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  • ross1948 08:01 on May 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Do Matahari’s Managers Make The Girls Pay? 

    More pandering to sectarian kill-joys at Matahari this year!

    We covered their oppressive antics last year…

    Matahari Department Store In Ramadhan Knees Panic? 

    …when the mostly very pretty, and always nicely and modestly dressed, girls…

    Matahari shop assistants

    ….who work in the department stores around Jakarta were ORDERED out of their smart skirts and into TROUSERS for the Holy Month,  presumably in case a random glimpse of neat knees resulted in some uptight suffering temptation, or an apoplectic fit!

    Same again this year.


    What I want to ask…


    Who pays for the girls to be compulsorily trousered?

    Do Matahari’s millionaire owners stump up for the clothing these young ladies are forced to wear, or do the girls have to foot the bill out of their own very modest wages?

    We await answers.

    We won’t even bother to comment on the implication of sexism that arises since male staff are not subjected to similar coercion.




    • Kezia 09:50 on May 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I hope the girls are not forced to pay.
      If managment insist, managment should pay.


    • Santi 11:30 on May 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Not fair if staffs must pay. If boss orders trousers for staffs so boss should buy trousers for staffs, yes?


    • JazPen 14:44 on May 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, you did write about this last year. I am shocked.
      Its hard to believe they would make the poor girls pay out their own pockets for trousers they will only wear for a few weeks. What answer will we hear from Matahari?
      Why trousers anyway! The regular skirts are as modest as anything, so it is just not necessary to make this change.


      • Jim Ex Jakarta 18:01 on May 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        It is ‘simple simon’ stuff, putting girls in trousers for a month just to show how righteous a department store can be.
        I knew when I saw that last year it was not a bad time for me to be relocating.


      • Intan 20:01 on May 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        JazPen, there is no logic to make them wear trousers for one month. The uniform they wear every day is modest and respectable and no problem for Ramadhan.
        If Matahari thinks different, why not trousers all year?
        If the managers want to make them wear trousers, the managers should buy the trousers.
        Do the managers pay?
        All customers better ask. Care about the girls.


    • Iwan 15:21 on May 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Do soldiers must pay for unifrom? Do garuda pilots?
      I do not think so.
      So surely, Matahari will already have pay for girl trouser?
      I hope so. It is fair. Store girl gets little salary.


  • ross1948 00:04 on April 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta Shop-Workers Face Ramadan Rip-Off! 

    Last week I had a startling conversation with an employee at one of Jakarta’s (and Indonesia’s) largest and best-known department stores.

    It was startling, to me, for several reasons.

    Gambar terkait

    Firstly, the sheer exploitative, arrogant character of the management – they have warned their workers that, during the imminent Ramadan month, their hours will be extended, unilaterally…



    …and that NO overtime will be paid.

    Nor will they be given time off in future to make up for this disgusting rip-off.


    President Jokowi


    At any time of year, this would be an affront to President Jokowi’s call for a Mind-Set Revolution…


    Gambar terkait


    …his idea being to bring his country into the modern world and shuck off the mediaeval mentality of corruption and exploitation…



    …but during Ramadan (NB Indonesia is 90% Muslim) people struggle through hours of broiling hot days, denied food and drink by their fasting rule, and are inevitably exhausted by nightfall.

    The LAST thing they need is to be forced to toil for longer than their proper working day hours…

    Gambar terkait


    ….especially if their miserable, mean-spirited management won’t even pay fair remuneration for those illegitimate hours.

    What is even more astounding, arguably, is that the Indonesian media have not picked up on this outrage.

    Since my innocent conversation companion dares not risk identification – that would result in immediate victimisation – I can’t identify the guilty.

    But if even one or two enterprising journos went out and about…


      Gambar terkait

    In Jakarta’s beautiful sunny weather it’s fun to be out and about! But not if you can’t slake your thirst.


    …and hung around the malls ( in South Jakarta- not every branch may be run by nasty slugs, so I offer that as a clue, to narrow down the range of enquiry required) they could easily spot department store staff by their uniforms and ask them, on or off the record, what’s going on.

    PS – Oya, I’m also told that the same branch has laid down a specific time slot for their workers to use the toilet – all 100 plus of them!


