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  • ross1948 22:52 on September 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Bias – Sackur Ill-Prepared? Or..? 

    On BBC Hard Talk today, Stephen Sackur…

    BBC Hard Talk? Hard To Say “Illegal?” 

    Hard Talk? Hard To Stomach!

    Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg

    Sackur, BBC’s Democrat Hit-Man

    …a familiar face on my blog, made a complete fool of himself, making it clear he was either shockingly ignorant….


    …or worse!

    His guest was Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, no hero of mine, but it was a delight to see him skewer the smug UK Pravda hack..


    …who from the get-go made clear his rabid animosity towards Donald Trump, an animosity that permeates the parasitic tax-funded BBC.

    I’ll skip the tiresome way that, when reminded viewers of Hillary Clinton’s email scandals…



    ..Sackur harped on about how Hillary had got off scot-free because she cooperated!

    You can watch Hard Talk on this link …


    …and note how Graham mentioned Hunter Biden’s laptop…

    My Son Hunter’ – Sunday Brunch Taster! 

    …but Sackur clearly feared to address that scandal too…

    ….instead droning about those ‘dark forces’ –



    – quoting from The Dotard’s recent rant.

    Sackur had a file in front of him, 8ndicating, his home-work done, he was prepared – and he generally is, for all his guests, though his demeanour varies…

    BBC’s Sackur Loses It – Magyar Man Easy Winner! 

    …harsh towards good people, but jolly…

    BBC’s Sackur Softballs BLM Nasty

    …even saccharine, with his fellow-lefts.

    When he dragged in the shrilling of Lousy Liz, witch-huntress in chief, Graham pointed out that Ms. Cheney “hates Trump’s guts.”

    “Your lens is a bit cloudy,” Sackur was told, but then that’s BBC, and that’s when, in reference to the Pelosi Panel, Graham told the most important truth which some non-Americans still don’t realise…



    …that the January 6 Witch–Hunt Panel was coldly and  consciously constructed to smother debate and  exclude dissent.

    Because Sackur at that point either LIED or revealed complete ignorance…

    …claiming that Republicans refused to serve on it…

    …when surely he MUST know that Pelosi refused to accept the Republican Party’s chosen congressmen…


    ..insisting instead on Cheney and some other Trumpophobe who could be counted on to collaborate on the pre-determined outcome.

  • ross1948 05:00 on August 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-GOP Hate-Rant? From UK Journo AND US General? 

    Few people trust the media…

    ….but until recently most people would expect higher standards from generals, who are expected to avoid partisan politics.


    Not so much  maybe..

    Michael Hayden, CIA official portrait.jpg

    Hayden – BTW, he serves on the board of the Atlantic Council – predictable, yeah?

    General Michael Hayden,the former head of the CIA and NSA, called the Republican Party the most “dangerous” group around – worse than Islamic extremists or other radicals.

    Financial Times Associate Editor Edward Luce tweeted:

    “I’ve covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world over my career.


    “Have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today’s Republicans.

    “Nothing close.”

    That’s hate speech…

    …for sure.


    Hayden responded: “I agree.”

      READ . more here about the bilious duo…

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 10:47 on August 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      So an American political party, elected to nearly half the seats in the Senate and not far from half the seats in the House is ‘dangerous and contemptible? ‘

      The millions of Americans who voted for them, are they dangerous and contemptible too?
      This Luce an aristo like Cornwallis, who underestimated us revolting colonists? Who cares?
      It’s General Hayden that angers me, and what worries me is how many of the senior ranks favored by Biden share his dislike of his own fellow-Americans.


  • ross1948 03:03 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    France 24 Rails At Trump’s “Scare Tactics!” But Not Biden’s! 

    That rather voracious-looking American hackette employed by France24….



    …Genie Godula opened their international news bulletin at 5pm (Jakarta time) on Tuesday. From Chicago, she has been living in France for 20 years, I believe.

    I’ve written about F24’s imported leftist hackettes often…

    BBC Is Atrocious, But France Is Similarly Afflicted! 

    France24’s Uncommon Disregard For Media Standards – ‘Encore!’ ..

