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  • ross1948 13:36 on March 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    UK “Children’s Minister?” So Protect Kids! 

    So Jellyfish Johnson has a “Children’s Minister” on his team, Will Quince by name, who admits he’d be concerned – or ‘probably wouldn’t be overly happy,’ as Quince put it at the Commons Select Committee on Education…

    Official portrait of Will Quince MP crop 2.jpg

    Children’s Ministet Quince

    …..if his daughters had to ‘share a school boarding house with a pupil identifying as transgender.’


    No parents who care about their children would be.


    ‘Outraged,’ might be a more accurate expression, if your daughter was obliged to live cheek by jowl with a male freak that calls itself female.

    . . .


    According to the Guardian report, there’s been an increase in the number of such specimens among the school-age population, which is disturbing…

    ….aome genuinely suffering from grave delusions, but surely at least in part due to boys with lascivious mentalities hoping to make the most of prowling women’s toilets, changing rooms, and, as noted, schoolgirls’ accommodation.

    But while Quince may not like the theoretical possibility of a transfreak male in communal quarters with his girls…

    …it’s not theoretical for others – Caroline Johnson MP revealed real constituents’ anxieties over  ‘an 18-year-old trans woman sharing a boarding house with their daughters


    It’s a pity, but not a surprise, that the Guardian hack refers to the person as a ‘trans woman’ when it would means a fake ‘woman,’ a man!


    Even if it’s undergone much scissor-work in the genital area,  it’s still a male, albeit mutilated!

    Whatever, we are entitled to ask what Quince is going to do about it!

    If he’d be dismayed by his own offspring immersed in such a sicko environment…

    …surely, as an elected representative, if not as a human being, his compassion ought to extend to others…

    …so he should be using all his influence to keep such creatuees OUT of where they don’t belong.

    Schools should be a safe place, no deviants allowed.



    • Fiona 21:15 on March 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Another Tory who could do something about all this ‘transgender’ hoopla but like the bad people in the Samaritan parable he prefers to pass by the innocents at risk.


    • Pamela 21:22 on March 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Tories like this are a greater danger than liberals and leftists.
      People hear his worries and think he’s on our side but when the Tory Party is in power, they either go along with or even encoursge it.


  • ross1948 07:34 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Could Kenney Save Canada? 

    I have always had a lot of time for Jason Kenney, who has been telling important truths for years.




    It had long seemed to me that he was the natural successor to Harper when the Canadian Tories had to find a new leader, but he opted to pursue a provincial career.



    Certainly Alberta is currently in such a cultural marxist quagmire that one can understand why he felt there was a need for somebody to wade into the battles there.

    In a brief hopeful moment a few years ago, it looked like the Wildrose Party might come to power but their leadership began flip-flopping on key issues of principle.

    Alberta’s Shame, as Tories, Wildrose, Flirt with ‘Pride!” 

    The ultimate outcome was a near-lunatic left regime in Edmonton, exemplified by the disgraceful legislation passed this month, a declaration of war on parents’ rights…

    …dedicated to the vile ‘gay-straight alliances,’ a foul framework devised by anti-family ideologues –Bill 24 prevents Alberta schools from notifying parents if their child joins a GSA.



    In the one province which had always seemed a bastion of traditional decencies, this shameful assault on the basic parental prerogative of guiding the moral standards of their children went through the legislature by 42 votes to 23.


    Kenney came out swinging against the idea of the legislation months ago, saying parents should know what their kids are doing in school unless the parents are abusive. 



    After it was introduced, he argued Bill 24 stomped on parents’ rights. He also accused the government of using the bill to thwart the School Act — to allow sensitive subjects to be taught without parental permission. 


    Now decent people in Alberta have to wait until the next provincial election before they may expect deliverance from  this repugnant law, which does nothing to steer youngsters away from aberrant life-styles but rather exalts such maladjustment to parity of esteem with normality.

    So Kenney has his work cut out on his home patch.

    But once redemption is achieved in Alberta?

    Patriots across the Dominion are in uproar over Justin Turdo’s readiness to let thousands of undesirables flow in from across the American border.

