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  • ross1948 17:14 on September 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Stop The Coup! Fire The Fathead Judges! 

    Image result for crazy mentl aff heids

    The judges in Scotland are ‘aff their heids,’ to use a phrase likely to be familiar to them.



    Courts in the UK need to be purged of those upstarts, who were never given a democratic mandate.




    More will be said about this tomorrow and the week ahead but it’s important to start mobilising popular anger against the robed rogues.



    • Diana 17:30 on September 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We were having coffee when this news broke. I said you would be on it sharpish.
      Those judges must be taken down more than a peg.


    • Amanda 17:34 on September 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Aff their heids! I only wish.
      This is a cool calculated intervention by unelected spivs in wigs against the government.
      Can those judges not be tried for sedition?
      PS do judges in Scotland wear wigs? Hair shirts might be a better idea.


    • Scott Bowen 17:58 on September 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Mobilisation should start right now.
      LeaveEU, Get Britain Out, everyone, all parties, no factionalism.
      There should be a huge patriot demo when the appeal is heard. There needs to be, because there will be a big remainiac traitor demo and that’s certain.
      We need to take back the streets first and then take back our country.


    • Edward Lamont 20:14 on September 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The reasoning given by that court in Scotland is worthy of a simpleton.
      The Prime Minister went about the prorogation in the same way as every PM does and unless the judges claim psychic powers they cannot rule on his reasons.
      Even if he did do it for political advantage, the MPs will be back all too soon. They’ve not been locked up and certainly not silenced.
      Some hopes!
      There seems to be no law defining why a PM may seek prorogation, and the judges invocation of the ‘constitution’ shows they are illiterate in matters of government. There is no constitution, never has been, so Boris Johnson was not acting unconstitutionally.


  • ross1948 14:03 on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Trans-Freak Targets Christians- A New Witch-Hunt!! 

    Much of the Enemy Media  – including Aljazeerah, France 24, WaPo, etc. – gave some prominence last week to the bad tidings from Ecuador..


    …where a handful of left-liberal judges, a 5/4 split,  imposed homo weddings…



    …on the country, despite a democratic referendum having taken place which emphatically rejected any such redefinition of marriage.

    Yet an equally shocking news item was largely suppressed, except in the resistance media.

    So, as a small part of the latter, I add my own inimitable smidgin of comment.

    The last thing any normal, decent person would want to ‘celebrate’ is the entirely offensive process of ‘gender transition’ –  that bizarre procedure involving scissors or scalpels plus a lot of make-up etc., whereby a man ‘becomes’ a woman.



    Any such freak that seeks to force normals to ‘celebrate’ such an event is, clearly, not only maladjusted but vicious and nasty too, words that must apply to an American thing calling itself  ‘Autumn Scardina,’ in Colorado.

    Knowing full well that the Christian baker named Jack Phillips, whom we’ve met before…

    A Glorious Victory Over The Gaystapo! 

    …who had previously won a knock-out victory for liberty, would be bound by his beliefs to refuse, The Thing approached him to make its ‘celebratory’ cake!



    As reported, Colorado is not short of cake-bakers. and Phillips is ‘not even the only baker on his block. ‘

    So The Thing is very obviously is ‘not about promoting tolerance. It’s about punishing dissenters…..Phillips isn’t running around with a baseball bat, busting up gay weddings and gender-transition parties.

    He’s not stopping any of these folks from living their own lives. He’s just refusing to participate. What’s gained by forcing him…


    The report reminds us that when a Muslim bakery refused to make a cake for a so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘wedding….’

    –  and well done the Muslims for refusing! –  

    ….no similar hue-and-cry hounding ensued.

    So make no mistake.

    The gaystapo jackboot is aimed unfairly but very squarely, ONLY,  at Americans who are true to Christian values.


    Fight back!

  • ross1948 18:07 on June 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Salvini Squares Up To Left-Biased Judge-Jerks! 

    “This is very bad – magistrates have the right to have an opinion…”   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/06/salvini-steps-up-attacks-on-italian-judges-who-challenge-him


    Justice? How impartial are judges who take extremist  -or any – public positions against laws that don’t suit their prejudices  – in this case, pro-crimmigrant prejudices!