    France 24’s Far-Left UK Fanatic Guest- Interviewed Uncritically! !

    Simpering Twit Fawns On Death-Wish Trump-Hater! 

    …but not yet about GG, so today it’s the turn of the Chicagoan, who prompted my critique by this sonorous intro, which some may consider rather hostile to the GOP!


    GOP convention showcases rising stars and dark warnings


    Republicans use scare tactics on Day 1 of their convention, sendng dark warnings about America’s future.’

    Uh, sorry, remind me!

    Were we not treated to ‘dark warnings’ from Democrats throughout their convention?

    Well, yes, actually!


    For Joe Biden, virtual DNC fit with stark warnings about voting, Trump

    Do those far-left ‘stark warnings’ aka ‘dark warnings’ not count as ‘scare tactics’ when deployed against Donald Trump?

    Did their news flunkey last week begin any bulletin by asserting that the Biden Bunch were engaging in ‘Scare Tactics?’

    Just asking!

    • Vinnie F 10:26 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Typical media bias.
      It’s no consolation to know rhar this French channel is as bad as CNN.


    • Geordie L 15:43 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      And do not ignore Pelosi’s latest hate speech, calling us enemies of the state if we support the GOP!


  • ross1948 06:05 on March 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Loon-Left ( Majority Of Dem Legislators) Oppose Anti-Terror Law 

    While it’s nice to know that some Democrats in the US Congress are up for bipartisan cooperation with Republicans when it comes to prevention of ‘sexual assault, terrorism and other violent crimes…’



    …it is horrifying that MOST Democrats in the House of Representatives took a different view.

    As the Daily Caller reports, an amendment to deter the Transportation Security Agency from employing persons convicted of such offences was only passed in the teeth of opposition from the majority of the Democrat members.

    Seems like a lot of American parliamentarians share the equivocal attitude towards the terrorist threat as we have noted among certain Westminster MPs.



  • ross1948 21:42 on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s Trump-Hate Bias – Again! 

    If you hear some rabid left-liberal millenial moron ranting that ‘Republicans have sided with Ttump rather than protect the American public,’ then you just assume it’s one of CNN’s propagandists, the queer Don Bitter Lemon, or Kermit Cuomo, pretending to be impartial journalists.

    But this afternoon, 2pm Jakarta time, that was what we got on BBC World News.

    After the news that the Mueller mess was drawing to a conclusion, they had an ‘expert’ guest on, to ‘explain’ the issues involved in  what he elegantly called ‘the political crime of the the century.”.. “by a foreign autocrat.”…”with the encouragement’ of  –

    – guess who..?


    …..Trump, of course!

    They told us their American ‘guest’ was Steve Fish, a professor, no less, located at the notorious University of California’s Berkely campus, a place that has stunk of left extremism since the 1960s…

    Donald Warns Colleges, As Red Nazi Arrested! 

    California Screaming – Outlaw Red Nazi Antifa! 

    Berkeley Antifa? Or Extras For ‘The Walking Dead?’ 


    …and WOW, whay a surprise, when…


    Related image


    …Fish lived up to what were surely the BBC’s fondest expectations with that line we quoted above,  part of a vicious anti-Trump, and anti-Republican diatribe which also included his ever-so-exquisite example of academic objectivity, viz. –

    …that the Republicans had a choice, to be, ‘loyal to the country or loyal to Trump.’

    No suggestion, no recognition on Fish’s part at all, that one might, like millions of Americans, be both.

    If the UK state-broadcaster had invited a Democrat politician aboard, Schumer, maybe, or Pocahontas Warren, fair enough, as long as they had a Republican to offer less rabid imbalance.

    But to introduce Professor Fish as an American academic, as if we were about to hear a dispassionate discourse on the ins and outs of the investigation/witch-hunt…


    …was a deliberate attempt to hoodwink viewers.

    The man was among the most partian US leftists I’ve encountered on the box.

    The BBC is infamous for the way it chooses ‘guests’ who detest Trump, Trump voters and Republicans in general.

    We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC

    BBC Trump-Bashers Again Break Their Word! 

