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  • ross1948 22:38 on October 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Mr. Bryson – Ulster Will Be Right To Fight! 

    I saw earlier this afternoon in what is arguably a foreign newspaper – with a British address, but a rag which overtly appeals to disloyals…


    Image result for eire flag burns

    Banners fit only for buning!


    …whose hearts beat faster at the sight of an alien flag…


    – that Ulster loyalists are getting organised.


    Image result for bryson loyalists constitution


    A blogger named Jamie Bryson called a meeting and all manner of the kindred came together, promising they will be withdrawing from all “cross-community and cross-border work and will totally disengage from the Irish Government.”

    They have also said they will engage in a “war of attrition” designed to “frustrate the operation of all cross community and cross border initiatives”.

    They need to, as a matter of urgency!

    The Bojo Fake-Brexit is a shameful betrayal of the Best of the British, the loyal folk across the water, and they are entitled to resist it in any way they think fit.

    No Surrender!



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    Where’s R2P When Iran’s People Need It? 

    I spent much of yesterday travelling, so now I’m back in Jakarta, missing those with whom I spent my holiday, but an object of renewed adoration by my cat, who has been fed, but not, she says, nearly enough!


    Please note her ‘diverse’ colouring!


    So a morning to get to grips with everyday realities again, but first a brief nod to the news from Iran.


    Back in 2011, media hacks were churning out reams of stuff about the new U.N. doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) was supposed to work. The doctrine’s supporters had hoped that it would codify the obligations of outside powers to intervene…

    Hasil gambar untuk r2p un

    ….through nonmilitary means whenever possible – but with lethal force if necessary when a tyrannical regime threatens to slaughter its own people.   http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/08/opinion/r2p-rip.html

    Gambar terkait


    Flash forward to Iran this past week, with a regime SO tyrannical that its very basis is the barbaric shariah, surely an ‘egregious mass violation of human rights,’ which treats half its population, as a matter of ‘principle,’ all the country’s women, as second-class citizens, subjected to absurd discrimination, even to the extent of what they may wear!



    The “Islamic Republic’s” goon-squads roam the streets harassing women who dare go out shopping with their sinful hair on display.



    One of the most disgusting photos I saw the other day was that backward old brute Khameinei, a ‘Supreme Leader’ who has never even ASKED for the votes of those he misrules…


    Gambar terkait

    One live tyrant prattles before a dead tyrant’s portrait..BTW, what’s an easy anagram for ‘live’ in this situation? Hint- begins with ‘e’ and ends with ‘l’ …


    …mouthing off in front of a pack of head-shrouded collaborateuses, their pathetic faces peering submissively at the despot, from within the black sacks in which they were wrapped.

    I personally don’t have any time for this R2P junk, firstly because it’s a power-grab for a fundamentally flawed supranational outfit…

    UN Apparatchiks Champion ‘Asylum’ Bludgers – NAUGHTY Oz! 

    …which would be better disbanded, not least because of the ranting menaces who hold high office therein…


    Hasil gambar untuk guterres

    Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 

    …and also because it has proven fairly disastrous when it was invoked, e.g. in Libya.

    But most importantly, on principle!

    Each nation should have the right to decide its own destiny.

    Self-determination rules, OK!

    Having said that, it is strange that no calls for R2P have been heard from UN sticky-beaks, like that uppity Arab who has the gall to lecture civilised countries.

    ‘Ugly?’ Uppity UN Arab Gives Trump Campaign Big Boost! 

    Even Trump, who has spoken up on the essential evil of the Tehran sectarian tyranny, has failed to call for regime change.

    How come?

    Iran’s not only an affront to any decent person’s sense of right and wrong, but a threat to all of us with its support for terrorism.

    It’s not as if there’s no practical alternative to the rule of Dark Age ignoramuses!


     Hasil gambar untuk crown prince of iran

    Overthrow Evil Ayatollahs, Restore Iran’s Monarchy! 


