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  • ross1948 20:34 on May 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Do So Many Media Hide Real News? 

    You’d think this story would be all over the media, but it seems the BBC and the Guardian, at least, somehow missed it last month….



    NB – this is not based on anything those scary Trump Republicans are saying but on statements from senior officials in the Biden Administration.

    Red China’s minions have been hard at work…

    ‘…a plot to interfere in a Congressional  election, covert attempts to arrest enemies of the Chinese Communist Party, and surveillance operations to spy on anti-communist activists.’


    If I’m wrong about those lefty media skipping that story, I stand ready to be corrected

  • ross1948 23:08 on February 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Gu Makes Me Spew – Born In The USA But…? 

    What kind of scumbag would opt to represent a genocidal despotism, rather than the land she was born and brought up in?

    I’m glad Nikki Haley spoke up on this…


    See the source image


    ….as I have been distracted by other issues….

    ….and hadn’t got round to publishing what I wrote last week.

    So now…

    If Ghastly Gu wanted to represent China, why not choose Free China…

    …rather than Adolf Xi’s regime, that still exalts the Mass-Murder Monster Mao?


    But frankly, if her ethnic origins are more important to Gu than her native land, that she has lived in all or most of her life…

    At a news conference after her win on Tuesday, reporters asked Gu several times if she was still a US citizen. She dodged answering each time, saying only that she felt American in the US and Chinese in China.


    ;;;tell her she’s welcome to stay in Red China!

    What a weasel!

  • ross1948 23:05 on February 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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     “China Won’t Respect His Human Rights…”. 

    The quote, from the Finnish coach at the CollabOlympics, appalled at the condition of one of his sportsmen, comes from a truly horrific report…


    .. but I shortened it to fit better in my headline space.

    What the Finn said, more completely, was this-

     “China, for some reason, won’t respect his human rights... “

    ‘For Some Reason!?!’

    Is the coach  really so unaware of the nature of the regime running the show in Red China?

    Its inspiration is a mass-murdering monster…



    …and its essence is state coercion.



    No need to be grasping for ‘some reason,’ when oppression is the everyday experience of everyone in Red China who’s not a CCP collabo.

    PS –  including young women tennis players, as shown by that shocking ‘interview’ on the news today.

  • ross1948 15:40 on September 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Adolf’s Envoy Finds Tory Defender! 

    So Adolf Xi’s Chinese Embassy spokesperson ‘attacked the “despicable and cowardly action of certain individuals of the UK parliament to obstruct normal exchanges and cooperation between China and the UK“.

    Spot the difference! Clue, moustache!

    Today’s Question – Is Beijing Better At Hiding Virus Data Or Gulag Gang-Rape?

    Ranting red rat-bag!

    Do diplomats representing democratic countries get to use the premises of the Beijing puppet ‘parliament’ to promote their views.

    Do UK or US ambassadors get the sort of platform afforded Red China ambassadors by the BBC’s Hardtalk?

    I don’t know, but I doubt it.

    Most of my readers will, I suspect, echo Ian Duncan Smith and other MPs who ‘welcomed the “strong principled stand” taken by the Speakers, arguing that allowing the visit would have been “an insult to parliament”.

    These red envoys – ‘a new breed of “wolf warrior” diplomats deployed by Beijing, noted for inflammatory language on social media attacking UK critics of Chinese policies – should be regarded as were Hitler’s broadcasters 1939-1945 – ENEMIES!

    Yet what are we to make of the Tory MP for Gloucester, Richard Graham, ‘chairman of the UK all-party parliamentary group on China! ‘

    Official portrait of Richard Graham MP crop 2.jpg


    He expressed “regret” at Hoyle’s decision and said the group would make new arrangements to hear from the ambassador.’ https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/uk-parliament-bars-chinas-ambassador-over-sanctions-against-british-mps-2541171

    Speaker Hoyle was quite right.

    If Graham of Gloucester does find some venue prepared to accommodate the bandit regime’s envoy, he should require whichever Chinese Communist Party hacks show up…


    ….to share a platform with a spokesperson for Hong Kong’s democratic resistance.

