowess, but served additionally as a protective deity with apotropaic qualities, invoked particularly for protection against the dangers presented by the Nile river.


    Who are we talking about?

    Which reptilian republican bitch ‘broke down in tears and apologised?’

    Ever heard of crocodile tears?

    Take a look at the photo below, please!

    You’ll know the two on either side of the filthy Sinn Fein/IRA sow in the middle.


    Rita O’Hare had also put her past behind her and “had apologised to him in tears for Sinn Féin’s failure to sign up to consent in the Dublin Forum”.


    Rita O'Hare pictured with Barack Obama and Gerry Adams
    Rita O’Hare pictured with Barack Obama and Gerry Adams

    But how many mainland Brits recognise that bloodthirsty bitch?

    Few Ulsterfolk will fail to identify the vile harpy as Rita O’Hare, but a quick flick through the hag’s wikipedia entry reminds us.

    She was arrested in Northern Ireland in 1972 for the attempted murder of British Army Warrant OfficerFrazer Paton in Belfast in October 1971. She also faced malicious wounding and possession of firearms charges. Upon her release on bail she fled to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland where she lives with her family.

    She cannot return to the UK due to an outstanding arrest warrant.[1] Sinn Féin has presented her case to the British Government as one of the IRA ‘on the runs’ (OTRs) under consideration to be allowed to return to Northern Ireland.[2]


    Part of that is completely untrue, namely the part that says she –

    cannot return to the UK…’


    She can return anytime she likes!

    If she had even a speck of conscience about all the evil she’s done in pursuit of the Sinn Fein/IRA objective of bringing British Ulster under an alien flag, she would return to face justice!



  • ross1948 17:32 on May 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    With Obama Gone, Anti-Black ‘Racism’ Wanes – No Bloody Wonder! 

    The randomized survey of 2,500 respondents revealed anti-black prejudice “took a sharp dive” in 2016 after President Trump was elected, and the decline was evident among both Republican and Democratic voters…


    The researchers who have released the report to which this refers are said to be surprised, but what else would one expect?

    Trump has expressed no anti-black sentiments – if he has, pinko readers, please correct me – and unlike his abhorrant predecessor, he has not sought to racialise issues.

    Obama’s overt racism, whether heart-felt, or for vote-grubbing, in the case of the shot undesirable, Trayvon Martin…



    …and in his carefully calculated appointment of the offensive Eric Holder, another race-baiting extremist…


    Holder: Black Panther Case Focus Demeans ‘My People’


    …to the position of Attorney-General?

    That kind of vocal, in-your-face racist effrontery MUST have turned off millions of white Americans!

    Logically, therefore, that negative emotion would begin to abate once the racist left the White House and took his lapdogs with him.

    • Ben Baniek 00:27 on May 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Trump doesnt hate anyone because of race or color. He hates people who hate America.
      That is why we voted for him.
      Obama made it very clear from his behavior he did not like America.


  • ross1948 07:35 on November 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Racist Ranter Be Royal Wedding Guest? 

    One must wish the happy couple well but also recognise that a royal wedding is not and cannot be regarded as a run-of-the mill event.


    Gambar terkait


    Hence a slight furrowing of the brow today as we read that the President of the USA may not be invited due to the bride’s perceived political prejudices.

    Meghan Markle comments about ‘misogynistic and divisive’ Donald …

    If it is decided to have no political figures at all, keep it a small and intimate wedding, just family and friends, unlike most princely marriage ceremonies, then that’s fair enough.

    But it would be most ‘troubling,’ which is the trendy word for ‘offensive,’ were the couple to invite Barack Hussein Obama, as rumoured in various media.

    Barack Obama set for Prince Harry wedding invite – and Trump will …

    BHM’s notorious racism…




    …and his disinclination to shed a single tear for any of the many real Americans callously killed by his beloved illegals…


    ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of theSwine Obama! ..

    …should ipso facto exclude him from any such list.

    It would be an affront to all decent people, not just in the USA but also the UK and beyond, were Obama to be seen frolicking at the nuptials.




    • Arnold 23:08 on November 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The Royal Family is not only Britain’s but belongs to us Canadians too and to Australians too I guess.
      I hope Harry excludes that racist ..


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