    • Mort 22:27 on January 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I can remember Barry Goldwater’s proposals for supplying weapons etc. to resistance movements in the Soviet bloc and I can see no reason why we should not do the same for the forces fighting Islamist ideological dictators in Iran and Turkey.

      The exiled Shah is the kind of leader we could count on, a much better bet than the Mujahidin if popular support is important, which it is. It’s difficult to gauge how much monarchist feeling there is in Iran, but the hatred the ayatollahs express against him have had me speculating that they must fear him. .

      There are the Kurds too. America was unwise to let them down, because they would have been an ideal force to harness against both. Time alone will tell if we can regain their trust.

      It would be, as you recognize, crazy to entrust the job to the UN. As you say, they would probably make a mess of it and in any case, we should never acknowledge any supranational authority.

      Liberating those two countries is a morally defensible goal but if we made morality the guiding principle, then we would need to foment revolution in Communist China, and Saudi Arabia and dozens of countries besides, worthy causes, of course, but unrealistic.
      Promoting our own safety should be the basis of foreign policy. If moral rectitude coincides, all well and good, but secondary.


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    Amber’s Army Disembarks – Brits Should Echo French Resistance! 

    As Amber’s Army of adult alien males of military age are smuggled into the UK behind blankets and barricades, the Home Office Fifth Column openly camouflaging their arrival on British soil, and declaring that even those exposed will not be sent back where they belong…Awful Amber’s Brat-Brutes – Proven Adult Liars Won’t Be Sent Back! …how are British patriots to counter this undesirable crimmigrant incursion?




    Until such time as the May Government is shamed into kicking the adult louts out, it is of utmost importance that the phoneys’ ultimate lairs be clearly identified, so that when crimes are committed against the native population, the responsibility can be definitively pinned on Rudd the Rogue and those pusillanimous pin-stripes hiding out in the Home Office.

    Behold the excellent example of the French Resistance, Marine Le Pen’s patriots, and their leader in Lourdes, Olivier Monteil.


    Hasil gambar untuk olivier monteil lourdes


    He’s the Front Nationale branch secretary in the area and has used social media to warn local residents of imminent arrival of ‘their share’ of the swarm that Hollande is sending from Calais to dismayed communities all over France.

    … a list of homes or lodgings where refugees were to stay as well as the telephone number of the local reception centre for asylum seekers in Lourdes.  

    “I wanted to give the local people of Lourdes information about the migrants that are being hidden in the local population.  They are paying their taxes, so why should it all be hidden.”


    Damn right! 

    “They occupy social lodging that should be reserved for French people.”  https://www.thelocal.fr/20161021/national-front-posts-addresses-of-migrants-in-french-town

    Inevitably, the pro-crimmigrant agitprop outfits are up in arms.

    France Terre d’Asile, which provides help to migrants and refugees in France, has gone crying to the cops!

    According to these pinkos, Monteil’s messaging constitutes “an attack on someone’s private life and divulging information that endangers residents.”



    • Hasil gambar untuk ya gotta be kidding

    • =======

    Have these leftist trouble-makers not even got a sense of irony?

    “Endangers residents?”

    These creeps are pushing the line that the civic conscience of the local FN guy is the source of danger?

    Everyone in La Belle France (and most Brits too) understand full well that Calais’s Jungle teems with dangerous brutes, the violent rape of that poor interpreter last week being merely the most recent example.

    Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 


    Hasil gambar untuk hollande traitor


    Innocent French townspeople should NOT be kept in the dark about the risks they run due to Hollande’s disgraceful ‘grand design.’  

    Any more than Brits should be imperilled by Rudd’s roguery!


    • Diana 21:01 on October 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Amber’s Army! I love it!
      Thanks ever so much for today’s output, Ross, you are really banging the drum for Britain.
      I’ll be passing on the petition, and I bet you’ll have another brilliant blog-burst tomorrow on that. Rudd is a real rat. She should resign.and all those Home Office traitors sacked,


    • Barry Miles 21:02 on October 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      That’s the truth, Rudd’s allowing an army of aliens into the country, not in battalion strength but in bus-loads, because she thought she’d get away with it that way.
      We have GOT to stop her, if Theresa May won’t.
      If May won’t, then May must go too.


