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  • ross1948 17:58 on January 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Sullen Diversity Dames, Nursin’ Their Woke Wrath! 

    It goes without saying that the more well-read SNP separatists will dislike Scotland’s best-ever bard, Rabbie Burns for his intense British patriotism…

    Be Britain still to Britain true,
    Among ourselves united;
    For never but by British hands
    Must British wrongs be righted

    But there aren’t that many erudite folk in the SNP, at least at Westminster!

    Lords Get Ermine, Commons Get Vermin – Two Disloyal Scots! 

    No such excuse for a coven of hags, not old hags, some of them, but old enough to know better…


    Witch and the Cauldron | Etsy


    …who have opted to use their broomsticks, not to fly, but to administer a posthumous drubbing to a great Scotsman.

    But before we single out ‘poets Ayachi, Victoria McNulty, Susi Briggs and Morag Anderson…



    …who being female, ought surely to have been described as ”poetesses,’ please note that these querulous woke-crones…

    …were commissioned by the Scottish Poetry Library for a special project in the run-up to Burns Night…


    Who funds that Scottish Poetry Library, which must have had a fair idea what kind of gnarled woke witchery that quartet were likely to churn out?


    Hasil gambar untuk tam o'shanter


    Nothing like Cutty Sark, the cute witch in Burns’ great poem, Tam O’ Shanter!

    Inevitably, the hags had a field day, putting Burns down as ‘misogynistic’ and worse, much like Tam’s wife, waiting for him to return from a dashed great night out…,

    ‘…gatherin’ her brows like gatherin’ storm. 


    Hasil gambar untuk gathering' her brows like gathering' storm, nursing' her wrath, to keep it warm..'

    Tam’s “sullen, sulkin’ dame!”

    …nursin’ her wrath tae keep it warm.. ‘

    …must have been!

    But was Wifie in the poem as vexed as the poetical coven?

    They gave poor Burns what Scots might call a “right sherrickin'” because of his attitude to life and love and sex – they seem to hate him for his normality.

    Gambar terkait


    He was, if anything, hyper-normal, chasing women every time he got the chance – dashed fine chap, that Burns…

     Robert Burns wasn’t bent!’ Labour MP under fire for comments …

    …but it’s dangerous to say so, as that poor MP learned, when he had to apologise to wimpy students he offended!

    • Mack The Knife 21:13 on January 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      You should get photos of the poetesses. It is usually very grotty women that gripe about sex.


  • ross1948 19:33 on February 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'Bent', Chinky, , Hugh Gaffney Labour MSP, Humza Yousaf SNP MSP, Labour MSP, , , , , Robert Burns,   

    Brain-Wash Britain – ‘Re-Education!’ Order For Labour MP! 

     Remember Vietnam, after America’s Enemy Within media and the mangy college creeps subverted the war and let the Reds take power.

    Re-Education camps sprang up, where decent Vietnamese were consigned for indoctrination by the marxist victors.

    Similar facilities now exist in the UK, and although there may be no barbed wire or gun-toting guards, there’s no moral difference between the cruel camps in South East Asia…



    …and what’s happened to a Scots Labour Party legislator, with the imposition of a requirement for the MP to undergo diversity training.   https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/race-row-threatens-to-overshadow-jeremy-corbyn-visit-to-scotland

    But even that’s not enough for some of the fanatics in the separatist SNP regime in Edinburgh, who want Mr. Gaffney drummed out of politics altogether, even though he’s issued a grovelling apology for his great ideological sin!

    Here’s an obnoxious example of the intolerance that characterises the SNP, and Scotland, and the UK, these days.


    Gambar terkait

    “This is utterly awful. A simple apology and diversity training does not cut it. In fact, it is a slap in the face to suggest this absolves him,” Yousaf said. “At very least he should be suspended from the party and whip withdrawn.”


    Here’s the guilty man!


    ‘Robert Burns wasn’t bent!’ Labour MP under fire for comments on gays & Chinese people


    So poor old Gaffney didn’t call for ethnic cleansing or urge that queers be thrown, ISIS-style, from roof-tops?

    He simply told the truth about the character of Scotland’s national bard…

    Gambar terkait

    …who indeed was far from bent! He was, if anything, hyper-normal, chasing women every time he got the chance – dashed fine chap, that Burns!

    And Hapless Hugh dared describe Chinese take-aways in the same way almost all Scots describe them. Scots do not hate, or even dislike, Chinese food or Chinese people. It’s slang, not a slur!

    Alas, he chose the wrong venue to talk like a normal Scotsman!

    ….the MP for Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill, apologized for comments he made at a Scottish Labour Students’ Burns Supper, held at Edinburgh University

    ‘Robert Burns wasn’t bent!’ Labour MP under fire for comments …


    …the MP shocked the Labour students when he delivered a self-penned poem in which he joked that Burns, Scotland’s national poet, was not “bent.”

