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  • ross1948 23:54 on July 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Oily BBC Wally Colludes With Whining Ingrate Redskin! 

    What a pathetically unprofessional creature creature Matthew Amrolliwally is.…


    Image result for matthew amroliwala bbc

    Matthew Amroliwala

    No journalist he, as demonstrated by his failure not merely to invite comment from any of the undoubtedly numerous Americans who disagree with the Washington Redskins team scheme to change their name…

    (there certainly has been opposition in the past…..PC Pinkos See Red On Player’s Fight-Back on Redskins! ….though these days, violent BLM thugs and other hoodlum elements may have silenced critics at least as effectively as BBC censorship!)



    …but also not once to challenge the nasty far-left ranting redskin he had on his BBC ‘News’ propaganda pulpit last night, at 00.20am Jakarta time.

    Nothing new about an absence of any objective approach by BBC hacks..

    Redskins! Redskins! BBC Bias Brutally Blatant? 

    Debate erupts over Halloween costumes crossing racial lines

    .Amanda Blackhorse – practising for another BBC rant?


    She is a bitter bitch, that Amanda Blackhorse, and utterly Un-American.

    I actually don’t recognise Donald Trump as my president,’ she snarled.

    So she’s disloyal to her country’s constitution?

    Whom does she recognise as ‘her’ president?



    Oh, and she is such a churlish bint!

    When Beeb-Wally asked about the craven team management’s idea of revamping their image with ‘positive’ images’ associated with redskins….



    …she spurned the notion as dismissively as that fair maiden in the old picture spurned horrid Magua’s advances!

    How come some of these women are so ill-mannered?

    That’s just one of the questions The Wally didn’t ask!



    • Nick Neimer 04:52 on July 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Dead right there are many who dont like to see the name changed.
      That Blackhorse is a horse’s ass of a woman.


  • ross1948 14:30 on July 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Redskins! Redskins! BBC Bias Brutally Blatant? 

    Up and at ‘em, coffees consumed…



    …not my first glimpse of BBC bias at 10am this Saturday morning, and no doubt not the worst as the day unfolds, but we must look at a redskin named Amanda Blackhorse, granted tons of time by leftist louse Lewis Vaughan-Jones.


    Debate erupts over Halloween costumes crossing racial lines

    .Amanda Blackhorse – practising for her BBC rant?


    She used her long rant to grizzle and whine about the American footballers called the Redskins…

    Redskin Ranters Turn on Kardashians – Nice One, Khloe! 


    PC Pinkos See Red On Player’s Fight-Back on Redskins! 

    ….whom we have discussed before.

    They have long been nagged and pressured by Red Indian agitators, like Blackhorse, to change their team’s name.

    Now their Fed Ex sponsors, presumably caught up in the self-righteous jihad against anything that’s normal, are allegedly trying to bully the guys into buckling to the Red Indian extremists.

    Blackhorse, typically of the bleaters, won’t be happy, though, unless they grovel too….

    Lewis Vaughan Jones in the BBC World News studio presenting the news live on TVLewis Vaughan Jones

    …her ‘gimme an inch and I take a mile’ uppity attitude unchallenged by the double-barrelled dingbat pictured above!

    They must ‘apologise,’ she shrilled, to BBC bias-brute Lewis Vaughan-Jones’ evident satisfaction, though he had stumbled, initially, by telling us what the report was about!

    V-J had mentioned the team’s name!

    I encourage BBC not to say the R-Word,” snarked Awful Amanda!

    Oh, no!

    Washington Redskins!

    Would Magua demand a name-change?



    There, I say it again, and deliberately put it twice into my headline!

    L V-J crawled and crawled, helpfully putting words in The Blackhorse’s big mouth (a genuinely totally unnecessary task!)

    L V-J asked her ‘Does it leave a bad taste when you say it?’

    But she never says it! She said so!

    Therefore we must not say it either?




    But what was most notable about the dismal duet?

    Since the redskins have been whining for years and the name has not been changed, a lot of people obviously find changing the name unreasonable and/or unacceptable.

    So where were any BBC guests to voice that sentiment this morning?

    Where was a single soul to oppose the whiners?

    Who was brought on screen to speak against the name change?

    Thousands of Americans undoubtedly have no time for Blackstone’s bleating.

    Could the BBC not have found just one, to present a semblance of balance?


    NOT one!

    PS They even gave that nut redskin stuff priority news level above re-opening of English pubs!

  • ross1948 15:21 on October 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The Derangement of North America! 

    It’s hard some days, deciding what to discuss on this blog, with so much downright derangement going on in the world.

    The big news is covered by many media, so I’ll mostly skip the obvious story, namely why Americans still bother to read or watch the stuff that mainstream hogwash hacks are still churning out about the rising tally of decidedly scary…


    ‘And then he kissed me!’


    • …and often rather old, women, who have suddenly, coincidentally, remembered a Trump snog from all those years back.




    It’s frankly astounding that the media hacks prefer to focus on these unsubstantiated – and surely unsubstantiable – tales from the crypt, whilst pretending that Bill Clinton’s predatory record is no big deal…




    …when it’s been clear for years that Billy-Boy’s horrible wife is up to her neck in the cover-ups, intimidation and all the other unsavoury activities required to save his sordid skin. 


    But let’s leave that and turn to a Canadian story, almost beyond belief, how a pack of uptight pinkos are going to court (seriously!) to stop an American sports team due to play in Toronto from using its regular outfits and logo.