    • Jim in Jakarta 00:47 on April 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      After all your years in Indonesia you could not really have been very startled, Ross.
      Talk to any employee in these stores, if their managers are not listening from behind a corner and you will hear horror stories about how they get treated.
      Sorry, but I think your blog will remain a lone voice in the wilderness.
      Not much time for journalists here but there may be a few who will take an interest.
      Then they will hit a snag called an editor if it happens their newspaper is owned by the same millionaires who own the shops or factories.


      • Kezia 12:19 on April 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        I am sorry but you are right, Jim.
        So I hope more people will tell the truth and help the store workers
        They cannot speak freely because they will have no job anymore.


      • Santi 12:36 on April 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Jim is right because nobody or nearly nobody cares about the little people here.
        Ross is right because I know people who work in big departmen stores and they tell me many bad things about how they must do this and that and get no extra pay.

        I am sad that Jim is right because we see little justice for little people.
        I am happy Ross is right because we need to hear the stories now in the media.


    • Taniawati 22:05 on April 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Of course it is true..
      It is like hell to work in the store you talk about and they have no respect for the staffs. Everybody in jakarta knows . We all know this
      The reporters who know it do not care about people who are paid maybe 10% what reporters get.


  • ross1948 19:59 on June 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Mein Gott! Boot These Tantrum-Brat Arsonists OUT! 

    I was about to post on a Ramadhan experience I had this week in Jakarta, when this popped up in the news search. 

    A refugee camp in Germany was burned down by migrants amid claims they were angry they had not received a wake-up for Ramadan …

    Refugee camp in Dusseldorf is burned down by migrants 

    I’m no theologist but assume that last bit refers to Hell.

    But surely arsonists belong there?


    ….there was one group that wanted to strictly observe the fast, and another that insisted on the usual timetables and usual servings,’ said Ralf Herrenbrueck, spokesman for the prosecutors service. ‘This had led on several occasions to disputes and altercations with officials of the German Red Cross,’ he said… 

    ‘It got to the point where threats were made over what would happen if things didn’t change, and that one threat was obviously implemented.’

    Let’s be honest, Germans must be out of their minds if they provide board and lodgings  – oh yeah, and don’t forget the pocket-money – to ungrateful, unwelcome tantrum-brat arsonists of this ilk.


    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm

    And telling them there’s no more such tax-funded largesse to be had is not enough.

    out with them


    The swine should not be permitted to linger one moment longer on German territory, nor in any civilised country.


    • Pamela 20:21 on June 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Not content with free meals and accommodation ( and the pocket-money!) they expect an early morning alarm call service too? No end to it!
      Besides, I thought they all had mobile phones.
      If not, we might have expected them to take turns standing watch to make sure they’d be awake at the required hour.
      Surely in their ISIS or Taliban training camps back where they came from they’d have learned that routine..
      You are so right, Ross. No country should let them in and if they get in and behave like this, no time should be wasted removing them,


  • ross1948 09:28 on July 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta – AND Its Pockets – Empty! 

    It’s not unique to Jakarta, but it’s still tiresome, this manic shopping, with huge ‘discounts’ on offer in department stores while food prices appear to be rising steadily.

    Back in The Old Country, if my memory serves me well, there were always similarly heaving ‘holiday’ crowds charging around, seeking ‘bargains,’ which made going into town a less than agreeable prospect from mid-December onwards.

    Here, in the Big Durian, I was on Saturday regaled by my visitor with tales of sad scenes at one big mall, weeping children grabbed by their ears to quell their protests – ‘ mau pulang’ – ‘I wanna go home!’ Insatiably acquisitive parents dragged them mercilessly through stores – even while the exhausted staff were endeavouring to switch off the lights in preparation for closing the doors!

    free-floe ends in 5 mins

    ‘Look, they’ve just reduced the price of those sandals by ANOTHER 10%!’

    Some managements are so greedy they keep employees toiling till the wee small hours.

    I do go shopping, though I abhor it as a pastime. However, given the closure of eateries, thought has to be given to food, which must still be obtained. Aud that’s not getting discounted, quite the reverse. 

    Nightmare stuff!