    • Ken Kasic 19:50 on June 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      He is just what we need in America, where too many Obama appointed judges are still using their power against the people.
      Salvini understands that judges should not have a political agenda.
      If the judges don’t understand that, they should be forced out.


    • Charlie D 21:06 on June 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Imagine Macron standing up to that French clown-court that let Herou walk after he was caught aiding and abetting illegals?
      Never gonna happen. No chance he’d speak up or act to discipline the traitors, because Macron is a liberal.
      Lucky Italy, to have a patriot in power!


  • ross1948 09:59 on May 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Free China?’ No More, As Taiwan Disses Democracy! 

    It was a few months,  or was it more, ago, that we heard a truly nauseating wail from some pro-homo named Suki Chung, faithfully recorded by the BBC.

    The wailer was apparently with the unwholesome outfit Amnesty International.

    We hope that love and equality will win,” said Chung, and that equation of ‘love’ with the facilitation of anal intercourse between two males was quite nauseating enough.

    But pinkos are entitled to their perennial human right to pervert the use of the English language.

    What was much worse, and much more ominous, was the rest of the quote!

    “….the government must not use the result as cover to water down same-sex marriage proposals.”

    The result?

    That was a reference to the huge democratic exercise in Taiwan, a national referendum, on so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage.’


    That little Amnesty bleat was a declaration of war on democracy!

    Taiwan’s distinctive glory is its democratic essence, unlike the Chinese mainland, where a tiny minority….

    communism tyranny

    …the Communist Party, claims a monopoly of power.

    Taiwan was different, or was, until a clique of activist judges on the island state’s high court took issue with one of the moral certainties that underpin Chinese civilisation everywhere.

    Those arrogant judges ORDERED the elected government to impose homo-weddings, regardless of the people’s will.

    The referendum was the people’s response, an act of self-defence against decadence.




    And once the votes were in, and the people had rejected the subversive scheme, we saw no sign of what we once described as ‘Free China…’


    ….but instead a lousy legislature clearly tainted by cultural marxism.

    Taiwan’s Parliament this week delighted a mob of shrills, hollering with glee, as democracy was dissed and homo menages put on parity of esteem with real marriage.

    No more ‘Free China,’ as the clear verdict of the nation, expressed in a free and fair vote, has been scorned.

    End of story?

    We must hope not, for the duty of elected representatives…


    …. is NOT to bow to robed upstarts with no democratic mandate, but to the PEOPLE, who said NO to legitimising perversion

    • Taipei Tigress 10:30 on May 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So good to read because it is what the most Taiwanese voting people say in same words but in Chinese of course.
      Democracy is rule by people.
      People are dissapointed in court and legislature, so must fight back,


    • A Chinese-American 12:18 on May 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You have been sounding the alarm on Taiwan for a long time but those liberal politicians seem to have got away with it.
      That queer mob outside the parliament when the decision was taken last week was a good example of how the bad people out-shout the good people.
      The good people must have thought their voices, by their votes, had been heard and would be respected.
      The ‘gay’ chorus drowned out democracy,
      Direct action makes a difference. The Taiwan majority should strike back,


    • Susi T 14:29 on May 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You are right about this. Taiwan may take the Western road.
      We in Indonesia not the same.
      This will never happen here.


  • ross1948 12:26 on May 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Traitrix To Shelter Under Judge-Jerks’ Robes? 

    It’s like watching a bunch of lab-rats in a cage who have gone stir-crazy!




    Top Tories on that 1922 Committee, which is meant to speak for back-bench MPs, got together and talked about changing the rule that prevents them taking another vote on The Traitrix’s survival as leader.

    Adored by Liar Juncker for her sedulous supranational servility…


    …she’s now seen by most of her own party as a putrescent albatross around their collective neck.

    The 1922 ninnies bottled out, but if they had wanted to, surely they’d have the right to change their own rules?


    Aaah, but that would be democratic!

    And we know in what contempt Tories hold democracy.

    We just read a few days ago that the slimy Remainer, Dominic Grieve MP, who lost the vote at his local constituency’s meeting and so should be OUT…

    Tory Axe Hovers Over Democratic Deselection! 

    Tory Democracy? Kidding, Right? Tory Jackboot, More Like! 

    …is not out after all.

