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  • ross1948 00:01 on January 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Even In Jakarta, 'Rights' Prattle Audible! 


    Indonesia’s National Human Rights Commission,  Komnas HAM, understands that if that Islamic boarding school ‘teacher, Herry Wirawan…’

    …gets convicted, punishment should be severe.

    That’s nice to know!

    But then HAM Commissioner Beka Ulung Hapsara rather spoils his reaction to the depravity, the sheer depth of evil, involved in the crimes…



    …of which the man may be convicted, by trotting out the kind of tripe we usually hear from the likes of Shamnesty…

    …that the sensible penalties under discussion….


    .’death or castration.. ‘


    .. ( hopefully the latter inflicted prior to the former!)

    .. are unacceptable, ‘because this type of punishment is contrary to human rights!’

    Oh, for God’s Sake!

    Human rights by whose definition? Please don’t quote any UN Declarations on the subject, because the UN…

    UN’s ‘Rights’ Rats, Hand In Glove With Adolf? 

    ‘..the Human Rights Council was giving China the names of Uighur dissidents.’

    ….by its own base conduct, has devalued those words, below level zero!


    The problem with capital punishment in Indonesia is that there’s not enough of it!

    There’s not been a single jihadist swine executed since the Bali Pigs, over 15 years ago.


    Bali Bombing Pigs


    Sure, the anti-terror unit Densus88 takes out a few every so often, and good work that is…

    …but a far better indication of a healthy society is how many terrorists…

    …it puts up against a wall each year.

    Western countries, apart from the USA, have a dismal record, even seeking to promote……

    …their own indifference to the victims of bestial sectarian atrocities by neo-colonial nagging in Indonesia!

    Of course any found guilty of raping and impregnating schoolgirls should forfeit any claim to ‘human rights!’

    Same goes for terrorists!

  • ross1948 12:05 on July 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Rights’ Ranters Wrong! NO Muslim Gal Needs A Scarf! 

    Two German firms did not break EU law when they banned Muslim women from wearing headscarves, the EU court has said, in a ruling which alarmed rights groups. Read on

    So wrote Little Red Rettman, whom we know of old….

    Rettmann-Watch – EUObs Pinko Hack Caught In MORE Bias Bleats 

    More Bias! EUObs Headline – Poles’ New Leader ‘Worse!’

    …so no doubt he’s on the side of the ‘rights’ ranters.


    Again, for slow learners, here’s my fact-check from plague-stricken Jakarta!

    Well, not so much mine, but Muslim sources I have quoted often!

    Do all Muslims have to wear the hijab? Not really. If we interpret the verse in the Koran correctly,” said Sinta.

    We have in the past, and no doubt will again in the future, made it known that only the most narrow-minded sexist sectarians here want to impose scarfing and other mediaeval garb on Indonesia’s lovely  womenfolk

    ‘Fathers and husbands, their private parts are YOUR responsibility’

    Both at home and abroad, people who know what’s what have said there’s no obligation involved

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBCBag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 


    • Chrissie Miles 12:32 on July 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A useful reminder, next time somebody gets a mouthful of sanctimonious abuse from a walking letter-box, as Bojo used to call them before he went woke!


    • Tina 14:59 on July 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Very correct.
      My friends puts scarf on for religious days and I see Christian women like have hats on at church.


  • ross1948 15:35 on March 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Scary Stuff! Nosferatu Look-Alike Laments Invisibility! 

    Hallowe’en is a long way off, but I still shivered a little when I opened BBC news today, only to see this freaky visage staring back at me!

    • 000000
    Christie Elan-Cane


    I thought perhaps some new Hollywood block-buster remake of the famous early 20th century NOSFERATU horror films had been released and this must be the new star…




    …a perfect choice in terms of homage to the original!

    But no!

    It’s a Thing ( which all students of grammar will understand means neither male nor female) whining that it’s ‘lost a legal challenge against the government over gender-neutral passports.’



    You may read the entire report here but it does not cover what to me must be the key question…

    …did any of this Thing’s absurd court costs get charged to the UK tax-payers via the Legal Aid system?

    I certainly hope not.

    Its name, allegedly, is Christie Elan-Cane, and its damfool case was that ‘a policy preventing someone from obtaining a passport with an unspecified gender was unlawful on human rights grounds.’ https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51823318

    Sick and tired of hearing ‘rights’ rot?

    Well, happily, so too, it seems, were the judges on the Court of Appeal, who against the ‘activist.’


    Can The Thing not get a real job?

    Hmmm…silly question – would you hire it?

    Which brings me to its reaction to the ruling, which it describes as ‘devastating.’


    On my recent trip, I made sandwiches for my long wait in the airport. I forgot to take them and when I got home two weeks later, they were of course, inedible.

