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  • ross1948 22:38 on November 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Dissing Christians In Mama Stasi’s Germany 



    The thing about Breitbart which upsets the Left is not that it produces ‘fake news.’

    Trustworthy Media? Scant News of ‘Hamilton’ Hypocrisy! 

    It’s that it reports real news, shocking news, that the biased so-called ‘mainstream’ media choose to ignore ( aka hide ) and the reason they ignore it?

    Not because they are unaware of it but because they do NOT want us to know the truth.


    • truththenewhatespeechcorrectspellinig
    • ======
    • Take that recent shocking story of ingrate migrants’ arrogance and arson, which did make it into the more responsible newspapers. 
    • It’s all about some primitives in Germany who set fire to their ‘asylum centre’ because they didn’t feel they were being sufficiently pampered with confectionaries. 
    • =======
    • Hasil gambar untuk spoilt brats
    • ———————–
    • But if you read down through the Breitbart report, there’s something that’s much more shocking –  not the savages’ behaviour, but the actions of those in charge.              T                                                                                                                                                     000000000000
    •  Ordinary lunchtime meals in the asylum centre were cancelled during Ramadan, to the dismay of non-Muslims, with hot food served only early morning and late evening. A spread of cold food was put out during the day for migrants who weren’t fasting.
    • OMG.

    Hasil gambar untuk outrageous


    And last week Mama Stasi Merkel, Obama’s fave fan, has the nerve to announce she’s going to run for chancellor again as candidate of the CHRISTIAN  Democrats…


    • 9f4a2-merkel2bthat2blook
    • ————-
    •  …although we now know that her ‘asylum centre’ flunkeys treat Christians as second-class citizens?
    • ==============
    • You should read the whole Breitbart article  –http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/11/21/migrants-burn-hall-candy-fasting-hours/ –  concerning the two ingrates now facing trial…  –
    • The two men who have now been charged by the state prosecutor are Algerian Adel D., with aggravated arson and dangerous bodily harm, and Moroccan Mohammed B., who called on other migrants to start fires, with acting as his accomplice to both offences.
    • ———–
    • …whose arson cost German tax-payers TEN MILLION EUROS ( one hopes their snazzy handphones will be confiscated and sold to recoup some of that…
    • snouts_in_the_trough
    • —–
    • …and that the infamous ‘pocket-money’ the swine get, also from German tax-payers, will be stopped forever. 
    • ———–
    • But that’s almost incidental to the fundamental issue of the German authorities’ disgusting religious discrimination against Christians (and presumably others like Yazidis and Buddhists and Hindus)
    • To put this in the context of where I live, I have often expressed concerns about the ridiculous curtains draped around street eateries here in 90% Muslim Jakarta.

      R-E-S-P-E-C-T – That’s How Ramadhan Must Be, Mr. UK Ambassador! 

    • ————
    • FPI_13
    • —————————


    • kkwarung rizky
    • ——-
    • …., owned and operated by a nice Muslim lady, where some of the little waitresses wear head-scarves, it has never, EVER been the case that a good cheap tasty meal has been unavailable for those who wish to eat, any time of day it’s open.
    • And it’s open all through the Ramadan fasting month, except for the week or so when they all go home to Central Java to see their kinfolks.
    • If decent Indonesian Muslims carry on serving regular meals for those who don’t fast, there’s no excuse for publicly-funded German facilities to discriminate against Christians.
    • Those guilty of this iniquity should be disciplined severely or better still…
    • FIRED!
    • rascals-out
    • – 
    • And obviously, savages like that Algerian and Moroccan, and any ‘migrants’who think their dietary habits must be imposed on those who don’t share their beliefs, should be instantly categorised as undesirable aliens, inadmissible to civilised countries..
    • Fasting, when and what we eat, is a CHOICE!
    • agreenerchristmastree
    • In about a month, I’ll be tucking into Christmas Dinner.
    • I won’t be trying to force everyone else to guzzle poultry and stuffing.
    • ———-
  • ross1948 11:53 on July 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    R-E-S-P-E-C-T – That’s How Ramadhan Must Be, Mr. UK Ambassador! 

    Fascinated by the comments of Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador to Indonesia this week …

    Moazzam Malik

    In his first year celebrating the annual Muslim celebration of Idul Fitri in Indonesia, British Ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik says he feels the traditions of joy for Muslims are not that different from those observed in his native UK.


    As I prepare to go into town this beautiful Jakarta morning, I am looking forward to seeing the trappings of intolerance gone from fancy restos and humble eateries alike. 

