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  • ross1948 20:58 on July 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    A Twisted Twinning Tale! Pro-Perv Dutch Snub Poles! 

    Some of you may still think twinning is just a cute gesture that costs local tax-payers nothing except the pain of watching local big-wigs preening with their foreign counterparts…

    …but while arrangements no doubt vary from place to place, in SOME towns it’s a huge rip-off…


    …abusing the public purse to pay for councillors to enjoy a junket.

    I explained how it works a while ago!.

    UK Town-Twinning Racket? Still Rotten After All These Years? 

    But last week, we had a new twist to the sad racket!


    We have looked at the sheer decadence afflicting The Netherlands in its various manifestations over the past few years…

    …their abandonment of free speech…

    Cover-Up! Closed-Doors In Dutch ‘Hate’ Trial 

    …their readiness to erase harmless and popular traditions to appease undesirables…

    Malevolent ‘Dutch’ Multicultists Target Kids’ Christmas Fun! 

    …and now we have an appalling display of discourtesy on the part of the turds who run the town of Nieuwegein…



    …who voted by 26-1 to discontinue a town twinning arrangement with the similarly sized, Polish town of Pulawy, a vote taken to show solidarity with sexual perverts in.



    Like many other communities across Poland,  had declared itself an ‘LGBT-Free Zone,’ and don’t we all wish we could reside in one of those!

    Not content with the council vote, pro-homos in Holland then took ‘stickers with a rainbow flag’ and defaced ‘one of the town’s entrance signs to cover up its Polish counterpart’s name.

    How childish can these pinko creeps get, you might ask, and the answer is, very!

    At least when they’re infected with the dread Eurovirus!



    Marieke Schouten , an executive councillor in the Dutch town, said:

    We are a rainbow city. And we are both part of Europe, in which we believe that whoever you are, regardless of your orientation, you can be there in public space. It does not include a gay-free zone.”


    IMHO, Pulawy was very ill-advised ever to let its name be associated with such a sick little city.


    If anyone has the time, please track down the name of the only Dutch councillor with the decency to dissent from that council motion.

    We need to send him or her a commendation…



    ..for taking a lone stand, like Horatius against the Etruscan horde in days of yore!




  • ross1948 07:53 on September 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Who’s Funding That Luxembourg Rent-A-Mob? 

    Further to my observations on that rude queer Bettel, the loud Luxembourg PM, last night…

    …more than a few people have been asking how come so many Luxemburgers felt strongly enough about Brexit, against Brexit, to be precise, that they turned up to boo Bojo, when you’d think, if they held honest jobs, they’d be at work?



    Not many, d’ye think?

    Only a few of the rat-pack were actual Luxemburgers, I suspect.

    Moreover, I suspect that a lot of them are rich “British” Remoaners, moneyed moaners, who are prosperous enough to waltz off across the Channel to serve the interests of the Brussels Empire.

    Others, perhaps, were “British” employees of the numerous EUSSR institutions with plush offices ( and indulgent managers!) in Luxembourg…


    …taking late (or extended!) lunch breaks, or a whole day off (sick leave, to follow a sicko agenda?)



    If any genuine journalists were in the vicinity, they might have honed their investigative skills by asking basic questions of the cacophonous crowd, to learn the identities of those cheer-leading the shrills.

    I had a flick through the Europhiliac media. They ought to know and maybe they do but they haven’t told us.

    Anybody back in The Old Country got any info?



    • Vanessa Reilly 18:38 on September 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Might it be Soros?
      He is guilty of financing at least one anti-British-Brexit gang that we know about, but the one thing you can count on is that the media won’t investigate this.
      On the other hand, we know that the money-men and their female equivalents are mostly arrayed against us common people, so there are a lot of over-paid academics and all those ‘NGO’ idlers who get salaries predicated on how much noise they make. They can easily afford to take day trips or longer to Luxembourg while the rest of us earn our daily crust.


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