    The slug didn’t have the common decency to live up to, or down to, his professed distaste for his party and step down of his own volition…



    …and his gutless minions are refusing to push him.

    And NOW we learn that The Traitrix is all set to pull the same kind of stunt, rather than bow to her own parliamentary party or even the imminent rank-and-file Conservative convention, where another motion to fire the bitch is due for debate.

    That convention, as befits a party that uses its dues-paying members as foot-soldiers but denies them any power, cannot, by their decision, oust the ever more haggard hag.


    Yet if those back-bench MPs extracted their cojones from wherever they’re secreted, and reformed the rules, then she’d be facing a red card.

    Uh, no, actually, she wouldn’t, it seems.

    a senior supporter of Mrs May said “any attempt” to alter the rules would be “subject to a legal challenge”, according to the Evening Standard. This means that Downing Street or a group of Tories acting on behalf of Mrs May would go to court. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1123876/brexit-news-theresa-may-prime-minister-1922-committee-tory-backbenchers

    What a despicable old bat!

    Skulking like a scaredy-cat in among the flapping robes of un-elected wigged weasels…


    …the judge-jerks who have already shown their true colours, which are most definitely not red, white and blue, for sure.

    Image result for enemies of the people



    • Edward Lamont 16:47 on May 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Those judges are not to be trusted.
      Eurocourts, high courts, magistrates courts, they rule against democracy and they let off the worst kinds of criminal with slaps on the wrists.


    • Vicki S 21:19 on May 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We all despise her.
      Not much time for comments this week, Ross.
      A number of your readers are getting organised to fight the European election campaign, once we agree which party is our best bet!
      Thanks for putting us all in touch.
      We will still be reading but we are going to be too busy to write a lot.


    • Lionel Swinton 03:06 on May 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      In the United States our unelected judges have been making war on our constitution and undermining the hopes of our Founding Fathers for fifty years, since the time of the case of Madalyn Murray O’Hair v God.
      It’s only with Trump that we are turning the situation around.
      With United Kingdom judges, there seems to be no democratic control at all in their appointment.


  • ross1948 20:58 on January 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Euro-Jerk Judges Exposed – For SOME Of Their Offences! 

    Are judges destroying transparency in EU institutions?


    That’s the headline in one of EUObserver’s final 2018 reports, and we have to agree with the author – the answer is yes!

    The overpaid robed jerks are up to their wine-swilling necks in covering up the equally overpaid Strasbourg Slugs…

    What An Arrogant Merkelite Slug! 


    “I’m Interested In…”“Oh No You’re Not,” Say Strasbourg Slugs! 


    …and the un-elected Euro-Commissars…

    Brussels Lush Again – Your Taxes Pay For This Bum’s Booze! 

    … the expenses of all those parasites being shrouded in mystery despite the best efforts – and I give even the Europhiliac hacks due credit for trying – to penetrate the legalistic smoke-screens put up and preserved by arrogant court rulings, which the top link tells you all about.




    But while greedy, bloated expense accounts are an abomination, surely there are a lot worse EuroCourt rulings, like that disgraceful one that gives alien crimmigrants a get-out-of-jail-free card…



    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

    …and the quite recent outrage, by those deranged swine on that same ‘European Court of Human Rights…’


    evil judge

    that imposed shariah blasphemy diktats on every nation in Europe when they upheld that Austrian lady’s conviction for ‘insulting religion.’


    Whether the Nuremberg Trials were judicially legitimate is open to debate, but their object was to eliminate the threat the victorious Allies saw in the remnants of the Third Reich.

    Once the political Enemy Within is routed, and we hope that this year’s European ‘Parliament’ elections will see the first Continent-wide win in a war that will take some time…

    ‘Let’s Unite Europe!’ We Should Echo That Heroic Call! 

    …it would not be unreasonable to bring a lot of the legal lice out of their collaborationist courts and put them on trial for what they have done.

    • William Johnston 14:41 on January 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Democratise the courts. These judges should chosen by the people, not beehind closed doors in obscure machinations.
      Failing that, they should be subject to recall by citizens.


  • ross1948 18:38 on December 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Judge Stabs Europe In The Back 

    evil judge


     A Belgian judge has ordered the government to repatriate six children of IS militants and their mothers who have been detained in a camp in Kurdish-controlled Syria…Belgian judge orders return of six children of IS militants ..

