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  • ross1948 06:29 on September 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Ignorant BLM Savage The BBC Will Never Talk About! 


    An assistant principal at a high school in a suburb of Rochester, New York, live-streamed himself attending a Black Lives Matter protest. In the nearly 50-second stream, the educator tells the public what a “s***ty a** job” the Rochester Police Department (RPD) was allegedly doing, adding, “f*** the police…”

    Asst. Principal Livestreams At BLM Protest: ‘F*** The Police!’ ‘They Can F*** Right Off, America!’


    And before you leftist readers, all 2 or 3 of you, explode at me with denunciations of racism, for calling Mr. Steve Lysenko, of Spencerport High School, a filthy savage, which, given his expletive-littered hate-rant he undoubtedly is, here’s  a photo of the fat foul-mouth.


    Steve Lysenko

    Should we just call him Chucky?


    If you wish to discuss his suitability to hold a senior teaching post, here’s his contact information – Mr. Steve Lysenko, Assistant Principal 585-349-5229

    …and now we have to ask if he’s been fired yet, either by the local schoolboard, or by his ‘professional’ association, in which we know, thanks to the linked reports, that he’s the “president of the local chapter of the national association for multicultural education…


     Of course the slob is unfit to be anywhere near children, but even so, I am having second thoughts about my headline.

    Knowing how the BBC operates, bringing in partisan left activists under the guise of ‘experts,’ ‘commentators,’ ‘analysts,’ etc…

    Lawyers’ Committee?” BBC’s Leftist Embley Strikes Again!  

    Linda Tirado -BBC Says ‘Journalist’ – She Is A Far-Left Activist

    ‘Quite Frighteningly, He’s Getting Good!’ BBC ‘Expert’ On Trump 

    The Briefing – Biased BBC’s ‘Me Too, Pinko’ Show! 

    ….I’d not be surprised if he showed up tomorrow morning, being ‘interviewed’ long-distance by Awful Embley on BBC World News…

    Embley Shrugs Off Last Shred Of BBC Impartiality! 

    ”We need more white people to become more conscious of our white privilege!”

    Guess which impartial BBC ‘’news’ presenter said that?

    BBC News? Embley’s Morning Propaganda Show! 

    …introduced quite correctly ( unless he’s already been dismissed!) as ‘9th grade and Academy Assistant Principal at Spencerport High School…’ –  no mention of his disgusting vilification of his city’s cops, though…



    …and asked his impartial views on policing in America!

    • Ken Kasic 08:27 on September 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Parents should surround the school and peacefully blockade it against this man.
      Teachers are supposed to be ‘in loco parentis’ according to law and my own understanding of good practise.
      This guy is just loco.


    • Dougie Dunstan 13:49 on September 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      This is a clever tactic, Ross, using the news of enemy activity to expose the BBC.


    • Hugh Goodall 14:52 on September 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You nick-namedhin well.


  • ross1948 23:25 on November 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Pinko Press Still Shrill As Rochester Votes! 

    Heck, just home from a party, noticed there are around five hours left before polling closes in Rochester, read the news, so I feel the need to hammer this ridiculous Guardian report!


    Immigration, insecurity and hysteria: Ukip’s trusty formula in Rochester…


    That’s the drivel headline over a vicious onslaught against UKIP in the grubbiest pinko rag in the British Isles, the Guardian. It’s not even the work of a renegade Brit but of a German leftist hack named Nina Plonka (yes, seriously!)




    As Rochester voters make their choice, this foreign scribbler compares the party we hope they’ll choose – yes, UKIP! – to the German AfD, which is a small ray of hope for Germans who care about their homeland.


    • Proteste gegen Demonstration von Pro NRW in Solingen Merkel’s target electorate?
    • ======================================================
    • Plonka explains that Merkel’s devotion to multicult solidarity, along with the rest of the Teutonic establishment parties hostile to patriotic protest, is the secret weapon by which the elite contain popular resistance to the influx of undesirable aliens.

    Germany and Britain both have new parties that rose from nowhere on fears of immigration. But the similarities end there..

    Okay, let’s look at how well Germany’s doing.

    They have a huge enemy within, and when it strikes against Germans, or plans to murder them, the ruling class makes light of it, giving sectarian scum slap-on-the-wrist sentences.   http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/stephenbrown/cuddly-justice-for-muslim-terrorists-in-germany/

    We’ve covered the ingrate immigrants there before…

    Strasse des 17 Juni – But Can Berlin Beat Bludger Tidal Wave? 

    …and so have many good German commenters elsewhere.

    But nothing has yet been done to strip disloyal sectarian vermin of their citizenship and expel them, which is the common-sense answer to the problem.


    • out with them
    • ————-
    • Mass deportation of those whose allegiance lies elsewhere is increasingly recognised as the ONLY answer to the menace that permeates all civilised countries. It’s not as if Germany has not had previous experience of an evil supranational ideology.


    But it’s not just in Germany where too many migrants cling to alien ways. Holland is next door, a place where even those who take a soldier’s oath cannot be counted on not to regress to the barbarism of the cultures whence they originated.

    Take a look at this ‘after/before’ photo of a ‘Dutch’ example of reverse evolution.



    Yilmaz in IS and the Dutch military
    Omar Yilmaz regressed to savagery despite having signed up for Holland  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30111040


    And the UK too has a twisted system, Cameron unwilling to use existing treason law against ISIS pigs, instead saying he’ll let them back in – ‘on our terms.’

    NOBODY WANTS THEM BACK, you clown!

    Invoke martial law. Hang ’em at the airport if they dare arrive..


    elite arrogance-s


    And the same desperate venom has been unleashed against German patriots as UKIP has faced in the Old Country.  

