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  • ross1948 03:01 on February 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'Toxic nationalism', , maple leaf flag, new Canada flag?, Professor Heather Nichols, Red Ensign   

    Canadian Leftist Prof Wants A New Flag? 

    Yes, still writing about Canada….

    …but I’m not the only one who’s been hitting the key-boards.

    A typical left-liberal academic, this woman, Heather Nichol, of Trent University…


    side view head shot out of doors, smiling, wearing sunglasses

    Professor (School for the Environment)
    B.A. (Toronto), MES (York), PhD (Queens)

    Office: Kerr House suite 103.6, Traill College
    Telephone: (705) 748-1011 ext 6024


    …whose peculiar prejudice is at its most glaring when she brands the symbols adorning the Freedom Convoy as a manifestation of ‘toxic nationalism…’

    Toxic nationalism?

    Freedom Convoy fans around the world have cheered them on and the movement has been insulted and bullied because foreign friends have given donations…

    Canada, Foreign Money, Meddling! 

    So, as to the professor’s ‘toxic nationalism’  smear?

    Better read principled patriotism.

    And doesn’t she have a shaky grasp of modern Canadian history?

    She has the nerve to talk about an era she is way too young to remember…


    ….as if she had been there!


     ..the flag Canada first raised in 1965 was a symbol used to unite Canadians as a shared nation — an exciting new symbol that Canadians were proud of.

    Lester Pearson’s drive to force through his flag project tore the Dominion apart.

    He refused to hold a referendum because he feared he’d lose.

    Countless hearts broke when the new flag was raised, including that of Opposition leader John Diefenbaker…



    Dief the Chief!


    ….who turned away in sadness on that chilly day.

    But 65 years have passed, and to most Canadians, the Red Ensign is a more a matter of historical interest.

    Yet because this pinko prof is vexed by the Freedom Convoy, because she dislikes their challenge to her narrow ideology…

    (read it all and note her leftist Trumpophobic yelping!)

    ….now she wants ANOTHER flag debate?

    Read on!

    Perhaps what will come of this moment in Canadian history is a new set of symbols, arguably not perfect and not uncontested, but reflective of our times.


    Gimme a break!

    • Marty N 08:01 on February 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      My Dad always said we should of had a referendum on the flag.
      He insisted that outside Quebec, most all Canadians wanted to keep the Ensign.


  • ross1948 18:27 on September 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Comrade Corbyn’s Selective Anti-Imperialism 

    ‘Jeremy Corbyn has been throughout his career an opponent of imperialism and a strong critic of Israel and that’s his position,”



    Or so says some hack named Neil Clark, quoted in RT, who is no doubt surely sincere in believing that, despite any record I can find of Comrade Corbyn condemning Red China’s genocidal imperialism in Tibet.

    Red Jeremy is also infamous for his frolicking with Sinn Fein/IRA’s Blood-Beast Adams…



    …who embodies the imperialist aspirations of Britain’s eternal enemy, Eire.

    So no interest in the right to self-determination of Tibetans, or of Ulster’s Brits.



    And is there not a fundamental contradiction in Corbyn’s enmity towards Israel, and his refusal, quoted in the same RT article  –

    https://www.rt.com/uk/439028-corbyn-arsenal-boycott-israel/ – about his call to boycott his ‘own’ team Arsenal because they made a deal with the Jewish state’s tourist board!-

    – to grant parity of esteem to Israelis and Palestinians.



    The whole dispute in that troubled land is due to the sectarian, and very violent, imperialism of the Islamic aggressors who invaded, conquered and held in their grip for centuries not only the Holy Land but also almost all the Byzantine provinces, despite brave efforts by the Crusaders to liberate the conquered areas.

    • Eleanor Fraser 21:47 on September 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      At least with Corbyn we kmow he’s been an enemy of our country for all his adult life.
      I was fooled by May for a while but now we know her too, for what she is,
      Who will take us through all this mess we’re in. I am perplexed.


    • orion 13:15 on September 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Professor Shlomo Sands in his books “The invention of the Jewish people”, a best seller in Israel at the time, stated categorically that DNA proves that the Palestinian are the descendent of the Israelites of old. In 1928, the total Jewish population of Palestine was some 83 000. All the others were imported and are converts to Judaism (in fact some 75% are atheists). The Yemenites converted in the 4th Cent. The Sephardi (Berbers from North Africa) converted in the 8th Cent. The Ashkenazi, a Turko Mongol-Finn mixture from the North of the Caucasus, converted in the 9th Cent CE. Their right to the land is the right of conquest, not descent. Who is financing you? Tel Aviv’s Propaganda Dept.?


      • ross1948 20:07 on September 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        If only, Orion.
        Nobody gives me any money and I never ask for any.


