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  • ross1948 19:12 on November 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Labour’s Gaystapo Witch-Hunt Grinds On…To A Halt? 

    Interesting to read in the Guardian last week that although the Labour Party has suspended its open season on most ‘wayward’ MPs ( the so-called ‘trigger’ process ) the Corbyn gang had excluded Roger Godsiff MP from the protective mantle thrown over others.


    He’s the Labour MP for Birmingham Hall Green who recently sided with protesters opposing LGBT-inclusive education in primary schools..

    That’s pinko-speak for the story of decent parents fighting back against brainwash, a saga  which we have covered from time to time.

    Designed by a queer senior teacher, it’a carefully-designed programme of indoctrination, aimed at persuading kiddies that co-habiting homos deserve as much respect as normal married couples.

    Labour MP Roger Godsiff, supporting parents, now up against a far-left inquisition!

    In fact, the cultural marxist witch-hunt against this brave dissenter has been passed up to the party’s top brass.

    But if there was a risk that Mr. Godsiff might soon find his name erased from the candidates list, that risk has apparently abated, NOT because Labour leadership’s suddenly fallen out of love with the sex-pervert lobby, but because they are facing an election in less than six weeks.

    They fear the fall-out if a widely-respected MP is ditched.

    This will be bad news for the various vultures who had been hovering in hopes of getting the Labour nomination in a normally very safe seat.


    Image result for sharon thompson housing"


    One of those in the running to grab for the constituency is said to be the above large, unappealing woman, named Sharon Thompson, a leftist Birmingham councillor.

    Old Mr. Godsiff may be past his prime at 73 years of age, but if it were just a beauty contest, he’d surely beat Thompson hands down!

    He’s also no fan of the EUSSR, so I hope the Brexit Party don’t put up anyone against him.  .

    • Ian Farrell 19:53 on November 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I never guessed I would wish a Labour MP good luck but in this situation there’s no other option.
      He could have rolled over but he is of a generatoon that grew up with honourable values and he is sticking by them, and by his constituents

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      • Mel Henderson 01:20 on November 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, he is what must be these days a rare specimen, a socialist with morals!


    • JohnAllman.UK 16:16 on November 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Like many, you have your facts muddled up. “Designed by a queer senior teacher” arguably applies to No Outsiders, once taught at Parkfield Community School, which is not in Mr Godsiff’s constituency. The school that concerns Roger is Anderton Park School.

      From 14th to 18th October, there was a hearing in the High Court re Anderton Park School. I was a defendant. We are waiting for the reserved judgment to be handed down. It is likely that Roger will be vindicated. If Labour NEC deselects him beforehand, Labour NEC is likely to end up with egg on its face, i.e. looking bigoted. They’d be wise not to prejudge the issue.


  • ross1948 18:19 on October 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Birmingham Brain-Wash – Another Judges V People Confrontation! 

    Since one of my commenters has asked about the state of play in those schools in the English Midlands, I’ve had a look.

    You’ll remember that a left-liberal in-crowd has been facing resistance from decent parents, disgusted that their tiny children were getting brain-washed with sicko ‘gay’ garbage.



    They said the underlying message of the school’s equality teaching – namely that it is ‘okay to be gay’ – was at odds with the religious view of the majority Muslim parents and other faiths.

    And the parents were spot on!

    It was a carefully-designed programme of indoctrination, aimed at persuading kiddies that co-habiting homos deserve as much respect as normal married couples.

    No need to go through it all again – just use the links to previous posts.

    But the education in-crowd has friends in high places.

    The unusually honest local Labour MP has been targetted for de-selection by cultural marxists, who are currently winning that witch-hunt.

    Labour MP Roger Godsiff, up against a far-left inquisition!

    Somehow, even the tax-funded ‘Commission for Countering Extremism’ got roped into the situation, helpfully producing a ‘report’ accusing the protesting parents of having been ‘exploited by Islamist extremists..’



    Hizbut Tahrir were named.

    Now I’m no fan of ‘Islamist extremists,’ and especially not Hizbut Tahrir…

    Indonesia Shows Oz and UK How To Handle Hizbut

    …as every reader knows.

    And I would be surprised if ‘extremists’ did not come along to sniff around a front-line in the British Culture War.

    Yet NOBODY seems to mind far-left extremists, gaystapo militants…


    ….like the person who designed that brain-wash programme, or the people intent on purging that Labour MP.


    It’s frankly absurd to offer distractions about Islamist fanatics, when Christians as well as Muslims, and many people of no particular creed, detest the arrogant ‘LGBT’…

    ( did I miss any new letters? B for bestiality? P for pedophilia?)

    …assault on children’s minds!

    As for this very week, a High Court hearing has begun ( another one)  on whether the people speaking up for their youngsters will be shooed away as if they were of no consequence at all.

    The hearing will determine whether a temporary exclusion zone that stops protests in the area immediately around the school should be made permanent.


    PS – that Birmingham Mail link can be culled for quotes but much of it is nauseatingly sycophantic towards the headmistress who is dead-set on the brain-wash programme and should be sacked!





    You can read about how

    On Monday, the issue goes to the high court, when the impact of the protests on pupils, staff, residents and the wider community will be played out during a trial expected to last three or more

    (Image: Birmingham Live)

    For Mrs Hewitt-Clarkson and her staff, it has been a troubling period – one that has triggered stress, ill health, tears and tumult.


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