    • ——————–
    • The Cleveland Indians are the freakos’ target, and some freakos are even demanding they change their very name.  Why?
    • Indians, some Indians, are ‘offended’ by that cheery red face, and even by the word ‘Indians,’ because, after all, we all know they are ‘Native Canadians!’
    • What a dismissive slight to all the other genuine natives of Canada, like all my Ontario kin, like Stephen Harper, even Young Turdo in Ottawa, who were born in the Dominion and thus are, of course, native Canadians!  
    • But there are natives and natives.
    • The imbeciles on the Supreme Court elevated the redskin variety to superior status some years ago.  


    Supreme Court’s Racist Hogwash Excuses Red Indian Criminals! 

    Canada is getting nuttier.

    The act of madness when they elected Turdo Junior as PM seems to have released every form of imbecility into  public life.

    Harper was infinitely more sensible, but he didn’t do enough, e.g his failure to abolish the kangaroo courts known as ‘Human Rights Commissions,’ another avenue the PC klutzes are haring along in pursuit of funny logos…. the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner wants news outlets to avoid using their opponent’s full name –National Post


    But let’s revert to America for today’s final example of sheer left lunacy.

    The University of Florida is offering ’24/7ounselling’ to students ‘troubled’ by somebody else’s Hallowe’en costume.

    “If you choose to participate in Halloween activities, we encourage you to think about your choices of costumes and themes,” the school wrote. “Some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions. Regardless of intent, these costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people.”




    Read the whole nonsensical saga, which includes the university authorities’ shocking exhortation to students to turn informer against fellow-students, here.   http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/university-of-florida-offers-students-counseling-after-warning-about-halloween-costumes/article/2604571



     And don’t omit a click on the link within that report, which takes you to the Washington Post – even that bastion of left-libbery seems bemused by the nazi-style witch-hunt against sombrero-wearers at dingbat-run Boudoin College !


    • Gary Martin 23:18 on October 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I was listening to Clinton News Network about an hour ago, and heard one of their senior men saying, with a straight face, that there was no anti-Trump media bias conspiracy, Trump’s ‘ludicrous lies’ notwithstanding!
      CNN is bad, with that self-confessed Communist Van Jones on the pay-roll, but the rest are little different. Trump is telling the truth. The US media is overwhelmingly, openly, backing Clinton.
      The media are inciting hate, and the fire-bombing of the GOP office in North Carolina is one inevitable outcome of their hate-campaign. It will probably not be the last.


  • ross1948 22:32 on December 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Imbeciles! Sydney to Hobart Yacht Racism! 

    Imbecile of the Year?

    Calais’s Crack-Pot Clare – ‘Imbecile of the Year?’ 

    Another Nominee for ‘Imbecile of the Year!’ An Indian ‘Scholar!’ 

    Golly! A Scots Nomination for Imbecile of the Year! 

    Imbecile of The Year? Can Anyone Beat MSNBC’s Manic Melissa? 

    That impromptu contest I launched, during the doldrum days in the run-up to Christmas, has attracted some interest.



    But first, a picture, found on the internet’s endless wastes, of Kaw Liga.

    It’s pronounced ‘Kolijah,’ but that is less important than that it was one of my favourite Hank Williams songs – Hank Williams – Kaw-Liga – YouTube  –  which I’d always insist my Daddy turn up when it came on his truck radio during one of the many trips between Ontario towns in the last year of the reign of King George VI of Canada.



    • 00000000000

    We all loved Hank’s music, of course!

    But for me a song about an Indian was outa sight. I was fascinated by the people who had once lived on the land we farmed. Moreover, the song was entertaining, not one of the many tearful ballads recorded by the great country star, but funny, and the last line of the chorus always made me laugh.

    ‘It it any wonder, that his face is red?

    Kaw Liga, you poor old wooden head.

    He was, you see, a cigar-store Indian, an effigy, of the kind that many such shops had out front in those halcyon years.

    Are those wooden statues still around? Has the PC Red Indian lobby ousted them from their sentry duties? I suppose even cigar stores these days are a threatened species.

    But I’m amazed the song itself has not been banned, or at least censored, because we are not, of course, allowed to call them Red Indians any more – it’s ‘Native Americans’ in the USA and ‘First Nations’ or ‘Aboriginals’ in Canada…


    • canadaempirestamp
    • ………………..
    • ….held up for priority glorification because thousands of folks, like my great5 grandparents, were granted, by the Canada Company, acres galore of wilderness to clear and farm, which they put to far better use than the Indians who’d roamed there previously.

    And after that hilarious petition to ban White Christmas, signed by eager American students imbecilically convinced of its essential racism…College Students Petition To Ban RacistWhite Christmas ..surely a song about an Indian effigy ascribed a red face must be destined for the bonfire of the sanities?

    Which brings me ( yes, at last -slow day here since my visitor went home) to the subject in hand, a story from the Guardian, which leads me to think the ( alas anonymous) whiners behind the complaints concerned will be hard to beat in the imbecility stakes.

    Sydney to Hobart organisers accused of racism over Indian ‘reservation’ tweet

    Yacht race organisers delete post after complaints ‘This is what happens when you stray off the reservation’ tweet was ‘culturally insensitive…’ 

    Indian, owned and skippered by Craig Carter, competing in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. A tweet posted Sunday about the boat by race organisers was deleted after complaints it was ‘racist’ and in ‘bad taste.’   




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