    • Henk 21:10 on October 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hooray for the French and boo to the Brits if they don’t show as much fight as the French!
      I’m pleased to see you are not trying to turn this into the bun-fight between London and Paris that some people are.
      That kind of divide and conquer strategy is the enemy’s favorite and it works.
      Popular nationalist forces have mostly learned to get past it, but a look at the tabloids tells me it is still a problem.
      United they can defeat the cultural marxists, divided, no chance.


    • Geordie A 21:42 on October 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      The French are putting up a real fight. I have read abut their mayors who stand up to Hollande but never read about mayors in England doing the same.
      Why are the British not marching on the Home Office?
      So many just send comments to your blog but don’t take any further action, or at least they don’t say so if they are.


    • Myra Hayworth 21:48 on October 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for printing my comments the other day, and here is another, to compliment you on this what you have said today.
      It’s so good to find someone on the scene who expresses how so many of us feel and you do it in such a vivid way. with such good phrases, like talking of the pretend refugees as Amber’s Army.
      Your words catch the spirit of what’s happening and make people realise that it’s not just Amber Rudd being lazy or stupid but being dangerous!


    • James Landren 23:05 on October 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      We have to be as combative as the Frenchman in Lourdes.
      He is doing the people a good turn by letting them know where it’s safer to be after dark.

      But that’s safer, not safe. The people in Calais knew where the Jungle illegals lived but the Jungle illegals didn’t just sit around turning the place into a dump. They went on the rampage wherever they liked and the police either wouldn’t or couldn’t beat them back.

      I foresee terrible times breaking out all over France thanks to Francois Hollande’s dispersing the danger from one area that could have been controlled if the will had been there to control it, to dozens or hundreds of areas where there will be the same problem of political hampering of police response to criminal activity.
      I feel sorry for those French people.
      They will need to form vigilante groups because their government won’t look after them.
      If Amber Rudd gets away with what she’s doing, English people will be forced to do the same.


  • ross1948 17:01 on January 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Over-Run by Rape-Refugees? Suck It Up, says UN’s Crapeau! 

    Suck it up, albeit from a poisoned chalice!


    suck it up


    Europe’s only option.

    That’s the arrogant decree from the UN special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Francois Crépeau, who unsurprisingly turns out to be a lawyer,  warns that people will come anyway.

    People? Marauding mobs of illegal aliens, whose incursions have been proven a clear and present danger from Stockholm to Cologne to Paris

    “As long as Europeans are not able to sit down and agree such a programme, well it’ll [continue to] be chaos on the beaches …



    …It’s shooting oneself in the foot because there will be another 1 million more people coming this year. If people are coming in the winter when it’s cold, imagine the rate in the summer.”

    A shooting analogy is maybe appropriate, because it’s precisely by taking up arms if we recall the bard’s words on how to confront a sea of troubles.

    So how about Ghandi?



    Responsible governments across the beleaguered continent should be ready to amend gun control legislation to equip citizens with the means – 

    A to defend their families and

    B to reinforce border security.


    Would Crapeau be then so quick to condemn Western civilisation to the trash-can of history so blithely? It’s not his first such brazen exhortation to knuckle under, BTW. 

    Crepeau’s Crimmigrant Crap – “They’ve No Right, But They’ll Come Anyway!”   

    • Migrants-hurl-rocks-in-riot-as-tough-new-fence-blocks-Greece-Macedonia-border-401680
    “It’s going to continue. It’s not going to stop.” Crapeau
    As the audience in British pantomimes is wont to chorus…
    ‘OH YES IT IS!’
    But ONLY if resistance is organised.