    Nor is it just the new wave of  illegals but almost every aspect of Turdistan – – that’s alarming!

    Kenney, in contrast, when he held the immigration portfolio, did sterling work…

    …as we reported at the time.



    • Arnold 15:25 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I like Kenney.


    • Marty Nagel 21:09 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Kenney was one of the Harper team’s best and yes I wish he could have stayed in Ottawa but we have got to make do with the Opposition we got there for now.
      Anybody will get my support who can get Turdo out.


  • ross1948 00:01 on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Red Hate Group Pushes Gaystapo Agenda In Schools! 

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – infamous as a hate group that regularly resorts to smearing patriotic and conservative organizations…



    ….has now been exposed for  launching  a program for teaching children to view LGBT identities as good and healthy, even going so far as bribing teachers to push this messaging.


    I won’t go further into the story, which is well told in PJ Media…

    …but is it not a strange coincidence that the far-left in America is going after kids at the very same time as Australians are waking up to the reality that kids are a key item on the gaystapo agenda. 

    It’s a worldwide threat and needs a global counter-attack! Watch this space

  • ross1948 11:55 on March 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Students?’ Rabble! Arrest This Australian Loutess! 

    Is vandalism no longer a crime?

    So we read that ‘angry students have stormed and trashed the office of Australian Senator Cory Bernardi, and there’s one of the mangy rabble caught on camera in an act of deliberate vandalism.

    She  – one assumes it’s a ‘she’ – needs to be arrested and charged, and if it’s really a student, whichever institution of learning it attends should institute prompt expulsion. Maybe coupled with a suggestion to start looking for a job. Maybe with a carpet-cleaning company, so as to facilitate any community service order imposed for its crime?

    Such moronic louts/loutesses do not deserve the opportunities Australia gives them to enjoy an education – they are all (physically if not mentally!) approaching adulthood and whatever education they’ve had so far clearly hasn’t worked.


    • More than 20 students occupied the Grenfell St office from noon and scrawled abusive messages directed at Senator Bernardi on the outside walls and veranda.

    They also hung a large banner inside the reception area, where they chanted slogans such as “racist, sexist, anti-queer, Bernardi is not welcome here.”


     Senator Bernardi


    The sensible senator was their target because he criticised the nonsense scheme called the ‘Safe Schools’ program. There may be some leftists in Oz who don’t think such indoctrination is nonsense…




    • …but what definitely IS nonsense is the fact that, in a very democratic country where peaceful political protest and free debate is available,  none of these grubby little wannabe storm-troops seems to have ended up behind bars.


    Police arrived shortly before 12.30pm and the students then headed outside, accidentally knocking over a section over the property’s picket fence on to the footpath. They made no attempt to pick up or repair the fence.   http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/protesters-trash-cory-bernardis-adelaide-office/news-story

    Accidentally? What do you think?

    Even were it genuinely ‘accidental’  damage, common courtesy would dictate they make an effort to pick up or repair the fence.

    The absence of even that basic civility indicates that their educationally handicapped condition also includes a total failure ever to have learned basic good manners. Alas, a glance at that loutess’s photo, and those of her gaystapo comrades ( described accurately by their senatorial victim as ‘totalitarian cowards’) which you can see on the link, makes it pretty clear the rabble is ineducable.

    Kick them out of school…

    out with them

    …and if they run amok, lock them up, until they learn to be law-abiding citizens.

    • bjc70 13:25 on March 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      • ross1948 13:32 on March 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for that.
        I’m just heading out for the day, so you caught me in the nick of time.


    • Terry 16:33 on March 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Oh yes, agreed. I think these ‘students’ have too much time on their hands. When I went to college, there was a paragraph in the admission rules that said we were not allowed to bring the college into disrepute, or something like that. Vandalism must come under that heading, so when will their college admin kick them out and make them take on some honest work.
      But then again, they are probably unemployable and would just look for welfare handouts or turn to crime for their livelihood.


    • Hitchin 18:42 on March 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      All the way with you on this.
      Students are meant to study. If they can’t resist protest, they should be polite and respectful, show some gratitude for the opportunities they have got from Australia.


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