    Covered With Blood? ‘ Xi’s Lies Unravel! 

    Make Beijing’s running dog justify the gangster government’s brutality.


  • ross1948 04:46 on January 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Google’s Grimnasties Declare War On Oz! 

    What an unspeakable jackass is Mel Silva!

    He’s the managing director of Google Australia, so presumably Australian, but when it comes to the conflict between his own country’s democratically elected government and his Big Tech bosses, he opts for the plutocrat mess of pottage.

    Or should we say garbage, for that’s his message, when he rants that ‘new rules would “break the way that search engines work” and threaten a “free and open web”. ‘



    Free and Open? ‘


    Get real!

    Google is rhe sworn enemy of everything that a free and open web was once said to be all about.

    Google owns You Tube, which has been shutting down one resistance video after another…

    YouTube To Viewers – ‘Seek Guidance’ From The Left! 

    Big Tech Jackboot Stomps Dissenting Doctor! 

    Image result for google youtube censor

    ….determined to suppress any voice unacceptable to its plutocratic owners’ prejudices.

    Google has long been infamous for its collaboration with the Red Nazi regime in Beijing.

    Google accused of ‘chilling’ complicity in China after plans to launch censored search engine leak



    So when we read of Mendacious Mel and his comrades ranting on about freedom, how should we respond?




    • Lois Wadden 07:36 on January 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      If Google threatens Australia, it shouldnt worry us, let then do their worst.


    • Graeme Hastie 07:45 on January 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There are many other ways to search for information.
      We don’t need Google.


    • Uncle Oz 08:23 on January 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Hear hear!


  • ross1948 15:28 on December 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Demand Zoom Answer Collabo Charge 

    We need answers from Zoom about the reports of collaboration….



    ….with the Red China bandit regime.

    There’s not a lot we can do for the Chinese people who are victims of Adolf Xi’s cruel dictatorship…


    Spot the difference? Xi has no tash!


    …but when the Communist tyrant exports not only the deadly virus but the marxist jackboot too?

    Don’t let Beijing stomp your freedom!

    If you are using Zoom for business or for fun, tell them that you won’t do so any more…

    ….unless there are cast-iron assurances of no more collabo cowardice.


  • ross1948 11:25 on December 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Does BBC Have NO Investigative Journalists? Collabo Cover-Up! 

    UK Pravda at least covered the obvious fact that ‘Chinese agents have stepped up their efforts to influence President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administratIon…

    Amazing, BBC reporting unvarnished truth that might reflect badly on their endorsed candidate, and it got even better.

    William Evanina, from the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said the Chinese were also focusing on people close to Mr Biden’s team.

    Mr Evanina said it was an influence campaign “on steroids….

    But no names mentioned? You’d think all those intrepid BBC hacks and hackettes drawing colossal salaries while enjoying the camaraderie of their PBS fellow leftists….in Washington DC would have looked into the business links of the likes of Blinkin.

    But instead we have to rely on the resistance media to turn up this, about the so-called “President-Elect’s” nominee for Secretary of State.


    A Washington, D.C. consulting company, WestExec Advisors, founded by Joe Biden’s secretary of state nominee, Antony Blinken, has removed all details of its China-related business, according to the Washington Free Beacon...Consulting Firm Linked to Biden Nominee Scrubs China Business From Website


    Back to the BBC story.

    And when I say that, that malign foreign influence, that diplomatic influence plus, or on steroids, we’re starting to see that play across the country to not only the folks starting in the new administration, but those who are around those folks in the new administration. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55168633

    Those folks who are around those folks.’

    An intriguing turn of phrase. 

    How many of those who are busily censoring voices of resistance does that include?

    Dirty Jack Dorsey?

    Few Trumpophobic businesses have had their Red China links so thoroughly exposed – though NOT on UK Pravda – as Twitter.


    Sent from my iPad




    • Gary Simmson 14:22 on December 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I think you’ll find the BBC can investigate quite rigorously when they want to, but they shy away desperately if the issue might harm their own left causes and anybody on rhe side of those causes.
      Look how they failed to uncover the left activists who hid behind the ‘Donkeys’ label.


