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    Hungary Versus Hogwash – ‘Scholars’ Debunked! 

    Often the most interesting details in the writings of these “scholars” are the parts that they conspicuously leave out, facts that would undermine or contradict their politically driven argument.



    Once again, a staunch Hungarian patriot turns the tables on lousy leftists!

    “…Anti-Roma hatred on streets of Budapest“. Read on »

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    “I’m Interested In…”“Oh No You’re Not,” Say Strasbourg Slugs! 

    There’s no slug like a Strasbourg Slug!

    Not in terms of condescending arrogance, at least.

    Image result for livia jaroka

    That is the only logical inference to be drawn from the put-down suffered by EUObserver at the hands of an uppity bint named Livia Jaroka, who rejoices in the title of “Vice-President of the European Parliament.”

    ’Jaroka wrote that there was no overriding public interest in the documents’ disclosure...’. https://euobserver.com/institutional/142867

    Who pays her fat salary?

    You do!

    Who pays the salaries – and pensions, and EXPENSES – of those named in the documents?

    You do!

    Who pays for the production and storage of the documents?

    You do!


    Image result for tower of babel strasbourg

    Who paid for the construction, and still pays for the maintenance, of the luxurious offices in which Jaroka and the other Slugs yammer and party and even, perhaps, now and then, work?

    YOU DO!

    So there IS a public interest – because YOU are the public – in who’s splurging YOUR money on wine, women and song and/or anything else the sleazy swine in Strasbourg have got their greasy snouts into.



    If it’s honest expenditure, why is Jaroka hiding it?

    This story is more interesting than the usual reports of high-handed EP scumbags covering up all kinds of rip-offs which emerge from the cesspool in Strasbourg.

    Apart from the fact that EUObs is notoriously Europhiliac, and might therefore have hoped for some reciprocal benevolence on the part of the Slugs, a flick through our files on the latter-day Tower of Babel reveals that Jaroka is an MEP for Hungary’s Fidesz, the party of Viktor Orban.



    Orban is rightly regarded as a hero by patriots all over Europe, due mainly to his resistance to the migrant menace. And Hungary has just been illegitimately victimised by the Strasbourg Slugs!

    Rename Strasbourg ‘The Anti-European Parliament!’ 

    So it’s odd that one of his party notables is aiding and abetting a cover-up of ‘certain documents related to the MEPs’ office expenses.’  

    Time for Mr. Orban to bring the upstart to heel?

    But is she somehow untouchable?

    Our researches also revealed that Jaroka is one of the few “Roma” i.e. gypsy, MEPs, who are also a rarity in Fidesz, whose government in Budapest is often smeared by left-liberals for crack-downs on anti-social Roma.

    If she is a token Roma, perhaps she is thus protected from the consequences of her elitist arrogance.

    Or maybe not.

    After all, elitist arrogance has been noted as the badge of all the tribe that infests the corridors of Strasbourg power.

    • Pamela 18:31 on September 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Your researching is interesting but your main point is excellent!
      Jaroka and all the rest are our servants, not our masters.
      How dare they spend ( waste ) our money then refuse to tell us how?
      No to Fake Europe!
      (The real Europe is called Christendom)


    • Trevor Aubren 23:02 on October 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was reading that EUObserver that you use as a source a lot of the time and I came across this.

      “A group journalists seeking access to MEP travel expenses, daily subsistence allowances and staff arrangement expenses will appeal a top European court ruling handed down on Tuesday (25 September).
      The General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg in a press release on Tuesday dismissed the case brought by the reporters against the European Parliament in 2015.”
      Is that ANOTHER court British tax-payers have to pay for so it can collude in the cover-up of dishonest MEPs?


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    Don’t Insult Romanians – These Unwelcome Aliens Are Roma! 

    A disturbing, alarming even, story in the news last week, the telling us that Eire citizens are no longer the largest alien minority in the UK.

    It was always madness that people from an alien and hostile country, which harbours expansionist ambitions to annex part of the realm, should be allowed not only to settle in huge numbers…

    Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit

    …but also to be given the right to vote in UK parliamentary elections and ALSO in the Brexit referendum.