  • ross1948 08:16 on August 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Time For Canada To Take Up Arms Again? 

    Since Scheer Hypocrisy regards himself as above talking to The Rebel unless it stops being rebellious…


    Hasil gambar untuk scheer the rebel

    Scheer says he’ll reject interviews with The Rebel until it changes 

    …it seems both right and proper to give that rare example of sensible Canadian media as many mentions as possible.

    So just a look today at an interesting piece there on a ding-bat scheme to jazz up Canada’s distinguished Coat of Arms…


    Purge of Canada’s British history continues: Coat of Arms latest target of “diversity” warriors


    …a heraldic masterpiece which I have often used here to brighten up my writings on the land of my birth.

    Almost all the hatred, fear and loathing of anything that reminds Canadians of where their democratic heritage comes from – the British North America Act of 150 years back – is based on hair-brained hogwash.



    But that’s no guarantee, in today’s Turdostan, that further desecration of our heritage will not come to pass.

    So please have a look at the video on this Rebel link…  https://www.therebel.media/purge_of_canada_s_british_history_continues_coat_of_arms_latest_target_of_diversity_warriors  …and see just how stupid the plan floated in the Ottawa Citizen really is.

    Then gird up your loins for one more battle – but rest assured they’ll do their liberal worst to preclude any democratic input, just as they did when they changed the flag in 1965…


    …and when they again failed to hold a referendum on metrication.

    Hasil gambar untuk pre-metrication miles kilometers toronto

    • Arnold 15:25 on August 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I would not buy a used car from Scheer, he is a con man who promised to crackdown on colleges that smother free speech then caved in on the first chance he got, University of Toronto this month.
      Now he will talk all day to enemies like CBC but discriminates against The Rebel.
      He is a weakling. No way will I vote for his party.


  • ross1948 15:33 on July 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 1965 flag vote, ARC agitprop outfit, , , , Lester B Pearson, , Red Ensign, Waldo Monteith   

    Three Cheers For The Red Ensign! 

    More ‘news’ from Canada today, with a report on how our glorious Red Ensign has got a pack of pinko creeps fretting.

    Some agitprop outfit calling itself ‘Anti-Racist Canada’ is in a tizzy because of the growing popularity of the Red Ensign among extremist groups…


    Gambar terkait


    One of their creepy spokespersons reckons this is down to the fact that they view the flag that flies in Canada today as an abomination representing multiculturalism and diversity.


    Well, if the cap fits…

    I treat the current flag with respect because Canadians have fought and died beneath it.


    Flying side by side at the Vimy Ridge Memorial in France


    But I could never love it, because I can never forget nor forgive that Canadians were no more consulted on the replacement of their flag than they were on the imposition of the grotesque ideology of multiculturalism.




    I was in Canada during the flag debate and the prime minister of the time, Lester Pearson, refused point-blank to put the fate of the Red Ensign to a referendum.

    J. Waldo Monteith MP was our local representative during that furious parliamentary battle –  I was just a youngster then but was familiar with the great man because our families were related by marriage.

    Mr. Monteith looked like a serious politician  – SO unlike Pretty Boy Turdo


    He certainly spoke for the great majority of his Perth County ( Ontario)  constituents with his blunt retort when Pearson arrogantly called on the Opposition to knuckle under and abandon the campaign to keep Canada’s beloved Red Ensign flying.

    ‘You must be nuts!’  .

    My old Red Ensign T-shirt had gotten somewhat threadbare over the years, so for Canada’s 150th birthday celebration last week, I had a new one made at a little shop in Jakarta’s below Blok M Terminal.



    Notice it’s for Dominion Day, which was what the national holiday was called until 1982, another change perpetrated purely out of cultural spite against Canada’s origins. .

    Nobody looked askance as I mingled in friendly fashion with the other guests, though I had to explain it to my young Indonesian companions. Perhaps many of the younger Canadians too didn’t recognise the good old banner either.

    But one guy in his thirties, a Vancouver fellow of Chinese ethnic origin who arrived with his family at the same time we did, at once smiled and approached to offer his congratulations.

    Which anecdotally makes the point which rational people already understand.

    The Red Ensign does not denote ‘racism’ – it simply stands for the Dominion of Canada, which was united in loyalty to the Crown and the democratic heritage, the independence, bestown by the British North America Act.

    That heritage was irreparably damaged by Turdo Senior with his damnable Charter…


    Two of a kind


    … and it’s not surprise to note that today we have to read how his ghastly son is using that constitutional monstrosity to justify rewarding Killer Khadr.

    • Arnold 16:44 on July 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Canada was a happier, safer and all around better place when the Red Ensign flew above us.