    This deranged ruling has, according to France24’s lunchtime news bulletin, been ‘hailed by human rights campaigners,’ a fairly reliable indication that it’s bad news for decent people.

    Time that jerk judge was put out to grass, sent to retirement in whatever parts of Syria are still subject to the ISIS rape-gang’s dwindling control.

    Proximity to vermin might smarten him up!

    Meanwhile, the Belgian Government has been instructed to take back the jihadist bints and their brats   –  if no appeal is lodged by the end of January.

    According to media, the decision to appeal is under consideration – but what’s to consider?

    The women concerned are as undesirable as it gets.

    The two IS widows, Bouchra Abouallal and Tatiana Wielandt, both 25 years old, along with their children, were evacuated from Syria in 2013. According to the Belgian court, they should also be returned.

    After giving birth in Belgium, however, both returned with their children to Syria. In March 2018, they were sentenced in absentia for up to five years in prison. http://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/1654bb2d-679d-439b-94c6-7122faff4456

    Undesirables like those two bitches need a lot more than five years behind bars! Under no circumstances should such creatures ever be allowed access to children, theirs or any others. They deserve to be stripped of citizenship and excluded forever from any civilised country.

    And not only  the ISIS slags involved in the court case!

    An Illegal Camp Sprouts In Brussels

    “No question, Sharia4Belgium is a terrorist group,” the chief judge said… 

    A security sweep through Molenbeek…


    Molenbeek  -“the whole neighborhood” knew where Abdeslam was ever since the Paris attacks. Nobody tipped off authorities. So Belgian Media Is Rotten Too? 

    …and similiar banlieues would turn up plenty of candidates for deportation – even more, probably, than are already known to the authorities!

     A Moroccan, ‘Known To Police?’ Why Was He In Belgium?




    If no appeal is lodged, let’s hope Brussels faces ‘Yellow Vest’ patriot insurrection.

    We were, after all, pleasantly surprised by the mass protests there over the UN’s malevolent Migration Pact, just a week or two ago, when ‘some 5,500 people rallied in Brussels’ European quarter housing a number of EU institutions. Some held aloft banners bearing slogans including “Our people first” and “We have had enough, close the borders.” 



    Image result for belgium migration pact protest

    ‘OUR PEOPLE FIRST!” An overdue message!

    • Unfortunately, the reports I have seen do not name or provide a photo of the rogue judge, nor of the leftist lawyer who took the case of two ISIS sows and their litters.

    Who paid that lawyer?

    It would be interesting to get more info of that sort.

    Any readers care to comb the news sources and let us know.

    Decent Belgian patriots deserve to know who are NOT on Belgium’s side.



    • Yvette Carliss 20:08 on December 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      They should never be allowed to live in any European country, even in prison. Frankly, I think every ISIS supporter should be executed, but failing that, send them into exile.
      As for their children, if they are still young enough to have their brains de-poisoned, find good people to bring them up. If they are grown beyond redemption, pack them off with their monstrous mothers.


  • ross1948 22:13 on September 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Le Lubianka? Patriot Faces Soviet-Style Psychiatric Interrogation! 

    You may recall how the French patriot party leader has been witch-hunted for posting photos of atrocities committed by the ISIS rape-gang.

    Censorship of that sort seems to me an unreasonable abuse of a law designed to curtail Islamist propaganda. Others may disagree.

    But the latest chapter in the censorship saga has shocked French freedom-lovers to the core!




    Marine Le Pen has revealed that a court has ‘ordered her to undergo psychiatric evaluation’  over the ISIS Twitter posts.

    Given that many French judges have shown themselves to be enemies within…

    Rogue Judges In Paris, Aiding And Abetting Illegals!


    …servile acolytes of ultra-liberal ideology, such court hostility towards Marine The Patriot is hardly unexpected.




    We know Little Macron has something of a Napoleon Complex, which is cause for ridicule…



    …but does he now believe that Stalin’s legacy is worthy of emulation?

    Are we now to see the threatened ‘European Project’ – which we frequently and fairly enough call the EUSSR –


    Gambar terkait


    …emulating the old USSR, using robed rats to reintroduce the totalitarian Soviet practice of sentencing political dissenters to psychiatric interrogation?

