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    Macron Taking In Malta’s Dangerous Savages?! 

    Macron, Guilty Again!



    His minister recently spoke about sending back undesirable aliens but now we read that, along with two other deranged governments ( Luxemburg and Portugal) the French President is willing to take in some of the recently-disembarked migrants in Malta…

    Some? Which ones?

    It would be easy to condemn Maltese PM Abela for bringing ashore another gang of barbarous illegal aliens – after all, he said ‘no entry’ a month ago –

     “We will be firm in our commitment not to open our ports!”


    -but we do need to look at his situation.

    But at the same time, innocent crew were in real danger on board the ‘Europa II’ vessel,  on which crimmigrant scum had armed themselves with knives from the galley – oh, and ‘threatened to detonate a gas cylinder on board.’



    The best and most salutory step to take would have been to put special forces aboard and shoot the savages.

    It is, after all, not the first time violent aliens have gate-crashed the island.

    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Image result for malta migrants police fire

    You can see that amok-run for yourselves on the video link. https://www.rt.com/news/471416-malta-detention-center-riot/

    Malta’s Migrant Terror Scum! UN To The Rescue! 

    But no current European government has so far had the pluck to do the right thing or anything close, so all we can hope is that, having disembarked the savages, somebody in a position of authority in Valetta will have ensured they got the first of many sound thrashings!

    But the Maltese will be eager to pass the putrid parcel!


    Whose tax-trough is it going to land in?



    NB – there’s a curious little bit of journalese crops up down the page-

    Malta, like Italy, also with Mediterranean islands, has long complained that other EU nations have not offered quick resettlement relief, leaving them with unfair burdens as migrants or rather asylum-seekers try to reach Europe.

    Or rather?’

    That sounds as if the scribbler caught himself in mid-thought, as if he was all at once remembering the required politically correct wording, the pretence that the migrant rabble are seeking ‘asylum…’

    …rather than seeking to get their snouts into the pockets of tax-payers in someone else’s country, where they have, or should have, NO right to intrude those snouts.



  • ross1948 19:51 on June 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Malta’s Abela Should Switch Off Pro-Crimmigrant ‘Alarm Phone!’ 

    It’s hard to figure out what the government of Malta is up to.

    For some years, they have insanely allowed undesirable aliens to swarm ashore, and worse, many of the swine thus disembarked, guzzling free food and afforded free accommodation at Maltese tax-payers’ expense…



    …have behaved outrageously…

    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Malta’s Migrant Terror Scum! UN To The Rescue! 

    ..and not, apparently, been deported, nor even punished seriously for their ingrate mayhem.

    It may be that the government has undergone a Damascine Revelation, and now understands that importing crimmigrants is ruinously wrong…



    …or it may just be politicians hoping to fend off rising public wrath by seeming to do something which will not amount to much.

    Thus the latest news, that Malta and Libya are to open anti-migration “coordination units” in each other’s countries to help stop the 800,000 irregular migrants said to be in Libya from coming to Europe, is obviously good, as is the recognition by the island nation’s PM Robert Abela that –

    Pm robert abela malta 21022020.jpg

    .Robert Abela

    The solution clearly lies in concrete action on Libyan shores and its southern border,” Abela said.

    Yes – every illegal in Libya should be forced back across which border, southern or other, through which they entered.

    But Mr. Abela should do more in Malta to undermine the Enemy Within, like the absurdly named pro-crimmigrant ‘Alarm Phone,’ which maintains a propaganda offensive on the wannabe parasites’ behalf.

    Only this past month, the agitprop outfit published a video of a Maltese patrol boat antagonising people in need of rescue at sea… https://euobserver.com/migration/148432

    To whatever extent these “people” were “in need of rescue,” they had  quite deliberately created their own difficulty, and the very least they merited was a spot of ‘antagonism.’

    More important, though, than this particular boat-load of would-be welfare bums is the question of ‘Alarm Phone!’


    Oddly, despite searching on their own ‘NGO’ website –


    – it’s seemingly impossible to locate the bludger-booster gang’s address.

    Their own phone number has a French (+33) code, while their ‘sister-group,’ WTM’ ( ‘Watch the Med’) has a bank account in the German capital, Berlin.



    Hard therefore to pin down the physical location of their Maltese collabos!

    They boast about how they spread their contact number among crimmigrant communities outside Europe…



    …so a request to the Libyan authorities mentioned above to confiscate mobile phones would not go amiss, Mr. Abela!

    They admit to having ‘political aims’ so anybody interested in making charitable donations should look elsewhere.





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