    • Hatch 18:12 on July 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I remember how angry all my family, and friends and were when they hauled down the ensign. I never heard my grandmother curse before that day.
      They all hated Pierre Trudeau too, but not as much as I hate his son, after what has happened with the Khadr pay-off.
      I hope Khadr gets cancer and i would say the same for Trudeau but Ithink AIDS is more his style.


    • Nick Elson 23:04 on July 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The Ensign is a much more beautiful and interesting flag but it has been over fifty years since it was removed and l so whole generations have grown up who just don’t know anything about it.
      It’s a pity, but there you are.
      In the short term, people who love Canada should unite in rage against Trudeau’s award of that 10.5 million bounty to the terrorist Khadr.
      I see you are on board so keep up the good work.


    • James Alcock 05:41 on November 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The Ontario red ensign and the Manitoba red ensign were adopted soon after the change of the Canadian flag as a reaction against it and as a way of continuing the red ensign at the provincial level.


  • ross1948 17:50 on February 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Canada consulate, , gaystapo rainbow Canadian banner, , , Red Ensign   

    Turdostan’s Flag Replaces Canada’s At Sydney Consulate! 

    We were out for a drive one day last week, and as always, I was happily viewing all the changes in Sydney. NB – By that, I mean new buildings, older ones redone by new managements, etc.

    Sometimes these are an improvement on what was there before, other times..well, not so much!

    But the one change that appalled me was downtown.

    As we zoomed past the Canadian Consulate, which is high up on a building near the southern approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge…

    Image result for consulate canada sydney


    …I glanced up to check the Canadian Flag was still on display. 

    It’s easily spotted.


    Related image


    Regular readers will know that my heart always beats more strongly for the glorious Red Ensign, which was replaced by the Maple Leaf in 1965, without the courtesy of a referendum, by the way...



    But since members of Canada’s armed forces have fought and died beneath the Maple Leaf banner, I accord the current flag all due respect and honour. 

    Imagine my dismay when, instead of the familiar colours up there above the streets of Sydney…


    Image result for canadian gay rainbow flag



    On asking around, the only explanation I could get was that Justin Turdo’s local envoy, presumably under orders from Pretty Boy in Ottawa…


    • JustinTrudeau

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Turdo


    …has decided to fly this weird piece of cloth to mark what is advertised as the Mardi Gras Parade, due this coming Saturday…

    Related image

    …when, praise be, I will have long been back in Jakarta, where that kind of cr-p is unlikely to be countenanced!

    PS – As a footnote question, how many people still recall when Mardi Gras, descended from an ancient Christian holiday…-


    Image result for mardi gras lent


    …was a cheerful and popular festival for normal people.

    Now its meaning has become almost as totally bastardised as that nice old word ‘gay’ – that, older readers may remember, once meant ‘joyful.’

    Changed days!

    • Evelyn Knott-Waugh 04:23 on March 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You’re lucky you can get out the city, mate.
      Sydneysiders who don’t like seeing our city centre taken over by perverts will be staying home this weekend. I read the disgusting way the ‘gays’ behave in their Toronto parade and I used to feel sorry for Canadians but now its come here to Australia.
      It looks like Turnbull and his ‘gay and hearty’ party in parliament are going to cheat us of the referendum they promised. so Australia may be heading down the same road as Canada..


  • ross1948 23:50 on March 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    NZ Flag Conflict – Some Canadians Remember The Pain! 

    Foto Jaya Dasa.
    As I have said before…Will Kiwis Endorse Key’s Disdain for Conservatism? … it’s up to New Zealand!
    But as our Kiwi cousins await the result of the postal ballot, painful memories surface again, and retrospective envy, because the citizens of the Dominion of Canada were denied democracy when their flag was changed by Lester Pearson, pandering to the one province that had never shown loyalty in time of war.
    In 1965, the Maple Leaf flag was raised and the beautiful Red Ensign lowered.
    Had Canadians been allowed a vote, postal or otherwise, it would still be flying.
    Good luck to New Zealand.
    I hope you are happy with whatever choice you make!



  • ross1948 12:19 on November 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , John Key, Kiwis, , , Red Ensign,   

    Will Kiwis Endorse Key’s Disdain for Conservatism? 

    From time to time there are complaints that New Zealand rarely features on this blog.

    So, with a Jakarta overcast morning to fill, and a background of La Marseillaise booming out from You Tube, as it frequently has this week, here you go!


    In what possible way can some parts of the media describe NZ’s John Key as leader of a ‘conservative’ government?


    • 8514831 Key
    • —————-
    • Having dynamited marriage as a meaningful concept, bowing to the ‘gay’ agenda, he’s now bent on changing New Zealand’s flag, a process described inexplicably as ‘flag reform’ – subtle (?) bias, since ‘reform’ carries a positive note.