    Now, however, we read that ‘Romanians are now the 2nd biggest migrant group in UK!’

    If these colonists WERE Romanians, real Romanians, a people who showed courage and resilience throughout their near fifty years under marxist tyranny…



    …then I’d not be especially vexed.

    But RT, which published the story, MUST know full well that the plague of wasters attributed to Romania may well carry Romanian passports…


    ….but are in fact ROMA.

    And we know all about the contribution THEY make wherever they go.

    Utopia? Even German Left Wakes Up toRomaParasite Menace! 

    And not only in Europe!


    RT should try a fact-check.

    Travel documents can say one thing but realities are strikingly different, sometimes.  This kind of insulting slur on a decent nation has happened in the past…

    Hey, UK! Don’t Abhor Romanians – Roma Rogues Are The Problem! 

    …and the media should make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    The only consolation is that these Roma spreading across the British Isles have not (yet) got a vote in parliamentary elections – or referenda.


    • Terry Buchanan 22:22 on June 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Travellers’ or Roma or whatever they want to be called don’t like living like the rest of us. They think they have the right to invade play areas and parks and any other place that doesn’t belong to them ( and then leave the areas looking as filthy as themselves) . They are not welcome whether they come from Romania or from across the Irish Sea.


    • Scott Marr 21:42 on June 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I envy you, Ross.
      You say loud and clear what millions of us here in the UK would love to say but very few now dare.
      Free speech is if not a dead duck at least a half-cooked goose and the Tommy Case is only one well publicised example. We can no longer trust our ‘own’ police!
      If there was a clamp down on what the Un-British say as well, it might be less insufferable.
      But you know that photo you use a lot, morons demanding ‘beheading?’
      We STILL have b-stards shouting about how people who insult prophets or convert to other religions should be killed and not one of them has been prosecuted or deported for sh-t like that.
      There is one law for decent, patriotic people and one for the blood-lusters.


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    So It ‘Ended Badly’ For A Mangy Roma Criminal? Great! 

    Kosovo-born Agron Salihi’s confrontation with the Romanian immigration system lasted for five months and ended badly for him, when the 30-year-old was expelled.



    EUObserver failed to provide a photo of the poor, wronged parasite


    That intro to an EUObsever report might make readers think Salihi a sympathetic figure…



    … but those of us who know EUOB’s left-liberal bias  will not be surprised to learn that he’s just another mangy crimmigrant, a Roma, no less – and we know about them, from WAY back!



    And even far away in Canada, the parasite problem has long been public knowledge.


    And in France again?


    Another no-good country-shopper, Salihi illegally entered Romania in autumn 2016.

     Along with his brother, they were not interested at all in taking up residence  in Romania – they were arrogantly abusing the country as a rat-run, a south-western crossing covertly used by migrants on their way to Schengen states…


    • =

    So a dirty rat, like so many ‘migrants!’ He had already been to the Schengen countries. He was a convicted felon in Germany, and a bare-faced liar to boot, demanding he be given ‘refugee’ status!

    They’re a sly, sleazy bunch, the fake’ refugees. Salihi claimed that ethnic Roma like him face discrimination in Kosovo.

    ANYBODY LIKE HIM, a convicted criminal, deserves to face discrimination, ANYWHERE!

    Happily, Romanian lacks the self-destructive psychoses we have observed in Germany…

    Utopia? Even German Left Wakes Up toRomaParasite Menace! 

    …so although the good-for-nothing Roma was foolishly given free board and lodgings as an ‘asylum-seeker…

    …until February 2017 – do you ever get extended vacations for SIX months at government expense?) – a court finally recognised him for the mendacious mutt he obviously was and ordered him deported, back to whence he came.

    Shockingly, we read on and learn this waster is but one of hundreds of migrants from Kosovo and Albania who are believed to have sought an alternative route to Western Europe via Romania since Hungary was closed to them in the spring of 2016…

    EASY solution? Do what Hungary did, what every country menaced by ‘migrants’ should do.

    The Hungarian erected a four-metre-tall, 175km-long fence on its border…

    ….and something along those lines, or a fine Trumpish wall, is exactly what’s needed – along with courts that do the right thing and kick out the hundreds of thousands of wasters who have already oozed in.