    • Nico 18:36 on January 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      We are beginning now, did you see the good French man in Calais, under the attack from the Jungle animals, and he produce his hunting rifle – the animals quickly flee.
      All good people must arm themselves and defend the countries..


    • Dono 12:57 on January 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      And even in Sweden, the people are hunting for the asylum evillers.
      I had been thinking the Swedes are too late to win back their land but maybe not. Sad that their police are in the side of asylum evillers.


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    Calais -Vive La Resistance! 


    So while Hollande’s feeble regime talks tough on terrorism but goes out of its way to encourage the colonisation of Calais by a swarm of savages..

    ‘Jungle Jet!’ Hollande’s Con-Air Luxury for Calais Crimmigrants! 

    Calais – So Cretin Courts Are NOT an Anglo-Saxon Monopoly! 


    …finally we read that the people of that small French city are demonstrating that they’ve lost patience with Hollande’s appeasement mentality and the way the Jungle swine bring terror to their locality on an almost daily basis.

    ‘…almost everyone here is against their presence…’    http://observers.france24.com/en/20151229-video-protesters-calais-caught-intimidating-migrants-video-gun-refugees-france

    That’s not a wild claim by some ‘xenophobe’ but an admission by a spokesman for a pro-crimmigrant pressure group. With their police clearly under orders not to use effective force against the undesirable aliens, citizen-patriots are doing their best to show the ingrates that enough is enough. 


    Calaisiens en colère is one such…there are others too.

    And although The Observer includes some recognition of reality, like the above quote that indicates these groups represent widespread popular indignation, the left-lib rag still affords a platform for the enemy within to do a neat job of smearing them.

    The article is a masterpiece of guilt by association.

    It has a couple of video clips of angry French folk telling the Jungle brutes what they think of them, and a suggestion of fire-arms.

    Oh no!

    If you’re living in Calais as a law-abiding citizen, carrying a gun these days is surely no bad idea! But – shock/horror! – the story goes that people pull up in cars carrying iron bars and try and attack isolated groups of migrants outside the camps. 

     Isolated groups? Like the violent rabble we’ve seen terrorising Brit truckers?PICTURED:Shocking moment migrant armed with hammer



    Isolated groups? Like the murderous louts who have put French police in hospital? 16 French police hurt in clash with Calais migrants

    The pro-crimmigrant puke gets another quote. “They do this to spread a climate of fear, to scare the migrants..”

    Well hell, the migrants are clearly not scared of the cops – Calais over-run as migrants outnumber cops 18 to 1 – so it’s about time SOMEBODY acted to put them in their place…




    …………….and the proper place for such marauding malignants is confinement inside the camp perimeter!

    Fact is, these migrants’ primitive presence is unwelcome –

    Family escape attack byCalais migrants who launched metal pole

    Kent haulage boss tells of daily migrant attacks at Calais

    Refugee crisis: Hundreds of migrants storm Calais motorway

     – they should not be allowed to be outside the camps!

    But even the pro-crimmigrant lobby has to confess that there’s no way of establishing a link between these groups and the individuals who carry out the attacks.

    So why the smear tactics, Comrade Observer?

     Hasil gambar untuk Calaisiens en colère




    • Martin 10:22 on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      That’s all the French I can speak but I like going there, or used to.
      It’s good to see the French are fighting back, even if their government won’t. The Jungle is getting all the goodies while the animals inside it are making life hell for honest French and British too.
      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bit of pay-back. Like you said, the police are very obviously ordered not to shoot no matter how violent the migrants get, so if civilians decide to arm themselves, why not?


    • Isleworth 12:37 on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I have got to go to work in a minute, pay more taxes to keep ‘asylum-seekers’ in hotels. But first of all congratulations for writing this!
      This is SO sensible. The French man in the street, and his wife, refusing to let these animals over-run their town.
      I wish the English people would show the same spirit, but if they try, their own government will take the side of the enemy.
      Hearts of Oak? Deadwood these days.


