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  • ross1948 11:58 on December 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    A Delightful Update On The Ugly Unfit Mother! 

    Remember this thing?


    Image result for rashida tlaib tapper

    ‘Mother-F…..?’ What Kind Of ‘Mother?’ Foul-Mouthed Fanatic Disgraces Michigan

    Well, there’s more news about her this month, and it’s all good!

    Well, maybe not good – nothing about Rashida Tlaib is really ‘good,’ but at least enlightening.

    During the impeachment debate, one of the Republican legislators decided that Foulmouth’s offensive rants deserved a place in the annals of Congress, so he began to recite what the sow had said elsewhere.

    All at once, the other foul fanatic Democrat, Ilhan Omar…

    Stop Ilhan Omar


    Ilhan Omar is the most toxic Member of Congress, represents the worst elements of hate and ignorance in America, and for some unforsaken reason, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party are protecting her, making excuses for her actions and claim she’s “just learning…”

    …As an African-American man, I don’t agree with her 2018 quote where she claims Americans should be “more fearful of white men” when discussing the threat of “jihadist terrorism.”

    Act NOW to defeat Ilhan Omar.

    ….started hollering at him to ‘Stop it!’


    Evidently, the obnoxious Ilhan understood that Tlaib’s penchant for obscenity was best not recorded for future reference!

    And let’s not forget Foulmouth’s other recent headline!

    Ethics Probe into Rashida Tlaib Extended after Watchdog Finds Evidence of Misuse of Campaign Funds


    • Chrissie Miles 15:56 on December 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I hate to think how her children will turn out.


  • ross1948 07:28 on October 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Michigan’s Foul-Mouth Now Demands Racial Discrimination! 

    While Nancy ‘Madame Plastique’ Pelosi and Shifty Schiff are doing all they can to denigrate Donald Trump…


    …on what must be the flimsiest of grounds ever advanced for impeachment, they have yet to call for the expulsion of, or any action against, their very own blot on the congressional landscape, Representative Rashida Tlaib.

    Her latest demand, for racial discrimination in the work-place, and her absurd justification thereof, seems to have evoked no condemnation from within her own party.

    That’s possibly because nothing the Michigan malevolent says is taken seriously.



    But it IS serious.


    She was taken on a tour of of a facial recognition facility and shown how it works by ‘analyzing photos flagged by the software.’

    Analysts need to be African Americans, not people that are not.”


    That pure racism was Tlaib’s insightful response to her hosts.

    And her justification for a colour-bar hiring policy?

    I think non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same. “

    Oh yeah?


    I’m not American but I am also ‘non-African’ but have yet to switch on my tv and see Labour’s awful Diane Abbot…



    Ranting Rashida claims that two old black congressmen, Elijah Cummings and John Lewis, are frequently mistaken for one another.


    Image result for john lewis elijah cummings



    And why might that be!!??!!


    However, it’s probably because the querulous duo talk more or less identical hogwash!

    Yet she promotes colour-bar hiring on such ludicrous grounds?

    And the Democrats are OK with her in their party?


    Imagine being married to something like Tlaib.

    How frightful!

    Which brings us on, to another obnoxious eruption…

    Image result for rashida tlaib tapper

    ‘Mother-F…..?’ What Kind Of ‘Mother?’ Foul-Mouthed Fanatic Disgraces Michigan

    …and her latest display of foul-mouthed pig-ignorance.

    This disgusting woman apparently has custody of two school-age children!

    Should child protective services, or whatever they’re called in the USA, not get involved, after this…

    Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib Leads Protesters In Profane Chant Of ‘Impeach The Motherf-cker’ On Capitol Hill (Video)…

    • Ben Baniek 09:03 on October 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She disgraces herself everytime she opens her big dirty mouth.


  • ross1948 22:54 on July 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Tlaib – Not Just A Foul-Mouth, But Ill-Educated Too! 

    Remember that source of verbal sewage, Representative Tlaib, who was no sooner elected than she commenced coughing out obscenity?


    Image result for rashid tlaib

    ‘Mother-F…..?’ What Kind Of ‘Mother?’ Foul-Mouthed Fanatic Disgraces Michigan! 

    Well, we keep learning more about her, and this week we learned that whoever taught her to speak English did a pretty poor job ot it.

    Seems she showed up at the annual knees-up of the ‘National Association for the Advancement of Colored People…’

    (which, by the way, I have to praise for their evident refusal to change their organisation’s name to accommodate the dimwit PC fashion whereby colored people are inanely described as ‘people of color’)

    …and  – end of compliments – Ole Foul-Mouth spoke up to offer her encouragement for their infantile resolution calling for President Trump to be impeached.

    …Tlaib promised attendees at the NAACP conference on Monday that she was “not going nowhere, not until I impeach this president.”


    …’Not Going Nowhere?’