    But this week, and next, the storm will lull. Some 80- 90% of Jakarta may well have vanished, either gone ‘home’ to their village of origin for a well-earned rest or, contemptibly, because the poor little rich girls, of all ages, lose their servants to the exodus…


    76826_mudik_lebaran___stasiun_senen__jakarta leaving, on a jet-train…


    …and, incapable of fending for themselves, shift their idle butts to a hotel, within or without the city limits, holed up till the poor wee maid resumes her life of drudgery after a brief interlude of ease and fun.  

    You do wonder why guys marry these gilded blossoms that can’t iron trousers without leaving tram-lines, or cook beyond the boiling of an egg.


    • Mind you, if they look like this, I suppose a degree of indulgence is comprehensible!


    • My own primary concern has been to get hold of the tukang aqua, the guy (or sometimes his wife) who delivers those big plastic bottles of drinking water. He responded to my summons earlier today, so that’s done, so I won’t go thirsty.
    • But as to cooking?
    • Of course the gas containers are not made of transparent plastic but of metal, so you can’t see how low the level is!
    • Alas, if it runs out on , say, Wednesday, there will be no tukang to summon for a re-fill. He will have taken his family off to a distant kampung.
    • Never fear!

    If the gas is used up, there’s always the microwave and the rice-cooker!



    All part of the character-forming aspect of Jakarta life. 


  • ross1948 21:56 on July 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Wadu! Bintang Seksi Zaskia Gotik ‘Tinggalkan Dangdut…?’ 


    A lovely day, pleased to be at home to receive an ever-welcome visitor, then as darkness was falling, I wandered round to my warteg, where I devoured my usual plateful of delights, tempe, pare, telor puyuh


    • warteg
    • ———————————
    • Then, when I settled up, little Yuni gave me the bad news – malam terakhir, Pak! … Their last night open till after Idul Fitri! And Idul Fitri is next weekend, and then they will be another week before they’ll make their way back to Jakarta from their little country kampung.

    Wrestling with this catastrophic revelation, I wandered off to Alfamart, got my cigs for tomorrow, then headed home.

    Now, just as we enter this final week of Ramadan, another, less expected, bolt from the blue, in the delightful form of Zaskia Gotik, one of the sexiest dangdut songstresses in the Indonesian archipelago…

    She’s dropped dangdut!


    And not only has she adopted pop mode instead, but she’s using it on a RELIGION-themed album!

    Tempo.com reports that Zaskia is releasing a compilation album titled ‘Rama-dan Cinta,’ including two seasonal ditties, Ramadan and My Love for Allah.


    Always discomfited to hear of a hot girl possibly turning into a goody-two-shoes, I nevertheless draw solace from a previous post on this gorgeous gal, dated…when was it, oh, yeah, RAMADAN, two years ago. 

    She had asserted her interest in getting scarfed up. However, because of her work as a dangdut singer, which demanded that she sway and dress sexily, Zaskia pleaded that she dare not do so. If obliged to do so, Zaskia was afraid that later she’d be subject to amok-run by the FPI.

    Wow, hijab? Yeah, how I work, singing like this and rocking…how do I try that if wearing a hijab? If I’m then over-run by FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) how about that?”  said Zaskia  (17/07/2013) Sexy Dangdut Star Won’t Go Baggie – Fears Amok IslamoNazis! 


    I complimented her then on her common sense, and am not too concerned now, because the report goes on to add that her reason for not singing dangdut but pop is simply because Zaskia wants to show that she can. In addition, the pop genre is deemed more suitable to accompany the song.



    Sounds to me that she’ll be back on the dangdut circuit soon enough – you’re best at what you’re good at, right?

    That’s why I like partying!


    Tomorrow, the foraging begins, trying to locate a warteg that will stay open during the holidays. Otherwise, desperate measures – home-cooking!

    Gotta be versatile, like Zaskia! 

     Oya, and here’s a YouTube of her performing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQw9X5C49d8

    Don’t skip the crazy ad that precedes it.


  • ross1948 14:56 on July 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta This Week – Blameless Minority Creed Hounded Again! 

    Another example of sectarian hate blights Jakarta in what’s said to be a ‘Holy Month’ of reflection and introspection.