    • Ted Wilmes 19:00 on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Anyone who lives in Southern England should get in touch with Angry Calais and go across next time they hold a demo.
      It would be useful to know about gun laws in France. A lot of people in my home town in England would like to have a gun in the house just to protect their families. Immigration is what you call it, crimmigration.


  • ross1948 00:10 on October 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    A Civilised Society That Won’t Fight Back Will Die! 

    It’s Monday night again, so I am of course at home, because it’s the weekly night of The Walking Dead.

    But amazingly…



    • …almost no zombies involved this week!
    • ———————————————————-

    Since the current news from The Real World drives me to distraction more often than not, I treasure diversions like TWD.

    It’s good value.

    With la creme de la creme, Rick, Daryl and Michonne far away, handling a horde of dangerous lurching deddos, a different kind of threat materialises back at HQ, where good people have created a civilised community.

    But suddenly they are faced by invaders – not zombies but half-wild humans, their only clear intent mayhem and/or pillage.


    • migrants-thugs
    • ……………………………….
    • Hell, I might as well have watched the news from Central Europe, or Calais!


    • ………………..
    • Since The Walking Dead has been running since before the current ‘migrant’ nightmare, I suppose we might conclude that what we are witnessing in Europe is life imitating art…
    • EXCEPT…………on our tv screens, the barbarous malevolents were routed!
    • The people faced with being over-run fought back and drove them out.

    The civilised people’s leader was a middle-aged lady, no good with weaponry but with the grit and sense to authorise those prepared for resistance to fight back.

    Can’t imagine Mama Stasi Merkel doing that, can you? Or Cameron or Liar Juncker! 

    But here and there, we see signs of hope.


    • Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart speaks to the press outside …
       Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart
    • ———————————–

    In France, that lady mayor wants the armed forces to deal with the Jungle scum.

    The Latest: Calais Mayor Suggests Troops Amid Migrant Influx

    And even in the heart of darkness, in Mama Stasi Land,  a German police union chief has called for a fence to be built along the country’s border to stem the flow of migrants. Rainer Wendt told the “Welt am Sonntag” newspaper that other countries would then follow suit.


    Wendt Wendt

    This cop talks true sense.

    “If we close our borders in this way, Austria will also close the border with Slovenia. That’s exactly the effect we need.”


     So there IS hope.




    Elections due in Poland very soon look like replacing a sell-out ‘centrist’ with the patriot Kaczynski.  

    Austrian and Swiss patriot parties are getting 30 plus per cent in recent votes.

    Germans, French, Poles, Swiss, Austrians?

    Adding their voices, votes, to the Hungarian, Slovak, Czech stand for sanity!  

    • Britannia sad

    When’s Britannia going to wake up? 


  • ross1948 22:51 on August 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Asylum’ Quotas – Will Cameron Buckle to Brussels Bullies? 


    Another go at quotas!

     That’s the threat from EuroCommissar Johannes Hahn, quoted today –  

    “We will have another go at quotas. I hope that in the light of the most recent developments now there is a readiness among all the 28 (member states) to agree on this,” he said.


    And if they don’t?

    Why should the UK, or Denmark, or Poland, for example, be punished for the folly of Merkel, who has rightly been denounced as a traitor by decent Germans for her schemes to allow no less than EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND aliens to latch onto benefit largesse this year alone!


    steinmeier-im-gespraech-mit-bundeskanzlerin-merkel- Steinmeier


    How dare her Foreign Minister, Steinmeier, demand ‘a fair distribution of refugees’  – nobody forced the government in Berlin to open up their borders to this tsunami.

    And no mistake, they are actively encouraging the influx, witness their unilateral abrogation of the agreement reached in Dublin to require wannabe ‘asylum’ bludgers to register in the land they arrive in.

    Sure, Dublin makes life tough on Italy and Greece, but the answer is not to hang the ‘asylum’ albatross round the necks of every other European nation.