    Bloomberger Tells BBC – Trump’s People Live ‘In The Middle Of Nowhere!’  

    It should be closed down, or privatised.

    There’s no excuse for any public money to be poured into this Trumpophobic trough.


    • M. Gordon 23:02 on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Abolish the license fee or abolish the BBC.
      It is not just anti-Trump, but also anti-British and there is no democratic control; the editors seem to think they are entitled to impose their own views and load that dice by selective guest-choice.
      They are in fact out of control and since there is no sign anyone’s trying to bring them to heel, let them go into the private sector.
      At least that would mean viewers overseas could see that they were representing themselves and their ideology and not reflecting the British people in any way at all.


  • ross1948 10:44 on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Trans-Atlantic Christophobia – Tim Farron And Bernie Sanders 

    After Bernie Sanders’ near spittle-flecked inquisitional tirade against  Christians was captured live on TV at the United States Senate a few days ago…

    Hate-Freak Sanders Savages Christian At Senate Hearing! 


    Gambar terkait


    ….we now see, in the UK Guardian, that Liberal Democrat Tim Farron, has quit as party leader –

    “To be a political leader – especially of a progressive, liberal party in 2017…


    Gambar terkait


    …and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible’s teaching, has felt impossible for me.”

    Tim Farron resigns: fresh-faced Lib Dem hampered by his faith

    We hear a lot, far too much, about “Islamophobia,” a carefully manufactured buzz-word deployed to ward off criticism of backward shariah ‘law.’



    But what we are now witnessing is ‘Christophobia.’

    The Liberal Democrats apparently felt Farron’s timidly expressed, and often trimmed, Biblical beliefs lost them votes in ‘metropolitan progressive’ areas where exaltation of the ‘gay’ agenda is pervasive.


    Farron’s resignation comes after a notorious ‘gay’ LibDem, Brian Paddick, put pressure on him by resigning from a party position.

    Lib Dem peer resigns over Farron’s views on homosexuality

    Clearly it’s hands-across the sea, for liberals, because Bigot Bernie specifically declared that a man with Christian convictions is…

    …is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about…



    Bernie Sanders ruled out public service by Christians


    Sanders is a veteran politician who is well aware of the orchestrated hate his fellow-leftists have been promoting against Donald Trump in particular and Republicans and conservatives in general.

    Only this past few weeks we had ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ in New York, featuring a Trump look-alike playing Caesar and being assassinated.

    Shakespeare in the Park Show Features Stabbing of Trump Look-Alike


    Gambar terkait


    Prior to that there was the sleazy ‘comedienne’ holding up a Trump head, dripping blood.

     On many American streets, vicious violence by antifa red nazis has been unleashed.

    Counter-demonstrations, a facet of democracy, have been deliberately turned into a war on Trump supporters’ right to free speech and assembly.


    Democracy is all about debate.

    We have long understood that the ‘metropolitan progressive’ elites regard it as more appropriate to shout down, or simply shut down, conservatism, social or political, rather than engage in proper argument.



    Now it seems that, in both the USA and the UK,  Christianity too is to be excluded from the sphere of political discourse.


    Gambar terkait

    Old Nero would have been proud.

    As must ISIS!

    • Bonzo 11:16 on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Your Crusader armor doesn’t look familiar to anyone who’s seen you throwing beer down your throat with a cigarette hanging out your mouth while busy chatting up women in Jakarta’s less salubrious bars.

      We hope your Christian fanatic fundamentalist readers come here some day and see you in action.

      Might damage your aisle-cred, wouldn’t you say? .


      • ross1948 18:44 on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Good evening, Bonzo,or whoever you really are.
        I would have to applaud anyone who can simultaneously conduct those three activities mentioned in your first sentence. Such agility! Is it even possible to down a pint while a cigarette is hanging from one’s mouth. Would any of those women understand a word uttered by anyone whose mouth was biting a cigarette and awash with beer?
        Pray tell, please, where in the Scriptures it says that beer, cigarettes or girls are disallowed?

        I don’t think we have too many fundamentalist readers, whether Christian or Muslim as they might not enjoy my frequent photos of nicely clad and fetching fillies.

