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  • ross1948 11:38 on July 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz MPs Frolic With Queers – At Tax-Payers’ Expense! 

    Labor and Greens MPs billed taxpayers thousands of dollars to fly to Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade and get driven around by chauffeurs


    Grabbing cash from public funds to frolic at a freak-show is reprehensible but Australians have only themselves to blame for election gaystapo fans to parliament.


    They can remedy their error of judgement at the next election.

    However, even these days, news is sometimes really news!

    I knew poor Penny Wong was sexually maladjusted, but had never heard anything about horrid Hanson-Young having any bizarre carnal cravings.

    Having said that, even were I to be advised that she is into wallabies or funnel-web spiders…

    Will Hanson-Young Be Left Alone, Like ‘Woman Wailing For HerDemon Lover?’ 


    tears sarah-hanson-young

    Sociopath’ – Hanson-Young’s New Insult Sums Up ‘Asylum’ Crimmgrants! 

    ….it would be quite impossible to form an opinion of the ghastly shrew lower than that which one already holds.


    • Kris Hadley 16:10 on July 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Can you imagine anybody, of any ‘sexuality,’ taking a fancy to Hanson Young?


    • Jacko 18:38 on July 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Glad you left out koalas.


  • ross1948 00:24 on January 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Australia Day! 

    Please enjoy Australia Day even more than usual and even more ostentatiously than usual.

    It’s to be hoped that the cruddy pinko scumbags who dislike the patriotic holiday…

    January 26 is a day of sadness and hurt… – Senator Sarah Hanson-Young 

    …will be further discomfitted…




    …the more real Australians make the most of it!


  • ross1948 12:20 on August 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Un-Australian Greens Slapped Down – Bonzer! 

    Having originally acquired my Aussie vocabulary from teenage reading of Barry McKenzie in Private Eye…


    Hasil gambar untuk barry mackenzie


    ….I chose the word ‘bonzer’ rather than the phrase ‘whacko-the diddle-o,’ as the space allowed for my headlines is not unlimited.

    But both are expressions of joy and joy should be every decent person’s response…



    …to the Australian Government’s handling of  a grotesque Green Party declaration of war on their own country.

    City of Yarra councillors voted unanimously on Tuesday night to move its traditional citizenship and citizen-of-the-year award ceremonies from 26 January to another date out of respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

    It will also cease to refer to 26 January as Australia Day and officially join the change-the-date campaign in its publications and social media.

    The move by the Greens-dominated council angered Canberra, which on Wednesday stripped it of its power to hold citizenship ceremonies at any time of the year.


    It doesn’t come easy to applaud a man like Malcolm Turnbull, whom I have criticised over and over again for his appeasement of undesirables…

    Wot Next, Oz? Blasphemy Law? Cut The TurnBull-Sh-t! 

    …but one must give him a ‘fair go.’ His words on the issue will surely be echoed by every decent Aussie battler.

    ...the council’s decision to change the way it commemorates the day was “utterly out of step” with Australian values.

    “On Australia Day, we recognise the greatness of our achievement as Australians,” Turnbull said in parliament on Wednesday. “To change the date would be to turn our back on Australian values”.

    One wonders if the snob elite will now resort to their usual stuck-up epithet ‘bogan,’ which they invariably deploy to diss those who dissent from their decadent agenda.

    Not content with what they no doubt believe is the imminent achievement of redefinition of marriage…Darebin, Dustbin Of Democracy! Greens Warn Christians!  …the Greens and other waster elements are now obsessed with a much more grandiose goal, the redefinition of Australia.

    If the objective is to pander to extremists among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, then by logical extension, the very name of the country will have to go…


    …because ‘Australia’ clearly implies the ‘country in the south,’ which, to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, would have to be Antarctica!

    So will the Greens propose that Australia be renamed? Since their core values preclude democratic consultation, given their current furious hostility to both plebiscite or postal ballot…



    ,..how will such a decision be made? Perhaps they hanker after a Venezuelan marxist-style constitutional convention?

    And what would be on their new-name menu, assuming choice was even permitted?



    Gambar terkait.

    The Real ‘Shock?’ Brandis Offered Trigg ANY OTHER Job! 

    …after the ghastly old bat Triggs, whose leftist rants have done so much harm to her country’s good name?

    Or how about some other horrid heroine?

    Will Hanson-Young Be Left Alone, Like ‘Woman Wailing For Her Demon Lover?’ 



    It beats me.

    Any readers got any ideas?

    • Keith Milner 12:46 on August 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Very good!
      If we ever got a Green Party government here, the best new name for the country would be easy for even millennials to spell and remember.


    • Uncle Oz 06:53 on August 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      If they hate Australia so much, let them go live somewhere else.


    • Jimmy Simm 15:41 on August 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I like to watch political debate about policies but it makes me so angry when they want to tear up something as above politics as our Australia Day or tear down our flag.