    I refer of course to those offensive curtains erected in their windows, to which I made reference very recently.

    Big Mackistan? Ramadhan Lock-Out at McD Sarinah? 





    Those who do not fast must respect those who fast and vice versa, Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said…  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/06/13/tolerance-and-mutual-respect-a-must-during-ramadhan-religious-affairs-minister.html

    Lukman is of course correct,  echoing a similar sentiment I’ve often quoted, the words of the late President Gus Dur.


    • gus dur fasting

    ‘If we fasting Muslims want respect, let us also respect those who aren’t fasting.’


    If somebody wants to go from pre-dawn to dusk without eating and drinking, and manages to do so, I respect his or her tenacity, and would not seek to interfere in such acts of self-denial.


    Equally, anyone, of any faith, who wishes to eat and/or drink during those hours should feel free to do so, unmolested by either IslamoNazi thugs like the FPI…

    IslamoNazi Thugs Amok, Jakarta Cops Say ‘No Charges!’ 

    … or by sectarian fanatics like those benighted local government regulators up there in darkest Serang, in Banten Province.   Bigot Goon-Squad Bullies Vendor – Decent Indonesians Open Hearts AND Wallets!

    Lukman again – “During Ramadhan, the holy month, we must reinforce and strengthen our tolerance, not only among the Ukhuwah Islamiyah [Islamic brotherhood], but also the Ukhuwah Wathaniyah [brotherhood of the nation],” he told journalists at the State Palace.

    I like Lukman.

    Even when I disagree with him, he is such a refreshing improvement on his predecessor, Suryadharma Ali, a politician so beyond the ken of normal folk…



    White-shirt fuhrer Rizieq with Ali.


    …..that he was prepared to accept awards from those afore-mentioned IslamoNazis.  Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst


    But it would be good if Lukman tried to be a little more pro-active. He could take a giant leap for fair play, tell his government colleagues to give up on kill-joy diktats which target those not abstaining from fun…

    Ramadhan Begins! Sectarian Reminders Issued! 

     But even a small step would be progress of sorts, a ministerial exhortation to all the warungs, wartegs, restos and all eateries in Jakarta to remove those ridiculous pieces of cloth draped across their windows during Ramadhan.

    They have two disadvantages.


    • silhouetee
    • First, you can’t watch girls go by if you are sitting within.


    Second, and arguably more compelling, the silly little sheets are a condescending insult to every fasting Muslim who passes the place.

    Those draped windows mock their tenacity and suggest their commitment to self-denial is as flimsy as the cheap cotton of which the curtains are usually made.

    Nasi Goreng Sosis

    As if the sight or smell of sate kambing or nasi goreng would bring them to break their fast!

    Rather they should welcome such temptations, which can demonstrate they’re above mundane distractions. 


    Back to Pak Malik. 

    “There are a lot of Muslims in London, and even if we are not the majority, we observe traditions that are similar to those in Indonesia, such as pilgrimages to family graves, gathering with family for meals and silaturahmi,” Ambassador Malik said on Wednesday.

    Yes, Your Excellency, those are nice traditions, worthy of respect, and yesterday I sent out quite a few SMSes wishing various friends ‘Selamat Idul Fitri,‘ the local equivalent of ‘Merry Christmas,’ with which, despite the ranting bigots’ manic antics…

    IslamoNazi Christmas Warning – Don’t You Dare Disturb Us Bigots! 

    …they greet me in December.

    But there are other very different ‘traditions’ here, like sectarian sticky-beak raiding parties… 

    Ramadan Raids In Righteous Indonesia – Oh Yeah? 



    …which are staged not only by the white-shirt hoods but by tax-funded civic militia and the constabulary, which need to be STAMPED OUT if Indonesia wants to show the world that it’s a better place to be than the shariah police states in the Middle East.  

    It’s important that readers in Western nations should remember that their nations too face the intrusion of primitive intolerance.

    We saw it in France this year…

    IslamoNazi Intimidation…in Nice, France! 

     …and we’ve seen this vile phenomenon in London too, maybe not in Harrow, where Mr. Malik grew up, but most certainly in Tower Hamlets, and elsewhere in England.

    Police ‘covered up’ violent campaign to turn London area ‘Islamic …


    And what, may we ask, did Home Secretary Theresa May ever do about that?

    Will Theresa May Countenance A Ban On Nobbly Knees? 

    But then, she has some odd notions, hasn’t she?

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