  • ross1948 15:27 on November 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Lousy Lam Deserves To Share The Original Quisling’s Fate! 

    Lousy Lam, or Carrie the Quisling, has been grovelling in public again, just back from an audience with Adolf the Pooh in Beijing, and spewing her scripted rant in Hong Kong.



    Even UK Pravda had to express a measure of disdain at this absurd vixen’s obeisance to evil, as did the BBC’s printed wing, the far-left Guardian, which quoted her tripe thus  –

    Lam defended it all, saying Beijing had “no alternative but to step in and take action” with the national security law, which had been “remarkably effective in restoring stability”

    As I have said before, she should be reminded often that no regime lasts forever…



    ….and service to despots can have consequences.

    She is of course a quisling.




    …but not the first, Norwegian, one!

    He was hanged for his collaboration with a dictatorship…


    …little different from Red China’s.

    • Linda L 15:51 on November 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She is a traitor to the Hong Kong people AND the Chinese people.
      Service to the CCP is treason.
      Free China!


  • ross1948 11:16 on October 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    When Even BBC Reports Bad News For Adolf Xi….Wow! 

    Amazing, not only something on BBC World News that is not slanted leftwards, but has come from an apparently unanimous decision by a UK parliamentary committee, which has agreed that….

    There is “clear evidence of collusion” between Huawei and the “Chinese Communist Party apparatus”, a parliamentary inquiry has concluded.


    This shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

    As a marxist totalitarian state, Red China sees to it that nothing happens over which it does not exercise control.



    That’s how it has covered up its malevolent role in unleashing the Chinese Virus on the world.

    Certainly the Chinese Communist Party has helpful friends and allies around the globe…


    Portrait of Xi Jinping. (Jason Mann painting)

    Adolf the Pooh with puppets Carrie the Quisling and Red Ted guess WHO!


    …but effectively the worldwide death-toll has made Adolf the Pooh, Xi, an even bigger mass-murderer than his satanic hero, Mao Tse Tung.



    So well done to the MPs of all parties who ‘say the government may need to bring forward a deadline set for the Chinese firm’s 5G kit to be removed from the UK’s mobile networks.’

    And if Huawei should be removed, so too should those we referred to earlier this week….

    Britain, Canada, Oz Should Follow This Example! 

    …who are also an undesirable presence in democratic countries.


  • ross1948 12:17 on August 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , kick out Xi Jue, Pavlou, Queensland court, Red China’s running-dogs, Xi Jue Consul General   

    Expel Red China’s Obnoxious Envoy! 

    Surely very few people would have the nerve to call Red China a civilised country, not because Chinese people are n any way uncivilised – after all, Chinese people in Taiwan and Singapore and until recently, Hong Kong, have shown themselves more than capable of creating prosperous, democratic societies –

    …but because…


    Portrait of Xi Jinping. (Jason Mann painting)

    Adolf the Pooh with puppets Carrie the Quisling and guess WHO!

    …the rogue regime in Beijing, Adolf-the-Pooh’s dictatorship, appears to have cast off any pretence of rationality in its rage to raze Hong Kong’s freedoms.

    This needs to be said, but especially after that blustering buffoon who serves as the despotism’s Consul General in Queensland escaped Australian justice due to diplomatic immunity.

    Queensland court dismisses university student Drew Pavlou’s case against Chinese Consul General

    Australian readers will know exactly what has been happening, but that link will take others to more background detail.

    Now, surely, it’s time for the Australian Government to expel that obnoxious oaf, Xi Jue, who has blatantly abused his diplomatic immunity…


    Xi Jue

    Sometimes that means the bad guys win. Sometimes it means … representatives of the most evil regime on Earth win in our courts, and in our legal system,” Mr Pavlou said..

    …and for Australia to refuse to accept ANY replacement until there are cast-iron guarantees on the part of the Beijing bullies that their next envoy will behave like a DIPLOMAT and NOT like a rude ranting rat-bag!

    • Ken Kasic 17:18 on August 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We all should kick out Red China’s envoys and recognize Free China as the legitimate government.


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