    • Fiona Fenton 20:19 on May 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Those ‘Roma; or ‘travellers’ or whatever the latest word is, are deplorable.
      They have no respect for other people’s property and turned a village green near my cousin’s home into a dung-heap.
      They should be water-cannoned wherever they appear,


    • Ryan Foreman 21:18 on May 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Bout time! Well said!
      I had a local councillor friend who got told off by a cop at a council meeting for saying much the same as you do about these trespassers when they messed up a greenfield site in our district.
      They are anti-social and do nothing but cause trouble.
      They are agressive too but if we want to clear them off, we get threatened. Not by them, by the police!
      No freedom for the English in England any more. .


    • Lee Manfreed 23:43 on May 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      None of them worth a damn, lovely public play areas turned into pig-sties, pick-pocketing in Paris, free-loading in London. I don’t know what felony this Albanian or whatever he is committed in Germany, but nothing would surprise me.
      Romania gets a bad rap because of them, but the Romanians showed some sense when they kicked the bugger out.


  • ross1948 00:24 on May 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ENAR, Tax-Funded Extremist ‘NGO,’ Tells Swedes ‘Don’t Fight Back!’ 

    So, after we spotlighted the so-called ‘non-government’ organisation ENAR, with its enormous income derived from government funds last week…

    ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 

    …we found that The Leftal, sorry The Local was not content with devoting vast amounts of propaganda space to ENAR in its Danish edition but had also done the leftist pressure group the same favour in its Swedish counterpart, bemoaning how ‘Sweden’s progressive attitude towards immigration is changing…’

    The European Network Against Racism laments that ‘the tide is turning’ but instead of simply acknowledging that this tidal movement is only to be expected, given mayhem and molestation suffered by the Swedes at the hands of ingrate savages crimmigrants.



    ENAR might also have noted the fury and frustration among honest citizens at the treason of the ‘Swedish’ media, who for years have brazenly censored key aspects of crimmigrant news.


    Lugenpresse = Lying Press = Sweden’s Media Vermin

    Yet instead we read fatuous drivel about how “the media discourse has shifted from positive welcoming of refugees and asylum seekers to portraying migration, and by extension, migrants, as a problem….”

    Damn right it’s a problem!

    Just as outlandish as her Algerian comrade who slammed sensible steps by Denmark, we have another pinko, ENAR’s press spokesperson Georgina Siklossy rabbiting about how the naughty tide “also has an impact on people who have lived in Sweden for two or three generations and continue to be regarded as ‘alien elements.'”

    Considering how fast the imported population breeds, two or three generations only takes us back to the Sixties, and what Comrade Siklossy says makes one suspect that, after living in a civilised country for fifty years, at least some elements of foreign tribes remain wedded to primitive foreign cultures –

    Georgina Siklossy
    Senior Communication and Press Officer

    +32 2 229 35 77

    Comrade Siklossy says absolutely NOTHING about the sexual and other violence perpetrated by alien brutes on Swedes, but talks only about “violence against migrants.”

    But while she tries to smear Swedes with a claim that such violence is fuelled by hateful anti-migrant discourse, she simultaneously exposes the fatuity of her argument – it is, she has to confess, complex and difficult to prove a direct correlation between the two.

    To justify her shrilling, she can only call on her fellow-agitprop cliques, civil society organizations across Europe who report that such discourse legitimises violent attacks!




    So it’s not gang-rape of Swedes by crimmigrants but discourse that ‘contributes to an overall climate of hostility towards migrants?”

    I won’t continue quoting her. You can follow the link if you are masochistic enough.

    But I must give her credit for a tiny glimmer of contact with political reality, for, when she moans about the very effective ads by the Sweden Democrats (SD) in the Stockholm subway in 2015, which focused on pestilential Roma beggars….


    Gambar terkait


    … poor Madam Comrade has to confess how hard it is to conclude that the vast majority of Swedes are against such sentiments, notably in the context of increasing support for SD in the 2014 elections.”   Stir over anti-begging ad for tourists in Stockholm

    And finally ENAR issues a call for indoctrination!