  • ross1948 17:12 on February 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Bacon! Greens! And ABC’s Diet of Error! 

    My love of bacon is no secret.


    When in Oz recently, I did a spot of shopping, small gifts to bring home to delight my frequent Indonesian visitors.

    It seemed unfair to exclude myself from the list of recipients, so I bought one of those bargain packs of bacon, under $AUD 8.00 – here in Jakarta, it would cost three times that, at least.

    However, this had one unexpected consequence. When I inspected it more closely there was an advisory saying that, once opened, the contents should be consumed within four days!

    Hence, from last Thursday night, until Chinese New Year’s Eve, my diet included bacon with every meal. Bacon sandwiches, bacon with fried potatoes, bacon with noodles!


    …I even had gado2 with the yummy meat!

    Despite, or perhaps because of this enthusiasm, I always feel a pang of guilt when I diss jihadists as pigs or EuroCommissars as swine.

    It’s actually unfair to perfectly good animals. They’re no more dirty nor dimwitted than any other farm livestock.


    • Cute piglet
    • ———————————

    So I was contemplating a self-denying ordinance on the pig insult ( at least as far as non-jihadists are concerned – it’s SO appropriate for the sectarians!) when I saw that the Abominable Green-Hag, Hanson Young, had hurled the P-Word at another parliamentarian, Barry O’Sullivan, during a discussion on juvenile crimmigrants.  http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/you-can-wait-to-be-a-pig-then-sparks-fly-between-senators-at-hearing-into-human-rights-20160208-gmp3cp.html


    tears sarah-hanson-young ‘Oink!’


    O’Sullivan shrugged it off, as irrational outbursts are nothing new from this shrew. Interestingly, the epithet ‘pig’ was not ruled unparliamentary, though ‘lies’ soon after was, during this debate on ‘asylum’ anchor-babies.

    ‘Lies,’ of course, should NEVER be applied to the ABC, not even after their latest ‘error,’ on the same issue.

    ‘Error,’ now? Does that mean poor and unprofessional journalism?

    Or was the Immigration Department’s  Michael Pezzullo more accurate when he said ‘ it’s a figment…some media reporting of the asylum seeker issue was “advocacy parading as journalism” and “pamphleteering of an almost political nature which bent the facts.‘     http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/abc-apologises-for-error-over-fiveyearold-asylum-seeker-rape-claims-on-nauru-20160208-gmopkm.html

    Advocacy parading as journalism? A splendid turn of phrase, Mr. Pezzullo, and it at once conjures up that little ABC jerk’s coverage of the ‘asylum’ liars who smeared the Royal Australian Navy.


    • abc treachery
    • Meanwhile, why doesn’t the ABC’s ‘advocacy’ get real and identify how many of those abused ‘children,’ whom they purport to care about so much, were in fact abused by ‘asylum’ filth on Nauru…

      ‘Asylum’ Predators – Update from Australia! 

    … and demand immediate deportation, or better still the death penalty, for the pedophile crimmigrants.

    But that would be a warning to decent Australians against admitting any more adult crimmigrants – and the go-ahead for admission of the anchor-babies would assuredly mean more of the swine…ooops, used that word again!


    devil destroyed

    But then some of them, going on what we know of the swarm in Europe, WILL be jihadists! 

  • ross1948 18:09 on December 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Sociopath’ – Hanson-Young’s New Insult Sums Up ‘Asylum’ Crimmgrants! 

    Sociopath definition, a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility…..


    tears sarah-hanson-young


    Just been watching EuroNews  – a recently introduced treat to my household since i got that cable connection.

    And lo  – the Green Gargoyle featured prominently!

    Sarah Hanson-Young accusing Tony Abbott’s Government of harbouring a ‘sociopath’ mentality! I have for some time been wondering if this awful pinko bint is seriously unstable – now I’m convinced.

    However, if she genuinely objects to sociopaths, maybe she will start voicing demands for the immediate expulsion of crimmigrants who display the symptoms listed in the definition above! 


    ..antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility..?


    • christmas-islan
    • ————————————
    • That would certainly apply to the ungrateful scumbags who set ablaze the free lodgings provided for them by Australian tax-payers on Christmas Island – SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS worth of antisocial, often criminal irresponsibility!


    abc treachery

    And maybe she will demand cuts to ABC’s budget after the way they served as servile tools of ‘asylum’ liars smearing the country’s Navy servicemen and women? Surely that qualifies as an act that lacks a sense of moral responsibility!


    And if we skip groups and organisations and look at some of the individual ‘asylum’ (aka bludger benefits)-seekers? Maybe Sweet Sarah’s visceral hostility to sociopaths will lead her to call for legal reforms – to facilitate deportation of the child-molestors and other vile predators among the alien influx she so desperately aims to maximise!

    Like this filthy crimmigrant pig for example –


    Who Deserves Flogging More? The Pig, Or The Fool Who Let Him Walk? 


      Ali Jaffari
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