    • Jackboot
    • =================
    • Despite previous reports that most people in the Tebet area had no grouse with the peaceful Ahmadi minority in their midst, the South Jakarta Administration has blatantly caved in to the IslamoNazi FPI thug gang’s demand that those blameless citizens be deprived of their place of worship. “Our Prayers Disturbed His!” Pluralism in Jokowi’s Jakarta? 
    • Three decades on, suddenly the Ahmadis are found to be in violation of local authority rules? Yeah, right! 

    The CNN reports that, after being blocked from entering their An Nur mosque, the victims of intolerance have  demanded South Jakarta Administration find them a place where they can carry out their religious activities. Chairman of the Ahmadiyah in Bukit Duri, Aryudi Prastowo, said they were willing to be moved anyway.

    “We want to move but still around Bukit Duri because our people are around there,” said Aryudi in Jakarta Legal Aid Institute, Menteng, Central Jakarta.


    Aryudi tells a sad story of rising Islamist bigotry.They have been there for thirty years or more, and relations between Ahmadiyah and other citizens were intertwined in harmony…

    The Ahmadis had even “provided a common kitchen and provide 1,000 rice packets when there was a flood in Bukit Duri,”he said.


    • ahmadiyah2 Sectarian swine at Cikeusik, revelling in hate  – nobody has EVER been charged with murder, despite a full video http://www.liveleak.com/view
    • =====================
    • But he goes on to explain that, after the brutal slaughter in Cikeusik, when three innocent Ahmadis were martyred by a mob of Sunni savages, in 2011, that harmony changed…since then, there began to be intimidation and discrimination of citizens.

    And that evil climaxed last Wednesday, when the civic goon-squad swooped.


    • “On the day, around 50 municipal government officials came to seal the building.

    “The local government is unfair to us,” said Aryudi.

    Satrio Wirataru, of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) expressed a view which all Indonesians of goodwill must share. The South Jakarta City Government’s action was repressive….the municipal government must facilitate citizens who wish to practice their faith,” said Satrio.


    • freedom-of-religion
    • ==========================
    • He’s also asking for a review of the rules regarding freedom of religion.

    And that is the province not of a clique of fanatics in South Jakarta, but of President Jokowi, who last month made a widely-reported speech about how Indonesia was a tolerant pluralist nation.

    An easy way to prove that would be for him to scrap the previous regime’s monstrous Tri-Ministerial Decree -http://www.hrw.org/news/2010/11/04/indonesia-uphold-religious-freedom – the viciously discriminatory diktat that fell in line with the fatwa of those so-called ‘scholars’ in the MUI.


    • fatwa mui sholeh
    • =======================
    • And if he does that, he might also, as we often suggest, see to it that the police enforce the law, most notably the Supreme Court ruling on the GKI Yasmin church in Bogor, which, in defiance of the highest court, remains sealed, like these poor Ahmadis’ mosque.

    The Bogor Protestants are similarly oppressed by a local government, whose fanatical mayor, blind to the demands of fair play,  not only denies the Christians their right to worship in their own church but has even resorted to denying they exist.. X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 


    ratusan-jemaat-hkbp-dan-gki-yasmin-ibadah-di-depan-istana-001-mudasir ‘Non-existent’ Bogor Christians, forced to worship on the street


    He’s wrong!

    I’ve seen them!

    And joined their services from time to time, across the street from Jokowi’s Palace, a fortnightly reproach to anyone who prattles about pluralism.

  • ross1948 13:18 on June 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    After Obama’s 4th July Kow-Tow, Now France Shifts Bastille Day! 



    Celebrate Bastille Day in Bali 10 Days Early on July 4, 2015


    I confess I’m baffled, by this news item on the normally reliable Bali website –


    Bastille Day…Le quatorze Juillet will be advanced ten days and celebrated on July 4, 2015 on the beach of the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua commencing at 6:00 pm. http://www.balidiscovery.com

    Bastille Day?

    Not on the 14th July?

    No explanation at all?.



    Still, any explanation would be an improvement on the excuse for moving the Fourth of July to 4th June, issued by the Appeasement A-Hole’s Man in Jakarta –

    -‘out of respect for Ramadhan…

    Fourth of July, Jakarta – ‘Sexy Dance’ OK But NOT US Embassy Celebrations! 

