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  • ross1948 10:05 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    So Was Harvey Swinestein A Red Rat Like Trumbo? 

    We have taken notice of ‘celebrity’ sex-pests in the past..

    Slimy Soros Declares Admiration For Shamed Sex-Pest! 

    …like Al Franken, but left it to larger media outlets to follow Harvey Weinschwein’s fate.

    However, today’s news leads me to comment further!



    Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein wallowed in self-pity at his sentencing, comparing the #MeToo movement to the communist-era blacklisting hysteria….Weinstein likened his trial to the mid-century communist scare that led to the blacklisting of stars and politicians.

    Weinschwein thus hopes, undoubtedly in vain, to enlist the sympathy of the many powerful leftists who are still in denial about the very real communist threat post-WW2.

    “I’m worried there is a repeat of the blacklist there was in the 1950s, when lots of men like myself, Dalton Trumbo, one of the great examples, did not work, went to jail because people thought they were communists,” he went on.

    But his pathetic whine reveals what I certainly didn’t know, that he, like so many other Hollywood undesirables, was personally linked to the Un-American elements whom brave people like Senator Joe McCarthy and HUAC sought to expose.

    Senator Joe


    America’s Enemies Within – Then and Now! 

    …when it was revealed his Hollywood fans were producing an idolatrous movie to honour the dirty red slug.


    Trumbo supported Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and North Korea’s Kim Il-Sung. He condemned Martin Luther King, Jr., for not being a true revolutionary. Yet, he is depicted in the film as just a family-friendly socialist and defender of the First Amendment in the film…




    Q: In what way does the movie hide or gloss over Trumbo’s Red record?

    A: All of his heavy-duty propaganda and activities on behalf of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin and the Communist Party are omitted. So is his vigorous support of Lenin, Adolph Hitler (during the Hitler-Stalin pact) and North Korea’s Kim Il-sung after his aggressive attack against South Korea in 1950. Even his membership in the American CP, which he eventually bragged about, is ignored….

    The villains in the movie, incidentally, are not the party members who worked covertly—and relentlessly—to turn Hollywood over to Moscow but the anti-Communist community who fought the Red conspiracy in the film industry—and won, at least for a time. Columnist Hedda Hopper, John Wayne, labor leader Roy Brewer, the House Un-American Activities Committee, the Motion Picture Alliance and other opponents of the Communists come in for a severe beating.

    Q: You say he was a “Stalinist” and a member of the Communist Party, facts that you argue are fundamentally ignored by the movie. But how do we know he was a party member?

    A: There is no question about his CP membership. In those famous 1947 hearings, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) submitted material proving beyond a doubt that he was a party member, though Trumbo and nine other screenwriters and directors refused to respond to questions about party membership..

    .communism tyranny

    ….Trumbo finally admitted to his biographer, Bruce Cook, that he joined the party in 1943, and that “I might as well have been a Communist ten years earlier. But I’ve never regretted it. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to say I would have regretted not having done it…” Hollywood’s Despicable Hero Dalton Trumbo

    The red rat went to jail all too briefly, for his arrogant refusal to come clean in the hearings.

    But that was much less than he deserved.

    As for Schweinstein, I’d say he has got what he deserved.

    A pity Trumbo didn’t.





    • Jesse Boyert 11:14 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A lot of Americans knew Weinstein was far-left, so you are not exactly breaking news with this..
      It is important though, to make as many people as possible aware, so good if you wake up your small but ( as far as I can see) worldwide audience to his self-identification as an enthusiast for Trumbo’s communist activity.


  • ross1948 17:59 on June 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Mama’s Bayern Buddies On The Spot! 

    Sure, Germany is a Christian country, and so there’s no logical objection to the Bavarian state government suddenly requiring installation of crosses in Land offices.


    Hasil gambar untuk bavaria crosses


    But it all seems a tad sudden, the move by Mama Stasi Merkel’s CSU allies in Munich. It all looks like a tactic in the run-up to the Land election in October.

    Now, however, there’s a real chance for the CSU to show how truly they’re committed to the German cause.

    The AfD patriot party has demanded a full-scale Bundestag enquiry into Mama’s muck-up.



    This call stems from the Bremen Scandal, the horrific revelation that the federal migration office in that northern city has knowingly and regularly disregarded legal regulations and internal rules,’ approving thousands of so-called ‘asylumers’ applications which were not actually investigated.


    The AfD on its own hasn’t the numbers to get the enquiry off the ground, but the FDP – usually described as the pro-business party – may join the call.

    They’d still be short and all would hinge on the Bavarians.

    If they stood up to the Berlin Bitch,  the parliamentary probe would be launched.



    After the rapine and murder and now the discovery that the federal bureaucrats entrusted to oversee who gets to stay  – and who has to go – have been subverting the process, public anger over the horde must be near boiling point.

    If the CSU fails to take the patriotic side, they may face an unprecedented Bavarian battering.

    And a thoroughly well-deserved one, at that.


    “ It wasn’t possible to do this and it won’t be in future either.”


    Beatrix von Storch, of the AfD was quite right to mock that absurd slogan we heard from Die Fuhrerin –  “wir schaffen das” (“we can do this”) when the horde was pouring in three years ago.

    Many Germans, even those who once faithfully served Merkel’s party, believe her importation of a million primitives was based neither on benevolence nor on ineptitude…


    Hasil gambar untuk stasi erika

    Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?