        Seriously, though, how come my previous posts in favour of religious liberty of Ahmadi Muslims did not provoke your righteous indignation but this one, on behalf of Christians, got you grabbing for your key-board?
        Have a nice evening!


    • JazPen 14:29 on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hahaha, Ross.

      Is Bonzo who I think? If so he is half your age and doesnt have nearly as much fun as you do.
      You must be at least 10 years older than me and I hope in 10 years I am having as much fun as you do.
      Oh and I saw The Mummy and it was nof funny like the Brendan Fraser mummy films but a very good horror.
      Go and see it. .


    • Mort 17:27 on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Bernie Sanders is now telling us that violence ‘sickens’ him, after one of his campaign volunteers tried to massacre Republican congressmen.
      I am sure Sanders would never lift a gun himself but all that intolerance he shows and that of all the other liberals whose hate has been splashing over conservatives for the past eight months has made America a very much worse place to live.


  • ross1948 09:18 on January 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    NOT Fake News! New President Once A Keen Monarchist! 

    Yes, I too was surprised to learn that the man now confirmed as President was once an active and enthusiastic member of a monarchist party.

    No Kidding!

    Hasil gambar untuk monarchist


    Being a keen monarchist myself, as befits somebody born a proud subject of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Defender of the Faith, I am not at all dismayed by this revelation, which even CNN’s sedulous investigations do not seem so far to have unearthed.


    • Hasil gambar untuk cnn investigative
    • ————————-

    Yet somehow I sense that such impressive youthful wisdom…


    Gambar terkait

    Signor Tajani  –… joined the Youth Monarchist Front, a student organization of the Monarchist party of Italy  



    …will not be reflected in Antonio Tajani’s new position of power and glory –  as President of the ‘European Parliament!’

    I fear he may already have decided to give his first loyalty to the EUSSR, deprioritising not only his allegiance to Italy’s exiled Royal House of Savoy…

    • italian_flag
    • …but also to the Italian people, as has happened to other politicians, of various nationalities, on whom EU bodies have chosen to bestow glory, laud and honour.



    Gambar terkait


    …. might he have retained some of that boyhood monarchism, and will now start seeking the restoration of the Holy Roman Empire?

    After all, the EUSSR, despite its refusal to embrace traditional European values…

    Cat-Vomit, ‘Gay Marriage’ And Resistance! A Petition! 

    …has never hesitated to misappropriate the legacy of that empire’s greatest monarch!

    Hasil gambar untuk charlemagne european union coin


    PS – I don’t suppose I fooled any of my good conservative American readers.


    In fact, like me, they’re probably busy enjoying the excellent music to be heard at The Donald’s Inaugural Concert.

    • Phillie 09:39 on January 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hey, Ross, you got me!
      But we’re all tired and not too alert after watching all the great things going on on tv.
      Thanks for a nice piece of humor


    • JazPen 09:51 on January 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hee Haw! Very funny, Ross.
      You must be enjoying that music.
      Me too, very good choice My Way for Donald’s first dance with Melania.


    • Mort 10:06 on January 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You had me worried for a minute till I got half way down the page.
      Sneaky one!
      Republican In Name Only would take on a new meaning if we got taken in by your joke but I think after President Trump (that sounds good, doesn’t it?) told them all off in his speech, we need to redefine a lot of our political vocabulary.
      I am so tired from watching everything but so revved up too.
      At last we have a real American patriot in the White House, not somebody who walks around making apologies for our country.


  • ross1948 21:22 on September 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Objective Journalism? Euronews Slurs US Congress – ‘Knee-Jerk Spoilers!’ 

    What a pathetic pinko propagandist!

    That has to be the reaction of anyone who heard the ‘interview’ on Euronews with William ‘Cigar’ Clinton’s former adviser Sandy Berger today.

    • euronews
    • And I assure you I’m not talking about Berger, whose leftish leanings are his own business. He has a dreadful take on international affairs, so media should of course wish to ask him questions.

    No, I’m not on about him.

    I’m on about this creep!