    • Whatever reason the French have, it’s nothing to do with Ramadan, which has been running now for nearly two weeks.
    • Nor of course should Ramadan be a reason to postpone any other countries’ special days. 
      Hell, when Indonesia’s very own Independence Day fell, as always, on 17th August, in 2011…
    • ………..
    • ………………….
    • …, that was during Ramadan ( a movable feast) and did not prevent President SBY and all Indonesians rejoicing at their anniversary. 
    • =============================
    • Besides, even the current lefty regime in Paris would not abase themselves the way the Obama Administration chose to do.



    • Lenny Stewart 16:12 on June 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I am VERY curious, why did France change the date? They’re not normally slack about national pride and related things.
      As for Obama, no comment needed.


  • ross1948 20:24 on June 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    West Java Wowsers! ‘Dimly-Lit Stalls’ AND Cafes Face Kill-joy Closure 


    • man 12:53 on June 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The FPI insult religion and Indonesia, better they are dispelled.


  • ross1948 00:02 on June 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Islamist Bigot – “Why Should the Majority Respect the Minority?” 

    “Why should the majority respect the minority?” Ali Badri Zaini, the head of the East Java chapter of the Islamic Dakwah Forum..


    • Ratusan Habaib se-Jatim Deklarasi Dukung Prabowo
    • ================== 

    “The minority should respect the majority. The minister is [talking] nonsense. The Islamic faithful in East Java will never do as he instructs.”

    He said it was considered customary for all warung to at least close off their façade with a tarp so as not to tempt those who were fasting.




    main-lukman-hakim4 Lukman


    This arrogant bigot is up in arms because Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman last week tweeted an appeal for MUTUAL tolerance. His words, on the need for mutual respect and understanding for those who were not fasting, echoed the late President Gus Dur.


    gus dur fasting

    ‘We Muslims should fast with respect for those not fasting.’ -A REAL Muslim scholar, the late President Gus Dur

    Regardless of the specific fasting issue, it’s hard to see how anyone could respect such a rabid ranter as Ali Badri Zaini.

    But he is only one of many enemies of tolerance here.

    Jazuli Jawani, a legislator from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), said Lukman’s call for those who were fasting to respect those who were not was highly regrettable. 


    • Jazuli argued that it was only natural for those “carrying out the faith” to be granted greater respect than those who were not…


    No it’s not. Those who are fasting only have to show a bit of self-discipline.


    • FPI_13
    • ———–

    Those who are not fasting risk the brutal intimidation we often feature here, meted out by fanatic savages like the IslamoNazi FPI.

    And how dare any member of the PKS talk about any statement from anyone being highly regrettable – has Jazuli forgotten his party leader’s sickening ode to the mass-murder Osama Bin Laden? Written AFTER 9/11?


    anisAnis Matta


    osama_bin_satan mass-murdering beast Bin Laden


    That’s regrettable!

    But we can dismiss Zainal and Jazuli as outlandish extremists, singing from the same song-sheet as the IslamoNazis…...non-Muslim citizens who aren’t fasting, Zainal added, should take care not to disturb the sanctity of Ramadan. Especially eating and drinking in front of others at places open to public view…      http://nasional.news.viva.co.id/news/read/638009/fpi-janji-tak-lakukan-sweeping-saat-ramadhan That’s another Zainal,  Zainal Abidin Petir, FPI Gauleiter in Central Java.

    Nevertheless, the same triumphalist tripe has just emerged from the Deputy Governor of Jakarta echoes this intolerance –  Djarot Saiful Hidayat also urged restaurants to install curtains on their windows during Ramadhan in order to respect those who are fasting. –http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/06/15/jakarta-administration-and-residents-prepare-ramadhan.html

    Respect again. Beause they’re fasting, everyone else has to hide behind a curtain? And bars have to be closed? Because fasters might be tempted?

    What’s self-denial worth in moral merit, if there’s not a scent or sight of anything one’s supposed to be denying oneself?

    And how contemptuous these Islamist extremists are, of those they purport to represent!

    Not all Muslims fast, by any means – it’s up to them, after all – but of those who do, it bespeaks a commitment that they choose to make.