    …but on a malignant Weltanschauung fostered during her years with the East German quisling regime’s red gestapo.

    An enquiry might be turned into a white-wash.

    But maybe not.

    • Annelie Neumann 19:06 on June 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is also now to been seen that she knew all about the criminal failing in Bremen like all the federal offices.


    • Jerry Jerman 20:14 on June 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She is disgraced now but she hangs on to power like a junkie to his crack cocaine.
      If a junkie wishes to destroy himself then he may but he is not permitted to destroy all around him.


  • ross1948 21:27 on October 6, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    America’s Enemies Within – Then and Now! 

    Just been watching Marathon Man, quite a good old movie, but I’d forgotten how the producers used it to hammer home the character assassination of the late Senator Joe McCarthy. Some ‘history professor’ tells a class that Tail-Gunner Joe ran a ‘tyrannical purge’ in the 1950s.



    What utter hogwash, and of course not one of his students knew enough to refute the smear. Not that any such riposte would have been permitted in the film script.

    But the episode made me think about terminology.

    These days, people like Snowden and the Wikileaks creep are ubiquitously described as ‘whistle-blowers’  – for some reason, revealing top secret documents etc., some of which embarrass notables but many of which endanger Western security, is regarded as almost heroic.

    In contrast, back when I was a wee lad in that golden age known as The Fifties, patriots in America who stood up and told the truth about treason were smeared as ‘informers.’

    Elia Kazan: biggest rat of the pack | Film | The Guardian

    His offence?

    He’d exposed the communist scum in Hollywood, a hero, unlike vermin like Dalton Trumbo, who hid behind legal technicalities to avoid answering the simple question – was he a Communist. The vermins’ ideological heirs  in 2007 even turned out to stage a Comsymp demo, and debate raged.


         Joan Scott, a writer who was blacklisted along with her husband,
    Adrian Scott, one of the Hollywood 10, said: "Like Judas, informers are
    never forgiven. I had to go into hiding to avoid a subpoena. Being
    blacklisted still affects me." 
         Kazan defenders were equally vociferous in support of the director. 
    "Mr. Kazan was a moral hero," said Scott McConnell, a leader of the Ad Hoc
    Committee for Naming Facts, organized by the Ayn Rand Institute.  "He was
    a brave and courageous man, and the people who should apologize are the
    Communists who wanted him to stay quiet about what he had witnessed." 
    Kazan protest


    Note that Scott bint- ‘hiding,‘ not to escape an angry mob, though she deserved it (and still does) but to avoid a subpoena – having to answer a straightfoward question, was she involved in an organisation serving Stalin! She calls Kazan a Judas, but she and her traitor comrades in The Party were the Judases, selling out America.

    Same goes for Dalton Trumbo – a lot of the truth about that slimy Red has been censored from the mainstream media but Conservapedia does the job .

    Trumbo was a member of the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) throughout the 1940s and ’50s. When fellow Communist screenwriter Albert Maltz published a defense of artistic freedom, arguing that literature should not be judged solely on the politics of its author, Trumbo participated in a Party inquisition, browbeating Maltz for his heresy until he publicly recanted.


    A villainous enemy of the USA


    According to University of Maryland Professor Art Eckstein, Maltz, who also later was brought before HUAC (and went to jail for refusing to testify), told historian Gerda Lerner “that his appearance before HUAC in 1947 was simply nothing compared to the real and psychologically-destructive trauma of his criticism/self-criticism sessions before the Communist Party in 1946.” Eckstein continues:

    Dalton Trumbo was also part of the savage Communist Party inquisition against the director Robert Rossen in 1949, because of Rossen’s film, “All the King’s Men.” Party Headquarters in New York thought that his film was too much an attack on one-man rule–i.e., Stalin. The confrontation with his Hollywood inquisitors over the nature of his art drove Rossen right out of the CPUSA (“Take the Party and shove it!”).


    communism tyranny


    Long before the Blacklist, there was Hollywood’s Communist “Redlist.” In The Worker, Trumbo openly boasted that the comrades had prevented the production of Hollywood films based on books banned by Stalin, including classics such as Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon and Victor Kravchenko’s I Chose Freedom.


     Ages ago I posted on Diana West’s book, and said I must get round to reading it. Now I’ve had these days of no particular place to go – so I’ve been turning this arguable misfortune to my advantage and catching up on books, that being one among several!

    More Questions Than Answers? – Diana West’s “American Betrayal” 

     american betrayal   Ms. West takes us over some familiar ground – the rampant red subversion in the USA before and after WW2, and reminds us how so many of those Communist swine hid behind the Fifth Amendment when asked if they were or had been members of the CPUSA.

    That plea was as clear as could be. Any decent citizen would have replied with an indignant NEVER!

    Or, if they had previously been guilty of such treasonable allegiance and had since seen the light, they’d not only have owned up but volunteered to help all investigations into the Fifth Column  into whose service that Fifth Amendment had been pressed.

    When patriotic citizens responded to the scum by ostracism or dismissal from jobs they didn’t deserve, what happened?The Reds were portrayed as victims, while in many a(if not every) case, the honourable men and women who lifted the stones off the Communist conspiracy were vilified and persecuted.






    And it goes on to this day. Marxist malignants are honoured, while the memory of heroes like Senator Joe McCarthy are relentlessly trampled.


    Diana-West-e Diana West 


    There’s a perfectly good review here  http://pjmedia.com/blog/american-subversion  so I’m not going to write another.

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