    My new washing machine was delivered yesterday, and I wanted to use it at once. Thwarted by my personal technology deficit, I am awaiting the arrival of a friend to help.

    Both ‘hardships’ deserve the adjective ‘devastating’ more than that court ruling does.

    When one considers the millions of people whose homes have been wrecked by floods, here in Jakarta..



    …and Britain, and elsewhere, in recent years, it’s a pretentious obscenity for that freak to describe its silly little set-back as ‘devastating!’

    However, we read on, and have to laugh out loud when Nosferatu…sorry, Mr/Ms/Thing Elan-Cane… rants at the court and the British Home Office for obliging it and others who look inside their underpants…



    ….and refuse to believe the evidence of their own eyes,  to ‘collude in their own social invisibility!’

    Would that such maladjusts be rendered not just socially but entirely invisible!

    PS – it’s also anti-Brexit!




    • Petra Malley 22:12 on March 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You make us laugh with the Nosferatu take, but you do us a real service by drawing attention to the folly of what British governments have been doing.
      ‘Transgenders’ may not be getting special passports but Theresa May took up their ‘cause’ and Johnson is no better.
      It is so wrong to act as if ‘transgenderism’ is anything but a sign of mental disturbance. That is what children should be taught in school.


    • Mack the Knife 23:59 on March 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Well said, and better in that you used humour to mock this freak!
      I wonder where the money came from to pay his lawyers?
      Out of our pockets?


    • Tony Roy 18:24 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Nosferatu! A ringer!
      Good idea, using humour like this to make a serious point.


  • ross1948 18:29 on February 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Why X-Stinkos Aren’t Arrested – Cambridge Cops Offer Excuses! 

    Like many other people, I often find myself thoroughly fuming when X-Stinko scum blatantly flout the law and cops fail to collar the vermin.

    In a wiser, juster universe, good citizens affronted by their anti-social mayhem would be free to lay into them.



    Tarring and feathering has a lot to be said for it when it comes to ratbags like the X-Stinkos!

    But it’s sadly not on.

    The cops would arrest the good people.

    So why don’t they arrest the bad people?

    Well done, CambridgeshireLive, for asking, and getting an answer, albeit one that will be deemed as unimpressive by most of you as it is by me.

    Sergeant Kevin Misik said: “We review all reports of protest both spontaneous and planned.

    “A thorough risk assessment process is carried out…



    Not a good start.

    ‘A thorough risk assessment process…?

    Real cops grab crims, batter them if required, haul ‘em off! They don’t fool around with cr-p like a thorough risk assessment process…?

    …and we have to strike a balance between the need to facilitate protest within the city and the disruption that the protest itself causes.

    What need to facilitate protest?

    Legitimate orderly protest, a march with placards, a rally in a park, no worries.

    But when scum DELIBERATELY aim to make life hard for hard-working people?


    Image result for london commuters Extinction station

    A bearded weirdo kicks out at the decent people he set out to torment

    This morning London commuters furiously dragged a protester from the top of a train at CanningTownhttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7582765/Extinction-Rebellion-protesters-cause-misery-morning-commuters-converge-CanningTown.htm


    As I have observed previously…

    These Stinkos are the scum of the earth, arrogant uppities who think their precious ‘climate panic attacks’ give them the right to break the law in a democratic society..

    Arrogant Stinko Scoff-Laws, Egged On By Big-Name Berks! 

    When layabouts lie down on the road or interfere with commuter trains and stop honest folk getting home to their loved ones, or at least to their well-earned evening meals?

    “There are pieces of legislation which need to be considered in response to protests.https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/dont-police-arrest-extinction-rebellion-17685076

    I’m not having a go at the sarge named above.

    He is reading from a higher-ups’ song-sheet, as all who work in an organisation of parallel hierarchies often must.

    Besides, Sergeant Misik goes on to show us where we should direct our righteous wrath!

    Yes, you guessed…


    Human Rights Act 3……………………

     “Rights” Rot!

    Article 11 of the Human Rights Act which outlines the rights of freedom of assembly and association…“

    The sooner the Western world cures itself of its infatuation with ‘rights’ the healthier our societies will be!

    Scrapping ‘rights’ legislation is the way forward!


    Oh, but, having just about excused the cops, I read this and think again…

    “Section 14 of the Public Order Act which allows police to impose conditions if they reasonably believe that the protest ‘may result in serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community’.


    And causing havoc in the lives of thousands of working people and their families falls into at least one of those categories?

    The Sarge disagrees!

    Whilst the recent protests cause disruption, they are not necessarily considered to be serious but this is under constant review…”  https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/dont-police-arrest-extinction-rebellion-17685076


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