    If he should be tormented for anything, it ought to be his far-from-erudite poetry.

    Riding his horse into the night. Passing the cemetery he gets a fright. He nearly done a s**te.”

    Ya gotta laugh!


    Gaffney MP has been reprimanded for using inappropriate and offensive language. He has apologised unreservedly and referred himself for equality and diversity training…..”

    And that was just his own Labour comrades putting the boot in.

    If Hamza’s SNP ever gets it’s way, and establishes a separate state within the EUSSR, we can expect a Scottish People’s Republic, devoid not only of humour but of free speech too.


    • Tam Baird 21:06 on February 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If you examine this Gaffney man, you’ll see he’s not of exactly stellar brain quality, but unlike the top dogs in Scots Labour circles, he’s still got some Scots humour left and he talks the way real people talk.

      If that Pakistani-descended SNP Transport Minister ( and you need to check out his links by the bye – bad-news beast that he is http://www.breitbart.com/london/2014/09/18/humza-yousaf-the-radical-behind-alex-salmond/
      If he had his way, at least 3/4 of Scottish people would be up on non-PC language charges.
      , .


    • Big Dougie 21:21 on February 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      There’s a lot I might say about Hamza that might upset him more than Gaffney’s harmless Burns Night versing.
      Some of it’s been said already
      ” a controversial Islamic lobbying group with close links to the SNP leadership is being wound up after spending £200,000 of taxpayers’ money with almost nothing to show for it.” http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13075219.Islamic_lobbying_group_with_links_to_SNP_faces_closure/-

      But I think more investigation’s needed into Islamist extremism in Scotland and SNP links to it. .
      We know a lot of SNP people see nothing wrong with associating with Sinn Fein/IRA, republicans together.
      There are others linked to supporters of the Palestinian terrorist ‘government.’


    • Neville Wells 00:27 on February 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t always understand what Scots are saying but one thing about them I always liked was that they don’t mess around, just say what they think.
      It looks like that ‘Scot’ Hamzo has made up his mind that’s to be a thing of the past.


    • Fergus 18:53 on February 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      God preserve us from the SNP ever dragging us out of the UK.
      It’s bad enough within, but if the separatis got us at their mercy, it would be like a very cold wet Cuba.


  • ross1948 01:05 on August 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 21st birthday celebrations, a wee hauf, , British drinking habits, Chief Medical Officer, government guidelines, Robert Burns, Sally Davies, Tam o' Shanter,   

    Booze in Britain – Old Scold Sally Leads Kill-Joy Chorus! 

    Hasil gambar untuk sally davies chief medical officer


    Professor Dame Sally Davies, the UK’s first female chief medical officer, still contends that whenever she drinks a glass of wine she thinks of the increased risk of breast cancer – what brilliant fun she must be at parties.



    • That’s just one part of a brilliant little piece in spiked.com about the British Government’s new kill-joy ‘guidelines’ on how much booze Brits may chuck down their gullets.
    • When I was young(er) it was common practice, for those of us who survived the dreadful menace of the wicked West’s ‘drinking culture’ long enough to have reached the ripe old age of 21, to honour that glad day by consuming 21 pints; Scots were known to augment that quantity of beer with 21 ‘wee haufs.’
    • a whiskey-glass a ‘wee hauf’

    Their admirable literary heritage had from school-days dangled an image from Rabbie Burns’ poetry before them…

    “Saints may be blessed, but Tam was glorious, o’er all the ails o’ life victorious.”

    Unlike Tam, we didn’t always end up pursued by mini-skirted witches – though in the Sixties there were a lot of them about…


    Hasil gambar untuk tam o'shanter


    …but we had fun with our friends, whose duty it was to carry the celebrant home.

    Many such birthday boys learned a salutory lesson from these bouts of revelry, swearing off the Demon Drink until the following weekend.

    It was a rite of passage, later to be remembered with a smile.

    In those days governments seemed to have their hands full with trivial matters, like running the country, and had little time or inclination to monitor and hector citizens lads their social lives.

    Most lads soon enough found wives to do that job.

    How much tax-payers’ money is lavished on the fat salaries of daft old sticky-beak scolds like Davies and all her bureaucrat flunkeys to duplicate the work undertaken by Tam’s missus?

    She was waiting at home, gatherin’ her brows like gatherin’ storm, nursin’ her wrath, tae keep it warm..’


    Hasil gambar untuk gathering' her brows like gathering' storm, nursing' her wrath, to keep it warm..'

    Scottish Chief Medical Officer, circa 1780?


    Anyway, it’s still Saturday afternoon over there in The Old Country.

    Time to head down the pub?


    • Leon McDuff 19:02 on August 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      All good fun this, Ross,but a serious error in your representation of a wee hauf of Scotch.

      In North America, no doubt that’s the way of it, but hardly ever in Scotland!


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