     I mean the Euronews hireling, Stefan Grobe, whose idea of serious objective journalism  involved an opening barrage of bias of which I must choose this as the piece de resistance

    Grobe actually asked Berger if congressional resistance to Obama’s pact with the Islamic Republic of Iran was due more to ‘Israeli influence’ or to ‘knee-jerk reaction of an anti-Obama Republican Congress!’

    HUH? Grobe can’t grasp there might be another reason?


    No chance of a third possibility, Kamerad Grobe? (yeah, he’s a German) No chance that Congress has a role in government and playing that role is not ‘knee-jerking’ but fulfilling its duty to constituents?

    Like, uh, maybe that the opposition expressed by the majority of Americans, in polls, of elected Senators ( including many Democrats) and of the House of Representatives, might just be because they reckon it’s a bad deal that enhances the menace emanating from an evil sectarian regime.

    No, not at all – Grobe, having set the tone, rabbited on, about how might Obama’s men ‘prevent Congress being a spoiler.’


    founding fathers


    I thought the idea of the US Constitution was all about Checks and Balances, not Triumphalist Presidents Versus ‘Spoilers.’

    Like any sly hack, Grobe cloaked his bias behind un-named ‘Europeans’ concerned about the ‘shrill tone’ of the US debate. ‘Shrill’ sounds like an adjective more appropriate to the ululations of the mobs of primtives screaming anti-American hate in Tehran. ‘Shrill’ is a negative word, American patriots are loud, clear, and forceful.

    Not ‘shrill,’ which perhaps applies to the frequent outbreaks of bigoted bias we’ve noted on Euronews before…

    EuroNews Pinko Hackette Drops All Pretence of Objectivity! 

    ‘Perhaps Understandably?’ Anti-Europe EuroNews Spews On! 

    Dog-Collared Appeasement-Monkeys and EuroNewsBias, Again! 

    Euronews’ Or Eurabian Pravda? Anti-UKIP, Anti-USA – Brazen Bias! 

    …and to which Euronews is entitled – except that the hacks are parasites, leeching off the public purse. Incidentally, Grobe is apparently sharing premises with ABC in Washington.

    That’s not the Australian ‘Enemy Within’ ABC, btw, but the American ABC, so I leave it to USA readers to tell me what it’s like. 

  • ross1948 11:50 on November 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    No Crimmigrant Driving Down Oregon Trail – Just Go Home! 

    Just a follow-up to our previous report on Oregon…

    Pro-Crimmigrant Plutocrats Up Against It In Oregon! 

    …a state which has long had an unsavoury reputation as a hot-bed of left-libbery.


    • warning-illegal-alien-invasion
    • —————————–
    • The electorate there has thrown out plans to let crimmigrants obtain driving license by a two-thirds majority vote, some 67% turning out to thumbs down the subversive scheme.

    Coming on top of the Republican swing nationwide (not all Republicans are sound, but many of the new-comers to Washingtom are) this is a slap in the face to Obama’s pro-illegal arrogance.



    The next battles will not be long in coming.

    The Manchurian’s dedication to wreck America will not fade away. He will abuse his executive powers to get as many crimmigrant fraudulent voters into the USA as he possibly can before he demits office in two years time.




    We must hope the new Senate leadership spurns any temptation to compromise with the Enemy Within.


  • ross1948 08:09 on November 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘If You Win, It’s Your Duty To Lose!’ Media Message to Republicans 

    Just watching the initial results coming in from America, and it’s looking good.

    But listening to the media is less pleasing.

    Lots of appeasement arrogance, talking heads telling the Republicans that if they get their Senate majority, their first duty is to sit down and sell out, ‘meet Obama in the middle’ on all sorts of issues.

    Of course sensible compromise on practical measures to keep the government working is never a bad thing, but Obama does not deserve  to be met half-way on issues of principle, like the illegal influx.

    • Obama has blatantly abused his ‘executive power’ to by-pass the Constitution and the law of the land. He has done so for overt partisan advantage, seeking to boost his party’s vote by giving undesirable aliens a path to citizenship, i.e. votership!




    His racist Attorney General has done all in his power to facilitate voter fraud.

    There ought to be no surrender on this subversive agenda.

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