    Last month the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, called the AfD a “disgrace for Germany”.


    The party exploited resentments, propagated xenophobia and opposed minorities, he said.

    And Sehr Geehrte Fraulein Plonk agrees, surprise, surprise!

    It is a criticism often levelled at Ukip too.

    And a criticism oft-refuted, at the ballot box!

    UKIP articulates the long-suppressed but ever-rising indignation of the people, the common people, whom decadent politicians hold in the same contempt as arrogant journos like Matthew Parris – he at least the candour to say what he thinks.


    Message to Matthew Parris – Get Stuffed! 

    • parism01_180px
    • ———
    • British folk see the news, and see through it, despite the biased media, and simply cannot understand how or why their leaders have stabbed them in the back and rubbed their noses in the dirt.

    They studied the report of that slimy illegal alien who ripped them off for years, to the tune of a MILLION pounds, and are staggered that a cretin court now awards him ‘compensation’ for some perceived misfortune.


    Huck_Finn_Travelling_by_Rail tarred and feathered


    • They know the dirty cur should be tarred and feathered and flogged, prior to deportation, and they are speechless that these righteous remedies are not applied.-


    What was that Guardian headline again? Oh yeah..

    Immigration, insecurity and hysteria..

    THREE GOOD WORDS for today in Rochester…

    Brits are no longer cowed by the PC media’s hysteria about ‘racism.’ They are getting past the insecurity instilled in them by PC thought-police censorship of their anguish over what immigration has done to their country..




  • ross1948 15:00 on November 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    UKIP = Thugs Who Make Mockery of True Love? Pinko Logic Hits Rock Bottom! 

    Heck, with nemesis looming over the rotten political in-crowd, their media running dogs are sinking ever lower in their dissing of UKIP.




     Look at the Mirror today.

    Thugs claiming to be from UKIP attacked disabled pensioner..

    Mirror.co.uk …thugs claiming to be from UKIP attacked Labour activists...
     UKIP’s new target voters?

    And not just any old Labour activists, either – the victims almost HAD to include a disabled senior cit, full gory (well, not very) details at the top of the report – methinks UKIP were ill-advised even to bother with a denial of the nonsense.

    But nonsense it is – even an allegation that the crims made threats, did a recce then came back to video the scene of their mayhem.

    Yeah, right, just what street hoods are likely to do! Sounds to me like UAF ‘black ops’




    That far-left gang is notorious for thuggery, and a spot of hoodlum misconduct to be blamed on the only serious challenge to their extremist agenda? Just what one expects of marxist provocateurs!

    But the Mirror makes no effort to analyse who benefits from the incident, merely spalshes a fatuous media smear headline, calculated to damage UKIP candidate Mark Reckless in the run-up to Thursday’s by-election.


    • ===========================================
    • But taking the Mirror seriously is hardly something sensible people do – get a load of what else the Mirror thinks is news!?!?!

    1. Mum suffers up to 90 ORGASMS every hour because of rare sexual disorder  AND

    2.  I never knew my hunky boyfriend was born a girl but now we plan to start a family

      …which brings us neatly to romance, and the Independent’s amazing attempt to use Brief Encounter, a famous WW2 cinematic love story as a means of dissing not just UKIP but the character of Rochester folk in general.

    Brief Encounter.

    • The Independent’s scribbler apparently has an eye-witness account of a Rochester cinema nearly SEVEN DECADES AGO, viz. 

    …when the director chose to put on a test screening for the dockers here in 1945 he made a big mistake. “A woman in the front started laughing at the first love scene,” said Lean. “Pretty soon the laughter spread right through the cinema.”

    One man even called out: “When is he going to have it off with her?”


    Actually, I read that and laughed out loud.




    But it seems that director had less of a sense of humour…

    Lean lay in his hotel bed that night in tears, wondering how to burn the negative so the film could never be released. The reaction of the folk of Rochester had convinced him that the mood of the nation had changed dramatically, but it turned out he was wrong.

    Everyone else loved the film.  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/rochester-byelection-the-gloves-are-off-as-the-tories-and-ukip-do-battle-by-the-medway-9863417.html

     And thus, by some mysterious alchemy of pinko logic, Rochester’s near-certain choice of a UKIP MP in the very near future will not be replicated elsewhere?

    Gimme a break!

    The left-libs must be truly DESPERATE if that’s the kind of argument they fall back on. 



    • Geoff W 13:34 on November 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      This has to be a joke. Hasnt it? Even the Guardian would think twice before using Brief Encounter to go for Ukip.


    • Olivia 15:02 on November 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Oh. I always liked that romantic old film, but I never watched it in Rochester.
      Are the people there really as backward as this newspaper writer makes them out to be?
      I don’t think so.
      I cannot see how this journalist can bring the story into a report on the by-election.
      Has he no facts to report?


  • ross1948 09:40 on October 10, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Good Morning, Britannia! Awake At Last! Now On To Rochester! 

    A glorious victory in Clacton, with Cameron’s Conservatives humiliated!

    And UKIP also came within an ace of victory in a once-safe Labour seat.


    •  UKIP, The People’s Army!
    • =============================================================
    •  UKIP’s candidate, Douglas Carswell, who defected from the Conservatives, knocked his old party, which enjoyed a 12,068 majority at the 2010 election, into second place. Meanwhile, Labour held on to Heywood and Middleton, Greater Manchester, but UKIP slashed its majority to 617.    
    • http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-29549414


    Now let’s get every single patriot volunteer along to the next battle-field, Mark Reckless’s campaign in Rochester.

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