    “There is no such thing as homogeneous nation-states in Europe but until this is understood more clearly by EU Member Sates, anti-migrant sentiments and racism will continue,” the study concludes.

    Who’s going to MAKE Europeans understand ENAR’s clap-trap?



    Who will do the dirty work of making nations swallow gunk about how they are not homogeneous?

    ENAR could ask for even more public money to assist with such a propaganda drive? A top-up on the seven-figure largesse per annum?

      But it would be  hard sell, surely? Even that Bilderberg SOB Sutherland has admitted that homogeneity exists across Europe – otherwise why would he and his supranationalist comrades feel the need to call for its eradication?,


    • Peter Sutherland
    Peter Sutherland

    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/multicult-or-else-bilderberger-spurs-eussr-to-erase-national-identities/


     The uncomfortable  truth, for evil ENAR, is that Sweden was one of THE most homogeneous nation-states in Europe.

    I travelled around there in 1971, and apart from other young hitch-hikers like myself, just about everybody was very plainly Swedish.


    Hasil gambar untuk swedish beauty contest 1970

    Some forty or fifty years ago, Sweden was famous for its beautiful girls. There are still plenty, but now they face daily risk of molestation by imported savages.


    But my youthful wanderings occurred long before the insane left-liberal political establishment managed to get their master-plan underway, the grand design to multicult Sweden into ruin.

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    EU-Controlled Court Foists ‘Gypsy’ Ratbag on Danes 

    We’ve suggested more than once that certain judges seem keen on being hit-men for the cultural marxist war on civilised values.
    In Denmark, this has been borne out again with a downright moronic ruling from the highest court in the land.
    evil judge
    The Supreme Court has said that a 46-year-old Croatian ‘gypsy king,’ Levakovic by name, with a long record of criminal activity, could not be kicked out of Denmark. 
    And guess what?
    It’s the European Union that’s to blame for this act of insanity. 
    The court said that expelling Levakovic would be in violation of the EU’s Convention for the Protection of Human Rights.  http://www.thelocal.dk/20160512/gypsy-crime-boss-allowed-to-stay-in-denmark 
    ‘Gypsy crime boss’ can stay in Denmark: court
    In August he was sentenced to 15 months in prison followed by expulsion from Denmark following a conviction on charges of having a loading pistol and making death threats.
    After several levels of appeal, and ‘national outrage’ when one court made a nonsense ruling in the dirty slug’s favour, it reached the highest stage.
    The result just beggars belief. 
    “The Supreme Court finds that despite the severity of his current crime and despite his criminal career, [the request] for deportation would be a disproportionate infringement on his rights in respect to his private and family life..”
    sod that
    Hey, court cretins – he’s not a Dane! It’s DANES who have the right to live in Denmark.
    He’s a Croat, though I imagine Croatia, where I have spent some good times, with very good people, doesn’t like to be reminded of that.

    Decent Croats, like decent Romanians…

    Hey, UK! Don’t Abhor Romanians – Roma Rogues Are The Problem! 

     …don’t like to be associated with undesirables!

    Not being a Dane, the sleazy slug should have no rights whatsoever in Denmark unless the Danish people AND the Danish Government say so.
    EU hogwash on ‘rights’ should be repudiated – angry Danes must understand that raging against damfool dorks in judges’ robes will achieve little or nothing…
    …unless they excise the cancer that’s causing the problem.
  • ross1948 19:30 on May 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Italian Court Crawls To Shariah! 

    So now callous cruelty is the latest phenomenon to be excused on shariah grounds by what we thought were civilised European countries?


    Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]


    How long will this appeasement go on?

    I’ll skip comment on the way the report slurs Romania by referring to the brutal curs as ‘Romanian travellers living in a camp‘ – they are quite obviously Roma and readers know what that means… 


    Travellers DON’T Obstruct Roads and Railways! It’s Roma Ratbags! 

    Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’reRoma or French!”

     Utopia? Even German Left Wakes Up toRomaParasite Menace! 

    The mangy swine were charged by Genoa police two years ago after publicly slaughtering a young goat by cutting its throat and then hanging it upside down, while it was still conscious….



