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  • ross1948 17:40 on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Death Wish! Red Nazi Shannon Wants Old Trumpers Cremated 

    “There’s a lot of old people who need to realize they’ve had a nice life,” he continued.

    “And it’s time for them to move on.”

    Gambar terkait


    If that’s not clear enough, a maladjusted actor named Michael Shannon adds that…” if you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn.”



    Reminds one of the scene in Independence Day when the US President asks the evil alien –

    ‘What do you want us to do?


    Gambar terkait


    And the evil alien’s one-word answer?



    Gambar terkait

    An urn containing Auschwitz ashes


    As somebody slightly senior myself, I am taken aback by overt calls for an action replay of Hitler’s Final Solution to the problem of people who dissented from his personal Weltanschauung!


    • Hammer_sickle_svastika

    Which totalitarian symbol best reflects Shannon’s hate?


    • Although come to think of it, there was a little communist and/or queer in my comments column, who urged me to die, about a year ago, but of course he didn’t have the guts to give his name.

    Maybe that was Shannon?

    He certainly exceeds even the boorish cast of Hamilton in his indiscriminate obnoxiousness!

    The poor interviewer mentioned that his or her  parents had voted for Trump; Shannon swiftly responded.

    “F*ck ’em. You’re an orphan now. Don’t go home. Don’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don’t talk to them at all. Silence speaks volumes.”


    Filial piety personified!

    It seems he has a new film out, called Nocturnal Animals. 

    Is it autobiographical?.

  • ross1948 11:38 on October 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: abuse of expats, , Chiara Lauvergnac, , , , red nazi, ,   

    French in UK ‘Suffer Brexit Abuse?’ Here’s One That Deserves It! 

    The last thing any normal Brit should have done in the wake of the Brexit vote for independence was to celebrate by abusing French expats in the UK. And I doubt many did so, despite Francois Hollande’s ambassador in London, who makes claims to the contrary.

    “In the aftermath of the referendum some French nationals were subjected to negative or aggressive language….


    She doesn’t seem to have given any specific figures, so how many cases can she produce to substantiate her claim?

    Maybe three and a half?

    Actual abuse of innocent French people in recent months is, in truth, much more likely to be found in the vicinity of Calais – – not in the form of ‘negative language’ but in the form of being terrorised by violent mobs!

    Not, of course, by Brits but by crimmigrant savages!

    In a post that has been shared more than 8,000 times Emeline Vetu said the migrant chaos in Calais “shames France” and said the police are not doing enough to restore order.

    She rages: “My friends were attacked yesterday on the highway by 15 migrants with sticks and stones.

    “It was without reason – a gratuitous beating. At the moment, they no longer have any ID documents, any money, or their car…they were just left with a head injury and a dislocated jaw.”  


    Hasil gambar untuk hollande traitor

    How Low Can Francois Hollande Sink? Shoot The Rabid Calais Curs! 

    The kind of patriot Brits who constituted the majority which voted for deliverance from Brussels rule would, like me, be absolutely in solidarity with French victims of ‘migrant’ barbarism, and given the chance, would encourage the brave French resistance to Hollande’s pro-crimmigrant scheming.

    British Lying Press V French Patriot Mayor! 


    But there’s one French monstrosity, long resident in Britain, who deserves all she gets, a vile red nazi named Chiara Lauvergnac.

    She’s the lowest of the low, exposed in a shocking Breitbart revelation this week…



    EXPOSED: ‘No Borders’ Calais Activist Promises to ‘Organise Riots’, Says Islamic State Attacks ‘Good’


    …and should be behind bars, as indeed the evil old bat would be.

    Except that she was given a ‘conditional discharge’ in yet another sick example of supine UK ‘justice’ last year, after she illegally attempted to block deportations from Gatwick airport..  

    Why was she not declared an undesirable alien,  and her right of residence in Britain terminated?

    Well, that’s the decision of the Home Secretary, who at that time was none other than…



    Guess who?

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