    Not eating during daylight hours is no serious hardship, but going thirsty, in this climate, is no fun. Yet they undertake to do so, and a lot of them stick to it. I can admire such tenacity.

    But it’s a personal choice. Their personal choice. It should not impinge on anyone else.  

    Do bleating blow-hards like the Zainals really think that fasters will be subverted by the sight of me or anyone else sitting in my fave warteg having a plate of perkadel?




    Sure, if I held out my plate enticingly, like one of Odysseus’ sirens, urging some poor faster to share my delight.

    Tempting then like that would be mean, but nobody does that.

    If some fasters walk by a bar and – inexplicably! – choose to peer nosily into its dimly-lit interior, and catch sight of me with a cold Bintang? Is either Zainal seriously saying the devout will at once cast off their self-control and rush in to join me in a binge?

    • bintang
    • Sure, if I sent out some lightly-clad bar-girl, extolling the joys of a cool quaff on a torrid arvo.

    Tempting them like that would be mean, but nobody’s going to do that.

    The killjoys’ case is codswallop.

    And they know it!




    Their only aim is to make minorities bow down. As Ali Badri Zainal, more honestly than the rest, indeed, puts it!

    “Why Should the Majority Respect the Minority?”

    But there’s always a silver lining in these stories, and in this one it’s an off-the-cuff remakr by one of Lukman’s critics, a legislator from ex-President SBY’s party.


    Khatibul Umam Wiranu, a member of the Democratic Party, accused Lukman of trying to curry popular support through the media through statements like his call for mutual respect. .

    Which means that Khatibul, at least, perceives that’ popular support’ accrues to leaders who publicly espouse decency, and not to intolerant undesirables. 




    • euis 12:49 on June 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thugs, in English. Ban them, not beer


  • ross1948 09:51 on June 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Genitalia?’ C’mon, Facebookers – ‘Like’ This Malaysian! 

    Thousands back gymnast in genitalia row at SEA Games
    Meanwhile, next door, in Malaysia….

    That athletic and attractive form above belongs to Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, a Malaysian sportswoman.

    For her splendid performance, she’s come under attack from Islamist intolerants, the sort of sexists who see nothing wrong with guys going about bare-headed but insist that evey female has to be a baghead.



    This ‘educational’ Indonesian poster sums up the fanatic minority’s sexist mentality
                                            ‘Fathers and Husbands–Their Aurat is Your Responsibility!’


    Sexism incarnate, for sure, and the sight of lovely Farah has got them TERRIBLY excited!

    Most of the time, we just have to listen to their bleating, but in this case, there’s a way to show your disdain –

    By Monday, 11,000 people had “liked” the Facebook page “Farah Ann Abdul Hadi For Malaysia” which calls for “praise and support” for the double gold-medallist.

    But never underestimate the eager ogling of the uptights. back home in Malaysia. The whners maintain  they could see the shape of her “aurat” (genitalia) in her leotard.

    Hell, you can just imagine them, sitting in their sad little corners, gripping magnifying glasses tightly, salivating ever-so-righteously over the laptop screen.

    ‘Oh, look, it’s AURAT!’

    • Appallingly, collaborationist females have joined in the shrilling. 
    • Women ‘must prioritise the Islamic codes in sports attire,” said Roszida Kamaruddin, head of the female wing of the National Muslim Youth Association.

    Yeah, Indonesia has some of that sort too. This outburst occurred a year ago, more or less.

    The Deputy Secretary General, Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI ) Welya Safitri, added that the Aceh model is a good example…most importantly, wearing the hijab must meet three conditions. That it’s Shariah compliant, conceals the genitals and shows no curves.



    ‘Scholars’ on Scarfs – ‘Must Be Shariah-Compliant, Hide Genitals, Show No Curves!’ 


    Happily, sensible, non-sex-obsessed Malaysian Muslims have spoken up on the gymnast’s behalf, people like Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin- “In gymnastics Farah wowed the judges and brought home gold. In her deeds only the Almighty judges her. Not you. Leave our athletes alone.” Thousands back gymnast in ‘genitalia’ row at SEA Games

    Hear hear!


    If, unlike me, you have not been defenstrated from Facebook (in my case for exposing sectarian atrocities) please get onto that girl’s page and LIKE her!

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