    Wholesale killing of goats and cattle is not unusual here in Indonesia, which of course is 90% Muslim. It takes place at Idul Adha, not long before the Christmas holiday season as a rule.

    I often see the animals penned up along the roadsides and feel sorry for them. But this is Indonesia, where maltreatment of animals is not something that is covered in many state or city laws.

    Our report, in contrast, comes from Italy, one of the cradles of European culture! Decent locals were horrified – ‘bloodcurdling’ was the word they used to describe what happened.

    But the Roma ratbags were bought to justice!

    The two men were then convicted of animal cruelty and fined €4,600.

    Hold that cheer!

    A grovel git named Judge Mauro Amisano heard the nasty pair’s appeal and let them off, because the act was carried out as part of a religious festival.

    So violation of Italian law is now perfectly okay, if cruel criminals plead that shariah allows it?


    “It cannot be considered illegal because it is a practice which is permitted by the freedom of religious expression.”  http://www.thelocal.it/20160509/italian-court-absolves-two-muslims-fined-over-public-goat-slaughter

     So shariah trumps Italy’s legal code? Murder of apostates and the stoning of alleged adulteresses will feature next on that ass Amisano’s agenda for decriminalisation?



    God damn that sell-out turd of a judge!



  • ross1948 22:18 on April 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    International Roma Day! Let Joy Be Unconfined! 

    In case any of you readers have forgotten what Roma have contributed to our various Western societies – not to overlook why Romanians, who are of course Eastern Europeans, resent being confused with them….




    …here are some extracts from our past posts which may – or may not- suggest why we MUST celebrate International Roma Day today, 8th April…


    …Hollande’s pugnacious interior minister, Manuel Valls, stated openly that he wants to send tens of thousands more home, since the Roma ‘do not want to integrate.  ’https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/hey-uk-dont-abhor-romanians-roma-rogues-are-the-problem/

    Also note this other leading politician from Hollande’s governing party –

    France’s Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said that over the past 18 months crime committed by Roma people has increased by 259 percent in Paris alone….” 

    That’s from our old post –




    Infestation – TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND Roma in UK? 

    And recall this guy?

    Nasty Nils was Programme Director at the Soros Foundation-Latvia and also Head Nosey-Parker at the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance from 2010 to 2012, no doubt coining it in, lush plush salaries being usual in the arrogant equality industry….


    His antics have included scolding the Czechs for their ‘intolerance’ towards undesirable Roma, calling for re-education of journalists who didn’t share his pro-Roma prejudice, and even demanding state harassment against anti-Roma blogs.http://neurope.eu/article/czech-republic-criticised-situation-roma/


    And in Spain?

    ooooooooooooScreen Shot 2015-12-26 at 13.08.54

    WATCH: Roma And African Migrants Riot On Christmas Day

    Check out the video! http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/12/26/watch-roma-and-african-migrants-riot-on-christmas-day/

    Back to France..


    And in Germany?

    Utopia? Even German Left Wakes Up to RomaParasite Menace! 

    And even far away in Canada, the parasite problem has long been public knowledge.


    And in France again?



    So I urge you all to rush down to the nearest encampment and enjoy this glorious day!

  • ross1948 10:09 on February 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Now They’re Not Even ‘Migrants,’ Merely ‘Displaced Travellers!’ 

    You have to hand it to the pinko press. Even in an article which specifically states that the Calais crimmigrants are ‘illegally in France, ‘ the media curs will call them anything but what they are – ‘illegal immigrants.’

    Now the flavour of the month is ‘displaced travellers.’

    I have been a traveller for years. Most of you may well be too. It’s fun to travel, and educational.

    Hasil gambar untuk Happy traveller

    To be ‘A Happy Traveller’ has long been recognised as a good thing.

    But the word has been bastardised for years, appropriated by PC nincompoops to describe Roma wasters and similar anti-social elements who illegally occupy other people’s property…

    A group of travellers have left tonnes of rubbish and human excrement on a children’s slide in Roundshaw Park this morning. The council has closed the children’s playground and cordoned off the park while they clean up tonnes of building materials, human excrement and asbestos.