    What’s needed is fast and furious repatriation. These economic migrants (a charitable description) should be given prompt U-turn orders and marched back aboard vessels to return them to Libya or Turkey, whose dereliction of border control duty has caused the nightmare.

    Yet Steinmeyer hates it when people, or peoples, use their democratic rights to oganise resistance to his various grand designs. He’s featured in our blog before, talking about the perils of his opponents using constitutional means-,“We have got Eurosceptics getting together in parties, getting more public attention and while Europe is in a crisis that doesn’t make our work any easier,” he said…

    Dummkopf! Pinko German’s Amnesia on Poland 

    Not one of the good Germans I write about below!

    Now he bleats that his ‘fair deal’ is needed to ensure support in countries taking in the bulk of migrants.


    • send-them-back
    • ==============
    • This reveals the truth, that support is in short supply, as more and more small cities and towns are exposed to the realty of primitives, unwanted barabarous people imposed on them by Merkel’s minions.

    Far from heeding her own people’s protests, the Communist-reared Red Angela shows her true authoritarian colours, arrogantly telling then that their ‘xenophobia’ (i.e. patriotism) will not be ‘tolerated!’

    Have you been to Germany?

    I have, from my hitch-hking teens to just before I came here to Jakarta, one joyous memory being a stroll trough the re-opened Brandenburg Gate, after East Germany was liberated from alien rule.


    The Germans were mostly most friendly to me, hospitable to foreigners who came to appreciate German customs, cuisine and way of life.

    The rabble pouring in now do neither.

    They may not all be sectarian primtives, but plenty are German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-PestSyrian Ingrates! 

    THAT’S what Germans are objecting to, ungrateful intolerant aliens, and this is patriotic indignation is what Merkel can’t ‘tolerate.’ 


    • Jackboot
    • ============
    • Intolerance is the badge of all her cultural marxist tribe.

    Next door, Austrians too are suffering, Vienna seeking to avoid public outrage…Vienna Dons Jackboots to Crush Austrian Resistance! by shuffling them off to Slovakia, where the regime is similarly indifferent to its own citizens’ feelings on the issue.Small Slovak Town Teaches Obameron A Democracy Lesson 

    Instead of emulating the Hungarians, who are taking serious, sensible action, the Austrian foreign minister, has denounced them for self-defence by individual measures and their own initiatives.

    By coincidence, as I type, I’ve got the BBC on again, my own peculiar form of masochism, and their 10pm news has some pinko on, interviewed by an uncritical slob who never confronts him once, as the guy whines that walls, fences etc. are the problem – if we didn’t try to stop them pouring in, they wouldn’t use smugglers!


    • HomeInvasion_DVDCover_Thumbnail__71142_zoomBBC EU flag
    • ================================
    • Right, just run up the white flag.

    If householders didn’t put locks on their doors, poor old house-breakers wouldn’t have to use force and violence, or damage the doors, to get in to rob and steal!

    Good grief!.


    “It won’t work and above all it threatens our European idea of having open borders and with that proper security at the EU’s outer borders.”

    Who wants open borders?

    Brits don’t. Caneron used to tell us he didn’t either, but now he’s bobbed down in his farcical ‘re-negotiation’ with Brussels, after they told him to play nice and just forget it.

    So what will he do in the face of that Merkel flunkey’s shrill demand for him to take part in the ‘fair deal,’ in solving a hideous problem created entirely by Merkel herself, the open door policy which has seen her country inundated?




    Going on past form, he will knuckle under.

    Instead of telling Merkel and Co. what he should tell them, to —

    keep-calm-and-shove-it-up-your-ass , Liebchen!


    Cameron will buckle to Brussels and let them allocate a ‘fair share’ of the frauds and fanatics to top up the number of disloyal savages already in the UK.

    Despite the murderous assaults aimed at Brits passing through Calias, he is still allowing any scumbag who oozes through the Chunnel to stay in Britain at vast cost to the public purse.

    Had he even a square inch of backbone, he’d be loading them up and shipping them out…


    …but everyone knows that’s not happening.