    ‘Change’ would be the impartial description.


    Hasil gambar untuk new zealand map


    Striking at the roots of a country, its values and its most important symbols, is the mark of an intensely radical mind-set, the very antithesis of conservatism. Classical conservatism is NOT synonymous with capitalism – laissez faire is an old-fashioned liberal idea, after all – any more than the corporate state reflects the conservative concept of the organic society. 

    Of course Kiwis have the right to do anything they want using democratic processes, but whatever Key’s agenda is, it’s not remotely ‘conservative.’ 

    He sees the current flag, which has the Union Jack in the corner, as an anachronism, arguing the country needs a standard “that screams New Zealand.”


    Screams? Flags are meant to embody a nation’s dignity.

    His own Deputy Prime Minister is entirely on board Key’s programme, yet appears unable to recognise the fundamentally illogical aspect of his recent exhortation to NZ’s electorate to select a flag they felt represented “New Zealand’s proud, pioneering past and its exciting, ambitious future.”

    Having the Union Jack on the flag precisely fulfils the first part of his call, and as for the second, ‘representing the future’ is about as odd a phrase as one might imagine.

    Not even conservative bloggers like me know what the future holds! So ‘representing’ it is surely a task better reserved for sci-fi geeks than referenda.

    Deciding such matters is important. The Deputy PM is therefore correct when he says “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

    Actually, according to polls, it’s apparently the case that New Zealanders are set to stick with what they’ve got.

    Hasil gambar untuk new zealand flag

    Are those any kind of improvement on this?

    • ———————————–

    They have to vote on an alternative first, then choose between the winner in that ‘beauty contest’ and the existing flag their armed services have served honourably for several generations.

    The main thing is ( unlike on marriage, where the ‘gay’ lobby successfully opposed allowing the people a vote) the people are getting to make the decision.

    “Very few governments around the world have ever asked their citizens for their views on the design of their national flags.”

    Fair point, and hurray for Kiwi democracy.

    Canadians were denied that right.

    Some of us will never forget the deep grief that gripped Canada’s majority fifty years ago, reflected in that memorable photograph of Dief the Chief turning his head away sadly during the ceremony in Ottawa, when what we called Pearson’s Pennant replaced the Red Ensign.


    • Hasil gambar untuk diefenbaker flag
    • —————-
    • Half a century has passed, and the new flag has been sanctified by sacrifices made by many brave men and women who have served Canada well under its colours.

    But there was never a case made for replacing its glorious predecessor.

    Most Canadians shared the view of my cousin ( by marriage -real marriage of course -there was no other kind in those days!) J W Monteith when he roared across the floor of the House of Commons ‘You must be nuts!’ after Lester Pearson exhorted the outraged Opposition to abandon their fight for the flag they loved.



  • ross1948 23:59 on April 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , picnic/party, Red Ensign   

    O Canada? Oh, No, Canada – Jakarta Panic As Rumour Spreads! 

    Attending all these parties is hard work.

    But I don’t spend ALL my time whilst partying just eating and drinking gargantuan amounts (although I do my best in those respects too!)





    Much of the pleasure of such gallivants is talking to a wide variety of people, both foreign and Indonesian. This gives me many ideas for blog-posts and also puts me in the know about what’s on people’s minds here, both serious and trivial.

    Whether the current rumour going the rounds falls into the former or latter category is an entirely subjective matter.

    WHAT RUMOUR, I hear you shout!

    DOMINION DAY, I answer.

    Which immediately bemuses the sort of Canadian who had to ask me two years ago what the significance of the Red Ensign on my t-shirt was.


    • canadaredensignold2
    • ————————————
    • Like Canada’s glorious old flag, Dominion Day was something we adored and enjoyed and respected. July 1st, what is currently described as Canada Day, was, is, that day.  

    Regardless of what it’s called, Canadians here in Jakarta have, since I first arrived many years ago, gathered together to celebrate the anniversary of Confederation (1867) and made the most of the hot-dogs and beer graciously provided.


    It is said, and widely believed, that the party/picnic is to be discontinued.  

    Not often am I wrong, but this time I hope so.


    Vojo will be along soon to our comments column, no doubt, to express sympathy at our loss, as well as to scold me for my traditionalism!.

    He still thinks I mis-spell the surname of Pierre Elliot Turdeau!

    • Egregious Expat 09:16 on April 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I hope you are wrong too, Ross, but I think your rumor is probably right.
      The Canadian parties back in the day were fantastic. There was one where I met you, on the sports fields of a certain international school in South Jakarta, where barrels of beer were dotted around like potted plants. My Canadian friend took me as a guest and we had a wonderful time.


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