    Tonnes of rubbish dumped next to a children’s playground 

    A similar incident happened in Tooting Common last month when several tonnes of rubbish were left behind.http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10726911.PICTURES__Travellers_leave_behind_poo_on_children_s_slide

     …and then leave it in conditions that would disgrace a piggery! These swine deserve to be publicly flogged.

    But every Brit, at least, knows about that. 

    The report in the Independent Online is ostensibly about how the anger of decent French folk is boiling over.


    Hasil gambar untuk righteous indignation


    Disgusted by the failure of the cops to round up illegals and expel them from the Jungle – please note, if they have not applied for ‘asylum,’ they are ipso facto illegal – patriot ‘militias’ have been driven to take the law into their own hands in a bid to subdue the savages’ criminal activity.

    Incredibly, the police are arresting the righteous French, while still the illegal swarm go undetained and undeported.

    What sort of fair trials the hapless French may face may be gathered from the bigoted leftism we hear from one Dunkirk prosecutor, Eric Fouard.


    Hasil gambar untuk fair trial

    “The ideas they peddle are that there are too many migrants in France.”

    Hardly a peddled idea! It’s the view of a majority of French men and women!

    When Hollande declared himself a Mama Stasi running-dog, eager to take in thousands of ‘refugees,’ he dared not consult his people in a referendum, but the polls showed their condemnation. Most citizens disapproved but the collaborationist minority clearly included court jester Fouard.

    He and his colleagues and their legal teams have launched no deportation proceedings against the savage horde…




    …so they are either ideological camp-followers of Hollande’s appeasement or plain scared to stand up to the regime’s refusal to enforce the law.

    French immigration law is clear. Even this Independent Online scribbler, way down toward the end of the article, admits that the jungle rabble are in France illegally..Since they are illegally in the country they have no right to eventual reparations.   


    These aliens have NO right to be in Calais, nor in France. French patriots are quite right to push for their removal. The curs certainly have no right to enter the UK.


    So why are they being pampered, fed and housed in hotels by Cameron’s contemptible cabal? Guilty Conscience? Home Office Hiding Crimmigrant Costs! 

  • ross1948 23:14 on February 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    More Reasons To Damn Cameron’s Dirty Deal! 

    Abdelhamid Abaaoud told a friend of his cousin in the days following the attacks that it was easy for ISIS terrorists of all nationalities, including the British, to flood into Europe by mingling with migrants.


    devil destroyed


    Despite this fiend’s revelation, we’ll be hearing, again, from the ineffable elite in Brussels, that the terrorist slaughter of Paris innocents had absolutely nothing to do with the on-going invasion of Europe by savages.



    After all, the elite have told us that the mass molestation last month, committed by imported alien animals against German women, has nothing to do with that invasion!

    “As far as the crimes in Cologne were concerned, he [First Vice President Frans Timmermans] said that these were a matter of public order and were not related to the refugee crisis,” the minutes state. Commission: ‘No link between Cologne attacks and refugee crisis …


    European Commissioner Frans Timmermans, during a joint news conference on the current migration and refugees crisis in Europe, in Brussels

    Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.” 


    Timmermans is one of the worst Enemies Within that European peoples have to deal with. He exemplifies Brussels’ detestation of patriots (of any land) who oppose barbarian incursions.

    And that vile Islamist mass-murderer’s other admission, at the top of this page, will surely resonate with French folk who remember the EUSSR’s bullying of France on the matter of anti-social undesirable Roma –

    Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’reRoma or French!” 

    Unforgiveable arrogance, that, and all the more so since we read that …posing as a Romanian vagrant, the 28-year-old Belgian also boasted of murdering 130 people ‘like he’d just been shopping…’

    I do wish they wouldn’t call him a ‘Belgian’ –  jihadist vermin may hold passports from, or even be born in, civilised countries, but a hyena born in a kennel is no way man’s best friend. They are alien scum who need to be hunted down and put down.

    But you know that already! Today’s lesson to be learned is this –


    His behavior after the carnage on November 13th will be of huge concern to those allowing thousands of foreign down-and-outs, including many Roma gypsies, into the French capital.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3431479/Paris-terrorist-ringleader-bragged-migrant-crisis-easy-Islamists-travel-freely-Europe-reveals-woman-led-police-him.html



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