    • Chaz 07:27 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Of course he will buckle, he always has. His renego is in tatters before it even gets going, He let Brussels take border control off the table as soon as they told him to. You are right, not a bit of of backbone to be seen.
      We can’t trust this man, even the Calais mob are let stay if they get across the Channel. What kind of message does that send to the rest of them.
      There’s to be a big demo next month if his police don’t ban it. I will be there, even though I have never demonstrated in my life. .
      We HAVE to do something.
      We owe it to our family members who held off invaders of Britain in the past but we mostly owe it to our children, if we want there to be a Britain for them to live in..


    • Matthias 08:07 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      It is good you make us remember Angela Merkel was part of DDR apparat. This can explain her intolerance of dissent, so people should also remember the anti-Hitler resistance who were not silent as the country was in danger.
      In the Soviet Zone time, Germans had no choices, only to do what foreigners said they must. Now again it is happening, how to speak, think, wear clothes, no offending people who come from outside.
      Nie wieder, never again. Thank you for your friendly support.


    • Freda 11:43 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The Germans are protesting now but we need to make this Europe-wide, and that means in Britain too. Their fight is ours.
      The Merkel Mad Cow Disease has infected almost all government leaders.
      If they were in tune with their people and not with Brussels, and pushed the illegals back from our shores instead of giving them free navy transport, this terrible situation would never have happened.


    • Bill Grentz 14:15 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The truth is that Germany has made a fool of itself, hoist by its own petard, in the old saying. Merkel has a very great deal to answer for and now she thinks Cameron will help her out.
      The tragedy is, she’s probably right. He is not exactly working hard at expulsion of illegals.
      He is a liberal so can’t be relied on to put British interests first if there’s an external organisation he can bow to.


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    Kerry Flies In, As Castro Continues To Brutalise Cubans! 


    Over 100 Cuban dissidents have been brutally beaten and arrested over the weekend, as they peacefully gathered and demonstrated against the Castro dictatorship.

    News not much covered, but worth recalling today, as Obama’s flunkey flies to Havana, full of fervour for ‘human rights,’ a concept open to various interpretations, but the grasp of which among Havana’s ruling class was exemplified a week ago, when…


    communism tyrannyPresident Obama Delivers Remarks To Mark World AIDS Day Obama’s flunkey flies to Cuba


    …on Friday, over a dozen members of renowned democracy leader Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet’s Emilia Project were arrested…then, on Saturday, Sonia Garro, a member of The Ladies in White, was brutally beaten (see image below)




    Obama, needless to say, doesn’t give a rat’s ass about these people. Rapprochement with tyranny is all he cares for, one lousy marxist in Washngton canoodling with others in Havana.


    castro-trudeau-neanderthal Castro/Turdo


    He reminds me so much of that Canadian cur Pierre Turdo, another enemy within who held honour and humanity in contempt, frolicking with the fiends who STILL hold that Caribbean nation in brutal bondage. 


    Obama, showing concern for victims of communism?



    Now if it had been a gangsta thug in some American city getting his come-uppance, we’d never hear the end of it!

    Garro, who was released as part of the Obama-Castro deal, was later hospitalized and re-arrested. Finally, for the 17th Sunday in a row, over 90 democracy activists, including 60 members of The Ladies in White were arrested, as they demonstrated donning Obama masks 


    • obama
    • They denounced the Obama Administration’s deals with the Castro dictatorship, which have sidelined Cuba’s civil society and democracy movement.

    My thanks to Humberto Fontova’s excellent article in FrontPage Magazine, where he drew our attention to the ever-increasing repression in Cuba.  

    “It’s his (Obama’s) fault, what is happening,” stressed Cuban dissident and former political prisoner Angel Moya. “The Cuban government has grown even bolder. That’s why we have this (Obama) mask on. Because it’s his fault.”

    And that link takes you to the Cuban resistance source, which led Fontova to pen his passionate condemnation of this latest Obamanation.


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