    Any educated person, of color or not, must surely know that a double-negative in a sentence completely reverses its meaning.



    I spent years here in Indonesia making sure my students understood such basic lessons.

    What, presumably, Turd-Mouth Tlaib was trying to say to the NAACP was –

    “I’m not going ANYWHERE!”

    But thanks to her inadequate command of American English, which basically follows the same grammatical rules as British and Canadian and Australian English, she was saying the complete opposite of what she meant!

    She was, by her use of such grotesquely skewed grammar, telling them that she was going ‘somewhere,’ until she impeaches POTUS!

    Like, where?

    One shudders to imagine where that destination might be!



    Perhaps back to wherever she took her elocution classes?

    • Ken Kasic 10:50 on July 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She is an embarrassment to her state. I’m glad I don’t live in Michigan.
      We expect little in the way of decorum from politicians, much less than we used to.
      Her slobby English? I have no time or interest in checking out what level of education she reached but it may not be ignorance to blame.
      Bad grammar is known to be a characteristic of ‘rappers,’ who are mostly black. She might just have been showing off in front of her all-black NAACP audience.
      I would call it patronizing.


    • Jay Hare 11:24 on July 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Tlaib’s substandard manners are nothing new.
      See if you can take ten seconds to view the video talked about here.
      I understand she has children and it’s them I feel sorry for.
      What a role model.


    • Vinnie Fiore 18:47 on July 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It used to be you would be pleased to have your congressman or woman come down your street and you would take your kids out to say hello.
      Who would want to let their kids near this dirty-talking broad?


  • ross1948 16:49 on January 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Mother-F…..?’ What Kind Of ‘Mother?’ Foul-Mouthed Fanatic Disgraces Michigan! 

    People get the politicians they deserve, and while there must be some civilised people in Dearborn, Michigan, we do know for a fact that it is infested with Un-American intolerant Islamists.

    Refresh your memories via our previous reports.

    Craven Cops Slapped Down – Rare Win for USA Free Speech! 

    • Christian evangelists attacked by Islamist savages in Dearborn

    It Can’t Happen Here? Michigan or West Java? 

    As we have said before, what’s needed in Michigan, and everywhere, is for honourable, decent Muslims to demand that primitive, intolerant packs of savages, like the sectarian scum in Dearborn, be rounded up and kicked out of America.

    Instead, the sectarians and primitives appear to have used their voting power to elect a slobess whose obscene ranting would shame a fishwife or a drunken sailor.

    “We’re going to go in there, and we’re going to impeach the motherf—–r,” she said to rapturous applause from a group of supporters just hours after she became the first Palestinian-American woman sworn into Congress.


    With her young son in the room, watching and listening as his mother debases not only the standard of political discourse but also herself?

    Will he next week go back into his class-room and echo the gutter-mouth’s rant, and if his teachers complain, tell them such toilet-talk is perfectly in order, as ‘Mom’ uses it, and she’s a ‘Congresswoman?’


    Image result for rashid tlaibGambar terkait

    Rashida Tlaib


    What kind of congresswoman is that?

    From Two States to One: Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib Shifts Position…

    What kind of woman is that?

    Not one any respectable person would want in their house, not if they are hoping to safeguard their children from the idea that coarse, disgusting vocabulary is  acceptable!

    What kind of mother is that?

    She’s just a slob-gob!

    Not that she’s the only well-known woman who has lost any claim to be called a lady!

    Were YOUR Professors Racist Foul-Mouths? 


     ‘”f**k outta here with your white feminism. I said don’t at me b**ch. I’m a professor…”

    Gross ‘Professor’ ( Really! ) Savours Mrs. Bush’s Death 

    Don’t Let Foul-Mouths Rule! Kavanaugh OK! 


    Image result for rosie o'donnell katie griffinfoulmouth

    Ugly O’Donnell- The Warthog Wallows Ever Deeper! 


    President Trump levels his criticism more sedately than I do.


    “I thought her comments were disgraceful…I think she dishonored herself and I think she dishonored her family. Using language like that in front of her son and whoever else was there…”


    Trump is right.

    Has neither Washington DC nor Michigan got child welfare departments conscientious enough to investigate her fitness to bring up offspring without careful monitoring?


    • Isla Minjera 18:25 on January 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I cannot fathom what even the Democrats are thinking, that they will keep this revolting woman in their congressional caucus.
      It’s one thing to hold extremist views on politics but there is something not right inside her head.
      We women can swear as hard as any man but there is a time and a place.
      Surely a mother’s first duty is to her children and to let her son hear that kind of language is dereliction of parental duty.
      ‘Set an example’ should be the guiding light for moms and dads alike, and what an example is it for this ‘Palestinian-American’ to set when she resorts to filthy expletives to get cheap ra-ra-ras from her leftwing fans.


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