    We have read all about how Stalin’s regime tormented those who resisted the ideology of an elite utterly intolerant of anything that smacked of opposition.

    Political Abuse of Psychiatry in the Soviet Union and in China …


    Marine is modern France’s exemplar of resistance.

    She herself finds this nightmare inquisition beyond belief, describing it as a “hallucination.”

    Yet you can see the police state order for yourselves. Use the link below and you will find a photo of the diktat included therein, proof of the Macron State’s condemnation of a brave Frenchwoman.

    I’d have thought Le Muppet’s megalomania would make HIM not her the most suitable candidate to “undergo a psychiatric examination.”


    • Ken Kasic 22:46 on September 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is the same stunt we saw in the USA last year, those lefty shrinks making every kind of diagnosis of Trump’s mental state without ever even talking to the man.
      It’s important to understand that to a ‘progressive,’ anybody who doesn’t think like them must be mentally unsound. They are that intolerant.

      I watched Marine Le Pen on tv during her run for the French presidency and she was very coherent, consistent and clear of thought and speech. Macron’s tame judges will have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a shrink that will write her up as anything but perfectly rational.

      What is insane is the lengths the political elite in Paris will go to, in order to make sure they keep control of France. In America we call it Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome, but my French is not good enough to coin an equivalent.
      The Democrats here are just as desperate, but here some of them have moved on from using dubious psychiatrists to using incitement to violence.


    • Henri T 23:37 on September 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is truly terrible that the judges in France are all so left.
      We do not have freedom any longer if they can use the Stalin ways of attacking opposition leaders.


    • orion 20:10 on September 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I do not know why they call Macron, the Muppet. He should be called LE MAQUEREAU (pronounce MACRO ) .A “maquereau” is a PIMP. He is pimping for the Rothschild…


    • Jeanne 14:22 on September 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Marine is great.
      “I’d like to see how the judge would try and force me do it,” and she needs our solidarity.
      So many judges here are on the other side.
      Macron judges were Hollande judges before and now what we need are French judges.


  • ross1948 00:01 on July 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Rogue Judges In Paris, Aiding And Abetting Illegals! 

    Hasil gambar untuk judges brexit


    So after that famous British headline which shamed those rogue judges after they sided with the wealthy Europhiliac malignant, Gina Miller… –

    … whose elitist arrogance resurfaced this week.   http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/gina-millers-nasty-elitism-sums-up-the-remoaner-lobby


    ….we have now learned that La Belle France is similarly afflicted by robed rats, the Anti-French Constitutional Court, which has elevated that scruffy scumbag Herrou…


    Herrou – not the first time he’s been given the blessing of judge-jerks –            In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

    ….to something akin to a national hero…

    France’s Constitutional Court ruled on Friday that the “principle of fraternity” protected farmer Cédric Herrou from prosecution for aiding dozens of migrants from entering the country illegally.


    Hasil gambar untuk judges gone rogue


    …the rat-pack ruling that ‘French’ individuals who give aid and comfort to lawless aliens, ‘regardless of the legality of their presence on national territory…



    ….may themselves flout French law with impunity.

    It’s a judgement that will live in infamy…



    …and whilst I am not sufficiently familiar with the French Constitution to know what can be done to impeach or otherwise remove those traitor swine from the positions they have so disgracefully abused…


    ….I am sure the patriots of France will – and should – feel at liberty to do whatever must be done to restore honour to the legal system.

    • Jeanne 03:54 on July 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      These judges like you say are worse than the men taken for collaboration after Vichy fell.
      They must face the consequence of what they did this week.


  • ross1948 12:21 on January 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Comey, , , New York Grievance Commission, rogue judges,   

    “Lawyers Can Get Away With Most Anything!” 

    Actually the man said that ‘‘if you’re a lawyer with the right political connections, you can get away with almost anything.

    But the story in the WT, about how the arrogant clowns on New York’s  grievance commission flouted their own rules…



    ,…most certainly made me think of that character from a Robin Williams movie that, to me, offered such a glorious appraisal of lawyers as a breed.

    • He was talking about the reasons why research laboratories were allegedly contemplating using lawyers instead of rats.


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