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  • ross1948 04:09 on July 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    At Last! First Federal Execution For HOW MANY Years? 

    After some very off-beat rulings recently, credit where credit is due to the Supreme Court in the USA, for a sensible decision, albeit a narrow one, which sent the beast below to Hell yesterday.

    Daniel Lewis LeeTriple murderer Daniel Lewis Lee

    While the BBC reported the high court move, they do not appear to have given details of the brutal torture and slaughter of a harmless family for which Lee was sentenced.

    Yet those SCOTUS Justices certainly knew all about the horrible crime.


    Hard to understand how four of them could vote to spare the fiend. Have they no consciences at all?
    Hard to believe this was the first federal execution for 17 years. Justice delayed is justice ill-served.
    Hard to believe that a lower court judge held up justice yet again this week, on the grounds that there were ‘unresolved legal issues!’ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada

    The slaughter took place TWENTY FOUR years ago!

    What possible legal technicalities could some simpering attorneys dredge up at this stage?

    Still, better late than never!

    Now keep the assembly line rolling…



    ..there are many more caged beasts still waiting in line for those lethal injections!


  • ross1948 15:11 on January 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Iran’s Islamist Gestapo Should Think ‘Budapest 1956!’ 

    So the ‘sedition’ is over?’

    Iran deploys Revolutionary Guards to quell ‘sedition’ in protest hotbeds

    For now, maybe!

    I watched the late night news last night on France24 and heard that three members of the ‘intelligence’ service had been killed by what the dictatorship termed ‘anti-revolutionaries.’


    Gambar terkait


    No details at all, but like the ranks of Tuscany in Lord Macaulay’s poem, one could ‘scarce forbear to cheer.’

    What goes around comes around, and as the world stands by idly as good people struggling for liberty from shariah evil get put down, my mind conjured up some film footage I saw a few years after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.

    It showed some of the Communist secret police, the AVO, getting their just deserts when brave freedom fighters battled their way into the Red torturers HQ in Budapest.


    Gambar terkait

    AVO HQ, 1956, captured by the people. I took my offspring to the site of justice done when we railed our way through newly-liberated East/Central Europe nearly thirty years ago


    It must have been exhilirating to watch, those marxist scum hurled from the balcony to meet their fate.

    Staying up a little later, I scrolled through the internet, and if (unlikely, I admit!) any Tehran police state goons are reading this, who knows, maybe they will dwell on what befell their counterparts in Hungary just over 60 years ago.


    Gambar terkait

    AVO scum rousted out


    Rebel patriots stormed recklessly toward freedom, Communist henchmen reaped the frightful wrath they had sowed. The most hotly hated of the rebels’ targets were the Soviet-controlled Hungarian secret police. These were cut down as ruthlessly as they themselves had murdered countless anti-communists.


    Gambar terkait

    With a bit of luck, the Shariah Gestapo will find themselves with as different a perspective on the people they tormented as this AVO cur!

    Yesterday I abhorred the way much of the American mainstream are giving aid and comfort to sectarian misrule in Iran.

    Meddler Erdolf’s Hypocrisy – ‘No Foreign Interference?’ 

    Twitter restricted the account of a prominent London-based dissident who has been sending a steady stream of video images of protests across Iranhttps://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jan/2/mainstream-media-twitter-slammed-promoting-irans- (good article, that, in WT, covering too the shameful  way the New York Times and other Western media are siding with the hardline Islamic rule…


    But it was shocking to see this nonsense I found in National Review, an allegedly ‘conservative’ part of the media.

    Some AVO secret policemen were lynched; that was deplorable and deserving punishment…

    True, the author, John Sullivan, wrote that rubbish a year ago, in the midst of an otherwise sensible article praising the Hungarian Revolution, and he rightly condemns a Russian news piece which insulted the uprising as a ‘pogrom…

     Hungarian Revolution, 1956 — Russia Smears the Memory  …


    …but even so.

    Those stinking Reds got what was coming to them, and to suggest the patriots who put them down deserved ‘punishment’ is outrageous.

    Communists, like Islamists, are bad. Communist Secret Police, like Islamist Secret Police, are the essence of evil, and no punishment is too frightful for their wickedness.

    One day, maybe not this day, or this year, but someday, the beasts who inflict shariah tyranny in Iran, and, one hopes, marxist tyranny in Cuba, will be strung up…



    …and let no man, or woman, utter any hogwash about how ‘counter-revolutionary’ heroes who exact the proper price from quisling  torturers may deserve punishment.


    • Vanessa 16:30 on January 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If it’s only for their treatment of women, I’d like to see them hanged.


    • Vicki 17:16 on January 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Glory hallelujah.
      Somebody speaking from the heart.
      You say what I think and say it well..You always do.

      I share your wish that the Iran secret police do read this and see their writing on the wall.

      We will have to watch what happens but if they start hanging ayatollahs, I’m going to uncork that champagne left over from New Year.
      Heineken, more likely. but any old haram liquor will do!


    • Sandor 17:29 on January 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The AVO did deserve to die, traitors, torturers, collaborators, killers.
      AVO were devils from Hell and Hungarians sent them back there.

      As for Iran, I read today in Gatestone that those ayatollahs give the Hazbollah one billion dollars every year for terror work, while the people go without work or bare necessities, so yes, if the cruel ones die, they deserve to .


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